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Uncontrollably Fond ~ episodes 7-8 ~ review

Hello Dramajjangers

I have to admit that the last two episodes, of Uncontrollably Fond didn’t have a fast development. Still, that doesn’t mean they were bad.

Episode 6 ended where Joon Young asked for Noeul to go away. This gets explained on the 7th episode. Joon Young wanted to bring her at that island, so they could be together. But probably, after he heard that confession over the phone, he decided to let her go, giving a last chance to himself to get away from her.

Noeul wonders if Joon Young really likes her. It seems like all this time, she never even once believed in his words. I don’t really blame her, depending on their past and the fact that she has to do with a celebrity, him wanting her was pretty unbelievable.


On the other hand Joon Young tries to get close with Jik. Because he knows the girl he likes listens only to her brother. Jik doesn’t seem like he can be persuaded easily, although Joon Young’s talk would move anyone.

Ji Tae’s mother has some people finding out, what is wrong with Joon Young. That mother is really shady, I really worry how she is going to use that information.

Speaking of shady people. Jung Eun takes back the attitude she had in the previous episodes. I’m talking about the “I’m going to love you for both of us” speech and now that she has the picture of the concert in her hands, she makes a scene. She really loves Ji Tae, but she has that second lead evil rich girl aura, that is hard for me to like her, even though I usually fall for the second leads.

Noeul feeling guilty about her behaviour towards Joon Young. She follows him to the house and tries to take care for him. Well Joon Young countdown, that started from the beginning of the episode ends. That means he gives up on letting her go and from now on he is going to be with her. Like he said, “you stayed”.

Joon Young’s father meets the salon lady who looks like his first love. We get some information for the past, like the fact that Joon Young’s mother was the only one he loved and probably he is not in love with his wife. Unfortunately his wife is informed that he visited the salon.

At the ending of episode 7, a great scene takes place. Joon Young sincerely, clearly and seriously confesses to Noeul. I don’t know how many times I heard “I love you” came out from Joon Young’s mouth, but I enjoyed every single one of them. The most touching part, were not only the words “I love yu”, but calling her name too “I love you Eul”. Noeul gets a little upset, thinking that her brother was right and that a celebrity is playing with her, then Joon Young can’t hold his self back and kisses her. That is a scene Ji Tae witnesses not directly, but he hears everything. Noeul leaves, although Joon Young asks her not to go. Well that was a bit too much for her to handle, I didn’t see her pushing him when she kissed her though. Maybe the drama would be renamed from “Uncontrollably Fond” to “Uncontrollably in love with Noeul”.

Joon Young’s agency makes Noeul’s confusion worse, when they realise an article he is dating Kim Yoo Na, that star form the first episodes, so that they can save his image. But his words have already reached her.
I really liked Ji Tae’s friend/worker advice to him. He has really gone too far and this will end bad for both of his relationships, with his family and Noeul.

Despite his friend’s words he goes to see Noeul and Joon Young is there too. They pick up the conversation they had started from the last episode. When Jitae wondered, how can he now love Noeul, after everything he has done to her. Well Joon Young gives a solid argument that not only applies for him. He can love whoever he wants.

Jitae somehow feels a bit better with Joon Young’s words, because he thinks they apply for him too, until his phone rings and learns his mother is at the hospital. There she meets Jun Eun, that she announces they are going to get married soon.


Not only that but his life is gonna get worse soon, because of the lying mother of his. She convinces the doctor to lie for her condition, someone is an attention mother (I could use a worse word, but lets keep it civilized).

Joon Young is so cute when Ji Tae gets out of the picture and he goes to find Noeul. Those cute chubby cheeks, when he talks to Noeul outside the store. Noeul wanting to avoid him she eat too much, that’s a chance for him to get her to his mother. So that she can cure her and meet her.

On the road Noeul declares she still likes Ajusshi and she is going to confess again, Joon Young doesn’t seem threatened or he doesn’t have the luxury to be threatened. As he tells her, “I will disappear, just not now”. His time is limited and he has one goal to be with Noeul. Is it selfish for him? Maybe yes. He was bad to her in the past I agree but now he realises he has to find a way to express his feelings properly. He lost a great amount fo time, not being able to communicate with her sincerely and now that he has only some months, he has to give it all. That is why his endless confessions and expression of his feelings, don’t bother me.

I don’t know why he is still nice to his mother, but it’s not like he is visiting her for her permission and I love that. He is clear, I like this girl and I’m just here to state that.Well ofcourse his mother has always that negative energy but in the end she helps Noeul.There Joonyoung learns that his situation with Noeul, is a bit like the one his mother had with his father. The popular man who falls for the woman with a different background and is hard to be together. Joon Young says he is going to be different form his father.

Noeul and Joon Young get a chance to get a little bit closer and for her to realise his past, that is why Joon Young wants her to understand that they are not that different. If you think about it they are both have no parents. I mean what use is to have a father you don’t know and a mother that doesn’t talk to you.

Noeul sends a message to Ji Tae to meet up. He decides to meet her, but on the road after a phone call from his father, he gets confused and doesn’t move from his position. Noeul after a long time of waiting realises he wont come and that is why she decides to call Joon Young.

What I like about this drama is that despite the makjang feeling of the family, the leads and the relationships are pretty realistic. That moment especially, of the main lead that has mixed feelings and is caught between two guys is pretty human. Makes me wonder though, in Noeul really in love with Jitae and Joon Young is a distraction from being rejected or is she afraid to finally give in to her feeling for Joon Young, so she uses Ji Tae?

Well Ji Tae is not good for her. His feelings are real and I respect them and maybe if he was Hyun Woo in reality, he would be better for her. Because her love with Joon Young is those passionate stories that you can’t have an easy going smooth relationship, like it would be with Hyun Woo. But he is Ji Tae and that is why he is not good for her. He has to make a decision between his family and her. These two can’t go together, it’s impossible with everything that has happened in the past. But Ji Tae always seems to put his family above her and that is why the one who runs to her with a simply phone call is Joon Young.

That moment to me was to too good to be true, I was afraid something was gonna happen while Joon Young was in the car, running to her. I was almost right when his illness started to appear when he saw her, but him overcoming it and making it to her arms, wow that was a great ending of the episode.

But now I’m curious, what was that Noeul wanted to tell him? In the next episodes, it seems like things are going to get complicated.

What do you guys think?

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