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Boku Unmei no Hito Desu Finale Recap

Recap – Summary : After Ichiro is gone, his traces completely vanish from Makoto’s place, too, who has no recollection of him and goes about his day as usual.

At work, Shokichi is down because his kid avoids him, and thinks it is because he started eating carrots while he said that he hated them for so long- he and Sekihara end up drunk and crash at Makoto’s place, where Sekihara remarks that he feels the place is different, as if an entity left Makoto’s home.

The next day, Shokichi advises Makoto of what he needs to be careful when he picks a wedding ring, as it needs to be something simple but also surprising. Makoto heeds his advice and orders a ring from a jewellery store. As he exits the place, a little girl asks him to keep her air balloon as she wants to tie her shoelaces, but Makoto loses it in the air. It turns out the little girl is the daughter of the woman working in the jewellery store, who tells a bummed Makoto that he needn’t worry about it. From that moment on though, Makoto’s bad luck returns who has every little thing going wrong for him; on top of that, Haruko needs to go away to Osaka for business and they won’t see each other for days.

Sadaoka bumps into Ichiro in the streets and they have a beer together; Ichiro tells him that he needs to go away for a long time, and asks him to take care of Makoto. They make a few jokes before they part, as Sadaoka seems to forget Ichiro’s existence after he departs.

Haruko’s parents tell her that now she’s gone a few days and they will be lonely, they may invite Makoto to eat crab together. Her father makes a joke that he will try not to “cut their red fate string” with the crab eating, something that makes Haruko smile. Meanwhile, Sadaoka confess to Makoto that he will propose to Yotsuya, and he won’t wait, as he’s flying to Osaka first thing, something Makoto considers doing as well. Makoto’s flight is cancelled due to the bad weather though, another sign that his bad luck continues.

Yotsuya tells Haruko that she senses Sadaoka will propose to her and wonders what she should do; Haruko thinks that there’s no such thing as soon or later, if she can picture a future with him as Yotsuya agrees. Sadaoka arrives to Osaka and meets with Yotsuya, but before he’s able to propose to her, a trumpet young man appears from nowhere and starts playing “Wedding March” before he messes it up. Both Sadaoka and Yotsuya laugh at that, and after a few pauses, Yotsuya accepts his proposal and they hug.

Makoto has dinner with his co-workers, and with indirect help from his boss, who says that his daughter wasn’t annoyed with him for carrots afterall, but something completely unrelated, he realizes why he’s experiencing such bad luck lately; after a series of events, he tracks down the same mascot that carried the air balloon he lost, and gives one of them to the woman of the jewellery store. As a thank you, the woman gives him two tickets to a music concert and Makoto invites Haruko to go together.

As they listen to the music, both Makoto and Haruko think back to their first meeting and define what “destiny” means to them, as he finally proposes to her. Haruko accepts, as the concert reaches its end, and it feels like the whole audience is cheering them indirectly.

Their day ends, with them standing in front of the rainbow, as Makoto comments he didn’t manage to “pass under” it. Haruko thinks he actually did, but it’s her secret to know. Makoto says that he feels the presence of God around him, and Haruko asks him what he means, but remarks that this is his own secret to know. They both remain calm watching the rainbow, as Ichiro’s congratulatory message appears in the bathtub.


Reflection Corner :

What a nice finale that was! I’ve gotta admit, I thought the latter half of the series felt a bit flat, and quite mediocre compared to the early half, but the ending compensated for everything, it absolutely ended on a high.

So, after many trials, hardships and some, Makoto and Haruko fulfilled their destiny..but, what is the meaning of “destiny”? Is it the so-called red string of fate, will things happen whether we try to avoid them? Is it  a large sum of our choices? Is it a word we use to justify our moments when we fall short? Hum, I have quite the long thoughts about the essence of destiny (…being Greek and all that, trust me, ancient Greeks talk about destiny forever and fucking ever in ALL their works, lord) but I like how both our leads put it :

In the beginning I thought that destiny was of no use at all. /In the beginning I thought destiny was nothing but creepy./ But I thought I’d believe in it, just a little. /But I was afraid to believe in it./ Believing in it, and running with it, mysterious things occurred one after the other. /Little by little they melted my heart./ Surely destiny is a reward that’s given to those who continue to believe and don’t give up. /Surely destiny is, a jewel in amongst all the things discarded as mere coincidence./

Endurance and a little faith can go a long way, that’s for sure. Maybe, those two traits, can even help you save the world?! I mean, Makoto and Haruko’s love coincidentally saved the world too! (which is a good thing, if you’re not a Dragon of Earth…or Subaru, hehe, see what I did thar? I HAD TO :ppp)

I should probably care about the end of the world but..I can’t seem to give a shit

I liked how the proposal was low-key, and not something flashy; it was fitting to be simple and humble, just like their journey of small moments, that amounted to big ones, was. (and lol at Haruko’s sass of “thaaaanks” haha.)

Speaking of that, it was also fitting that Sadaoka and Yotsuya would blurt out GOOD JOB! in their own proposal. They got trolled, you expect something ultra romantic in a bridge at night and then you have a guy with a trumpet trolling you at night, and then trolling you some more!

“God Loves Me” – I want that shirt, I really want it man. God-but-not-really-son-that-saves-the-world-surprise did his job afterall; he came, he saw, he won and then he left all swaggy and stuff. It was sad to see that his interactions were “erased”, both with Makoto and Yotsuya (both of those moments were touching) but a man has to do what a man should do!

The ending montage with Liebestraum in the background was a very nice touch, as was the last shot of Makoto and Haruko looking the rainbow, as the starting point of their new life together.

Well, let us all hope we get our moment to shine, even after many rains; the rainbow will always come in the end anyways! (unless you meet a little girl that also happens to be a piano prodigy, who gives you a hot air balloon and you lose it…yeah, DO NOT LOSE IT)

Overall Rating : 8,18 / 10

Rainbow OTP : 8,46 / 10


disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang only + huge thanks to izzyosa

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  1. Stefania
    June 25, 2017 at 4:57 pm — Reply

    Thank you for your post. I thoroughly enjoyed the simplicity this drama. Nothing was big, overly dramatic and it gave me such a good feeling and it lifted my spirit. To be honest, I really needed it. Makoto and Haruko are such sweethearts. All characters are… And I also loved the use of classical music. I like it when because of a drama some piece of classical music suddenly becames a trend.

    • June 25, 2017 at 11:14 pm — Reply

      You’re welcome!

      Ah yes, I love classical music too- and it was incorporated well in this series, heck it was the first factor that brought together Makoto and Haruko in the beginning!

  2. Gadzmhir
    June 30, 2017 at 2:39 pm — Reply

    Uhmm, to be honest, It felt so flat halfway til’ the final episode. I have enjoyed the first half of this drama series though because it reminded me of Proposal Daisakusen. Regarding to the finale, I was kinda left without emotion. I don’t know what to feel, sort of. By the way, Haruko is such a fine lady, I love her character. So yeah thats it…
    I would prefer Proposal Daisakusen and From 5 to 9 when it comes to Romance Jdorama. Well, If I would rate it, I’ll give it 7 stars out of 10.

    • July 6, 2017 at 2:41 pm — Reply

      Yeah it did feel like that; surprisingly, I felt the opposite with 5 ji kara, I disliked it a lot in the beginning, and halfway I started liking it!

  3. Max
    July 6, 2017 at 6:57 pm — Reply

    We were the opposite of y’all. Enjoyed the first few eps but thought it picked up considerably in the second half…till an ok semi-rushed feeling

    But it did have some more of the sweet side of romance than 5-9, which we enjoyed but was just … different, more zany in some ways, more of that youthful fun drama.

    Does Proposal Dai get better as it goes on? That’s the one with the milk subplot in ep. 2…vaguely … if I’m remembering right. We couldn’t get into it.

    Best gooey romance of any recent show is still Okitegami. NigeHaji was fun but didn’t reach the same heights. Just IMO. ^^

    (Though the Watashi ni Unmei no Koi Nante Arienaitte Omotteta one-off SP with Issei and Tabe was amazingly cute.)

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