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Gomen, Aishiteru First Look

I expected quality melo from this drama, but instead I got quality shots of Nagase Tomoya walking down all sort of different streets looking totally fine. Sounds like a good deal, no?

Okay, let me first say that I haven’t watched the original series starring the lovely So Ji Sub- SO GANZI, so I have no idea how faithful the adaption is; from the non-spoiler comments I’ve seen around, apparently the big twist came quite early though? I mean, from the very first two minutes, we see Yoshioka Riho’s character, Rinka, wandering around the places where she met Ritsu (Tomo’s chara) in a..well, a manner that pretty much cements that Ritsu is already dead.

Well, Ritsu did protect his brother-boss-w/e (Lee Soo Hyuk) with his life pretty much, so the doctor prognosis of his impending death all but spelled out the outcome of the story but is it so hard to let us hope, writers? Maybe he could miraculously recover, that has happened before million of times in many a drama series. I think it’d be better to let us hope and then hit us with the death (the emotional impact in the end would be huge!) that couldn’t be avoided, or let us think he’s gonna die and let him be healed ultimately (again, emotional impact of yay!)

Anyways, the love story I looked forward to, feels a bit flat as of now; like, Rinka is in love with her childhood friend, Hyuga Satoru (Sakaguchi Kentaro), a famous pianist that inherited the piano gift from his ma, Reiko (Otake Shinobu) who’s also the ma of Ritsu. Rinka is his manager, guardian, sister, brother, aunt, you name it! She’s invisible to him, as Satoru has eyes only for the bohemian saxophone player Touka, that doesn’t really care for him apparently, but she jumped his bones in the 2nd episode, just cause.

Anyways, what was I saying? Oh yeah, the love story. Well, like I stated, invisible Rinka that likes Satoru who doesn’t like her, will eventually realize that Ritsu likes her but…why would Ritsu like her? Ritsu hasn’t expressed any interest whatsoever to any women (not even his own childhood friend he’s staying with, Wakana, portrayed by the wonderful Ikewaki Chiruzu) but I’d say that his bond with his gangsta-bro back in Korea, had a lot more romantic flares than anything else in the series so far!

Okay, maybe I’m judging a tad too harsh, because I watched the first two episodes with extreme heat conditions (it’s really hot in Greece this week) so let us hope that the next episode will get a more down-to-ground-approach and not many things happening at once, since the cast is doing a great job, so I can rely on that. (and the soundtrack is pretty good, too) And if that doesn’t happen..well, there’s Tomo in the streets looking godly and I actually dig his little family-interactions with Wakana and Sakana!

Onwards to next episodes then!

disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang only & huge thanks to glitterclouds @DA

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