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Beautiful Mind Episode 4 Kwoncap [TriAngle]

Inside the hospital’s corridors the labyrinth keeps expanding itself and the trails of blood grow in numbers. Young Oh weaves his own strategy and Jin Sung paces with his flow. Will Young Oh’s plan have the desired outcome or the ace up the murderer’s sleeve will do the talking?

Beautiful Mind Episode 4 Dramajjang

“Isn’t death like losing? It declares one’s defeat.
Doctors lose to diseases. People lose to ageing.
Oh, and there are people who’ve been betrayed by someone they trusted.
It’s just the way the world is; the strongest survive.
If death is such a great thing, you and I should quit being doctors.
Doctors should dedicate their lives to saving as many lives as possible for the sanctity of life.
That’s what you used to tell me all the time, did you change your mind?
However, I will follow what you taught me; at all costs.”


Orchestrating the investigation.


Sometimes I wonder whether Jin Sung or Young Oh is the police officer of Beautiful Mind even though he keeps reminding her that he’s the doctor of the story! The mortality conference would be the moment of truth, but it wouldn’t be a smooth road paved with rose petals. The Joint Commission International evaluation was approaching and Hyun Joon couldn’t afford to let Young Oh progress with his own plans. He reassured him that his record would remain clean, but a reporter’s awareness of something shady going on changed his mind. Young Oh would have one week to take care of everything in any way he wanted to, but everything should be handled within the hospital’s walls before the JCI evaluators would arrive and without letting any scandal ruin the hospital’s image/benefit.

Young Oh would join forces with Jin Sung to shed utmost light on the chain of murders inside the hospital since they were the only ones on the same camp. Through ongoing wrist-grabs he managed to acquire her cooperation and made her a part of an investigative plot he had come up with; the divide and conquer way. He didn’t reveal his real intentions, but he didn’t want to cloud her judgement either and he was often preventing her from jumping to assumptions that were transforming themselves into a form of absolute truth she had yet to prove. In one hand, Young Oh never said that Suk Joo was guilty, but Jin Sung’s trust towards him was already quivering. Just like she was believing with unparalleled passion that Young Oh was the murderer during the previous episodes, the same formula had started leaning towards Suk Joo’s direction.

On the other hand, Young Oh wasn’t convinced that Suk Joo was innocent either and both of them would have to re-investigate him step by step in order to take him out of the suspect list or stop him for good. It wouldn’t be easy for Jin Sung since the internal struggle between the potential truth she was afraid of and her feelings was devouring her. Young Oh was there to remind her that she would have to choose whether she would have to act as a police officer or a woman who had fallen for Suk Joo. Being emotionally involved was already a minus, but Jin Sung’s sense of duty was above everyone and she would never step back even if this meant that Suk Joo could end up being a scapegoat. She would check the CCTV footage and talk to his colleagues, but if the first task was an easy one then the second one would bring further complications the moment Shi Hyun would remind Jin Sung how close she was to Suk Joo who’d been her doctor for a decade now.

The moment Shi Hyun pointed out that Young Oh was trying to put all the blame on others for his mistakes during the surgery could easily make Jin Sung have second thoughts, but she didn’t give up her part of the mission. Circumstantial and physical evidence were her responsibility and Young Oh would work on finding undeniable medical clues there where it feels like home; the operating room. And that’s when another child came into play, Ji Ahn, Yoon Kyung’s daughter. It was the first time we witnessed Young Oh explaining all the difficulties of a surgery and the possibilities of a table death to the patient’s guardian and it wasn’t because he had started seeing things differently.

He wanted to form an ephemeral bond based on trust in order to get closer to the truth while being certain that the operation would be a success and he knew that Suk Joo wouldn’t run away even if it would be a trap because Ji Ahn was his patient. The investigation’s last obstacle would be Young Oh’s father who had banned everyone who had taken part in Dong Jae’s operation from performing another surgery until his son would point out the one responsible for Dong Jae’s death. At the end of the day, it was something Young Oh would overcome in a blink of an eye the moment his father would witness a mother breaking apart at the thought of witnessing her daughter fading away without being able to do anything to save her life.

Real eyes realize real lies.


The surgery was a success and I wasn’t expecting anything less from Young Oh in combination with Suk Joo, but it was also an enlightening scene that would prove Suk Joo’s innocence. No wonder Youn Oh pretended to be panicking, he never panics inside the operating room, it’s the savior machine’s holy ground! He wasn’t playing with anyone’s life either and if he wasn’t sure he’d succeed he wouldn’t have operated on Ji Ahn in the first place. Having already clipped the aneurysm, the 4 minutes Young Oh needed were enough in order to keep an eye on Suk Joo’s reactions the moment he’d witness the same rare lesion that was also on Chul Min’s heart. Had he been the one who had taken Chul Min’s heart Young Oh would have noticed it through his reactions. One way or another, Suk Joo paced with Young Oh’s flow, but for the hospital and his patient’s well-being and he prove how much he honors the Hippocratic vow. While everyone was talking behind his back Suk Joo didn’t defend himself and let the rumors spread. He didn’t want his colleagues to start suspecting one another and he remained in that not so pleasant spotlight to prevent chaos from taking over the hospital.

Yoon Kyung wouldn’t escape Young Oh’s telescopic stare either. After Young Oh saved her daughter, one would think that Yoon Kyung would answer truthfully to Young Oh’s questions, but that would never be the case. Even so, one’s mouth is something decorative when it comes to Young Oh who uncovers the truth by deciphering one’s body language and he could easily tell that she was hiding something. Yoon Kyung led Young Oh to his father who got informed on Young Oh’s intentions.

His next destination would be Eun Ha whom he wanted to find out what had caused the lesion, but she didn’t intend to help him because Young Oh would use the outcome of her research on the mortality conference. After bserving Eun Ha and her surrounding environment he struck the right chord by implying that her articles weren’t worth remembering, but if she’d work on the lesion she would find herself in the medical spotlight. Young Oh doesn’t only dive deep into one’s psyche, he manages to use their weaknesses by fueling their desires in a way that sounds natural.

Young Oh had gathered all the medical evidence he needed to prove that Suk Joo wasn’t behind the missing heart and Jin Sung’s investigation had proven that Suk Joo hadn’t met Dong Jae the night he passed away. It was the moment she was informed that Young Oh had placed Suk Joo in the eye of the storm in order to make the murderer feel at ease and come out of his hideout. I was so glad Jang Hyuk laughed inside the car. His echoing laughter always makes my day and I’d recognize it from kilometers away! It also led to an insightful conversation that was visualizing to the fullest Young Oh’s very soul and essence. People to him are like interactive portraits he tries to analyze under any circumstances and due to his inability to feel human emotions he can divide them in two categories only, the ones who failed to hide their real nature and the ones who haven’t failed yet (because they haven’t met him!). It was something that made Jin Sung realize to a wider extent that he had never offered his heart to someone and he hadn’t accepted someone else’s heart either. As opposed to Young Oh, Jin Sung is being fueled by feelings and she was so awkwardly apologetic in front of Suk Joo. His smile was what shattered her to pieces and she couldn’t hold back her tears after witnessing how kind he was at her even after she had suspected him and had played her own part in Suk Joo catching everyone’s attention in a not so pleasant way.

 Chambers of deception.


Young Oh is someone who always tells the truth the way it is in a straightforward way without trying to caress one’s ear and without uttering inconsistencies. He’s as accurate as his hands inside the operating room. He didn’t let Min Jae off the hook for almost losing a patient, but he was austere towards her senior for the treatment process he had chosen which wasn’t pacing with the patient’s condition. They weren’t the only ones that were unable to escape his fair judgement since the same applied to Suk Joo who hadn’t noticed the rare lesion on Chul Min’s heart and made Young Oh wonder if he was really the good doctor people thought he was.

Young Oh relies on his eyes to decipher other people’s feelings and it explains pretty much why he didn’t go to eat with Min Jae. Her overall approach was so cute, but Young Oh couldn’t sense her longing because he hadn’t scanned her feelings as he was focusing on the medical parameters of their interaction. Her emotional outburst reached an end the moment he laid emphasis on the fact that he hadn’t understood that she wanted to eat with him. That was the reason why he urged her to maintain eye contact every time she’d want to go on a date with him in order to be able to read her mind. While she was staring through the window Young Oh was trying to understand how she was feeling and it didn’t happen until he sensed her tears and had a clear view of her face. He may not have told her about the antisocial personality disorder, but he’s really trying to embed a sense of normality in their relationship through his own sense of understanding.

It was also apparent while Young Oh and Min Jae were eating with his father and Young Oh tried to make the overall ambiance as bright and less stressful as he could. However, the moment she will find out the truth about his condition she will automatically understand that Young Oh never had feelings for her and that her love had been one-sided. Such a revelation will also test the depth of her feelings for him by accepting him (or not) the way he is and being content with his inability to love her back. Even so, nobody that can set aside Young Oh’s insincerity towards her. Being an ordinary man to her and trying his best to make her happy aren’t lies, but they don’t make up for the delusion of a reality Min Jae keeps treasuring by his side. In a manner of speaking, it feels like Young Oh is using her in order to preserve the mask of normality his father was always forcing him to wear.

You have to love Young Oh’s cryptic irony the moment he said that he wouldn’t have the chance to tell his father about the marriage after the mortality conference. It felt like opening his cards and giving hints of the forthcoming storm while at the same time he was keeping their content a secret. And the way he always says he follows his father’s footsteps and teachings is really something, he’s the most disloyally loyal son ever! At this point, Young Oh’s father may appear like the bad guy of the story. It may be due to his devoid of life face at times, it may be due to the fact that he doesn’t intend to give up the research taking place inside the hospital’s restricted area, it may be because of the scenes that make him appear like someone moving in the shadows and there’s also that watch!

Despite all these vibes and Suk Joo’s worries over the too good to be true innovative medicine that would take the world of medicine by storm after getting JCI’s accreditation, if Young Oh’s father isn’t the murderer then he had always been a true friend to Dong Jae and he intends to continue his legacy by putting his life on the line. In addition (and always based on my personal assumptions), Young Oh’s father believes that his son is behind everything going on and tries to protect him in any way he can because he thinks that he will  frame someone else (Suk Jae for example) at the mortality conference that had been expedited.

Eun Ha pretended that the lesion sample wasn’t enough for proper test results, but Young Oh’s profiling skills could read through the lines and forced her to cooperate by pointing out that everyone who knew about it ended up dead and the only way for her to remain safe would be to reveal everything she knew at the mortality conference. Instead of following Young Oh’s advice she met a man whom she informed about her research and she ended up falling off the rooftop. The watch that man was wearing was the same model as Young Oh’s father’s watch, but while Eun Ha was meeting that man (who was wearing a white shirt) Young Oh’s father (who was wearing a black shirt) was with Jin Sung urging her to arrest his son (because he considers him guilty of everything going on and wants to put an end to the chain of murders, based on my assumption that Young Oh’s father isn’t the bad guy). Plus, that man’s hand looked younger than the hand of Young Oh’s father. There are many people who would suffer tremendous losses of money in case something went wrong with the regenerative medicine and one of them is Hyun Joon who could also be related to Chul Min’s death after he attacked the presidential candidate. And I still think that Soon Ho stinks a bit. Of course, my theory on Young Oh’s father is just an assumption and nobody should take it for granted.

Young Oh’s plan to reveal the murderer’s identity had the opposite outcome (for now) and the phone call he received from Eun Ha’s cellphone was just the beginning of him getting incriminated. Trying to reverse the flow of events, he would operate on Eun Ha in an attempt to save her life in order for the truth to get revealed eventually and he wouldn’t let anyone he wouldn’t trust inside his operating room because a table death would put him in an even more difficult position. After Young Oh got his medication Jin Sung arrested him before he would finish the operation and no matter how hard he tried to make her understand that a patient’s life was at stake. I wonder what Young Oh’s father told her, but what executes a few of my brain cells is the fact that she takes for granted everything others tell her! If she could accuse him of something then it should be for not giving her back the soju bottle cap ring! Had I told her that I had murdered Rudolf the red nosed reindeer would she hand me over to the Santa police? Being passionate about your job is different from being accurate and good at it, but the first one usually leads to the second aspect and I hope that her professionalism will be equivalent to her passion in the near future. She’s negatively biased to Young Oh, isn’t she?!


P.S. or Anatomy of a heart: Things don’t seem to change for the better since Beautiful Mind’s 4th episode rated 4.5% whereas Doctors reached higher peaks (15.6%) and Monster maintained the second position (11.1%). I guess we should start living with it as long as it won’t influence the drama’s quality and development. Based on the preview, during the next episode everyone’s attention will fall on Young Oh whom others will start considering the hospital’s serial killer. If i take my assumptions into consideration, the one Young Oh’s father tries to protect is his own son, but his methods aren’t the best ones he could choose and if he won’t put his trust in Young Oh things can only get worse with the tension between them becoming more ignitable. Young Oh will be found innocent and Jin Sung will acknowledge her mistake that won’t go unpunished. Finding herself far away from any investigation while performing uniformed patrol will dishearten her, but it will also give her the time to think and steadily become more effective. Young Oh’s father will probably complete Eun Ha’s surgery, but later on a cardiac arrest will make her condition worse and that’s when everyone will need Young Oh’s help. It’s true that Eun Ha made her own choices, but it doesn’t change the fact that Young Oh made her a part of a lethal game and, somewhere deep inside, an embryonic guilty conscience could start shaping up. Beautiful Mind’s clinically darkening aura becomes even more absorbing with every passing episode and Jang Hyuk keeps giving life to a highly intriguing character; stitch by stitch.


In this world, there are only two types of people.
Those who have failed to hide their true selves
And those who haven’t failed yet.”
You have never given your heart to someone, have you?
You’ve never accepted someone’s heart either, right?


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    Thanks for your recap, this show is certainly getting more interesting! It is so suspenseful and cant wait for ep 5 !!

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    Love the recap. Loving this drama. There are so many layers going on here. Sometimes I have to go back to episode one and think about why the first guy who died wanted to kill the nominee. What secret did he want to tell. Why is Daddy Lee going this far.

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