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Suizokukan Girl Episode 7 / Finale Review

The shark-man’s identity is finally revealed : he’s of Italian heritage.

Early in the series, Shima stated  that she would make Hamakaze Aquarium the best in the country. Well, that proved to be a very tough road; in fact, Hamakaze was about  to get closed while Kaji, arguably the best employee of the aquarium, was set to leave for South Africa, to realize his dream of studying oceanology to a greater level, startling the rest of the staff.

Under those circumstances, the Shima of the beginning, would have probably given up, admitting how futile the Hamakaze-ichiban-endeavor is. While her declaration back then was confident, it still lacked the sense of commitment and the knowledge  of how things truly work and the preparation needed to be done even for basic stuff.

“I learned at this aquarium, that if you don’t move, nothing new will begin. I don’t know what the outcome will be. Ultimately, most people won’t care if the aquarium stays open or not. However..there are people who love this place. There are people rushing around trying to protect this place. I want to believe. If we don’t give up, there’s still a chance. A miracle can happen.”

However, the Shima of now possess the spirit of Kamina&Simon of Gurren Lagann simultaneously! (GAAAAR level 99!)

After working so hard, taking notes of every little thing, getting to work alongside colleagues that later became good friends, Shima took the initiative to become a leader-figure herself. She found her place, among other people who have also found theirs, and with a collective effort, even a miracle can be achieved- such as saving the aquarium, and the people’s memories with it.

“Aquariums are “Here for you to have fun”. Seeing the lively fish and animals that swim here, helps give me the strength to live. It’s enough to make me feel life is good. I’m sure visitors feel the same…That’s why I want to protect it. I believe there are many people who need this aquarium.”

The love-bench did its work beautifully too, working its own miracles of bringing Imada and Kumiko together! Imada, while meaning well, did mess up by meddling with Kumiko’s business regarding Yagami, but she eventually realized that his heart is set in the right place. It was funny how she poked him to express his feelings clearly, because man, you know that if she didn’t do that, it would take the whole freaking day!

Kaji..the Italian lover! Lmao, who would have guessed?!! It’s fine Shima, don’t become a nun, you got a great “passionate” man there for you! :p

Kaji was dolphin-man this episode actually, doing all the good deeds and persuading Shima’s papa to put aside his anger and give his daughter the chance to do the work she really wants to.

Heck, even the assholes (okay, Yagami wasn’t an asshole the last episodes) from the HQ realized that the aquarium is not just a place for profit. This place got heart, as perfectly illustrated by Inoda and his niece, Nanami.

So, everyone in Hamakaze retained  the spots they so treasured, and even got a bit of something to gossip about in the end! (loved that shot with the staff giving their opinions on Kaji/Shima “RUTTING!”  I died in that line!)

The series was sorta low-key and nothing flashy (…the CGI effects are UNREAL lmao) but I felt that everything was fitting; Suizokukan Girl was Shima’s journey to self-discovery, aided by valuable comrades, including both people and animals. It’s all about moving forward with faith and the message was loud and clear!

Definitely recommend it, and I’m sure you will get to like even the cringy CGI effects too! :p

Overall Grade : 8,73/10

disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang only + huge thanks to candylemon  😀

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  1. fei
    September 27, 2016 at 4:36 am — Reply

    do you what song on episode 7 at 33min.. please tell me if u know. ive been try to find what song it is. thanks

    • September 27, 2016 at 11:01 am — Reply

      I’ll have a look at it and let you know if I can find anything!

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