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Kuzu no Honkai : Congrats on being a scum!

Hanabi loves Kanai but is going out with Mugi who really wants Akane who likes to trick everyone including Kanai who doesn’t know about Hanabi’s feelings who’s also going out with Ecchan but is confused with everything and so is Mugi and so is Ecchan and so will be Kanai but doesn’t it know yet and everyone’s a mess except Akane or so she thinks. AND THAT’S THE SHOW.

This is an intriguing series, it really is. I have to say, the manner that most (or all!) of the characters are messed up one way or the other, reminds me a bit of one of my favorite series, NANA. (well, NANA is on another level but you get the point.) Like, they keep making bad choices knowing exactly the consequences but they just can’t stop!

Hanabi harbors feelings for Kanai since she was a child but are they genuine feelings or just a puppy-love that she can’t let go?

Mugi claims to like with Akane yet he’s pretty much indifferent about everything and going with the flow, so why does he seem to be cautious about Hanabi’s feelings when they had already arranged of what their “relationship”‘s limits are gonna be?

Ecchan is in love with Hanabi yet while knowing that Hanabi’s heart will probably never be hers, she’s willing to head straight on disaster or what?

Kanai likes Akane but he doesn’t really know much about her? Or at all?

So, there’s all these questions surrounding every character’s motives and feelings, which push them into making questionable choices that make you go “huuum, that’s not wise man, that’s not wise!” yet, it’s also very much understandable at the same time; in the sense, that yes, they all make “scum” choices to escape loneliness, trying to forget their insecurities and struggles with intimacy issues, but you can see they don’t have ill-intentions at heart. (“all things wicked start from innocence” was it?)

Except Akane…well, no question mark here. She’s the purest scum of all, head bitch in charge without a doubt! She sees the world as her personal jungle gym, she’s calculating and a master manipulator of others’ feelings and doesn’t flinch at all when she wants to get her way. Out of every character, I’m the most interested to see how she will muddle along everything. She’s the one you love to hate, but damn if she doesn’t make half the show.

I haven’t read the manga, so I have no idea how things will develop, but I’m definitely in for the long run; I don’t mind the NSFW part of the series, as I feel it’s quite necessary for the plot and many a characters’ drive since passion (both physical and emotional) propels them into their respective decision balance..or imbalance, to be more accurate, haha.

Being a scum ain’t no easy feat though! I mean, it definitely exhausts you into drinking LOTS of water. I mean, seriously, LOTS.

Well, let’s see if our characters will start being more honest with themselves and if Akane will eventually get bored of shitting on other people’s feelings. What are the chances, huh?


disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang only



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I'm pretty outgoing from what I've been told; unless, you bad-mouth Ayase. Or Gakky. Or Ueto. Or Tori. Or Masaki. Or Kame. Hmmm, the or-thing is actually endless! You get the gist of it, right? ; p


  1. yukari
    February 21, 2017 at 1:17 pm — Reply

    久しぶり !
    It’s been so long since the last time I visit this blog. And here I find you write about Kuzu no Honkai when I just wondering how the live action will be (yes, they will make live action adaptation movie for this).

    Unlike you, I only read the manga and haven’t watch the anime version so I don’t know if there some ‘adjustment’ or not. I agree on your take on Nana (boy, that manga is so “mess up”. And btw, is there any official ending for it yet? I read it long time ago so I’m not sure if I remember corectly but it seems it hasn’t end yet), but I have different opinion on Akane. Yes she’s player but it seems that she’s feeling empty that’s why she did it, to fill that void just like what other character did. I find that she’s more interesting than Hanabi, but the most interesting character is Kanai. I mean, seriously how can a man think like that?! Fine, he may have mother fetish, but there must be something he’s hiding! (I don’t know until where you are in the story, so I try to not give you any spoiler).

    Gambatte on your real life!
    I’m anticipating for your recap on Quartet and have discussion on it. I only watch the first eps and fighting myself whether to watch the next eps or to wait until it’s complete and marathon it. All of them are so fishy and after watching Matsu Takako in Kokuhaku and Yume Uru Futari, I just can’t trust her character. One thing that bug me when watching it is how I wish it is fall drama instead of winter, Karuizawa’s view will look so stunning. The plot seems so gloomy and the winter setting really doesn’t help.

    • February 22, 2017 at 10:35 am — Reply

      久しぶりですね 🙂

      They’re making a movie? There’s a drama currently airing (apparently Kuzu no Honkai is all the rage these days lol) but I haven’t watched it and I doubt it can capture in full essence whatever the manga is about; the anime however, from what I’ve been told by a pal who has read the manga, is pretty much identical.
      I’m not disagreeing on Akane; she obviously has her own issues and emptiness she feels inside, but that doesn’t take away that she is a mean manipulator, and she quite enjoys that. Akane and Hanabi are the characters that intrigue me the most, but the one I probably like the most is Ecchan. We’ll see who’s the less miserable in the end loool
      And speaking of miserable…yes, NANA has some pretty tragic characters of its own, man. Ai Yazawa is still recovering I believe, and apart from some small drawings in Cookie magazine the last couple years, (Nana was being serialized in Cookie) not anything concrete about continuation as of yet. NANA is one of my favorite (and best) manga ever, so I really hope it gets finished someday; from whatever Yazawa said once, there weren’t many volumes for it to be completed, so here’s hoping. (I mean, I’m much more positive about NANA, than X/1999 by CLAMP, another one of my favs that’s forever in hiatus)

      I haven’t had a chance to watch Quartet yet, or any series from the winter season tbh (which I haven’t heard the best things about it btw, it seems like most series are inadequate) so maybe I will marathon it and write a review or something like that after it ends, I’ll see.
      Haha, you can’t trust Takako’s character? Maybe I should watch out for her too. :p

      • yukari
        February 27, 2017 at 8:05 am — Reply

        Yes, you’re right, it’s a drama not a movie. My bad, I just glance upon it in asianwiki and jump to conclusion that it’s a movie without check it’s details. I thought that with those provocative story, there’s no way that’s it’s a drama especially with how “tame” present jdorama is compare to 90’s. Now I do wonder can they capture it well in drama format. I’m more optimistis if it movie as they can go all the way (it Will be R-rated).
        Which make me curious on why they adaptation ReLIFE to movie. It will be more suitable to become a drama as there are a lot of story to tell, their school life, work struggle, and NEET. Oh boy, how I miss TakuYuri. Especially after NigeHaji, I’m more eager to see how TakuYuri’s marriage life will be. I will trade Okitegami SP and NigeHaji SP for Date season 2! If HiraMiku can be that hillarious, TakuYuri marriage life will be a roller coaster! Their character is more extreme.

        X is on hiatus? Luckily I drop it long ago (just can’t finish it), as I already been tormented by some mangas (HxH, Garasu no Kamen to name a few). Even CLAMP make new arc on Cardcaptor (it’s so embarrasing to admit that I read it but I can’t resist the temptation!), so why they don’t continue it? It’s so not CLAMP, their manga mostly have few volume and they always finish it (unlike Muchi-sensei, did she has completed manga?)

        • February 28, 2017 at 6:47 pm — Reply

          NOOOOOO, how could you trade Okitegami SP? NEVAHHH lol
          But Date was pretty awesome, so I’d happily take a season 2 as well!

          X has been on hiatus for like…decades now. And it was interrupted in a crucial point so, I think many fans will never let that one go, haha. Well, I guess we’ll just wait and see.

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