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Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu Episode 6 Recap

Recap – Summary : Mikuri is happy that Hiramasa is starting to become more relaxed around her, and brings up the topic of “hug day” since it is Tuesday.

Hiramasa reminds her that the last time they hugged, wasn’t Tuesday so she got her hug in advance; Mikuri admits that she was mostly joking, but she thought she’d ask anyway. Hiramasa thanks her for going out of her way to make special tea for him, since that’s not on the contract obligations, and they sit together in the couch to watch television.

Yuri gets scolded at work, as somebody complained that she was almost sexually harassing Umehara, and power-harassing Horiuchi; she vents her frustrations about how unfair things turned out for her to Mikuri and Hiramasa. She tells both of them to try to live as best they can before unexpected things cause problems for them too, and gives them a gift she received from gathering points to her credit card : a trip to a hot spring resort. Having no choice but to accept it, Hiramasa and Mikuri approach the situation as they usually would- Yassan thinks that Mikuri should  just try and have fun anyway, suggesting she buys sexy lingerie just for sure, while Hiramasa asks Takenaka to keep his trip a secret from everyone.

Upon their arrival, Hiramasa and Mikuri realize they didn’t get a room with twin beds as they thought they would, since Yuri booked it for them- the president of the resort, tells them they don’t have any other rooms available so the both of them accept they have to work it out somehow. While they’re returning to their room, Mikuri sees her ex-boyfriend from her highschool days, and remembers they broke up because “she was too serious” and he was too irresponsible.

Mikuri tells Hiramasa they should send a photo of them being happy together in Yuri, to put her mind at ease- while Mikuri steps out to buy a few drinks, Hiramasa tries to hide the “special gift” he got from Takenaka, but because of a few hiccups he ends up on top of Mikuri. After their awkward moment is over, they’re transferred to another room when a couple checks out, since the conditioning in their previous room isn’t working properly- the awkward moments are also present there though, as Hiramasa is conscious of the special gift and how to prevent Mikuri from seeing what it is.

Back at her work, Yuri learns from Umehara that he was also called out to testify about the complaint, but he assures her that he told the truth of her never harassing him. Yuri does Horiuchi’s job for her who doesn’t seem too happy about it, and then hits the bar for some drinking, and a philosophical discussion with Numata and the Master. Kazami joins them, and Yuri shows him the pic she received from Mikuri and Hiramasa, who are having a real great time together.

When Hiramasa is taking a bath, Mikuri accidentally finds the gift, and she wonders if he is too, having, thoughts about wanting something more than a work relationship- however, Hiramasa decides to sleep alone when he thinks that Mikuri is asleep, since he isn’t used to sleeping with someone else.

After seeing that, Mikuri believes that Hiramasa was kind to her, because that’s just his character and he probably doesn’t think of her, the way she does about him; their last breakfast together is ruined when Mikuri encounters her ex-boyfriend who makes fun of her, while Hiramasa steps out to get ready to return back.

Yuri apologizes to Kazami for shoving the pic on his face, as he didn’t realize that he might really like Mikuri, but Kazami admits that he’s not sure of what his feelings are.

On their way home, Mikuri believes that the trip was a complete disaster and her relationship with Hiramasa is back to the beginning stages, ready to give up on waiting for things to happen; on the other hand, Hiramasa thinks back to what Mikuri’s ex-boyfriend said about her, and how he got her character completely wrong; he’s happy to know and appreciate the real Mikuri. As the train reaches the destination, Hiramasa abruptly kisses Mikuri who is completely surprised at the gesture.



Reflection Corner :


Sneaky chunin Hiramasa gives me life! <3

That was a hilarious episode, stemming from every single thing that could possibly go wrong in our duo’s “company retreat”; and boy, did everything go horribly wrong! From the twin bed, to the special gift, to the (sexy!) lingerie not used, to Hiramasa hopping out from the bed to sleep alone with his keeping-away-Mikuri-from-my-thoughts-equipment, to Mikuri’s highschool boyfriend (what an unreal guy btw!) ruining the last moments of “the honeymoon”..or maybe, quite the opposite?

what a babeee just-realized-it face!

what a babeee just-realized-it face!

Maybe that unexpected meeting was the main push for Hiramasa to realize how much he treasures Mikuri’s presence in his life; up until now, we were mostly treated to Mikuri’s point of view and how she has come to truly care about her relationship with him, and even wondering if she would like to pursue something more. While Hiramasa had also showed glimpses of sharing the same sentiment, he was still like a closed book on that front- like, you’d keep wondering “huuum, he could be falling in love or maybe?”

His inner monologue in the end of the episode though, sealed the deal;  simplistic but beautiful all the same. I was like “tell her amigo, TELL HEEEEER before you fucking hop off the train yoo” And what do you know? He didn’t tell her, he actually SHOWED HER. Well, obviously there’s gonna be some “logical reasoning” for the kiss afterwards or something, but it is definitely a stepping stone to keep building their relationship.

MIKURI DON'T CRYYYY (how beautiful is Gakky tho..HOW)

MIKURI DON’T CRYYYY (how beautiful is Gakky tho..HOW)

And that will also definitely sway away Mikuri’s worries about having an one-sided affection that surpasses the de facto marriage boundaries. (and I don’t want to see Gakky’s crying face again, THAT DOES THINGS TO ME ;_;)

Kazami and Yuri had a short but on-point discussion about how despite growing up, knowing what you truly want can be baffling; or maybe, they both haven’t found something that will answer that for them. Heck, that’s as simple and as difficult the same time! There was some progress there, so that’s good!


Onwards to episode 6 then!

disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang only + huge thanks to mottofreaky

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  1. Mohammed
    November 23, 2016 at 5:47 pm — Reply

    Thanks for the recap!

    I have been enjoying this drama alot because of the down to earth, lead characters, they are lonely people who are learning how to love, open up again.
    I dig them so much, its a such, cute, realistic drama. Its a great to see a hero of jdrama like Hiramasa, he is very much like the regular guy you dont see often in dramas. He has self esteem issues, shy, just very very real.

    • November 23, 2016 at 6:09 pm — Reply

      Yeah, it’s a very enjoyable series!

      Hiramasa is mah dahling <3

  2. kosameame
    November 29, 2016 at 12:56 am — Reply

    Thanks for the recap!

    I can’t wait till I’m able to watch this show! They’re so cute together! :3

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