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Train to Busan ~ review

Hello Dramajjangers

It’s been a very long long long long long time. But YAY it’s Easter holidays now. I really felt the need, to come back for a while and share again, some thoughts with you.
So I am using a strong card for the comeback 😛 A movie that most people have watched and a worldwide success. Train to Busan.

I had noticed the stir this movie had made. But I never really had the time to search about it or watch it. Until recently, when my brother, who has nothing to do with kdramas or jdramas or asian culture in general (except from the many video games he has played), told me “I saw this movie, it’s great you have to watch it”.

Searching about it on the internet made have great expectations, which were fulfilled at some point, there were things that was lacking and I’ll point them out too.
But I understand how this film, is a great one to watch, for those who love zombie’s movies, like my bro. It has a sense of the Resident Evil video games, that I love.

The main story of the father, who has gotten a divorce and is not in best terms with his little daughter, is not a new one. I mean it’s the best recipe to create a sentimental atmosphere. It didn’t bother me that much. Probably because the acting was good, from both the actors of that story.
The pregnant wife and her martial art husband, were really fun and made me sympathize them a lot. As the story of the two old sisters did. Of course the young couple was needed to fill the image and cover all ages, in that way every one of the audience, no matter how old they ‘re, can find a character to relate.

The plot is not something new or a masterpiece, but that didn’t bother me a lot, since the action and the cgi are perfect. Generally it’s a movie, where you can see how much work is done and you appreciate it.

-spoilers allert-

Now, I never really understood how the various was spread, but that really didn’t bother me, since the movie, were focused more on another part o the story.It has a symbolic feeling, of the difference of the classes in society and how human beings are fighting each other, even when there is a huge enemy ready to destroy them. The civil war theme was on point, but was left without a nice development.

What I mean is after the scene, where the survivors of the one bagon, doesn’t let the main characters get in, because they think they are infected and then everything turns bad. The story continues with the typical clise bad guy of the movies, who moves the strings and Jin Hee Yeong and Seok Woo, who have survived armies of zombies, now have to die because of him.

It reminded me a bit of when I watch thrillers and I’m like “The killer is behind you” and “Don’t go upstairs”. It get’s in my nerves it’s not very believable and it seems, like it’s a bit rushed and an easy solution to kill some characters.

Overall the acting was good. Gong Yoo not only is a strong beautiful presence, in every drama/movie he is in. He is also a great actor. Ma Dong Seo and Jung Yoo Mi, had great chemistry and I loved the cute easy going couple, they portrayed. I am always impressed with Choi Woo Shik, I mean he is one of my favourites since Ho Goo’s love, maybe I’m biased. As for So hee, who I stanned since her first Wonder Girls years and I love so much, I think she has a lot of work ahead of her. Most of the movie her acting was decent, but there were some parts you could see her lacking, especially the scenes that most of the main characters are gathered and she can’t seem, to find her presence in the whole.

Kim Soo An did an incredible job, considering her age and the challenging scenes she was in, she made me cry at the last part, where she has to leave her father.

Train to Busan is not a movie that will make you find the meaning of life, but will definitely leave you satisfied.

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