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Beautiful Mind Episode 3 Kwoncap [TriAngle]

Chaos and wonder; Young Oh’s twofold nature keeps unveiling its grandeur. At the same time, the mystery deepens even more while the hospital transforms itself into an ever-expanding crime scene.

Beautiful Mind Episode 3 Dramajjang

“All human beings lie without exception.
Even when their child faces a life or death situation
People lie until the very moment they’re caught.
It’s what humans do. Like you, now.”


Savior machine.


Attending medical school and becoming a one of a kind doctor was shaping into Young Oh’s ultimate goal with the passing of years. The more Young Oh was growing up the less his father could handle him, not only in terms of physical strength, but also when it comes to ambitions that were burning with unparalleled passion. Young Oh wasn’t someone who could remain locked inside a cage and if breathing was the only thing that was relating him to “normal” people then he was intending to keep doing so in order to prove himself worth of being somebody others would admire and/or envy. Trading the fact that he was different from others for superiority while excelling in his field would be the ticket that would prevent him from spending his life into obscurity. Opposing his father’s will in a pompous way by stealing his glory in front of his colleagues was essential in order to bring himself in a spotlight nobody would even dare to overshadow again.

Beautiful Mind was following the 1st episode’s recipe by bringing yet another child to the foreground, but as a patient this time. I guess it’s an easy method to over-dramatize the overall ambiance a bit, but it was bringing to the surface the moral dilemmas that may arise due to Young Oh’s inability to feel empathy. At the same time, it was doing justice to his exceptional way of eliciting information from a wide variety of parameters that would lead to an accurate diagnosis and treatment. After closing the door on the child abuse possibility everything was pointing towards internal bleeding that would justify the girl’s bruises. Haemophilia revealed a birth secret, but Young Oh was able to save the girl’s life. Young Oh may be lacking empathy and a diplomatic approach may not be one of his strongest cards, but saving a patient’s life is always his priority regardless of any background that may be lurking in the corner.

Young Oh doesn’t judge others, all that matters to him is the truth that will help him live up to Yong Pal’s renowned line; “nobody dies on my operating table!” If Young Oh is something then he’s rationalistic to the fullest due to the absence of feelings, but he was far from being cruel. He neither misdiagnosed nor lied, he didn’t make pompous statements and the child was alive. He may be crossing a few ethical lines at times, but the line between life and death is the thinnest of all and death doesn’t really suit him. The hospital’s profit doesn’t even cross his mind when it comes to saving one’s life and if you set aside his different nature, he preserves the very soul and essence of medicine to the fullest; Hippocrates would be proud of him! Young Oh’s sense of seeing through one’s mask is one of a kind due to his advanced profiling qualifications and Hyun Joon couldn’t hide his real intentions which weren’t only about earning money by providing excellent medical services to the country’s elite.

If there’s someone who would ever stand a 0.1% chance of hiding his real feelings from Young Oh then that person would never be his father. He’s the figure he used as his prototype model to understand the external nature of human emotions and he’s like an open book he knows by heart. As Young Oh stated, his father’s mouth may lie, but his body can’t and Young Oh could easily tell that his father had suspected him without even investigating the fact that a body had been switched after its heart went missing. Proving his worth to his father is one part of the story, but getting acknowledged by him regardless of his condition must be the factor that had been fueling the fire within since he was a child.

The deafening dissonance of failure; or not.


The moment Dong Jae collapsed inside Young Oh’s office our absolute doctor’s diagnosis was accurate for one more time and he was pretty certain that he would save his life. Everything was flowing well inside the operating room until a cardiac arrest put an end to Dong Jae’s life and Young Oh’s smirk behind the surgical mask was just a glimpse of everything that would follow. He entered another infinite loop as he was unable to accept the outcome of the surgery; because he hadn’t failed. He was lost in a parallel universe in which he kept uttering that the way the operation was progressing was perfect while the people in his surrounding environment had already started mourning the loss of Dong Jae. His low impulse control climaxed the moment Jin Sung started erupting because she couldn’t accept the fact that he wasn’t caring about the people around him, but his father’s voice managed to bring him back to reality for a while.

Every time Young Oh gets absorbed by his impulses it feels like the substitute for an emotional breakdown when things turn into a disaster. The way he was hitting the door with his head and fists was just bringing forth the chaos that was reigning supreme inside his body. The threnody Jang Hyuk was visualizing was exceptional, but it had nothing to do with Young Oh losing a patient, it was due to the disharmony within the realms of the godlike perfection he was declaring and not because of a guilty conscience or something. There wasn’t even the slightest chance Young Oh would ever apologize, especially when he had done nothing wrong, and he certainly doesn’t like pretending. If seniority and taking responsibility are two important characteristics of Korean culture, then Young Oh has nothing to do with them and he keeps proving it all along the way.

I wonder, is Min Jae aware of his condition? I guess not since it’s something he must keep a secret according to his father’s point of view. However, she really wanted to be there for him, but the only thing that would soothe the tension within would be his medication. His lifeless and often horrifying face every time he approaches others for a face to face emotional scanning is really something with Jang Hyuk proving once again how stellar he is. They say that the eyes are the mirror of the soul and that’s what Young Oh decodes every time while taking into consideration the circumstances. He’s quite emotionally literate (superficially) when it comes to others to be absolutely emotionally illiterate when it comes to himself due to his condition, such a contrast! I overly enjoy the instru-mental pieces that float in the background every time Young Oh gets devoured by his impulses. The loneliness he must be “feeling” must be as tremendous as the emptiness within due to the absence of any hint of emotion. It must be really lonely in there.

Contours of murder.


Young Oh is someone who answers to questions only when he wants to and if forming an opinion doesn’t interest him then the issue no longer occupies his mind. After making Jin Sung aware of the possibility that Suk Joo could had been behind the body switching and the missing heart he had nothing else to add since saving people’s lives was what he should be doing as a doctor and reminded her once again that police officers were the ones who should catch the bad guys. The more Jin Sung was investigating the more she was breaking apart because Suk Joo’s role in the Chul Min incident was becoming more complicated from the missing CCTV footage inside the morgue to his interest in acquiring the operation’s video. No matter how much she was struggling to believe in Suk Joo her trust had already started quivering and Young Oh was there to lay emphasis on the fact that lies had always been a part of human nature. He would never miss his chance to make her understand that she was lying to none other than herself.

Jin Sung drinking with Dong Jae and making him aware of everything going on to a wider extent made him eager to search for the truth; the rest is history. I really wonder though, how can Jin Sung search almost everything she wants to inside the hospital without a warrant? I guess it abides to dramas’ poetic license or something! She had already started believing that he was murdered by the same person and even though Suk Joo tried to reassure her that he’d look into it she wasn’t really convinced since she couldn’t trust him at that point. Uncovering the whole truth had become an end in itself in order for Dong Jae’s spirit to rest in peace. She couldn’t hold back her tears while recalling his quirky and caring personality and the fact that he wanted to help her in order to prove that trust hadn’t ceased existing was making her even more determined. The promise to drink with her after he’d find out the truth was the most heartrending part of the message and I guess that they will drink “together” again; at his resting place after everything will be over.

I laughed a lot while Young Oh was trying to choose between all these black shirts and the moment I could actually spit a lung out of this body was when he entered the church! I could easily imagine him saying “Hello, funeral!” and then laughing out loud the Lee Gun way! The most suitable eulogy would be for the truth to start shining and Young Oh was already many steps ahead. He couldn’t trust anyone else except for himself and he progressed things his own way. He revealed that Dong Jae had been murdered by a lethal combination that was supposed to make it look like a natural death. He would never trust the hospital when it comes to an autopsy and he had already taken a blood sample. Soon enough, everyone received the test results which were proving Young Oh’s assumptions correct. The murderer was among them and Young Oh was a thorn in his side. Dong Jae’s incident didn’t occur overnight, he was taking pills for a few years, who prescribed them? Probably Young Oh’s father, but who changed those pills? Did Dong Jae meet Suk Joo before heading towards Young Oh’s office? Who took the files Dong Jae had inside his safe? Suk Joo may not be the one he appears to be (but he may be innocent too), but Soon Ho stinks a bit, don’t you think? And that’s the role of Young Oh’s father in everything going on and with whom he keeps talking on the phone every time things are about to get dark? Questions, questions!

P.S. or Anatomy of a heart: Things don’t seem to be getting better when it comes to ratings (4.7%) while Doctors is in the lead of the Monday-Tuesday drama slot with 14.4% and Monster maintains its steady course with 10.6%. I hope the low ratings won’t affect Beautiful Mind story-wise and that they won’t lead to cutting down the number of episodes because it’s a drama that has to maintain its consistency up to the very end. Young Oh’s revelations at the funeral will ruin the harmony inside the hospital and further complications will arise. What did Yoon Kyung do to take responsibility and ask for punishment? Suk Joo’s position becomes even blurrier, is he really moving in the shadows or somebody tries to frame him? Young Oh and Jin Sung will finally start joining forces since they’re on the same camp, but he would never try to cloud her judgment since she’s the police officer and he’s the doctor. At the end of the day, Young Oh will be unable to trust his colleagues since the murderer’s still inside the hospital. One table death in Young Oh’s career is more than enough and he can’t afford another one for whatever reasons. The cast of the overall medical team is quite vast, i wonder when all of them will have the chance to appear on screen, but i guess all these characters are sparse pieces of the main puzzle which mainly consists of Young Oh/Jin Sung and Suk Joo/Min Jae in extension.

“People who can drink alone have nothing to fear
Because they have realized the secret of life.
They’ve figured out they’re alone in this world and that life is bitter.”


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