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Suki na Hito ga Iru Koto Episode 6 Recap

Recap – Summary :

Misaki thanks Kanata for comforting her the previous night, but he seems indifferent at her words.

Chiaki asks Misaki if she was alright after he left her in the festival, and she acts like everything went fine and enjoyed the festival.

In Sea Sons, Misaki is down about Chiaki leaving her behind, and Kanata tells her that she caused that herself. Misaki replies that he shouldn’t have been sympathetic to her the other night, if he’s gonna act like this now and Kanata tells her that he didn’t comfort her out of pity; he comforted her because he likes her. Misaki is taken aback by his words, and runs away.

She can’t avoid him for long though, as they both have to attend an event Chiaki assign them to, where restaurants collaborate with each other for certain projects. Misaki is excited they’re gonna work with Naomi Ohashi, from the famous Riopse restaurant and then she finds out, that Ohashi offered Kanata a job in the restaurant, but he turned it down as he couldn’t leave Sea Sons behind.

Chiaki and Kaede make plans to light up their own fireworks since they didn’t attend the festival together, while Kanata invites a reluctant Misaki to go someplace together later, giving her instructions through a post-it.

Misaki attends a game with her friend, who’s surprised that Misaki got dumped and confessed within a day from two different men; she tells Misaki to test the waters with Kanata, but Misaki says she can’t do that as soon as she got rejected from Chiaki.

After the game ends, Misaki is ready to go home but changes her mind and proceeds to find the spot Kanata told her they would meet; she finds that he’s waiting for her in the rain, and he wanted to take her to Tokyo Tower. Since it’s later though, they can’t enter and after a while, an exhausted Kanata passes out. Meanwhile, Touma talks with Chiaki, and tells him that he’s surprised he got back with Kaede, the night Misaki was gonna confess to him, something that Chiaki was not aware of.

Misaki gets Kanata to her apartment, and makes soup for him; she notices that Kanata doesn’t like his food to be freshly hot and then comments that he’s really obedient when he’s sick. She then asks him why is it that he likes her and Kanata says that he found himself irritated when he sees her dejected, and wanting to do things for her. Misaki thanks him for his words and then falls asleep.

Kanata wakes her up and tells her he made breakfast- Misaki asks him why he wanted to go to Tokyo Tower and Kanata says that it’s because his father told him a riddle once relating to it, and he hasn’t found the answer to it yet. Misaki urges him to finish their breakfast soon, as she decided they will be visiting Tokyo Tower afterall.

After they make it to the top, Misaki gives Kanata the answer to his father riddle and Kanata laughs at the simplicity of it; Misaki asks him what his father was like, and Kanata says that he admired him, and wanted to be like him. He wants to protect his legacy, Sea Sons, as the restaurant was precious to his father, and is now precious to him. Misaki is glad that Kanata opened up to her, and asks him if she could know more about him, since that will help her sort her own feelings towards him; Kanata says he doesn’t mind, and Misaki reveals that she has prepared questions for him, something Kanata finds silly.

Kaede meets with Chiaki in a restaurant and tells him she bought the fireworks so they can watch it together- while she goes to find a menu, Chiaki sees Misaki and Kanata fooling around near the beach, and seems to be a bit confused, something Kaede notices too.

Later, the man who wants to take ownership of Sea Sons threatens Chiaki to make up his mind quickly, as if he decides to keep his restaurant, he will reveal the secret of his family. Upon sseeing everyone at home having fun with each other, Chiaki is having a difficult time what to decide.

The next day, Kanata is notified by Touma’s cooking school that Touma got kicked out and immediately finds his brother to confront him- Touma reveals that he doesn’t want to become a chef, and doesn’t want to work in Sea Sons.

Kanata gets to the restaurant, where Misaki picks up that something is off but before she’s able to ask him, the man threatening Chiaki pays a visit to the restaurant; he tells Kanata that his brother is planning to sell the restaurant and he’s gonna change it completely when he buys it. Kanata doesn’t believe him and the man tells him to confirm it with his brother, while Manami finds Touma and says she has something important to tell him.

Kanata runs back home, and finds Chiaki’s files about selling the restaurant; he asks his brother why he would do something like this, when they had promised they would protect Sea Sons, and Chiaki says that he didn’t have a choice. Touma arrives at the time, and despite Chiaki trying to prevent him from telling the truth, Touma does it anyway- he reveals that he and Chiaki aren’t Kanata’s biological brothers.



Reflection Corner :

“well, I like you but let me jokingly-water you anyways cause I’m a meanie hehehur/ oh wait, someone is running towards you I WILL PROTECT YOU.”

SCREAMING. The literal definition of tsundere in 3 mere seconds, lmao.

Well, Kanata and Misaki had a handful of scenes in this episode, including funny ones, understanding ones, let-me-give-you-my-soup ones..it all starts to come together, slowly but surely.

sukikoto ep 06 012016-08-17-22h14m12s984

Misaki was actually level-headed this episode, in the sense that she didn’t beat herself up (well not much anyways) for driving Chiaki to Kaede’s arms, and instead she let herself enjoy the time she spent with Kanata.

It seems like Kanata will definitely need Misaki’s “comforting” this time come next episode though, as the revelations-bombs were dropping like crazy on him. So he’s not a Shibasaki, but Chiaki and Touma are- and that comes in the episode where he told Misaki his admiration towards his father, (who isn’t his biological father apparently? we still haven’t been told the whole story yet) so I suppose it’s gonna have a painful effect on him.

Well, obviously he’s gonna need some help to eventually realize that his family is still his family and doesn’t have to be bound by blood, so Shibasaki-bros and Misaki will need to work some healing magic on forever-pouty Kanata!

no wait he cracked a subtle smile this epi!

no wait he cracked a subtle smile this epi!

So Chiaki got back with Kaede just like that, lol. Well that was fast- but he did look a bit jealous when he saw Misaki playing along with Kanata? Or was it a confused look cause his brother hasn’t fooled around like this with another girl since..well, NEVER. lmao. Maybe that’s it, too.

sukikoto ep 06 012016-08-17

Touma got a bit more focus this episode, other than just smoking and looking good; so he hates cooking, he’s not interested in it at all and he feels like people are putting many expectations on him regarding Sea Sons. Well, that’s a fair way to feel dude but like..why did you have to wait to be expelled to get all that out? Wouldn’t it be better to come forth from the start instead of slacking off and paying unnecessary tuition? (I doubt that’s a public school) Oh well, it’s never too late.

sukikoto ep 06 012016-08-17-22h13m18s108

Onwards to episode 7 then!

ooop another smile!

ooop another smile!

p.s btw, idk why but I couldn’t get the image of Sasuke (before Shippuden) while seeing Zaki in that dark blue shirt. (that was Misaki’s lol) Like, Zaki would make a great Sauce in a Naruto live-action film!

disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang only + huge thanks to chubba00


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  1. nahaluk
    August 17, 2016 at 11:42 pm — Reply

    I thought it’s the other way around – Kanata is the only Shibasaki ….

    • August 18, 2016 at 12:04 am — Reply

      Hmmm, but wasn’t Manami searching for her brother? That brother is implied to be Kanata, isn’t he? (well, the story still needs explaining obviously, we only got one piece of the puzzle)

      • nahaluk
        August 19, 2016 at 6:04 pm — Reply

        At the beginning I had the impression that Chiaki is the adopted one, since he was the oldest and he would’ve remember living with somebody else and he was in the secret.
        But then I went back and re-watched the episode I notice Touma saying that they are not blood related to Kanata – or at least it was translated that way – which can mean multiple things.
        Kanata was the only one with cooking talent so that made me think he is Shibasaki. Who knows…

        • August 19, 2016 at 7:31 pm — Reply

          Well, the only thing that is certain, is that Kanata isn’t blood-related to Chiaki and Touma; we will find out next epi for sure, if that means he’s the only “true” Shibasaki, or Chiaki and Touma are.

        • maryxiah
          August 24, 2016 at 4:57 am — Reply

          But Manami did say she was looking for her brother, not brothers. It’d make more sense that Kanata is her brother. Cooking talent isn’t necessarily hereditary. I’m just curious as to how Kanata came to live under Shibasaki’s house as one of his sons.

  2. Andechi
    August 23, 2016 at 5:08 am — Reply

    I can’t wait for ep 7!!! And wondering how much episode is the whole drama? Every episode is meaty and I love lots of fun in ep 6, at least to balanced the angst. Kanata you should smile more often!!!

    • August 23, 2016 at 10:31 am — Reply

      I reckon it will be 10 episodes- lol it’s 6 epis in, and he has smiled like 3 times, haha

  3. imah
    August 24, 2016 at 5:43 am — Reply
  4. Kim
    August 27, 2016 at 4:25 am — Reply

    As I understand it, Touma, who regularly implicitly mentions Kanata’s cooking talents, his own personal lack of skill, and scenes that show him trying to enter the kitchen or cooking the signature hamburger omelette, tell me he actually wants to cook. He’s just afraid of being under Kanata’s shadow and so resents having to compete with him, by not trying at all.

    Also, I think that internal inferiority complex is what led him to, quite ruthlessly, divulge that Kanata isn’t a biological sibling. Notice how there was no beating arohnd the bush, no means taken to soften the blow.

    • August 27, 2016 at 11:10 am — Reply

      He doesn’t want to cook “seriously” though; he’s skipping school, flunking classes, doesn’t practice enough. His failed attempt at omelette and him hanging around the kitchen at times, is more like “meh, see this is not for me, better give it up!” It’s more like he’s trying to persuade himself that he’s no fit, and at the moment he’s definitely no fit for that.

      And while he was really straightforward with spilling out the beans, the way Kanata demanded an answer from Chiaki that particular moment, he didn’t have a choice but to blurt it out like this.

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