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Lucky Romance Episode 8 Kwoncap

Soo Ho opened up his gates to welcome his feelings to a wider extent even though he kept trying to deny it in his own quirky way, but he couldn’t really hide it. Bo Nui’s talisman and Soo Ho’s lucky charm have yet to meet on one of love’s gracious crossroads; mutually!

Lucky Romance Episode 8-i Dramajjang Recap

“You said that I am your talisman, why are you worried?
 I don’t believe those things, but you do.
You said that they work for people who believe them.”

Lucky Romance Episode 8-ii Dramajjang Recap

Thoughts / Review :

There are episodes and episodes among the dramas, but some of them are dedicated to specific characters. Who’s the dude? Soo Ho’s the dude! Lucky Romance’s 8th episode was Soo Ho’s magnum opus (up to this point) while the drama was reaching its midway ground. Ryu Jun Yeol keeps setting new standards when it comes to Soo Ho with every passing episode and he was truly a king of facial expressions and reactions to all things Bo Nui! Lucky Romance’s 8th episode rated 8.7% and found itself in the 2nd place, somewhere between Master: God of Noodles’ 9% and Entertainer’s 7.8%. Now that Entertainer is over and Wanted joined the chessboard we’ll have to figure out how the Wednesday-Thursday battle will progress.

What was leaning towards the direction (by the end of the 7th episode) that our two male leads would join forces for Bo Nui’s well-being didn’t blossom since both of them paved different paths. Soo Ho couldn’t set aside the ominous vibes he had received from Bo Nui and kept searching pretty much everywhere whereas Gary was struggling to put his trust in Bo Nui while hoping for her return. Their only common ground was the fact that both of them were caring deeply for Bo Nui who spent the night by the Han River. The next morning she managed to return after placing a paper boat with Bo Ra’s name in the water.

Even though she looked calm the storm hadn’t passed and Bo Nui was actually quite lost due to her promise towards her parents that she would follow Bo Ra shortly after her departure. The worst case scenario was progressing only in her mind and the phone call she received from the nurse was a ray of sunlight that made her life full of meaning for the first time in two years. Her higher hopes had become something she could finally grasp and her ever-expanding bliss was more than justified. However, just because Bo Ra had shyly started regaining consciousness it didn’t mean that Bo Nui had come back to her senses when it comes to superstitions.

On the contrary, instead of calling/visiting Soo Ho and Gary who were dying to see her she kept tormenting them, but it was something that led to some overly hilarious scenes. Especially Soo Ho, the office ninja, who was like a gigantic octopus on the sofa and eventually erupted in front of his employees and the delivery guy with his excuses being unable to convince anyone, not even himself, but he had to utter them anyway in order to “justify” his raging firework cameo!

Of course, the first person she would meet would be the shaman, the one who makes her broken compass functional in a life she can’t lead on her own for 2 years now. Even though I still consider him someone who took advantage of her suffering I have to admit that, in a manner of speaking, he brought some comfort and a sense of hope in her most dreadful times, but after filling her life with omnipresent guilt, so never mind. Judging from his overall approach during the 8th episode, one could imply that he wanted to keep some sort of distance from her after witnessing in a more palpable way that she would do just anything he’d tell her to for her sister’s sake. Even so, he still played the bad luck card that always works, but his prayer for her after she left was sincere.

“Silly” and “unlucky” are two of the many adjectives that could describe Bo Nui; unlucky because of the traumatic events that scarred her family and silly because, well, she kind of is! At the end of the day, it was all about spending a night with a tiger, but 1) Bo Nui thought of the worst case scenario once again 2) the shaman was talking in riddles and left many options open on what she should do in order be proven correct come what may 3) even if he meant that she should sleep with a tiger, he must had thought that she would never do it and he couldn’t imagine that Bo Ra would start regaining consciousness, so in case she wouldn’t succeed in her mission (with Bo Ra not waking up anyway) he could easily put all the blame on Bo Nui and her ominous aura 4) a bit of all the previous options.

Huang Ra and Dal Nim are from another universe and when they are together they are Lucky Romance’s most pleasant break! The way he lures her into his traps in order to make her admit the truth and she eventually erupts after figuring out that he was teasing her is a humble apocalypse. In addition, Dal Nim’s always so caring towards Bo Nui and she revealed the whole truth about her to Soo Ho who was aware of almost everything. However, Dal Nim laid emphasis on 1) how different Bo Nui used to be before her sister’s accident which happened on the day she was competing for a position at Zeze Factory 2) the sense of normality Bo Nui had embedded in her life after she started working at Zeze Factory 3) the hospital bills that will drag her down now that she resigned 4) the fact that nobody knows what she will do once her horizon darkens anew. Soo Ho’s caring attitude was already there, but Dal Nim’s massive information worked as an even further mind-awakening moment which led to his affectionate eruption the moment Bo Nui appeared at the company.

Soo Ho’s explosion was a combination of her sudden disappearance that made him worry even more after having already saved her life and reputation numerous times, her unpredictable nature because he couldn’t possibly conceive the dangers she could potentially find herself in and his longing to see her. It was quite a strong combination and Soo Ho showed how worried and caring he was in any possible way, but he was actually very happy after finding out that Bo Ra had started gradually regaining consciousness and he was crystal clear when he demanded from Bo Nui to keep working at Zeze Factory. It would be a way for him to keep seeing her, but most and above all, having her around him he would be able to protect her from any possible inconsistent thoughts that could lead to even more senseless actions and she would also be able to pay Bo Ra’s ongoing hospital bills.

Bo Nui received so many hugs in a single episode and her overall surprise was just a glimpse of how lonely her life had been these two years along with the fact that she wasn’t letting hugs blossom in order not to transmit her ominous vibes towards other people. I am referring to Dal Nim’s hug, Gary’s hug which was also the reason why Soo Ho’s jealousy started reaching higher peaks and eventually Soo Ho’s hug at the hospital which sealed the 8th episode’s legacy. But he wasn’t the only one being jealous, the same applied to Gary as well! After Bo Nui being thankful for her sister gradually waking up she wished that Gary would find his father and he was glad that Bo Nui didn’t need a tiger in her life anymore (he’d wish!).

Amy bicycling with Soo Ho for the first time in many years even though her shoes weren’t helping her was a blissful moment for her. She may had ended up on the ground, but she was happy after Soo Ho took care of her wound and she stated how much she had missed his nagging which was reflecting how much he was caring about her back in the days. Her words and stare were evoking something nostalgic, but there was also the craving for more at the present; new memories and experiences by Soo Ho’s side. One of the most mind-awakening moments for Soo Ho in this episode was when she told him that if he was being bothered by a woman it could mean only one thing, that he liked her. However, she was unaware of everything taking place within Soo Ho and the Bo Nui oriented imprint such words would leave on his mind.

She had already haunted him in the recent past, but things became even worse to the extent of smiling like there would be no tomorrow which was unlike Soo Ho, the one we met at the very beginning of the drama. Subconsciously ending up in front of her place with his bicycle, Bo Nui’s complimenting words that he was such a nice tiger, Amy’s words and even his computer were driving him crazy. His caring attitude had already transformed into something deeper; love. He was trying to prove all the signs that he had fallen for Bo Nui wrong, but he was already doing everything the articles were pointing out.

He was keeping the cactus and the salt even though he wasn’t believing in superstitions, he was pretending that she was a bug, he was preventing Gary and Bo Nui from going out together, he was losing himself in the aura of her face while she was talking to him, he was delusional yet ecstatic thinking that Bo Nui was still sleeping on his floor, he even woke up there even though he thought he had fallen asleep on his bed and he was so jealous! He was jealous towards everyone because of Bo Nui’s positive interactions while she was critical towards him and most and above all, he couldn’t stand Gary being close to her! He even impersonated Bo Nui during Gary’s motion capture making things uneasy for Gary and hilarious for everyone else, including the audience. Bo Nui has occupied his heart beyond repair no matter how hard he tries to lie to himself.

The way Soo Ho approached Gary about his family and his childhood years in order to make them a part of IF was awkward and Gary’s discomfort was justified, he even used his manager card in order for Amy to take care of everything. Gary revealed that he had returned to Korea in order to find his father and Amy was intending to keep the promise he had made to his 15-year-old self. She wouldn’t only protect his most heartrending part of his life as his manager, but also as a friend. Understanding familial love and ambiance which often includes a painful background in dramas isn’t one of Soo Ho’s strongest aspects and we keep witnessing it episode by episode.

Family is a heavy door only Bo Nui can help him unlock at this very moment. It’s not only Soo Ho helping Bo Nui, she also has her own way in making him understand a few things about love’s multifaceted nature and family is a part of it. Witnessing Bo Nui’s bittersweet confession about how much she’d love her parents to be alive no matter what even if they’d only nag at her made him call his mother on the phone for a routine conversation, but it’s Soo Ho we’re talking about and no matter how habitual the conversation may had sounded like it was actually one great step ahead he never imagined he’d take. On a side note, Soo Ho eventually found out that his mother wasn’t at home but with Young Il and the birth secret part of the story keeps progressing.

Visiting Bo Nui’s parents’ memorial where she informed them about Bo Ra steadily regaining consciousness was a powerful and meaningful scene. It didn’t only strengthen even more her family-oriented words towards Soo Ho, it also made Soo Ho bring her close to Bo Ra for the first time in two years. Witnessing her wallowing in needless guilt and superstitions for one more time she made him take charge of the situation and he was actually quite masterful. He played her own game by bringing it to his own measures. He wasn’t believing in superstitions, but since it was important for her he was intending to be her talisman just like she was his lucky charm.

You have to love how he kept maintaining physical contact with her all along the way (anyone else who thought of The Master’s Sun?) in order for Bo Nui to feel at ease and protected while crying her heart out. Even if she wouldn’t touch her sister’s hand despite the fact that her fingers responded to Bo Nui’s voice it was a brave step ahead for someone like her. She would no longer have to witness her through the distant, cold and blurry binocular view and Soo Ho would be there for her every time she’d want to see her sister. While Bo Nui keeps unlocking the world of emotions for Soo Ho (one door at a time), he keeps chasing away the world of shadows she had found herself in (one cloud at a time). Lucky Romance, what are you doing to me?


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