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Suki na Hito ga Iru Koto Episode 8 Recap

Recap – Summary :

Chiaki thinks back to Misaki’s encouraging words the previous night, when Kaede calls him. Touma starts working at the restaurant, helping Kanata in the kitchen.

Misaki notices that Touma has been more cheerful lately, and he’s doing his best helping in Sea Sons, also patching things up with Fuka. Oohashi wants Kanata and Misaki to work together for an upcoming event in her restaurant, and she asks them to present certain dishes within a week.

Misaki is a bit nervous with the upcoming job and can’t think of how she should proceed with Kanata, but her friend tells her that she should just respond to his feelings as soon as she can.

Touma invites Misaki for a fireworks-outing with his brothers, where they all have fun together; Misaki finds some alone time with Kanata, who tells her that they’re gonna succeed with the upcoming job, and they will do that together. Misaki is happy with his words, and later tells her friend that she’s gonna confess to Kanata after they’re done working together, while Kanata reveals to Chiaki that he has already told Misaki he likes her.

The next day, Kanata takes Misaki to a familiar place so they can get fresh vegetables and fruits- despite her initial complaints, Misaki helps in the harvest, and she has a great time with Kanata. Later, they exchange their notes to see each other’s recipes and correct any mistakes, and they start testing in Sea Sons’ kitchen.

After an exhausting day, they take a break to have a beer, and Misaki thanks Kanata for all his help- she feels like she’s doing something worthwhile while also enjoying herself, and that’s mostly thanks to him; Kanata is silent, but seems to appreciate her words and when Misaki asks him out on a date, after their presentation is over, he agrees to that.

Oohashi arrives at Sea Sons for the presentation but doesn’t seem excited with the dishes; she’s willing to give them more time to fix them, though. Chiaki asks Oohashi what went wrong, and she says that it was Misaki’s dessert that it wasn’t good and didn’t fit with Kanata’s dishes, while Misaki overhears them. When she returns home, she finds that the file Oohashi gave to Kanata earlier, has a list of potential patissiers. She asks Kanata what is this about, but he says that’s not her business.

Misaki storms off the house, and drinks her sorrows away to the surf-bar, until she’s in no position to walk home on her own. Chiaki arrives at the time, and walks home together with her- he notes that she shouldn’t beat herself up, because her dessert was good, but it wasn’t in Oohashi’s taste. He then asks her if she’s planning to get together with Kanata, but Misaki denies that.

Back at home, Misaki apologizes to Kanata for not being good enough and dragging the presentation down- Kanata tells her she has a loser attitude and Misaki hurt by his words, wishes him the best with his new patissier.

The next day, Higashimura follows Kanata around, who tells him to stop following him, since he has no business with Sea Sons anymore. Oohashi asks Chiaki to help her change Kanata’s mind about the presentation, since Kanata doesn’t want to do it without Misaki. Chiaki tells Misaki that she misunderstood Kanata and he doesn’t want to find any new patissier, and she should talk things over with him.

Misaki decides to work again on the dessert and presents it the next day to Oohashi. Oohashi refuses to give her another chance, and Kanata arrives at the time, and tells her that he’s out of the presentation if Misaki is not his partner. Oohashi tries Misaki’s new dessert and agrees to give them another chance. Misaki thanks Kanata for coming to her aid again, and he tells her that there’s no replacement for her. On their way home, they decide to celebrate together later, at the evening.

Misaki goes back to the restaurant to prepare a cake for the special occasion, while Kanata is preparing a meal for the both of them; Chiaki is ready to step out and asks Kanata where Misaki is, to which Kanata replies she’s still in the restaurant. Just as Misaki finishes the dessert and is ready to go back home, Chiaki arrives at the restaurant and surprises her with a back-hug. Misaki is surprised with Chiaki’s actions, while Kanata waits for her at home.


Reflection Corner :

This show can frustrate me to no end with its constant back and forth but there was one new shiny development that didn’t go unnoticed :


HE CHANGED HIS FREAKING SHIRT, OH MY DAYS (and he smiled, but that’s happening a lot lately so w/e)

About that back and forth though..damn did Kanata and Misaki reverted to the early days episodes or what? I can get how Misaki must have felt inadequate and all-around crappy since her dessert-planning felt short, but did she really think that Kanata would ever work with anyone else, other than her? Likewise, did Kanata have to be so harsh and give her the cold shoulder in such way? You expect this sort of drama in the beginning stages, not near the freaking end where both of them have shared quite a handful of meaningful interactions and now know each other.


Anyways, putting that aside, they had a nice reconciliation and looked as newlyweds in that bus; Kanata’s line was pretty rad, I gotta admit: “Nobody can replace you in my kitchen yo..my kitchen is my heart GET IT.”

About Chiaki’s newfound feelings towards Misaki, my immediate reaction in /that/ scene was : “BUT THE FUCKING CAAAAAKE!11111!!!!”

this is a sad sight ;_;

this is a sad sight ;_;

Not cool bro, the girl worked her ass off to get that cake to your BROTHER who’s IN LOVE with her as he recently told you, and she was SMILING from ear to ear cause she was gonna CELEBRATE with your BROTHERx2.

Chiaki has always been the responsible one, the guy that will come through and bear everyone’s burden, so he was ought to have a “let-it-all-out” scene but it just..it didn’t feel like Chiaki at all?? If Kanata hadn’t told him about his feelings towards Misaki, I would (sort of) understand that reaction from him, but what is he aiming for right now? Confess to Misaki, Misaki reciprocate his feelings and start living in that house together, while Kanata is brooding with his old shirt again? You had a chance for that in the first episodes Chiaki, now it’s too late bro!

I have to say, I expect Misaki to turn him down because if we’re about to go in circles, where Misaki is again doubting her feelings, after she told her friend she was gonna respond to Kanata’s feelings when they were done working for the Dining Out, and she herself, asked him out on a date…it will be POOP. Simply, poop.


The only guy that made sense in this episode was surprisingly Touma, lol. While everyone else had their crappy moments, he was the only one to advance further in this one, haha what a surprise. Though, I lol’d when Kanata’s response about Touma& Fuka reconciling was “I don’t really care” because that’s how I feel about this couple too. But hey, yay for Touma looking good and praising himself for cutting onions, that shit’s hard!

btw, I loved how the intro got introduced in this episode- very smart, creative and beautiful!


Onwards to episode 9 then!

disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang + huge thanks to chubba00


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  1. Toma is love
    September 9, 2016 at 3:41 pm — Reply

    Exactly my reaction: THE CAAAAKEEEE T____T

  2. Mohammed
    September 9, 2016 at 4:52 pm — Reply

    I was really frustrated with this ep too after enjoying the last few eps. How Kanata was cold when he didnt have to be and Misaki doubting him so easily.

    Chiaki is the worst though in the end as you said, way too late and very low to ruin a moment the girl looked forward. She was so happy making that cake, looking forward to responding to Kanata about her feelings. The preview for next ep looks stupid, messy for no reason when its clear Chiaki dont have a chance in her heart anymore.

  3. Kosameame
    September 10, 2016 at 4:30 am — Reply

    My heart cannot take this!
    Why Chiaki, why?

    I agree with you, Kipzizz. I don’t get why Kanata has to be harsh to Misaki when we’re nearly at the end. I would expect Kanata to be a bit more sensitive about Misaki and her insecurities.
    And yes, Touma looks fine in his chef uniform lol.

    Onward to the next episode!

    • September 10, 2016 at 9:20 am — Reply

      Guess his “tsun” side was about to emerge, since he’s been way too “dere” towards Misaki the last epis, loool.
      Well, it was good they made up but seems like we’re in for another round next ep, sighs. oh well!

      • Kosameame
        September 10, 2016 at 1:12 pm — Reply

        Loool no truer words!

        Ugh, I really hope Misaki would choose wisely (by wisely I mean she better choose Kanata)!

        Looking forward to your next recap!

        • September 10, 2016 at 4:24 pm — Reply

          She will “choose” him, it’s like 1000×1000% certain, haha.

          Thank you! 🙂

  4. Misaki
    September 13, 2016 at 11:32 am — Reply

    But I guess Kanata has to show his tsun, that actually would make my heart beat faster when he finally comes around in dere mode lol.

    Seriously I don’t like what Chiaki did at the end, I mean THE CAAAAAAKKKEEEEEE!!!!!! He should have apologized to Kanata for making Misaki dropped the cake. Lol.

    I really love the moment on the bus, his smile makes my heart explodes

    • September 13, 2016 at 1:32 pm — Reply

      the wasted cake BREAKS MY HEART FOR REALZ. it seemed so delicious too, ugh

  5. Captain3104
    September 14, 2016 at 1:00 am — Reply

    You reactions were exactly like mine ; you had me grinning and sniggering on the bus.

    I was alright with their mini fight over the misunderstanding of the patisser change. Kanata had most likely trusted that Misaki would rebound from the failure like she usually does, so his frustration probably stimmed from his disappointment at her “betrayal” of his expectation. But at the same time he neglected the fact that everyone needs a word of encouragement at times like this.

    At the same time, I understood Misaki’s insecurities especially after seeing that silly folder. After all, Misaki knows she is “not on par” with Kanata’s level if you were to consider her past experience; only worked in one bakery before; fired from the job and failed at subsequent job interviews, while Kanata was being sought after by famous restaurants etc. Then again, she forgets that it’s their resulting chemistry from the effort she puts in to understanding how their dishes could compliment each other that really mattered.

    All in all, I felt that this was so relatable for their culture where everyone do not verbally express their thoughts and their wants and it was one of the more realistic scene that had happened so far ( you should totally listen to the episode where Chiaki’s and Touma’s actors were completely dissing the fact that Kanata could catch a cold so easily just by sitting in the rain and where the heck was his phone 😂)

    But I really didn’t understand Chiaki’s sudden change of heart and the writer’s purpose of doing that besides adding “drama”, which I totally agree that it came too late to have any effect on the audience. This probably should have came before the sibling revelation arc.

    God damn that poor cake suffering for the writer’s mistakes, and not forgetting those miserable hamburgs waiting at home.

    PS: I wonder if Kanata only has one shirt or would his closet reveal an entire row of the same shirts.

    • September 15, 2016 at 9:39 am — Reply

      hehe, I’m glad I could provide some lame-entertainment to someone while on the bus! :p

      I felt like their argument did make sense in the sense that they haven’t reached a complete level of trusting each other, but each one was exaggerating with their response to each other and I was like “eeeeep, you guys.”

      idk what kind of fly bit Chiaki because it didn’t make sense /at all./ He had many chances to “groom” Misaki and he blew all of them willingly.

      The sight of the poor cake still haunts me and now you added the miserable burgers on the menu, haha.

      p.s pretty sure his closet is full of recipe-books, and somewhere on the right corner, there is a tiny space for a couple of the same shirts.

  6. Andechi
    September 14, 2016 at 5:20 pm — Reply

    Why did Misaki deny when Chiaki asked her about her feelings toward Kanata? Was she’s not ready to confess? Too shy because of the age gap? I would’ve shrug and tell him “mind your own business”.
    Chiaki is the one self conciously went back to Kaede all the while Touma already told him about Misaki’s true feeling for him. Good angst, but as you said, just waaay too late bro!

    Thanks a bunch for your review Kipzizz

    • September 15, 2016 at 9:41 am — Reply

      She was really pissed with Kanata at the moment (and at herself for liking Kanata, when they went back to step 1) so I reckon that is why she denied it; both to Chiaki, and herself.

      Yep, Chiaki has nobody but himself to blame, too late bruh.

      you’re welcome! 🙂

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