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Seisei Suruhodo, Aishiteru ep 5-6 ~ review

Hello Dramajjangers

Things are getting more and more complicated in “Seisei Suruhodo, Aishiteru”, after Kairi’s wife, the one that gave us so much mystery in the previous episodes, has finally woken up.

Unfortunately at the same time, someone has pushed Kurihara off the stairs. When she wakes up in the hospital, she finds Miyazawa by her side telling her, that he got informed by the hospital. As usual for Miyazawa he makes fun of her situation, so that he can lighten up the mood. He then gets a call and has to leave. Seems like he had an important job and he chose to go to her. Meanwhile Kairi seems to be by his wife’s side.

The three friends Akari, Chiaki, Kuno seem to be getting on another lever of “what the ….?”. I mean the only normal here is Akari. I liked Kuno in the beginning, but what is he doing now? I mean if you have problems, then go to a therapist. Not that Chiaki is better, sleeping with the person her friend likes. Anyway Kuno deserved so much the slap he got from Akari, you really were too much boy.

Kairi’s birthday is here and Mia, knows she can’t call him, so she sends him a text. Not after a long time that the evil wife Yuka has woken up, she starts her low ways by reading Kairi’s texts. She starts suspecting Kurihara and calls her at the hospital. Of course only to rub her happiness in her face and mark her area like dogs do. You know my husband is mine. Mia stands there taking everything, since she doesn’t have the right to say anything, because at the given situation, she is the mistress.

The evil sister of the evil wife, is revealed to be the one pushing Kurihara. Yota of course for once, being normal is against her actions, but it seems like he has to follow her because no one would believe him.

This episode is a repeatable try, of Mia and Kairi trying to meet. That’s why Kairi is trying to make her feel better by giving her his apartment key. She goes there to cook and have a belated celebration of his birthday. Kairi has to once again, call off the plans, too bad so much food ends up in the trash.

Kurihara meets Miyazawa, who tries to make her leave Kairi and date him. My second lead syndrome is growing episode by episode. I mean he is straight forward about the fact that he likes her and accepts her, even though she suffers for another guy. Plus he wants the best for her. I mean despite their love, a situation like this would only harm Kurihara, especially if everything about her and Kairi got revealed.

When she gets back home, Kairi finally appears, they have a conversation, where Mia says how much of a horrible person she has become, because of the bad thoughts she has for the evil wife. Kairi tells her when he got the calls from the hospitals, he decided to go to her. Apparently he was there before Miyazawa and didn’t stay for a long time. Kurihara didn’t dream seeing him.

They spent some time together, Kurihara wants to know about him, like you do when you are in a normal relationship. Unfortunately the stalker is there and takes pictures. Those pictures are delivered to the president by the evil sister. Kurihara claims that when you love somebody you become ugly and she is not wrong, since in the end of the episode she uses Miyazawa so that she can save her’s and Kairi’s asses.

On episode 6 Miyazawa has to play the role of Mia’s fiance. He even meets her mother, he is so cool, that he tells the truth to her.

Mia talks on the phone with Kairi, the secret relationship is now taking the form of the distant relationship. He is worried about Kurihara’s lie, more because he doesn’t like the idea of her and Miyazawa being together. Well there is nothing he can do.

Of course the company didn’t buy Mia’s lie and now they are sending her to Osaka. Like I said before, in these situations the third woman, is the one that suffers more.

Kairi tries to make his wife remember, but he makes things worse. I mean she gets her memories back. But she has a crisis, that doesn’t allow him to leave her side. He wont be able to get away from an evil wife like this. That’s why I am disappointed in him, for not taking his life on his hands, I mean he even has the divorce papers. Am I being to cruel? There is no other way when you have to do, with a woman like her.

Miyazawa takes Mia on a trip and they are having a wonderful time. I mean after seeing those arms, my love for him exploded, I am just kidding. But I don’t what is wrong with Mia. That is why sometimes, I don’t get why do the two main leads have to end up together no matter what. It’s not that I don’t like Kairi, but he is boring, not that interesting and a pushover. On the other hand Miyazawa is extremely good-looking (not that Kairi isn’t but M is more of my style), funny and daring. I mean unlike the VP, he is determined to not let her go to Osaka.

Chiaki now after sleeping so many times with Kuno, declares she wants to protect her friend. I mean lol, what kind of friendship is that. You like someone and you get hurt by your friend, who sleeps with him, then suddenly your friend warns that person, not to hurt you, ok……..

Kurihara has a talk with Kairi about how hard it is for them to be on a relationship that has to be hidden. But somehow as always they end up being fine with each other. Especially after Kairi manages to keep her to Tokyo. They go on dinner with her mother.

On the airport where they accompany her. Mia’s mother, tells her how she has to be happy with the person who is by her side and she loves. At first you think this is a talk about Kairi, but after the evil wife appears, everything changes. We get a soap opera kind of scene, where the legal wife warns the mistress. Kurihara runs crying, Kairi stays behind because the evil wife passes away. But Miyazawa is there to comfort Mia and then the words of her mother comes to her mind, maybe he is the one after all.

I mean I wouldn’t mind Kurihara ending up with Miwazawa, but we know this aint happening.

What do you guys think?

Always thanks to all the subbers who work hard, to bring us the dramas ♥

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  1. Sue
    September 2, 2016 at 4:51 am — Reply

    Nice recap! I’m conflicted too. I can’t stop watching this drama, yet every episode leaves me unsatisfied. Hopefully they’ll tie it all together and end it well. Miyazawa is who I feel for the most – he’s going above & beyond for Mia’s sake. If he ends up alone, that’s an injustice. Then again, it’s hard not to ship Mia & Kairi.

    • September 5, 2016 at 10:39 am — Reply

      Miyazawa will end up alone unfortunately 🙁 I mean Mia and Kairi will have the happily ever after, so Miyazawa will be the surplus one. I can end up with him, if he wants to 😛 just kidding.

  2. Sue
    September 6, 2016 at 3:16 am — Reply

    😁 Yes Miyazawa deserves someone awesome! I’m hoping they don’t pull the same stunt like in Koinaka – where there’ll be a wedding but they don’t show the groom until the last minute. That’d be so clichéd. That evil wife tho – very hard to sympathise with her. Should’ve filed those divorce papers when she was unconscious😜! I hope Kairi kept copies. Btw, I don’t get the whole Chiaki/Akari/Kuno triangle – so weird.

  3. September 7, 2016 at 5:30 pm — Reply

    Wow I never thought they might pull a “Koinaka”, that would be so annoying. It seems like we think alike 😛 . The triangle becomes even weirder in episode 7. I am considering to review each episode alone, from now on.

  4. pondloso
    September 10, 2016 at 7:26 am — Reply

    i think a b*tch friend is a lesbain and she love her good friends
    that why she alway sleep with all guy that get near her friend
    try to get them away from her secret love.

    for me i think jimmy choo really boring roles it really typical role in shoujo manga . and he really close to stalker level some time
    how can he always near mia ? even her creepy ex not always near her like him haha.

    kairi not so good but he look like more real human
    not perfect guy from heaven that always stay by his love side all the time he can confuse he dont know what to do but still deep in love
    it look him more attractive for me.

    • September 10, 2016 at 6:56 pm — Reply

      Your theory about the friends might be right, will find out soon what is going to happen. Normally characters like Miyazawa annoy me, but maybe it’s because, I have fallen in love with the actor, that I really like him. Kairi is nice but boring.

  5. bluelysia
    October 18, 2016 at 4:19 am — Reply

    Same with you.. I don’t get why Chiaki has to mess with Kuno, when she know Akari loves Kuno.. and then she warned Kuno not to hurt Akari..
    Maybe Chiaki thinks that Kuno is not suitable for Akari (because Akari is serious in loving him, while Kuno seems like not the serious type), that’s why she snatched him blatantly in front of Akari so that Akari won’t be hurt by the guy.. but heck, her logic is kind of weird..

    • October 22, 2016 at 8:35 pm — Reply

      You’ll understand everything in the last episodes, I don’t want to spoil anything for you.

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