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Uncontrollably Fond episodes 13 – 14 ~ review

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Not many things happened, in the latest episodes of “Uncontrollably Fond”. Someone would say, that the two episodes where a bit draggy, as we are slowly reaching the climax of the drama.

At the dramatic meeting of the main leads.Noeul asks for an explanation from Joon Young, on why he disappeared. Well he doesn’t give a helpful answer, as Ji Tae and Jung Eun doesn’t seem to have a productive conversation either.

Noeul of course doesn’t give up on him. She says some strong romantic words to Joon Young, when she finds him working out by the beach. She declares her thoughts on the situation. Telling him, that she doesn’t buy the reason Joon Young is ignoring her and that she knows he has been missing her. Joon Young once again tries to convince her for the opposite.

Yeong Ok after meeting Hyun Woo outside of her son’s house, she joins him for coffee. She avoids a serious conversation with him and lies about Jung Shik being her husband. Hyun Woo seems surprised and the only truth he gets, is that Joon Young is her son.

Cute Haru tries to learn everything for Jik, by treating his friends out for dinner. Jik gets upset but, by the end of the day, he gives in to her craziness and tells her whatever she wants to know about him, she should ask Jik himself. They are super cute and I could totally watch a drama, with them as the main couple.

Noeul ends up to Joon Young’s room. He knows he has to take extreme measures to send her away, he is being a bit of a bad boy, throwing her to the bed and asking her to sleep with him. If he thought Noeul would run away, he thought wrong. Of course, she can read his mind and she knows his intentions. She is willing to stay with him and Joon Young becomes the one, that runs out of the room.

On episode 14. The evil mother offers Noeul money, so that she would never meet Ji Tae, hoping one day he would go back to Jung Eun. Noeul accepts the money in front of a shocked Ji Tae. She has many problems, with the greatest being the lack of money, for her brother’s education. She should take money from people who destroyed her life, just she should take ALL of them.

Joon Young keeps playing the game he has started from the previous episode. He keeps treating Jung Eun nice. Even kneeling in her place in front of actor Yoon Hoo, after hitting him,being affected by the way he treated Noeul.
He is flirty towards her, still he tells her how he loves Noeul. I don’t know what he is trying to do. Making her feel vulnerable, by making it clear to her, that two men are choosing Noeul over her? How this relationship he is building, is going to help him with the hut and run case, I don’t know.

Haru is dazzled by Jik, she can’t restrain herself, from giving him a kiss on the cheek. I am really looking forward, to how these two love birds are going to react when the truth is out, since they are involved in everything, without even knowing it.

The episode ends with an outraged fallen from grace Jung Eun. She tries to keep it classy, but she ends up throwing almost a table to No Eul’s face, after inviting her, for dinner on her birthday. Well she is desperate for Ji Tae and she can’t accept a girl from nowhere, is taking him from her. Talking about the best revenge this bitch could face. No Eul knows of course the evil mother has the bitch’s back, she stays still and tells her she won’t meet Ji Tae again. Everything happens in front of him, who has come in to save the day. A devastated and tired Noeul meets Joon Young, holding gifts in the elevator.

Let’s wait for the next episodes, which are probably going to be better and more intense.
What do you guys think?

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