22 Oct 2014

First Impressions: Liar Game (2014)

During 2007 a marvellous Japanese drama shone into darkness, Liar Game, an adaptation of Kaitani Shinobu’s manga. Seven years later, tvN, one of the South Korean brigades in the world of dramas, announced that their channel would be working on their own adaptation of Liar Game. Quite an ambitious attempt

22 Oct 2014

Episode 1 Review: Dear Sister (2014)

Fuji TV strikes again with another drama that seems quite promising and it’s about the lives of two sisters that haven’t met for years now. The story begins when 27 years old Misaki Fukazawa (Satomi Ishihara) finds out she’s pregnant. In the meantime, 29 years old Hazuki Fukazawa (Nao Matsushita)

21 Oct 2014

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20 Oct 2014

Review: Wakamono Tachi (2014)

Wakamonotachi is a series i finished not so long ago, it’s been just a few days to be more precise, but i’ m amazed at how it still feels so vivid in my memory. So, Wakamonotachi (or Wakamono Tachi), All About My Siblings if you prefer, it could never have

16 Oct 2014

Review: Hirugao (2014)

Hirugao (Heijitsu Gogo 3 ji no Koibito tachi – Love Affairs in the Afternoon) has to be one of the most radiant and memorable drama moments of 2014 for me due to its sheer intensity, emotional beauty and internal devastation among human relations in nowadays society. People can grow apart

15 Oct 2014

First Impressions: Tomorrow Cantabile (2014)

Ever since KBS2 announced the intention to work on the remake of the highly acclaimed Japanese drama Nodame Cantabile which was an adaptation of the same-titled Tomoko Ninomiya’s manga there have been many talks around and it became a hot topic in the drama world. Many camps of opinions were

14 Oct 2014

Review: Plus Nine Boys (2014)

Plus Nine Boys has to be one of the most underrated South Korean dramas this year, I personally consider it as one of the hidden gems of 2014 when it comes to romantic comedies and i hope it will cherish the status it deserves in the near or far future.

10 Oct 2014


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