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Suishou no Kodou First Look

A murderer with affinity for the red color, along with a cult responsible for several bombings around Tokyo, pose the latest grave threat for Kisaragi and her colleagues.

Loved Ishi no Mayu and it seems that Suishou no Kodou, retains the successful recipe of its predecessor : great directing, atmospheric music and an all around grim aura- oh, and Takano still drinks his tomato juice!

The first episode lays the foundation for two mysteries : a) the murder of a cram school teacher, who was found drenched in red paint, likely killed by someone with the nick OX   b) a religious cult organization that assumes the responsibility of three bombings around Tokyo, threatening to make that number larger.

With two fronts to battle, the PD has its hands full and Kisaragi finds herself overwhelmed at times, (also courtesy of the Director and his idiotic remarks. I was like “bitch sit down, Kisaragi was the reason Toremi was arrested!”) since her Toremi scars are still there; it’s good to see that she’s still empathetic, a bit clumsy but at the same time, her mind works many smart routes just like before; she’s now a mature rookie, yep!

Takano is still the reliable shunin (as much as someone who likes tomato much can be considered reliable! maaan, I hate tomato, unless it’s ketchup or in a sauce lol) and his dynamic with Kisaragi is still strong, co-operating very well together.

So yeah, a great start and I’m looking forward to seeing the motivations and the why-s of each of the culprits – or maybe there’s only one culprit? Either way, Kisaragi is coming for you pal(s)!

Onwards to episode 2!

disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang only + huge thanks to ritsu

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