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Beautiful Mind Episode 8 Kwoncap [TriAngle]

The world turned upside down and Young Oh returned to the hospital like a maestro ready to conduct his favorite symphony. Jin Sung found herself involved in a bet that was bound to cast a shadow on her heart. At the same time, the magnetic field between Young Oh and Jin Sung started shyly appearing whereas Suk Joo’s decisions made him a resident of an unstable world.

Beautiful Mind Episode 8 Kwoncap Dramajjang

“You do know that I’m not interested in what you’re thinking
Or how you’re feeling at all; I can’t empathize either.
From this moment and on I no longer exist.
You can cry as much as you want to, right here, in front of me.”


The return of the “prodigal” son.

Beautiful Mind Episode 8 Dramajjang Kwoncap

Hyun Joon’s father had collapsed and his condition was critical. Something like that could mean only one thing: the Hyunsung Medical Center was hell on earth and whoever managed to stay out of the flow of events was more than lucky. It was a war against time, but the ongoing misdiagnoses made things worse and the semi-treatment just postponed the urgent need for proper help. Everyone involved was directly affected by the ever-flowing chaos. Most of the medical personnel weren’t only unable to diagnose chairman Kang’s condition and present a medical procedure that would save his life, they were also afraid of taking such a burdensome responsibility on their shoulders because it would directly affect their careers and the chairman’s life. Min Jae kept getting discriminated against, but she was the only one who could partially diagnose chairman Kang’s condition and Suk Joo proceeded from theory to action by removing the tumor without opening up his chest.

Soon Ho had no other option but to save Hyun Joon’s father and the first clouds between the two powerful men had already started making their appearance. He is well aware of Soon Ho’s murderous background and Hyun Joon’s threats, in case something went very wrong, weren’t just a friendly advice, but potential friendly fire that could strike him down any time. At the same time, Hyun Joon’s brother would benefit from his father’s death since he would automatically become his successor whereas Hyun Joon was still struggling to prove his worth in an attempt to inherit his father’s power. And that’s when Young Oh’s return became a necessity, but he would set his own rules and everyone one else would have to dance accordingly. It was Suk Joo’s proposal and, while nobody was pleased with that option, Young Oh would actually take pretty much everyone out of the very difficult position they had found themselves in.

Young Oh did some necessary spadework (visiting Hyun Joon’s gym and tailor) in order to gather more information, but in fact he didn’t move a single finger since he was well aware that sooner or later the Hyunsung Medical Center would need him. Dr. Leenkenstein was already aware of Young Oh’s intention to return, but his worst nightmare turned to life sooner than expected and Young Oh entered the hospital like a maestro ready to conduct his favorite symphony in front of an overly negative audience. Nobody can hide his true reflection in front of Young Oh’s unblemished mirror. Relying on his deductive ability through excessive observations of a wide variety of parameters and based on the information he had gathered, Hyun Joon’s books, the meeting with the two brothers, Hyun Joon’s superficial symptoms and betting on Hyun Joon’s ceaseless desire to earn the throne as his father’s successor Young Oh was able to elicit and eventually unearth the hereditary disease both Hyun Joon and chairman Kang were suffering from; Heterogeneous FIPA (which was gradually transforming Hyun Joon into a woman).

Young Oh masterfully played the succession and manhood cards and didn’t leave his reinstatement at Hyun Joon’s mercy. On the contrary, Young Oh forced his return to the hospital in exchange for his forthcoming operation’s given success. One of Young Oh’s charisma is using others’ words to serve his purpose well and it often takes place in a hilariously erroneous way just like he did with Hyun Joon by repeating his psychopath-oriented moralistic delirium before casting Young Oh out of the hospital or in a more serious way by giving his father a few good reasons why he should accept him back at the hospital even though he was overly negative about it. Young Oh was the only who was holding the key to saving chairman Kang’s life and he offered it “wholeheartedly” after getting back his position! The like father like son parallel scenes of Young Oh operating on Hyun Joon and Dr. Leenkenstein on chairman Kang pretty much owned not only during the surgery, but also afterwards since both father-son relationships have like-minded characteristics up to an extent.

Both Young Oh and Hyun Joon struggle to acquire their fathers’ recognition, but no matter how hard they try there’s always a barrier that keeps shattering their medical and business-oriented accomplishments respectively. Even though he was forced to approve of Young Oh’s return, Dr. Leenkenstein’s point of view hadn’t changed and he made it clear to his son once again despite the fact that Young Oh had saved the day for a whole hospital. In addition, even though Hyun Joon did everything he could to save his father’s life chairman Kang wouldn’t recognize his efforts. On the contrary, he kept favoring his other son while at the same time he was belittling Hyun Joon even more. The difference between Young Oh and Hyun Joon is that the second one can overly feel the devastation that derives from his father’s overall attitude that keeps fueling him even more to succeed through the regenerative medicine whereas Young Oh keeps losing himself in his impulses (not this time though) and his interdependent relationship with his father when nothing goes according to plan, but he won’t give up his medical journey towards success and approval either.

On a side note, Young Oh didn’t even talk to Min Jae and let her wallow in her own monologue and arch assumption that he wouldn’t be able to treat a patient again. Young Oh is the type of person who always pays back others in their own coin when it comes to conversations, but sometimes silence is gold and he preserved it to the fullest. He didn’t even bother to decipher her feelings at that point and he just offered his hand as a possible declaration of truce between colleagues. Most likely, he had nothing to tell her and he didn’t need to listen to anything from her either. There’s plenteous of apathy underneath the surface and Young Oh offered it readily and as typically as possible; both metaphorically and literally. The ending of that scene felt like Young Oh had closed the Min Jae oriented chapter in his life and the fact that he received a phone call from Jin Sung right away was probably an indirect reference to a brand new and meaningful chapter in the making.

A man’s journey into uncertainty.


Truth be told, we didn’t know much about Suk Joo’s past and most of the hints we had received so far were Jin Sung and Dong Jae oriented. Things changed a bit during the 8th episode and we had the chance to dive a bit deeper into his humanitarian and just nature. Back in the days, one of his friends who was working at Suk Joo’s father’s company fell ill because the company hadn’t taken all the necessary precautionary measures. Suk Joo’s father was caring more about money rather than his employees’ lives (just like the hospital’s leading figures care more about money and personal gain rather than the patients’ lives – history repeats itself in but in a more vicious way for Suk Joo this time) and he didn’t only want to avoid fully compensating Suk Joo’s friend, he was also intending to sue him for staining the company’s name. It was a lesson learned and Suk Joo never looked back since he never wanted to become like his father. That’s probably the reason why he decided to become a doctor in order to save as many lives as possible in an attempt to atone towards his friend for his family’s wrongdoings and cleanse the stench of injustice that was surrounding him due to his family background. Chairman Kang wasn’t a patient that deserved special treatment, he was as equal as everyone else inside the hospital and that was the reason why he did his best to save him. He knew that he was benefiting Soon Ho at the same time, but a human being’s life is sacred and someone like Suk Joo could easily set aside personal feelings in order to preserve medical science’s very soul and essence.

Min Jae may have suffered a lot inside her workplace and even though she was hardworking and deserved to become a professor she was unable to do so until she fought back the wrong way. Instead of pointing her arrows towards the ones who deserved to be hit by them she found the most innocent and defenseless target when the timing was right and almost ruined Young Oh’s life in exchange for personal gain. Suk Joo is also someone who knows how injustice feels like and keeps fighting against it, but he wouldn’t base his quest on someone else’s demise. However, he found himself on a vicious crossroad and the decision he had to make wasn’t an easy one because he would hurt people he deeply cared about and he would even have to lie to himself.

Suk Joo had originally promised Jin Sung to reveal the whole truth about the research’s problematic aspects in an attempt to help her reopen the case, but the flow of events was ahead of him. In one hand, his colleague inside the lab informed Suk Joo that the latest clinical trials were successful when it comes to flawless cell regeneration even though they were still unable to replace transplants. On the other hand, Ji Ahn passed away no matter how hard Suk Joo tried to keep her alive and eventually heal her.

After his emotional breakdown amid pictures and memories and after weighing both options Suk Joo decided to publicly support the research because 1) he couldn’t go against the research now that the test results were the desired ones and by temporarily halting it or putting an end to the research once and for all would ruin the hopes of many patients in the future and 2) he couldn’t let Yoon Kyung, Ji Ahn, Min Chul and Dong Jae’s deaths be in vain even if he’d have to “team up” with Soon Ho. Eventually, he’d have to lie to Jin Sung, face to face, by putting all the blame on Yoon Kyung’s drug addiction and several accidental parameters that caused all these deaths in an attempt to secure the research’s progress. The flashback scene with Jin Sung’s back-hug when she told him that her beating heart would always remember him as a good person was yet another sign of the forthcoming storm between them as Suk Joo wouldn’t only hurt Jin Sung, but also himself.

Opposites do attract and complete each other; a Yin-Yang couple.

Beautiful Mind Episode 8 Kwoncap Yin-Yang Couple Dramajjang

There was some sort of enthusiasm on Young Oh’s behalf when it comes to his interactions with Jin Sung! He was almost hitting on her and I say almost because he hasn’t explored yet all these fields of emotions. It felt like a child being enthusiastic about something still unknown yet intriguing and there was a sense of natural attraction he couldn’t decipher, but it was there! There’s a magnetic field bringing them closer together while at the same time Jin Sung couldn’t understand the indirect vibes Young Oh was transmitting due to the absence of personal experience when it comes to relationships. Without being aware of it, Young Oh was turning into a playful type of a player without caring about such things at all, but he intentionally got caught by her, urged her to start calling him on the phone and asked her to eat with him!

I like the way he walks around her. In a manner of speaking he looks like a satellite orbiting around Jin Sung who keeps surprising him with her answers that aren’t always the ones Young Oh expects them to be! Surprising someone like Young Oh is a difficult task and creating a new bet-oriented fetish only Jin Sung would be able to live up to is even tougher! And of course, he likes teasing her just like when he didn’t give her the USB sticker right away and implied that she should call him any time she’d want to because he’s the one with all the necessary knowledge to help her with the medical aspects of the overall case!

The next bet would evolve around Young Oh’s point of view that people didn’t care about the truth and that the ones wielding power would bury the case anyway (whether she tried or not) and Jin Sung’s faith in humanity by giving the world another chance and eventually catching the murderer. She owed it to Dong Jae who had been murdered while trying to help her uncover the truth and there was his promise to drink together after the storm had passed. Allow me to share something I had written in the article about the 3rd episode of Beautiful Mind: “Uncovering the whole truth had become an end in itself in order for Dong Jae’s spirit to rest in peace. She couldn’t hold back her tears while recalling his quirky and caring personality and the fact that he wanted to help her in order to prove that trust hadn’t ceased existing was making her even more determined. The promise to drink with her after he’d find out the truth was the most heartrending part of the message and I guess that they will drink “together” again; at his resting place after everything will be over.”

It’s not only Young Oh’s black clothes and Jin Sung’s brighter colors leaning towards white that make them a yin-yang oriented couple. It’s mainly because of their diametrically opposed personalities and perspectives that have left behind their confrontations and have started complementing one another; one step at a time. Their mutual path has already began even though neither of them is fully aware of it yet, but the more they interact the more they strengthen one another. Their development is mutual from different angles of the same prism and not in an interdependent and ill-natured way. Jin Sung has started playing the guitar with Young Oh’s heartstrings and he instinctively follows her melodies without understanding them yet and there was also his genuine hope that she shouldn’t lose the bet this time because it would be a traumatic experience for her very soul and essence. Young Oh may be emotionally illiterate, but he has started evolving another sense of understanding through the emotional strokes he receives, but also through the ones he subconsciously transmits thanks to the blurry changes taking place on the inside. Jin Sung may be what we call a normal human being, but her purity of character didn’t let her discriminate against Young Oh and condemn him after she started maturing. His condition isn’t a menace to her and while she’s fully aware of it she treats him like a human being with his own unique characteristics, unlike others who considered him a psychopath/monster in a blink of an eye. The moment Young Oh witnessed Suk Joo’s devastation when Ji Ahn was departing from this world he could foresee that a few things would start changing on the hospital’s chessboard and he indirectly warned Jin Sung by wishing that she’d win the bet.

Beautiful Mind keeps treating us to episode endings filled with emotional excellence. While the ending of the 7th one offered us two beauteous smiles and a sense of hope the ending of the 8th episode stroke back with heavy feels, but it was also highly representative of Young Oh’s internal progress that was able to soothe Jin Sung’s emotional charge by simply letting it climax. Suk Joo’s decision tore Jin Sung’s expectations and hopes apart, but Young Oh’s wrist-grab would be the life-jacket that would eventually lead her to gather her pieces and start reprocessing her overall approach after letting it all out. Young Oh urging her to cry to her heart’s content in front of him since it would feel as if he wasn’t there due to his inability to empathize was as powerful as a love confession and he was living up to his promise by not staring at her so that he wouldn’t even try to decipher her feelings. Young Oh was there, but he wasn’t and he still was in an empty yet so meaningful way only he knows.

P.S. or Anatomy of a heart: Beautiful Mind reached its midway ground with 4.3% which is its third… best ratings to date after 4.7% and 4.5% whereas Doctors got closer to 20% with 19.2% and Monster preserved everything it stands for with 11.2%. The real question now isn’t if Beautiful Mind’s ratings will get better, but whether it will pass the 5% humble barrier or not. Hopefully enough, something like that will happen while the drama will be reaching the end as we are about to enter Beautiful Mind’s second half and things will start becoming more apparent, but also more meaningful. In my book, it’s a drama that deserved double-digit ratings even though the Korean audience had a different opinion; I guess it’s difficult to beat Park Shin Hye’s popularity! Jang Hyuk and Park So Dam’s chemistry is one of a kind due to their acting and their characters’ nature and it keeps shining even more with every passing episode, especially now that Young Oh starts receiving vibes he has yet to figure out and make his own. Comparing Young Oh to a maestro wasn’t something that popped up out of nowhere. Jang Hyuk was structuring Young Oh’s world in a masterful way once again and he was doing wonders with his hand gestures and body positioning while laying emphasis on everything Young Oh wanted to convey and elicit. Through Jang Hyuk’s interpretation Young Oh keeps reaching higher peaks with every passing episode and we’re only halfway through! Judging from the preview, Jin Sung will become a member of the violent crimes division and she will tell Suk Joo that she wouldn’t like to suspect him. Suk Joo will grab Soon Ho by his medical gown and he will cry his heart out while urging Soon Ho to tell him that everything will be fine with the research and its life-saving nature. If Suk Joo has been tricked by falsified test results and the side effects haven’t ceased existing it will leave an even deeper scar on the inside. I wonder why and to whom Young Oh will say that he/she was wrong and that he can’t change himself. I’m even more curious about what freaked him out and he started running to eventually hug Jin Sung in agony. She’s like his shelter, a lighthouse in a pitch black night, isn’t she? Jin Sung saying that she didn’t want to bump into him because she didn’t know how to face him could be something she’d say to Suk Joo after the decision he made, but we have yet to find out! My feel-o-meter has received some powerful signals, but I won’t take precautionary measures; feels exist to be felt!


-This world doesn’t care about the truth.
-I’d like to show you that there’s still a world that cares about the truth.
-I really hope that you’ll win this bet.


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*Credits go to the one who sketched the yin-yang symbol I used on a picture.

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Kwon Sang Seung

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  1. prettysup
    July 15, 2016 at 2:53 am — Reply

    Love your recap, especially the sentence “Young Oh entered the hospital like a maestro ready to conduct his favorite symphony” – that was so beautifully adept!

    I kind of empathize with Suk Joo in this episode though, his dilemma between choosing to reveal the truth vs creating something to save more lives in future was a heart-breaking one.

    And the yin-yang couple reference! Brilliant !!

    • July 15, 2016 at 12:18 pm — Reply

      Thank you for one more time for your words, they are very much appreciated!! 🙂 Same here, poor Suk Joo, he made a brave decision thinking that the regenerative medicine would save many lives in the future, but it was also a decision that will cause him problems of emotional nature mainly (let’s hope he won’t have further problems when Soon Ho’s murders get revealed) :/ So glad you liked the yin-yang reference, thank you so much!!! 😀

  2. springduckie
    July 15, 2016 at 4:54 am — Reply

    Wow!!! Your recaps and writing are very eloquent and awesome like this drama. It deepen my appreciation for the show and the characters in it. I love BM and your recaps (just find out about them) THANK YOU!!!

    • July 15, 2016 at 12:21 pm — Reply

      You’re very welcome and thank you very much for your words, they mean a lot!!! 🙂 Let’s hope that Beautiful Mind will keep the awesomeness alive up to the very end and that the bad ratings won’t affect it in any way ^-^

  3. Jenga
    July 15, 2016 at 5:35 pm — Reply

    Wow, this is a really beautiful recap! Your writing makes me love Young Oh and Jin Sung even more, especially the part about him not looking while she was crying. Excellent!

    • July 15, 2016 at 5:59 pm — Reply

      Thank you so much for reading and for your words! The fact that they have become one another’s tower of strength is so adorable and i can’t wait to see how things will progress for them! *that hug at the end of the preview* 😀 The scene at the end of the episode was one of the most powerful ones i’ve seen lately. Thank you once again! 🙂

  4. Charlene
    July 15, 2016 at 5:56 pm — Reply

    As always an insightful recap. The last scene to me was a very solid 10. They are both accepting each other for who they are. That wall back into the hospital was such a boss movie. The way the story is being told is so interesting to me. Seeing YH at the gym and at the tailors you would never thing that he was there gathering information on the CEO. What is Elder Lee actual fear about YH being a Dr. From all the reports he would have gotten over the years, no one as ever died from being treated by YH. So much talk about his son being a monster, yet you ignore the real nightmare happening in the hospital.
    Hopefully they keep the base of YH character while bringing in the emotions.

    • July 15, 2016 at 6:10 pm — Reply

      Thank you once again, Charlene! 🙂 Totally agree, a very solid 10 that makes Monday feel so far away even though it ain’t! True, they don’t see one another as a vehicle that would help each one of them gain something, pure human relations through accepting one another for who they are. I never imagined that he was searching for clues either and i was like “what the hell is Young Oh doing?” before we’d find out that he was gathering information XD He’s such a troll quite often! Yes! Dr. Lee is so focused on Young Oh and keeps accusing and belittling him while he’s doing a great job other surgeons and doctors inside the hospital wouldn’t even imagine (except for that medical case he couldn’t understand its “death with dignity” parameters). And as you’ve said correctly, he ignores all the shady moves inside the hospital yet he pretends to be the voice of justice. I am very curious to find out what’s going on in his brain and some flashbacks related to his past already feel essential. “Hopefully they keep the base of YH character while bringing in the emotions.” Hope so too, the writer must keep working on Young Oh with unrelenting excellence just like it happened throughout the first 8 episodes. The only thing that could ruin such an intriguing character is the scenario, Jang Hyuk never would!

  5. Marie
    July 15, 2016 at 9:14 pm — Reply

    I love reading your blog. It is more than a recap. I started watching BM and Doctors at the same time. I quit watching Doctors after episode 6. BM is like Signals more complex. Keep writing and I’ll keep reading.

    • July 15, 2016 at 10:49 pm — Reply

      Thank you very very much for your words! 🙂 I haven’t started watching Doctors, i had it in mind, but i didn’t start it; Beautiful Mind was in my plans for a long time and its cast had already earned my trust, so i went for it ^-^ Loved Signal, so many feels and suspense plus a different type of humor that was brightening it up from time to time. Thank you so much for one more time! 😀

  6. phelia
    July 18, 2016 at 2:18 pm — Reply

    Now i need Dr.Lee Young Oh healing me because the poor rating keeps hurting me. I’ve not started watching Doctor yet though i also love Kim rae won bc i found its about love story in hospital scene so bye oppa. That’s not really my ‘doctor drama’ style. (its as same as grey’s anatomy?)

    Back to BM again , I have no problem with loveline if it’s good and BM is just that good!

    Still curious about Dr.Lee daddy. Is he good or bad? Big mystery! The sub plot with other doctors are interesting too.

    Good recaps again 🙂

    • July 22, 2016 at 12:37 pm — Reply

      We need further healing now chingu because they cut down the number of the eps! >.< I haven't started Doctors either, but i guess what you said makes it look a bit like Grey's Anatomy! XD Love and treatment inside the hospital corridors XD But yush, i have no problem with love entering the world of BM, they drama is really good and they do slowly make love a part of the drama in a good way and while taking the couple's characteristics into consideration! I think that Young Oh's father is also a victim of the circumstances with what happened in the past and later on he made mistakes while raising Young Oh, so in my eyes let's say that he's... "good." XD I also like the sub plot with the other doctors, we see their own background stories whenever the timing feels right without the writer exaggerating and without neglecting them at the same time! Thank you so much chingu!

  7. Elizabeth
    July 18, 2016 at 3:20 pm — Reply

    Several things: I found this review outstanding. First, keen insight into character development. Bravo. Second, your writing has really clean and impacting metaphors and analogies. (i.e., “magnetic field between Young Oh and Jin Sung.” “satellite orbiting around Jin Sung.” “Yin Yang couple.” Young Oh as a “maestro”) This gives the review that much more substance (and we all know we read kdrama reviews to vicariously revisit the episode again through the reviewers perspective and then the commenters’ perspectives).

    In addiction, great screen caps! It nicely fed my thang for Jang. 🙂

    • July 22, 2016 at 12:38 pm — Reply

      Thank you soooo much for your words, very encouraging to keep on writing and deeply appreciated!! 🙂

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