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Beautiful Mind Episode 2 Kwoncap [TriAngle]

We had the chance to witness a glimpse of some of our main characters’ past which explains quite a lot about the way they see things or about how they feel; or not. The mystery deepens even more and the crossroads upon which our characters meet start to turn into a labyrinth.

Beautiful Mind Episode 2 Dramajjang

“I have come to realize that the best asset i have as a doctor
Is this completely hollow heart of mine.”


 A 300g lump of muscles that pumps blood or that thing called heart.


If the 1st episode didn’t feel enough to catch my interest to a wider extent, the 2nd one was a blast (from the past). Things escalated faster than I could presume and diving into the past was that breath of vital importance for the drama to start showing its proper dynamics. It’s not like Jin Sung and Suk Joo met yesterday, they’ve been in a patient-doctor relationship for about ten years and Jin Sung’s feelings for Suk Joo started developing back in the days. Jin Sung was suffering from valve deformity, but her operation wasn’t successful due to medical malpractice. The drama addresses a serious issue, the one dancing on the thin red line between taking proper responsibility that could harm a doctor and/or the hospital’s reputation or covering up the truth for everyone’s well-being; everyone minus the patient.

Suk Joo tried to preserve justice to the fullest but he would never emerge victorious over seniority, especially when he was in his first year whereas the one who was at fault was a professor. Diplomacy did the talking since Dong Jae promised to do everything he could to save Jin Sung’s life for free. He took Suk Joo under his wings in exchange for his apology and his career started progressing in a more vibrant way whereas at the same time Jin Sung’s heart would keep beating in a healthier tempo. At the present, Jin Sung woke up inside a hospital room to find out that Young Oh was the one who had saved her life after one of his renowned instant diagnoses and not her One More Bottle doctor whose life has been filled with bottles ever since he decided to drink that bottle of soju in her place ten years ago!

After Jin Sung’s heart, let’s move towards Young Oh’s heart; what?! Does he really have a heart? Practically, yes! Metaphorically speaking, no fucking way! During childhood and after missing the train when it comes to developing the ability to love he was diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder. Instead of being able to feel, understand other people’s feelings and empathize with one’s emotional condition he “gained” poor impulse control and low moral reasoning ability which were the extension of his undeveloped ability to love. Nobody can deny that his father really tried to help Young Oh live with his condition in the least harmful way for others and himself, but I am really curious if and how he and/or the absence of a mother played their own part in Young Oh being unable to cherish the world of feelings.

Both the scene inside his house and the extended flashback were quite insightful about Young Oh’s condition. Having lost the chance to perform the live surgery had brought the poor impulse control factor to the surface and his mind was filled with the urge to do it anyway without caring about anything else. Turning the table upside down was only the beginning of externalizing his internal turmoil. One could say that the overall scene was one of his very own “emotional” breakdowns his father tried to tame in a master-servant way in order to make him understand the weight of the situation he had found himself in at the hospital while trying to make him take everyone else’s position into consideration.

In an attempt to make him understand how feelings looked like when carved on a human being’s face, his father followed a method that was making the art of profiling focus on feelings. He may had been able to map the world of emotions, but he was never really able to know how each and every one of them felt like. People may lie, but Young Oh’s wall didn’t only help him figure out what feelings were bringing to the surface through facial expressions, hand movement and other peripheral characteristics, it also made him able to read through the lines and uncover one’s deeper feelings, the ones behind the mask. People can’t hide from Young Oh’s wall which feels like a mirror of others’ feelings once he completes one’s facial puzzle, piece by piece.

I have nothing to be afraid of with Jang Hyuk in such a demanding and very intriguing role. Being overly hilarious or utterly emotional is an axiom for an actor like Jang Hyuk, but he can also turn one of the cauldrons of hell into a gigantic yet highly expressive iceberg if he has to. Young Oh is that iceberg, that very interesting iceberg I am really eager to find out if/how it will melt in order to witness the sparks that will light the fire within. Jang Hyuk really made Young Oh look like a disobedient yet so frightened child waiting for his punishment in front of his father’s imposing figure.

 When devotion to duty turns into obsession and the art of trolling.


Young Oh telling the patient how to properly cut his wrists in order to bid life farewell if he wanted to was a part of the low moral reasoning ability, but it was also a scene that brought him closer to Jin Sung in an unexpected way since she saved his life from the raging patient. He was pretty much aware that she kept suspecting him and he made sure to fuel the fire as the emotionless troll he is! Young Oh has the potential to troll pretty much everyone about anything that intrigues his brain since remorse isn’t a virtue he possesses due to his condition. Telling her that he could put an end to her life without anyone suspecting him after saving her life, but also making her understand that she would never be able to properly investigate her case inside the hospital made Jin Sung even more determined to uncover the truth.

However, her ongoing righteous quest had started transforming into an obsession. All she wanted was to prove that Young Oh was guilty by any means necessary even though she didn’t have concrete proof. Her aegyo attack earned her one last chance to investigate off the record, but Dong Jae would never set aside the hospital’s reputation in order to help Jin Sung and she decided to take the situation in her own hands. She didn’t only ruin Young Oh’s presentation with her suspicions and incomplete evidence, she also prevented him from performing the presidential candidate’s live surgery and paved the ground for Young Oh to stand in front of the hospital’s ethics committee.

There’s a thin red line between devotion to duty and one’s clarity of mind being clouded by personal feelings and Jin Sung crossed that line during the second episode in a way she would never expect since she put people’s lives (including her own) and reputations in danger. In addition, it’s a case beyond her powers and she’s quite defenseless out there (without me implying that the truth shouldn’t shine, on the contrary). She could disappear from the surface of the earth anytime or an “accident” could knock her door. Had Young Oh’s trolling intentions to turn himself in hadn’t visited the corridors of his mind chances were high someone would be scattering her ashes on a lake or something.

 Restoration; at the labyrinth’s gates.


So Ji Yong’s mouth was bigger than his skills, the weight of the operation was overburdening Young Oh’s father’s mind and hands eventually, the hospital’s reputation was about to collapse and Kang Hyun Joon couldn’t afford the loss of the presidential candidate’s life because that death would cost him tons of money, more than the ones he was intending to make with people’s health being just a façade. Young Oh appeared right on time and set his own rules by turning the tide to his favor after demanding full authority. That brain closeup with the evil meatball inside it wasn’t really necessary, but okay! Young Oh saved the day for everyone and he revealed why he had the previous surgery’s video footage along with the fact that he went to examine the body before the autopsy would take place in order to save the presidential candidate’s life since both medical cases were like-minded.

Undeniably, Young Oh’s condition has its own disadvantages, but as a doctor he benefits from the plague within in certain ways. His inability to feel human emotions and empathize doesn’t distract him from his duties, on the contrary. He focuses on saving people’s lives with clinical accuracy while proving everyone else’s incompetency in front of his skills in a straightforward and remorseless way due to his condition. Nobody can say that he’s a saint, but he’s not a demon either (although a potential one). If he keeps fueling his ego with excessive ambition, things can become quite dangerous. Everything he said to his father sounded like a declaration of independence far away from his father’s chains. In addition, he didn’t only prove Jin Sung’s approach wrong, he also showed her the mess she had caused and made her understand that things weren’t the way they appeared to be by placing Suk Joo and people around him in her sight. Young Oh broadened the picture for her in a quite unpleasant way and the mystery started expanding its territory.

P.S. or Anatomy of a heart: The 2nd one’s ratings were slightly better than the pilot episode’s, but 4.5% is far from being good; sadly. I can only hope that things will be getting better and better with every passing episode even though Doctors is a strong opponent for apparent reasons. Even so, the 2nd episode showed a glimpse of Beautiful Mind’s grandeur in the making by revealing just a few cards out of the many. It really made me crave for more and I can’t wait to dive deeper into its dark corridors and witness the hollowness getting filled with stainless and still untouched emotions, just don’t overdo it with the scenes inside the operating room! Concluding, I am currently living for Young Oh and Jin Sung’s interactions, they always seem to be standing at the edge of a cliff just one step before the fall. The way he approaches her during their tête-à-têtes is really something! Come forth, next week!


“The word ‘believe’ means that something doesn’t exist in this world.
‘I believe in Santa Claus. I believe in a higher being. I believe in love.’
You believe hospitals exist for the sake of patients, i also ‘believe’ that.”


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Kwon Sang Seung

Kwon Sang Seung

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  1. masha♡
    June 27, 2016 at 3:20 pm — Reply

    I’m someone from the medical field and I am currently really intrigued by this drama. And of course jang hyuk! The medical setting was well researched and properly done. Although of course, the cases are rarely seen in real life.
    I’ll be surely watching this .

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