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Lucky Romance Episode 9 Kwoncap

Soo Ho is as pure as snow and he treasures each and every second of falling in love. Bo Nui still believes that she’s a bad luck satellite, but she steadily starts re-embracing the joys of life. Along with them, the first sparks have started glimmering in the dark and the more she gets to know Soo Ho the more she realizes how wonderful he is.

Lucky Romance Episode 9-i Dramajjang Recap

“This world is full of people who don’t understand me.
I was always like a monkey in the zoo.
People were finding me fascinating and odd.
I was like the perfect object to spectate.”

Lucky Romance Episode 9-ii Dramajjang Recap

Thoughts / Review :

Soo Ho almost soloed the previous episode and he kind of still does, but there was a golden balance between him and Bo Nui throughout the 9th one. As episodes pass by Soo Ho becomes more conscious of his own feelings even though he’s often quite awkward in the way he expresses them while at the same time he tries to (unsuccessfully) keep them a secret from others. Almost everybody knows how he’s feeling even though he thinks he’s the only one fully aware of what’s going on. Excuses exist just for the sake of it, but coughing and love can’t be hidden, Soo Ho!

On the other hand, Bo Nui still considers herself a factory which constantly pollutes people around her with misfortune and it was something that wasn’t only depriving her of the simple joys of life for 2 years in a row, it was also keeping her apart from her sister. Shyly, Bo Nui starts getting out of her shell and she kept showing more vibrant and carefree aspects of herself. It was also her turn to stand by Soo Ho’s side in his hour of need and just like his caring attitude gradually transformed into something deeper, the same thing seems to be happening to Bo Nui as well.

Through her caring approach one could witness the first blissful distractions and vibes that, if watered properly, will be the seeds that could transform Soo Ho’s emotional monopoly into a quirky yet overly adorable tango for two. Lucky Romance’s 9th episode brought the drama back to the first place with 9.2% after leaving behind Master: God of Noodles with 7.4% and Wanted who joined the dance with a humble 5.9%.

Bo Ra steadily regaining consciousness and Bo Nui, finally, being able to see her was a too good to be true combo and Bo Nui thought that she was dreaming, but Soo Ho’s promise to be there for her over a thousand times if he had to in order for her to be by Bo Ra’s side was highly representative of the one and only reality. Soo Ho may be awkward at times, but his lines are quite something (sometimes) and stating that he didn’t believe in reincarnation so Bo Nui should pay him back in this life pretty much owned! Bo Nui brought to the surface the seafood he used to like but kept detesting throughout the years and Soo Ho revealed that he had almost drowned when he was a child. His trauma was still alive since he was recalling to the fullest the taste of salt in his throat and the seawater coming through his nose. It was a confession that reached completion later on when Soo Ho’s employees threw him into the water and Bo Nui would remain by his side no matter what just like he had done in the recent past in order to prevent her from getting harmed in many ways.

Soo Ho had lived with his “father” (I already consider Young Il as Soo Ho’s biological father, all the hints are there) for about ten years since he went abroad to study when he was eleven. It never really was a father-son relationship since they hadn’t spent much time together anyway and the bonds between them were quite loose. His “father” wanted a “normal” and energetic child just like the others whereas Soo Ho had different interests that were automatically placing him behind a display window as a fascinating yet obscure spectacle others would stare at but never understand. Bo Nui used to think that Soo Ho’s life had always been like a miracle, but it was far from the truth. The way some things feel like may be different from the way they really are. Nobody should judge people superficially before getting to know a part of their inside world. Both of them had their own fair share of loneliness and the things that connect them at the present are more than they would ever imagine. The deeper form of understanding and empathy that gets established between them episode by episode is one of the reasons why they get closer together.

Soo Ho’s revelation was followed by Bo Nui’s very own part of the story. She wasn’t always considering herself responsible for her parents’ death, it was something she started believing years later and had she conceived that scenario back in the days she would have given Bo Ra for adoption. The only thing Bo Nui inherited over the past 2 years was the constant fear of losing Bo Ra which was always being completed by the desolate craving to touch her face anew. Instead of putting all the blame on some of her expired brain cells, Soo Ho acknowledged how tough it must had been for her after he calculated everything she went through. The more he gets to know her the more he understands the pain she had to go through and her urgent need to believe in something/someone. It wasn’t easy for a young girl raising an even younger sibling, but Bo Nui didn’t only grow up to become a proper young lady, she also raised Bo Ra well despite the fact that life had different plans for both of them.

If Soo Ho was able to trespass the harmony of her prayer then things are quite serious! That night would be the first one for both of them thinking of one another; Soo Ho in a more conscious way since Bo Nui keeps giving him new memories to occupy his mind whereas Bo Nui was still unaware of her feelings in the making! I like how they get to resemble one another  but always remaining loyal to their distinctive characteristics that make them unique.

The reporters became aware of the fact that Gary was searching for his father and the first paparazzi duet visited him out of his place. Amy was able to block the news from coming to the surface, but they wouldn’t be able to do so forever and Gary made a brave decision. He would appear on TV in order to have the upper hand before the rumors would start spreading, but he wouldn’t be alone. Amy would set the rules of the game so that everything would flow the way they wanted to and not according to the media’s unethical desires. Jealousy and professionalism are two separate things and Soo Ho may had been ruining Gary’s figure in IF like the conspiring troublemaker he is, but he would offer full support to Gary and Bo Nui would be the most ideal person to be in charge of the scenario while writing about Gary’s parents.

All this time and while trying to exorcise her ominous aura, Bo Nui had been sacrificing way too much in order to prevent herself from ruining other people’s lives. The forthcoming workshop would be a great chance for Bo Nui to start leaving behind the shades in which she’d been living all this time. However, she didn’t intend to follow the rest of the team because she was afraid of ruining everyone’s good time just like she was afraid of following Gary on TV because she was afraid of him being unable to find his father due to her ominous aura, just like she was considering herself responsible for her ex-boss’ downfall after he hired her and that was the reason she was helping him every time his senseless brain was leading him from one mistake to the other, just like she was feeling guilty for Bo Ra being in that condition because she entered the operation room too late while Bo Nui was fixing the bug at Zeze Factory and just like she was doing all the dangerous jobs while she was working for Young Il because she was afraid that he would get harmed because of her.

Bo Nui was strictly believing that she would be too greedy now that Bo Ra was slowly regaining consciousness if she would even desire to have some fun, but Soo Ho was steadily becoming aware of pretty much everything either as an indirect stalker or through interactions with people around Bo Nui and Bo Nui herself. He was always one step ahead of Bo Nui’s self-restrained approach. He hired her ex-boss as a security guard in an attempt to prevent her from overworking herself while helping him along with the fact that he wanted to show her that something good could actually happen to people around her.

This time even the shaman was actually hilarious and paced with Bo Nui’s flow without revealing anything to Soo Ho’s mother. Soo Ho isn’t the only one trying to bid her ominous thinking farewell once and for all. Dal Nim tried to prove her wrong in her own caring way and Gary’s on the same camp as well since later on he tried to explain that only good things were happening in his life after they met anew. The only malfunctions she causes him are the ones of the heart and it’s not her fault really, nobody can force her to have deeper feelings for Gary even though he’s truly a great dude. However, he keeps caring about her and he even visits Bo Ra on Bo Nui’s behalf and I think that it’s time to move towards the jealousy factor.

Soo Ho arrived first and Gary’s observatory plan never blossomed, but the car scene was overly hilarious. Soo Ho almost lost control of his car the moment Bo Nui asked him if he was interested in her and referred to her as a bug infected by a superstitious virus. There was also the awkwardness when they were accidentally touching one another and Soo Ho losing his mind and stating that they could start hating one another openly the moment she didn’t reply when he asked her if she was liking or hating him was the icing on the cake! Eventually, all of them would attend the workshop for different yet like-minded reasons, the ones related to their feelings, but it didn’t mean that everyone would be pleased with the ongoing events which were bringing Bo Nui and Soo Ho closer together and were tearing Gary and Amy apart.

In one hand we have Soo Ho: 1) the office ninja 2) the “always (not so) accidentally by your side” dude 3) the “now that I found out how it feels to smile I will nail it” commando 4) the “Love? Who? Me? No way, but yes, me!” maestro 5) the “Did you just say “thank you?” Let’s eat together!” architect 6) the “Suddenly even the weather looks nice!” guy 7) the “Who cares about superstitions? But let’s keep the salt and the cactus!” genius.

On the other hand we have Gary whose heart loses one of its provinces every time he witnesses Bo Nui with Soo Ho who keeps ruining his plans to go out with her and Amy whose attempts to get closer to Soo Ho prove that he’s no longer getting magnetized by her. Soo Ho expresses jealousy in a hilarious way, Gary either boils in a humorous way, silently breaks apart of expresses his discomfort and Amy tries to maintain her poker face even if it hurts on the inside. Even Bo Nui wasn’t unaffected by jealousy! The moment she was with Gary and saw Soo Ho trying to take the moth out of Amy’s hair she sensed at least one volt of electricity!

The workshop event brought enthusiasm and carefree moments to pretty much everyone. Except for Gary who kept “losing” to an overly ecstatic and trolling Soo Ho (when he returned with Bo Nui on the same motorcycle Soo Ho was on cloud nine!) and Amy who had missed the timing factor and it was already too late for her to be with Soo Ho the way she’d love to. Nobody’s irreplaceable, especially after so many years; life moves on and so do people. Witnessing Soo Ho nagging at Bo Nui was something Amy could easily decipher. At least Gary found some comfort in the fact that Bo Nui would be there for him when he’d appear on TV and it was a powerful emotional boost that would chase away his tension. Amy would take full responsibility since she was intending to support Gary all along the way even if she would have to go against his mother’s will.

And let’s not forget the truth or dare game that became an even more palpable aspect of the drama with Bo Nui being right at the center of attention and answering truthfully except for the fact that she wanted to tease Soo Ho when she said that he had a nasty temper! The moment she said that she wasn’t secretly dating him Soo Ho almost choked on water, but it wouldn’t be his last water oriented experience. Late at night his employees would throw him into the pool and it would be an unwelcome experience, but it would bring him closer to Bo Nui who saw him smiling in front of her for the first time.

She didn’t leave his side and it was her turn to deeply care about him in her own way by writing for one more time “frog” and “snake” on his hand in order for him to get well soon. Soo Ho got the answer he was craving for. Bo Nui couldn’t hate such a warmhearted and good person and she was trusting her own memories with him over other people’s opinions. On the other hand, even though she’d wish she could be there for him in the exact same way he had been by her side all this time she simply couldn’t because of the bad luck that was supposed to surround her. The episode ended with one of the softest and most beautiful wrist-grabs ever with time standing still the moment Soo Ho urged her to stay. You don’t have to believe in fate in order for fate to find you and even if you think misfortune is your middle name luck will still smile at you if it wants to.

“My heart aches so much,
But i don’t know where my heart lies,
So i can’t use it.”


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