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Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu Episode 8 Recap

Recap – Summary : Mikuri’s mother has a slight accident with her leg, and after the disastrous night with Hiramasa, Mikuri finds the opportunity to take a few days off to help her family and clear her head.

Hiramasa’s colleagues notice that he doesn’t eat from bento boxes the past days, and they speculate that he must have had a fight with his wife, something Hiramasa doesn’t outright deny; that picks Kazami’s interest, who later talks about that with Yuri, who recalls that Mikuri returned the wine she gave her as a gift, and was acting strangely.

Mikuri is trying to get memories of the infamous night out of her mind, and tries to persuade herself she should angle the situation from an indifferent point of view. She manages to get her mind occupied, when her whole family gathers, and comical situations ensue. Hiramasa on the other hand, thinks that he was caught up on his feelings too much, that he didn’t think of how his rejection might have affected Mikuri.

Mikuri, her mother, her brother’s wife and Yassan have a conversation on how difficult it is to be a working mother and raising a kid, while Yuri and her staff have a similar discussion about maternity leave.

Numata learns that their company might lose a large portion of a job they took on recently, due to another company meddling in, but he promises the president not to tell anything about it.

Hiramasa is invited by his colleagues on a drinking night out, and despite being reluctant at first, he ends up going; he engages in a sarcastic argument with Kazami who tries to push him about Mikuri, and Hiramasa concludes that they could never agree, since they’re fundamentally different.

Hiramasa gets dizzy from drinking, and Yuri comes to pick him and Kazami up; Kazami mentions a story from his past, that he recalled because of Hiramasa’s words, when he used to date a girl who was different from him. They eventually broke up, but Kazami concludes that he should have assured her of his feelings at least, before letting her go.

Mikuri’s mom, reveals that she had to take an extra health check, something that worries Mikuri; her mom confirms with her that she’s alright though, but she has been pushing her father with all sort of trivial work, since her accident, in the case that something happens to her, and he has to go on alone. She notes how loving someone requires all kind of effort, as Mikuri later ponders on her words alone.

After Hiramasa gets back to his apartment, he checks the dishes Mikuri made for him before she left, and notices all the little notes she left on them, to cheer him up. He ends up trying all of them, wondering what Mikuri might have felt when she was making them.

Kazami and Yuri still drive around, as Kazami points out that he doesn’t own a car, but all he needs is public commute; Yuri replies that he can get further on his own too, something that prompts Kazami to smile.

The next day, Mikuri is ready to go back to apartment 303, when Hiramasa calls her- he explains to her that he only rejected her, out of fear of disappointing her, since he has no experience with women; Mikuri replies, that she had already figured that out and she didn’t mind it at all. Upon hearing that, Hiramasa runs to her parents’ house to see her, only to realize, that Mikuri is outside his apartment. He ends up spending the day with her parents who are excited to talk about Mikuri’s teen days, while Mikuri is back at the apartment- they both text each other, eager and happy to meet the next day.



Reflection Corner :

running to get my huuuuug!


The ending scene was so rad!

Yep, they definitely needed some time apart (mostly Hiramasa) to appreciate each other’s presence in their lives, much more than they did; I mean, they both obviously care for each other, but that intermission was necessary for Mikuri to take a step back and realize that she needn’t rush things, while Hiramasa let go his (misguided)  fear of being looked down by Mikuri, stemming from his lack of experience, and just followed his heart, MAH SPRINTER BOY.

My favorite scene of this episode, was Hiramasa eating Mikuri’s different dishes, that she had cooked for him, before she left for her parents’ house. It was like, he truly realized that he can allow himself to relax and be comfortable around a person, that meticulously planned all that food for him (WITH LOVE!) even after their unfortunate night. He wasn’t just tasting her food, he was “tasting” her feelings (the LOVE ONES!) and that’s why the sprinter boy emerged from him! Good job Hiramasa!

I also loved all the craziness (and the Live-TV segment! Imagine having highschools full of students and newborn babies lmaooo) running through Mikuri’s family but how they also look out for each other. Her parents are the real deal though, I mean…you can definitely call it a “summary compilation video” if it lasts 5 freaking hours!

it’s on the right track too!

Yuri and Kazami took a nice driving-ride there, didn’t they? I suppose it is sort of melancholic driving around the streets at night (though, those particular streets are really beautiful) but it can also be nice, when you got company that you enjoy. (imagine wanting to drive alone through the streets to clear your head, and you end up with someone like Takenaka that comments on EVERYTHING. You will want to jump outta the car! lol nah jk jk, I like Takenaka!)

that hugging duo is also nice though!

Well, Tuesday is looming, and you bet your ass those two are gonna have their darn hug!

Onwards to episode 9 then!

disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang only + huge thanks to mottofreaky

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