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Uncontrollably Fond episodes 17 – 18 ~ review

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Two episodes are left, until “Uncontrollably Fond” comes to an end and I really can’t wait to see how this ending is going to be written.

The unexpected thing has happened, I finally like Joon Young’s mom. I mean in episode 17 she took care of Noeul and defended her in front of Joon Young. Well the mother doesn’t know, about her son’s plan and that in reality, he doesn’t chose Jung Eun over her. The mother leaves the house and Joon Young knowing that Noeul had so much to drink she couldn’t possible wake up, stays with her for the night. When Noeul wakes up, she is in his room alone and finds inside the law books, the posters that were used, to help find her father’s killer.

After having a talk with Ji Tae, Jung Eun goes to find Joon Young. He is very clever and cover things up. He admits he had a plan when he met her, but he is claiming he did that to revenge his father. That doesn’t seem to bother Jung Eun, who has a messed up personality and after her Ji Tae heartbreak, getting revenge from the evil family seems ok with her.

Joo Young has everything planned from the long-awaited proposal to Jung Eun. Who is a better fit to be the pd for this event, other than Noeul? In the beginning it seems like Noeul has to sit and have the lovey dovey couple rubbed in her face. But as expected from Noeul, she is not the weak type who is going to cry in the corner. I mean she took a break to feel better, but then she got into attack mode. I loved the moment when she asked Joon Young to tell her the exact moment, he fell in love with Jung Eun and after he couldn’t answer, she sayed how she remembered the time and the place she fell in love with Joon Young, That was a lovely moment.

In the begging of episode 18, we get to witness the preparations Joon Young made so that he could get turn this proposal into a confession. That bromance scene, where for the first time him and Ji Tae seem to get along, at least over the phone, was love. Well Ji Tae’s caring words towards Joon Young, after the rough talk they had at his place, melted a part of him. He had to call back to ask him to keep his word, to continue his revenge if he failed. I mean for Joon Young to call back and even say these words is a big step.

Everything is set for the big moment. Jung Eung looses it, when Joon Young tells her a story about an accident that seemed similar to her case and runs into the house, to wash her clothes, she stained because she got panicked. There Joon Young plays his last card, he tells her everything, because she doesn’t seem like a person who would confess out of guilt. That is why as usual for her, she snaps out when he is straight forward and accuses her, for everything. Likely for him she tells things, she shouldn’t have and they are all on camera. No Eul has witnessed everything and she finally knows, even about the time she got hit because of the person she loves.

Noeul now is in a state where she wants nothing to do with Joon Young. Of course she is shocked from the truth that got out. Ji Tae meets her and explains to her, that Joon Young has been suffering all this time and he devoted his life and the time he has left to make it up to her and help her find peace. No Eul still can’t accept things. Ji Tae has become officially Joon Young’s angel.

Na Ri tells everything to Jik, to avoid the drama that is gonna happen, if Haru and him continue being together. Jik meets with his girlfriend and tells her he is gay, that is the only way, he can get rid of Haru. She talks to him harshly and leaves, but both of them end up crying. Poor love birds I hope you are having a happy ending in the next episodes. Plus writers need to get some tips from Jik. Why do they make all this useless drama, when a chaebol has to ignore the main lead? Just tell her you are not into girls, Jik did it the right way.

That Hyun Woo father is proven to be even worse that the evil mother. He uses false information to make a scandal for Joon Young. He succeeds and Joon Young ends up in jail. The evil father visits him and how kind of him, he tells him, he is going to be clear of all charges if he leaves South Korea. Well he is a fool if he thinks Joon Young is gonna back down now. It’s even revealed that he left Yeong Ok, so that he could marry the evil mother and get all the power he wanted. Joon Young calls him father for the last time and declares how ashamed he feels that he is his son. When he is ready to leave he collapses. Everywhere is getting known that the big star is terminal ill.

Meanwhile No Eul meets with Jung Eung. Jung Eun tries to pull off a poker face, when in reality she is terrified, that No Eul will use the tape from her confession. She gives Noeul money and feels comforted when she takes them. But this time Noeul takes the money as evidence for the police, nice move there. In the end the roles are reverse and now she gets to feel how it is to have food thrown to your face.

Joon Young’s angel Ji Tae, warns his family to stop everything that they are doing. Of course what can an angel do against two evil people. He calls a press conference, since they don’t, seem to be regretting any of their actions. On the way to the press conference, where he plans to reveal everything, a car, probably sent from his parents, follows him. Ji Tae tries to avoid in and ends up in a car accident.

In the last scene of episode 18, Noeul meets Joon Young. He seems to be reliving the time of their fake dating. Noeul then remembers what the doctor told her and she thinks Joon Young returned to the time he treasured the most. The time before Noeul’s accident, the time he had founded her and wanted to keep her by his side.

I can’t wait for the last two episodes.

What do you guys think?

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