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Ishi no Mayu Review

Kisaragi Toko, (Kimura Fumino) is a rookie detective, who’s assigned to investigate a serial killer, who murders his victims by covering them with mortar.

Despite only being 5 episodes, Ishi no Mayu is a compelling, gripping, crime drama that gets you hooked from the get-go. While the mystery about the murderer is resolved within the first two episodes, that still doesn’t take away from the enthralling-aura the series maintains until the finale.

Fumino does a great job as the timid, nervous Kisaragi, (was loling a bit at times because I couldn’t get Inokuma Yuki out of my mind, and how much different Fumino is in a similar role, but kudos to her for pulling both roles successfully!) who chose her career inspired by her father, who was also a detective.

She is thrown into the deep water from the very start, in the unfamiliar position of being the one to negotiate with the killer, who seems to be having an attachment towards her. Amidst shortcomings, she eventually manages to learn her trade, next to the veteran Hideaki, portrayed by Aoki Munetaka, whose subtle but commanding performance doesn’t go unnoticed. The whole cast fares very well, and you never get that “wooden” feeling, as each character brings something to the table.

What I liked the most about Ishi no Mayu, was the combination between the cinematography and the music. The somber colors that surround the series, the amazing night shots, the capturing of small but important scenery moments mixed with a brilliant, masterful soundtrack, elevate the drama to a bigger level than it would normally be.

There is a whole web of an old case relating to the present that’s revealed to us slowly and there are a few twists and turns here and there that might seem predictable, but like I said – the power of this show, lies on the skillful, intelligent, imposing way the story is being carried out from the beginning until the end, along with the directing.

There is a sequel coming out in the next couple months, and I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what new case will arise, to get the investigative division moving again.

I definitely recommend it, if you’re into suspense-detective drama series.

Overall Grade : 9,01/10

disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang only + huge thanks to avieamber 


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