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Hello Dramajjangers

It’s been a long time. But I don’t want to start again, with my on and on ranting about my drama school life. The thing is, I had some time off during Christmas Holidays, so I watched some movies and here is my opinion.

In the Mood for Love

I know Wong Kar Wai’s movies are well known, but the truth is, I hadn’t seen any of his work, until now. I wanted to watch this movie for a long time and it was really worth it. The theme is love and is given in a unique way. Feelings are mixed, about this film and many people complain in the reviews, saying its boring, others say it’s a masterpiece. It is a bit slow, I mean if you want drama (in the melo way) and action, this one won’t do it, but it’s a good movie, that gives you a different feeling, than the other ones of the same kind, that are out there. The cinematography colours places dresses are great. The acting is strong.


Of course after watching “In the mood for love”, I couldn’t leave out “2046”. I don’t like comparing things, but this one left me amazed. Although it’s Chow’s story that takes after “In the Mood for love”, this movie has a different feeling. The style of directing the cinematography and colours are still the same. But the life is faster and edgy. Well it shows how different Chow’s life has become, after the first film. I don’t know if that was the director’s intention on this one, but that’s how I translate the change.

I loved this movie, I loved the characters. I loved how it had mixed Japanese and Chinese language. You can watch this one, even if you haven’t watched “In the Mood for Love”, although I suggest you watch both. Well, all the actors are top class and they deserve to be, because their acting was great, although I have to make a reference to Zhang Ziyi whom I admired the most. Maybe it’s because her character was my favourite in the movie, I was like wow, I loved how she portrayed the emotions of Bai Ling and I think she couldn’t have done a better work. Love here is given from another perspective, still in a realistic way and that’s what makes these movies wonderful and beautiful.

“Let me borrow you

Senpai to Kanojo

There is no way holidays would go away, without getting my right amount of Shojo movies. Well, I was doing a search and I have watched most of them, I was a bit frustrated because I don’t have many choices left. Since subbing the Japanese movies is so difficult and subbers are doing the best they can. So I decided to watch “Senpai to Kanojo”. The story was not something different. It was cute and it had the high school teenage feeling. The acting could have been better. There are shojo movies that are like masterpieces despite the fact, that they are portraying first and young love. This is one is the cute kind that will fill your spare time, it wont leave a great impression, at least to me.

Watcha Wearing (My P.S. Partner)

I came across this movie by searching what to watch after the new Year’s Eve, because I was not in the mood to party with my friends, it was not “in my plan to watch list”. When I read the synopsis I was like “ok…” but then I read many good reviews and I was curious, how a rated 18 movie, had left a cute feeling to most viewers’ heart. Well, it did to me too. I mean it’s not the movie you would say it’s a masterpiece and not the typical korean romance, but it’s definitely interesting and realistic. It has this romantic movie style mixed with edgy sexy scenes, which made it interesting. The subject itself and the “sex phone calls”, makes you wonder, “what I’m gonna watch?”, but it’s worth your time.

I hope you guys, had a wonderful time during holidays and hopefully a beautiful 2017 🙂

p.s Did you know Kimura Takuya is playing in “2046”? I didn’t and I was like OMG! Extraordinary performances from all actors.

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  1. Noor
    March 1, 2017 at 8:36 pm — Reply

    I really liked 2046, In mood for love and P.S. Partner!

    I do love drama, romance and happy endings but these old movies made me wonder how sadness in love become beautiful and you sort of like the themes and feeling of it~

    I will watch Senpai to kanojo when I have nothing else to watch!

    Hope you get enough of rest~

    • March 25, 2017 at 3:06 pm — Reply

      I am really sorry for the late reply^^. Those movies are amazing and you are right, love doesn’t always need a happy ending to be beautiful.
      Watch Senapi to kanojo, if you have free time. You could watch “Chuking Express”, it’s a Wong Kar Wai movie too, I saw it recently and it was very cute.

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