19 Jul 2016

Beautiful Mind Episode 9 Kwoncap [TriAngle]

In the world we live in a life may weigh differently depending on one’s status and class, but all are equal in death. The 9th episode was a modern Danse Macabre in motion and a torrent of hope, a quest for empathy and a microcosm expanding its territory somewhere between

15 Jul 2016

Beautiful Mind Episode 8 Kwoncap [TriAngle]

The world turned upside down and Young Oh returned to the hospital like a maestro ready to conduct his favorite symphony. Jin Sung found herself involved in a bet that was bound to cast a shadow on her heart. At the same time, the magnetic field between Young Oh and

12 Jul 2016

Beautiful Mind Episode 7 Kwoncap [TriAngle]

Sometimes, losing a bet may benefit one’s life unexpectedly. Young Oh played, lost and won. Jin Sung was the helping hand that would take him out of the murky waters he had found himself in by treating him as a human being; unconditionally.

09 Jul 2016

Beautiful Mind Episode 6 Kwoncap [TriAngle]

“When I looked around I saw and heard of none like me. Was I, then, a monster, a blot upon the earth, from which all men fled and whom all men disowned?” (Frankenstein – Mary Shelley)

05 Jul 2016

Beautiful Mind Episode 5 Kwoncap [TriAngle]

The hospital is a web within a web and the more Young Oh tries to uncover the truth the more he finds himself trapped. Everything his father was trying to keep a secret for decades has come to the surface and the echo of the impact is about to start

29 Jun 2016

Beautiful Mind Episode 4 Kwoncap [TriAngle]

Inside the hospital’s corridors the labyrinth keeps expanding itself and the trails of blood grow in numbers. Young Oh weaves his own strategy and Jin Sung paces with his flow. Will Young Oh’s plan have the desired outcome or the ace up the murderer’s sleeve will do the talking?

28 Jun 2016

Beautiful Mind Episode 3 Kwoncap [TriAngle]

Chaos and wonder; Young Oh’s twofold nature keeps unveiling its grandeur. At the same time, the mystery deepens even more while the hospital transforms itself into an ever-expanding crime scene.

26 Jun 2016

Lucky Romance Episode 10 Kwoncap

Dating isn’t always easy, but Soo Ho kept exploring that field in his own quirky way that appeared to be quite straightforward and meaningful. Bo Nui’s growing emotions had reached a crossroad, she should either consider dating a luxury or something she should embrace. In the meantime, Gary and Amy

25 Jun 2016

Lucky Romance Episode 9 Kwoncap

Soo Ho is as pure as snow and he treasures each and every second of falling in love. Bo Nui still believes that she’s a bad luck satellite, but she steadily starts re-embracing the joys of life. Along with them, the first sparks have started glimmering in the dark and

24 Jun 2016

Lucky Romance Episode 8 Kwoncap

Soo Ho opened up his gates to welcome his feelings to a wider extent even though he kept trying to deny it in his own quirky way, but he couldn’t really hide it. Bo Nui’s talisman and Soo Ho’s lucky charm have yet to meet on one of love’s gracious