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The liar and his lover (Korean version) ~ review

Hello Dramajjangers

Summer is here and really I am not a fun of this season. Well I’m not complaining, since I have time to rest and watch many movies and dramas.

One of my first choices, of what to watch as soon as I ended classes, was “the liar and his lover”. I don’t know why, I had many others in “my plan to watch list” and I knew the reviews weren’t the best, still I wanted to watch it.

I have only seen the Japanese live action movie, so I can’t compare it to the manage or the anime.

spoilers alert

The first episodes were ok, it was mainly focused in the romance between the two main leads. We got the female lead chasing the cold male lead, which is an all time classic, in the drama world.
In the middle and after the main leads got together, I though now whats gonna happen? Are they going to recycle the love story? You know around episodes 7 and 8 it’s the time where a kdrama from interesting might turn into a boring cliche type of drama. It has happened to me many times before, with stories that I though they were extraordinary.

But from that episode onwards “The liar and his lover”, started focusing on the music industry and the hardships of both bands and other members of the company. That part really got my attention and made me want to watch more, unlike the romance that was not so strong. It’s when I thought as the Koreans say “yoksi TVN”. To be honest I can’t recall a drama from TVN, that I didn’t like. Even if they were not great, they were always interesting. I have not dropped any of its dramas, like I have done with many others.

Plus I loved the romance between Shi Hyun and Soo Yeon. I wish they could get their own drama. With their story as it is, the girl that thought, that was rejected and the male who kept liking her, but never got her letter. That girl becomes a part of his company thinking that guy broke her feelings and becomes his worst nightmare. And it goes on from there. It would be a great romance, it would be nice if TVN made a drama like this, with these two us the main leads. I also liked their acting a lot, it was really natural. Of course I searched for Kim Sung Joon. He was so sexy as Shi Hyun, that I couldn’t resist from doing so, turns out he is an idol, well I thought he was pure actor, that means he did a good job.

Love this scene


On the other hand the main romance as I said before wasn’t so strong. I love Joy but, I was a bit worried when I heard she was gonna be the main lead. The role of Yoon So Rim must have been close to her real self, since Joy is a young and bright musician too. But still there was something lacking. As for Lee Hyun Woo, I have only watched “God of Study”, that he was in, many years before. I was not disappointed in his acting, but Takeru Sato really gave a strong performance at the same role, that I couldn’t help and feel a big difference. I mean Kang Han Kyeol or Ogasawara Aki is a dark character with many issues and it’s really hard to give the depression feeling of the character without being too much or cliche. Maybe Lee Hyun Woo’s choice of giving a lighter version, was a safer choice. But those two main leads didn’t seem to connect that much.

As for Lee Seo Won, the cute brother from “Uncontrollably Fond”, it was nice seeing him in something totally different and I’m looking forward to his future works.
Well “the liar and his lover” is perfect for the summer, it’s easy going and amusing for those who have free time, don’t expect much and want to watch something cute to pass their time.

p.s this song from the ost is really lovely.

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  1. July 17, 2017 at 2:15 pm — Reply

    Sato Takeru was love as Aki! The other guy just didn’t cut it.

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