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Uncontrollably Fond episodes 11 – 12 ~ review

Hello Dramajjangers

“Uncontrollably Fond” is on fire, with the last episodes being more than good. Now I really can’t wait for the next ones.

Episode eleven started on the right foot. Joon Young being upset with everything, he finally expresses his feeling for his father to his mom. Does he take everything out on her, well I don’t really blame him, he has been tolerating more than enough, the last five years.

Poor No Eul, still in prison, dreams about going away with Joon Young. What I love about No Eul’s character, is that she is really strong. Even when Joon Young, doesn’t show up, she doesn’t burst into tears or being a drama queen. Her counting the kilometres, that would take for Joon Young to reach her, is more heartbreaking. The countdown is really a thing on this drama.

Joon Young’s mother comes back and she proves she lives in a totally different world. She claims Choi Hyun Joo is a saint, leaving no other choice to her son than telling her everything. She still doesn’t believe him, thinking No Eul has brainwashed Joon Young, until he says, how he almost killed her because of his father. To be honest, I had left this part of the drama behind, with everything that was going. A part with great importance, that they touch as a subject a lot in these last two episodes.

Joon Young is finally free and first he is going to meet congressman. There they have a talk about Noeul trying to kill him. Hyun Joon really has some nerves, being ironic on No Eul’s subject. Well Joon Young puts him in his place and not only that,he gives him the usb No Eul’s once owned. That usb showed, how he once visited those saloons. He takes it as a blackmail and makes a call, so Noeul will be released.

Joon Young meets with Ji Tae outside of the congressman’s house and he blames him for not doing anything for Noeul. Then he heads to the prison to meet her, but Ji Tae calls him. I have to say it’s one of the first times a secondary male lead of Ji Tae type, doesn’t annoy me. (I’m saying Ji Tae type, because you all know I love second leads, Ji Tae’s type of character is the only ones that usually bores me). But he says some true words to Joon Young and I really like, how he also changes little by little and lets out everything. Of course these words affect Joon Young, who decides not to meet Noeul.

A situation like this in another melodrama, would be really silly and they would usually give an insignificant reason, for the male leads to be driven apart. But here the writers have made a great job, tangling everyone’s lives, that it only seems right for them to get distant.

The evil mother appears and now she is trying to threaten Noeul, using Jik. She almost hits him, with her car and then being sneaky, she uses her psychotic calm speech to send Noeul away.

No Eul goes to Joon Young’s place, where the moment she is ready to knock the door, Nam Goong appears full of lies. She tells her Joon Young, doesn’t want to be with her and that he hopes, she wont bother him, after she is out of prison. Well the part of him not visiting her is the only truth and that gets to her.

Jik and Noeul are ready to leave the country, when Ji Tae dressed as groom stops them. Previously Na Ri has told Joon Young, about the evil mother’s threatening and he informed Ji Tae. Finally Ji Tae tells Noeul, he is his parents son. At first it’s hard for her to believe everything, then she misunderstands and thinks, he was sent as a spy. But after she realises everything, she has a cynic talk with him, of how dating him would be a great move from her , to get back at his parents.

Well, really and thankfully the parents and Jun Eun have already started receiving their punishments. I don’t know what is better justice for someone to get stood at her wedding and not being loved, by the only man she has ever liked and for the parents to be abandoned, by their son. In Hyun Joo’s case by his two sons. Of course they have to be punished more, because heartless people like them, don’t know about feelings.

No Eul’s countdown comes to an end and Joon Young is aware of it, from the text he has recieved. His dream was to spend his last months happily with her, but after realising she is she still in a dark place, because of the past and being affected byt Ji Tae’s call, he now wants to fight fot her father’s death justice.

He finds the prosecutor of the case on that time and after a lot of effort and revealing much about his life, he gets him to talk. He now knows Jung Eun’s car was the one that hit No Eul’s father. Jung Eun tries to commit suicide, getting drunk and falling in the pool. Jonn Young gets her out and tells her she doesn’t have the right to die yet.

Noeul makes a change in her life. She takes the job of filming backstage, the picky actor Yoon Hoo. She changes he style to his taste and focuses on work.

Hyun Joo for some reason visits Joon Young’s place and there he finds Young Ok, they face each other and we don’t get anything more from this meeting. It’s about time things are getting unwarped one by one, after Ji Tae’s identity now this.

A cute break from the two little love birds. Na Ri dressed as a bodyguard tries to protect Jik after school, but there she has to face the real deal, Ha Roo who has a crush on him.

Actor Yoon Hoo apparently is Jung Eun’s friend and he is going to work with her production at the film, the evil mother handed to her. Joon Young who first denied the role in this film, now want to take the project, so he can be close to Jun Eun and move on with his plan. In the same building Ji Tae helps Noeul with her hurt leg from the shoes, she had to wear all day at work. Are they really dating now? I don’t know what to say. As he piggybacks her they come across, Joon Young and Jung Eun and the END. There’s a promising preview and I CAN’T WAIT TILL NEXT WEDNESDAY!

What do you guys think?

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  1. UF fan
    August 18, 2016 at 1:56 am — Reply

    I am uncontrollably happy whenever every episode appeared on my tv screen. i love this love story so much.
    by the way, what happened to Beautiful Mind ep14? Is the writer who wrote the reviews not feeling well? is the writer sick? it has been so long.

    • August 19, 2016 at 1:25 pm — Reply

      Yes it is lovely. He is fine, he just didn’t have the time to write, but he’ll get back to it soon 🙂

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