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An emotionally literate endoskeleton sent back through time in human form to worship and adore noonas (unconditionally), drink and laugh with hyungs (endlessly) and learn how to jackhammer the keyboard in these solitary HRC (Hardcore Recap Crew) all-nighter excursions.


I handle the “official” dramajjang twitter, so you can contact me there directly.


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Hello Guys ^^ hmmm how do I do this? Well I’m Hanakimi or you can call me Maria!

~Rom Com Fanatic~ You will mostly see me writing about romance and comedies. It is because those type of dramas make me relax and give me a lovable feeling. As you can see my username, “Hana Kimi” (2007) was one of the first jdramas I watched and “Boys Over flowers” the first Kdrama. Both of them and the times I watched them, are still my beautiful memories that I cherish… Unlike Kwon and Kipzizz (my sister), I’m not so eloquent but you are always welcome to read my messy made with love posts : P

~About my personal life: unfortunately or fortunately who knows, I’m very busy lately and there is not much time to watch as many dramas I want, neither write about them as I used to in Dramajjang. After my university graduation, I now study the practical part of theater and it literally takes all my time, it’s almost like I’m living at school. ~But because things like dramas, dancing, kpop/jpop (music in general) are my candies* in life, I’m fighting so I can fit everything in my new program. People say I’m sweet but I have a strong Hamasaki Mitsuo (Saikou no Rikon) side.  * I can’t live without candies. | twitter

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Hey guys, kipzizz here!

I wasn’t a “founding member” of dramajjang, but I joined a few months after its launch, when my sister (that is Hanakimi) enrolled to theater school and couldn’t write much anymore; since my heart couldn’t let my precious childhood friend (that is Kwon) staying up 24/7 and blog more than he could handle, I set aside my laziness and decided to help around and write about one of the things that I enjoy greatly.

Blogging on a consistent basis proved to be much more fun that I expected it to be, and apart from the purpose of having an outlet to air (or pen down, in this case!) my thoughts, it is refreshing to talk and share my feelings about the pain and happiness dramas bring to my poor soul, with people that I wouldn’t have interacted otherwise.

I will admit that I have a softer spot for Japanese drama series (that  soft spot is reserved for anything Japanese actually due to my early exposure to video games + animanga) compared to other Asian series, (lol it is sort of ironic though how I discovered Korean dramas through an Ichihime amv back in 2007 that had a song from My Name is Kim San –soon’s OST!) so you will find me writing mostly about them.

Aside from the above and on a more personal note, I’m a philosophy major (lord knows how I wasn’t kicked out from lack of attendance..) and when I don’t contemplate existence and such (..I don’t really!) I spend a huge chunk of my time watching sports (most notably football) instead. (Gooner + Pao fan since childhood!)

I recently created a twitter account, so if you ever want to chat, hit me up there as it is the platform I check the most. You can also find me here and my crappy MVs here.

eta : and also here and here . | eta 2 : also here, on a blog I recently created mostly for my Japanese summer studying but there are other random entries too.

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