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Boku Unmei no Hito Desu Episode 6 Recap

Recap – Summary : God tells Makoto to hurry up and invite Haruko at his place, giving him a specific advice on how to do that.

That is, Makoto has to act “manly” and is not supposed to say more than 3 syllables-words to anything Haruko asks him, so that will pick her curiosity. Makoto thinks that is silly, but is willing to try.

Sekihara is having a bad day, since he’s convinced that Yotsuya and Sadaoka are going out together- both him and Katsuragi crash on Makoto’s place after getting drunk, and then watch an old clip where Makoto and Katsuragi were drunk themselves after a football game. Haruko was also captured on the background of that clip, something that startles Makoto and both Katsuragi and Sekihara think that Makoto must be having a secret relationship with Haruko.

The next day, Sadaoka explains to Makoto, that nothing is going on between him and Yotsuya- she just happened to asleep on his place after they went out drinking, and he didn’t want to wake her up.

Haruko and Yotsuya join Makoto and Sadaoka for dinner, and Makoto tries God’s advice but it doesn’t go well at all. Haruko wonders if Makoto is angry with her for not giving him a response yet, while Makoto tells God he can’t continue with the 3 syllables rule; God orders him to carve a shogi piece with the character King then- Makoto thinks that this is another silly order, but follows it anyway.

Haruko asks her mother what it was specifically, that made her decide to marry her father, but her mother replies that it wasn’t something she could point out, but it was his character altogether.

All Smiles collaborate with Hatazaki’s Marketing company, and they’re having a together-dinner to seal their agreement.

Yotsuya asks Haruko if it would be okay to start going out with Sadaoka, something that ticks off Sekihara who ironically wishes happiness to Yotsuya/Sadaoka and Makoto/Haruko; Haruko misunderstands that Makoto is seeing someone else, and Makoto tells her she can confirm that he doesn’t, if only she would come to his place, now that he doesn’t have a chance to tidy things up. She reluctantly agrees and after a series of events, she sees a certain t-shirt that brings her memories of the night her ex-boyfriend dumped her after telling her he’s already married; Haruko was devastated that night, but ironically got cheered up by a drunk Makoto that was wearing the “when it rains, it pours” shirt, a phrase she now uses for her email account.

Makoto tells Haruko that he likes her, she confesses she likes him too and agrees to go out together; both happy bid farewell to each other, but God interrupts Makoto’s happiness- there’s only a month left until he has to marry Haruko, otherwise the world will be destroyed in 30 years.


Reflection Corner :


lmao at Makoto’s reaction, what a ridiculous-over-the-top but amazing reaction to somebody who just told you they’re going out with you! Apart from Makoto genuinely liking Haruko, he also carries the burden of saving  the world so that scene was like “fuck yeah, going out with the girl I like and also saving the world! MANLY GAR TEARS”


What a twist though! I mean, well..not really a twist, since apparently those two have crossed paths 859849584958495495495849 times already in their 29 years of living, but still, it was nice to get a mutual cheer-up old moment, this time from Makoto to Haruko. But man, only ONE MONTH till they get married? How can Makoto pull this up, even with the help of motorbike God (srsly, black looks awesome on Pi!) It seems that he’s already checking Haruko’s fingers in the preview of the next episode, so he’s already trying to pull something up, but won’t Haruko be like “eeeer, too soon?” We’ll see.

Highlight of the episode was Hatazaki discovering that Torita was married, and fessed up about Japan losing in halftime despite him not wanting to know, just so she could shit on him haha.

I feel Torita’s pain though, if I have to do something (I’m forced more like, otherwise I don’t miss my fav teams/athletes for nothing non-urgent) and somebody spoils me similarly, I RAGE. But I lol’d so hard at this moment!

Onwards to episode 7 then!

disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang only + huge thanks to izzyosa @ DA

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  1. gustave154
    May 29, 2017 at 5:46 am — Reply

    The destiny shenanigans in this drama is hilarious!! But i’m glad that Haruka is finally falling for Masaki.

    • May 29, 2017 at 8:46 am — Reply

      They are, lol

      Me too! (obviously :p)

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