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Seisei Suruhodo, Aishiteru – episodes 7-8 ~ review

Hello Dramajjangers

The last two episodes of Seisei Surihodo Aishiteru are nothing new to us, is just a repeat of the previous episodes, with different words and clothes. I’m being a bit harsh, but the drama is getting tiring and cliché, the bad way of cliché.

The motive is like this. Mia and Kairi are trying to get together, Yuka does evil thing, they can’t be together, Mia runs to Miyazawa. This think again and again and again, until we all know that the ending is going to be a happy one with her and Kairi ending up together. BORING.

In episode 7 we get some information briefly, about the evil sister having some financial problems and scamming behind everyone’s back, well it;s not so important since, it is just a filler to the story.

Miyazawa takes Mia to Oasaka to a friend’s wedding. There once again his loyalty and greatness is shown to her, but yes she still can’t make up her mind. There a random person, who is Yuka’s nurse and Miyazawa’s ex girlfriend attacks her. Of course Miyazawa protects her and he has a goodbye talk, with his ex girlfriend saying he wants to be with an important person, meaning Mia. That story, was a bit rushed and maybe in the manga was explained more, but here it was whatever.

Well everybody meets in Osaka, that was Mia’s original purpose to go there, to have a talk with Vice President. Yuka invites her and Miyazawa for dinner, what a wonderful atmosphere. There she is her crazy self, Kairi tells her about the divorce, she goes to another lever of crazy at first threatening Kairi with a knife and then threatening to kill herself. Mia seeing everything runs away in tears, saying she wont see VP anymore. Of course Kairi stays with crazy Yuka instead of sending her somewhere for treatment and get read of her.

Mia and Kairi meet again and they have the 1000000000000th talk about their relationship, not going anywhere, the same old talk, they break up.

Mia goes to Miwazaya, she gives him hope telling him, to wait for her to get better and be able to go to him. Miwazaya is extremely happy and screams he is going to wait. Like Mia said before to Kairi, that he is never by he side, Miyazawa is always with her at her difficulties, but of course in the end she is going to choose Kairi.

Kuno and Akari trick Mia, so she can meet with VP to have another talk. I MEAN HOW MANY MORE TALKS ALREADY? Yuka follows them in the club, but there Kuno and Akari kiss while Kuno is wearing Kairi’s jacket and they fool her, while the other two, run away.

I mean the only interesting thing now is the friends’ love triangle. It would be better to have a drama just for them. Explaining Kuno’s complicated experiment or in simple words, him being a jerk. Well despite that I ship him with and I liked the fact they kissed.

Mia and Kairi, guess what? They have a talk, where once again they say they can’t be together and tell their goodbyes. How many times did they say goodbye already?

Chiaki is jealous of Kuno and Akari, tells her all about his experiment and is disappointed since for the first time in her life she admits she loves someone.

Miyazawa waits for Mia for many hours at the restaurant, they were supposed to meet. He waits for her even when it’s closed and his phone is off because of the battery. I mean how can you not love this guy? How you can not fall for him. He proposes to her, well he didn’t way that long t to make his move, but he is forgiven, since it’s for a good purpose. Well if Mia can’t see his greatness, then she doesn’t deserve him.

The evil wife of course makes a story she posts online, that favors her and exposes Kairi’s and Mia’s relationship. Mia begs her to help so that Kairi won’t be fired by the company. Instead of that she is never going to see Kairi again and she is going to work at Jimmy Choo. Why do they always have to make an evil wife. Wouldn’t it be more interesting for the wife to be a better person, regretting her past choice and trying to get her husband back. Then it would be more interesting for us too, now is just a cliché story.

Mia after all these goes to Miwazaya and accepts his proposal.Who is going to take care of heartbroken Miwazaya after she leaves him, cause that is a given in dramas like this one.

Well if it wasn’t for my love for Takei, the interesting friend’s love triangle and Miyazawa, I would have dropped this drama already.

What do you guys think?

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  1. Sue
    October 1, 2016 at 10:29 pm — Reply

    I agree – the writers have done an average job with the storyline & characters. This dorama had an attractive cast, great sets and all that Tiffany bling. But with Eps 7 & 8, they faltered with the unnecessary Mia/Kairi flashbacks and why do we need 2 break-up scenes? With 10 Eps only, they basically ran out of time to develop the other side stories for Akari/Kuno/Chiaki and even the President/Manager Mukai. What about the “villains” – what happened to Yota & sis-in-law Haruka? Kairi annoys me (even tho Takki is so hot!) because, instead of acting on his feelings, he basically just reacts to things. He makes these grand declarations of love for Mia, but does nothing to be with her unless it’s reacting to something Mia said or did or out of jealousy towards Miyazawa. Both Mia & Kairi are too selfless – willing to sacrifice their own happiness to keep everyone else happy, esp Yuka who’s brought everything on herself! I’m an Emi fan too so have to plough through this.

    • October 4, 2016 at 7:14 pm — Reply

      I agree with you. It’s just an obvious story with nothing intresting. It’s like I know, what is going to happen and what they are going to say next. I just finished the last episode and I’ planning to write a review for ep 9 and 10 soon. The ending was average.

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