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Lucky Romance Episode 10 Kwoncap

Dating isn’t always easy, but Soo Ho kept exploring that field in his own quirky way that appeared to be quite straightforward and meaningful. Bo Nui’s growing emotions had reached a crossroad, she should either consider dating a luxury or something she should embrace. In the meantime, Gary and Amy had decided to become more combative in an attempt to acquire Bo Nui and Soo Ho’s love respectively.

Lucky Romance Episode 10 Dramajjang Kwoncap

“I didn’t get to sleep all night.
My head was about to explode and I can’t erase this.
If i do, the memory from the night with you will probably fade away too.
I know that these letters exist physically and they don’t affect the flow of time.
It’s just how i feel.”

Lucky Romance Kill Me, Heal Me

Kill Me, Heal Me feels anyone?

Thoughts / Review :

Seriously, what am I going to do with these two? The overly cute Lee Cho Hee (Dal Nim) has stolen my heart to the extent of wanting to squeeze her with love and I’d hang out with Jung Sang Hoon (Ryang Ha) anytime to laugh my lungs out and drink until my liver would explode. Dal Nim and Ryang Ha are from another planet! Waking up and freaking out together after a night filled with alcohol made me cry from laughter, especially the moment he was hiding her under the blanket and he looked like he was 3 meters tall while posing like a mermaid on a rock! The progress of the scene at the café was even more humorous with Dal Nim crying bitter tears and shouting in front of everyone in dismay for wasting her precious first night with someone like Ryang Ha who’d simply wish the earth would open up and swallow him!

In one hand, Ryang Ha is really something as Soo Ho’s overly ecstatic doctor Love trying to teach him the ultimate secrets of dating. On the other hand, he’s Dal Nim’s doctor Dump trying to teach her how to bid farewell the dream of being together with Soo Ho, but in her imaginary world everything went fine even though Soo Ho was only eager to get rid of the bottle’s Gary-trash! Dal Nim remains Bo Nui’s hilarious supporter trying to make her understand that mutual love isn’t something that blossoms every day and that she shouldn’t avoid embracing the simple joys of life, especially after two men confessed their feelings to her within 24 hours! Oh well, Lucky Romance’s 10th episode rated 8% and found itself in the first place once again whereas Wanted started becoming a threat with 7.8% and Master: God of Noodles rated 7.2% right before its last airing week.

The world of emotions is a gentle and vicious place at the same time. When feelings are mutual chances are high things will flow naturally and it’s going to be like heaven, at least for a welcome amount of time. Our main leads are the opposite poles of a magnet attracting one another. We have the rationalist and ex-rigid Soo Ho and the extremely superstitious Bo Nui with the first one swimming in an ocean of feelings he’d been neglecting for a long time and the second one shyly welcoming in her life joyous parameters she’d been considering a luxury for two years. Soo Ho maintains his overly quirky and often awkward attitude, but he’s a quick learner. His facial expressions and overall reactions may be hilarious in the way he acknowledges his feelings, but at the same time he’s devoutly serious when the time comes to unveil them in front of Bo Nui.

It’s either a one step at a time process or a more direct approach in what he wants to convey and he pursues it openly without excuses anymore. His excessive hallucinations ceased existing after Bo Nui spent the night by his side and he started purchasing her heart in a more straightforward way. The world of smileys was quite fascinating for Soo Ho, the cellphone assassin, even though he was using them with their literal meaning. The moment he started messaging Bo Nui he had reached the point of no return. After falling for her, Soo Ho entered the communicative phase in an attempt to arrange his first official date with everything that was deriving from this: exploding out of happiness every time she’d reply, reaching stratosphere every time her reply would be the one he’d want it to be and teaching his surrounding environment a few lessons if her reply wouldn’t be the one he’d been craving for or if she wouldn’t reply at all!

Truly, fangirls don’t even stand a chance in front of Soo Ho! Who wakes up his darling at 4am to confess his feelings? Soo Ho does and it was the best bug confession ever! His words were precise. They were pacing perfectly well with everything they had shared so far starting from the way she entered his life; like a bug. Bo Nui was a bug he would neither be able to fix nor even dare to eliminate because he wanted to keep her vibrant in his mind. Soo Ho’s world had always been filled with calculations and logic, but Bo Nui was something he couldn’t decipher the way he usually did simply because it’s that feeling called love you don’t necessarily have to understand; it’s something you feel.

And Soo Ho was treasuring every second of that strange type of electricity that was overrunning his body, but it had become unbearable keeping it on the inside and giving voice to his feelings the way only he knows was inevitable. It wasn’t the first time she would write “frog” and “snake” on his hand, but this time the impact was even greater and erasing it would bring forth the fear of losing that beautiful night’s memory. He was declaring how precious Bo Nui was to him and he was making things crystal clear in their own language. Even though Bo Nui pretended she couldn’t understand what he was talking about in the middle of the night, behind her closed door she was deeply aware of everything Soo Ho wanted to convey.

In one hand, the episode was laying emphasis on Soo Ho’s development. On the other hand, the 10th episode was placing Bo Nui at the center of everyone’s attention from Soo Ho to Gary and Amy for like-minded reasons that were being seen through different angles of the same prism. Spending the night by Soo Ho’s side and being unable to escape his hands which were like a prison of love made her break her promise to Gary who was in dismay, but he managed to complete the interview. The good part of the story was that his father witnessed him on TV even though the fact that Gary had been resenting him up to recently must had been quite heartrending to hear. Things became complicated because Gary was fully aware that Bo Nui and Soo Ho had left the workshop BBQ event  together and once she arrived at the TV station the interrogation began. Gary was enraged, but he prevented himself from shouting even more at Bo Nui since he would never want to raise his voice in front of her.

Soo Ho’s case wasn’t an emergency in his eyes and except from the fact that he couldn’t understand, he didn’t want to and he was straightforward about it. Chronologically, Gary’s confession was the first one that took place and he couldn’t accept the fact that Bo Nui had broken her promise because of a stranger. As a matter of fact, Gary is also a “stranger,” the Amy way. Both of them had suddenly disappeared one day from Bo Nui and Soo Ho’s lives with Amy’s absence leaving a greater impact on Soo Ho (Bo Nui had to deal with her own hell). Gary and Bo Nui may had been childhood friends, but they had been apart for  long time; unaware of what each one of them was doing in his/her life. At this point, Soo Ho may not be sharing the same childhood memories as Gary and Bo Nui, but Soo Ho and Gary are equally aware of everything Bo Nui went through. Even though he’s as sincere as Soo Ho when it comes to his intentions, Gary can’t get rid of the younger brother’s stamp while at the same time Soo Ho and Bo Nui’s interactions have more vibrant and ever-expanding dynamics.

Amy didn’t only realize how specific her feelings were at the present, something she couldn’t overly decipher in the past, but she had also come to realize that every time Soo Ho was saying that she was his everything it was always in past tense. Amy gradually becomes the typical female lead who weaves a web in order to acquire the first male lead’s love by any means necessary. Gary also transforms into the second male lead everyone knows, the one who’s a great guy but he doesn’t intend to go down, not without a fight, while still intending to keep the first female lead as someone precious in his heart. It’s the same good old stressful process in the making with both of them ending up heartbroken (unless the writer brings both second leads closer together). Gary taking pictures of her for later on, when he would miss her, and postponing Bo Nui’s already negative answer in order to try his best to change her heart were quite painful aspects of the 10th episode even though Gary could still smile at that point.

Amy encouraged Gary to progress with his own dating plans, but it was quite vulgar letting him know that he would be able to be with Bo Nui only for a month’s time in case everything would pace with his flow. As for Amy, the more she was becoming aware of the fact that Bo Nui knew Soo Ho more than expected the more she was boiling on the inside and started conspiring in order to please her own feelings. She was no longer the privileged Amy, the only one who really knew what was going underneath Soo Ho’s surface, and the fact that Bo Nui had clearly stated that she had no deeper feelings for Gary was making things even more complicated. Her assumptions started turning to reality the moment she witnessed the salt and the red beans inside Soo Ho’s fridge, but even if she hadn’t been convinced yet, Soo Ho himself told Amy that he liked Bo Nui. Love or not, he’d still have to find out, but Amy was pleased with the fact that they weren’t dating yet because she would have one last chance to move in the shadows while ignoring Soo Ho (whom she was supposed to dearly love) and his sincere feelings.

Bo Nui was certainly excited and her happiness was omnipresent after Soo Ho contacted her during the first half of the episode (something we witnessed during the Truth or Dare part), but the shadow of her family’s portrait was veiling her desire to love and feel loved. Eventually, she had decided reject Gary and Soo Ho’s feelings. Being with Gary was out of the question, but her feelings for Soo Ho (even though it was only the beginning) were proving how much her life had brightened up after Bo Ra had started waking up. She may have had second thoughts about rejecting his feelings, but witnessing Amy leaving Soo Ho’s place and caressing his face was a first shot through the heart. The second one was when she lunched with Amy who, one way or another, urged Bo Nui to stay out of Soo Ho’s life in order for Amy to become his everything once again while pushing Bo Nui inside Gary’s embrace. When will second (and occasionally first) leads understand that possessing one’s life has nothing to do with loving someone and being loved back? I guess it’s a rhetorical question.

Soo Ho’s “father” was quite silent lately and the moment he found out that Young Il was close to Soo Ho (Ryang Ha stating that they looked so much alike was the icing on the cake) he got drunk for one more time and erupted inside the chicken restaurant. Soo Ho’s first official date with Bo Nui had been ruined (even though she was intending to refuse his feelings) and the same applied to Young Il’s restaurant where Soo Ho’s “father” kept stating that Soo Ho was his very own son and not Young Il’s. Soo Ho arrived after his “father” had passed out and he eventually cleaned up all the mess with Bo Nui’s help. And that’s when the episode’s most precious scenes started bombarding us one after the other with ongoing meaningful feels, the ones only Soo Ho and Bo Nui can evoke.

Soo Ho wanted her to forget about all these embarrassing moments, but she wanted to remember pretty much everything that was Soo Ho oriented. Embarrassing moments are an inseparable part of one’s life since perfection is a utopia. However, if one truly cares about someone else then there’s nothing really embarrassing even when it comes to obscure moments. And Soo Ho certainly received the vibes she was transmitting and he would like her to keep being that way for him. He had a solution to every obstacle Bo Nui was presenting and if she had to protect Bo Ra then Soo Ho would be the one to protect Bo Nui.

The one of a kind tiger lucky charm which was made for Bo Nui’s neck only wasn’t accepted as Bo Nui kept closing doors one after the other for a wide variety of reasons that were suffocating her, but Soo Ho didn’t give up until she would let it all out (both truth and lies) and eventually let love in. The kiss sealed everything both of them desired no matter how hard Bo Nui was trying to avoid Soo Ho and her feelings; her tears were enough proof. Priorities may be essential and restrains that derive from them might be even more powerful, especially when they’re surrounded by a superstitious veil feasting on one’s tragedy, but they can’t always beat ever-growing passion, especially when it struggles to breathe and treasure the magic of the moment.


“What is this? You don’t make any sense.
No matter how many times i redo the calculations
I can’t find a function that could solve you. So, you really are a bug.
You are messing up my head,
But i don’t want to kill that bug.”


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