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Hello Dramajjangers

I hope this article wont leave you with bad feelings, I just want to share with you some thoughts and in return I want to hear your opinion about another Oh Hae Young.

(when I wrote this article I still hadn’t watched episode 15)

Oh Hae young is a drama I loved from the beginning and if I didn’t appreciate it, I wouldn’t even bother writing about it, I would have just dropped it.
So from the beginning the drama started with a complicated plot, that didn’t bother me and I was counting that things would make sense after a while. So I shipped Oh Hae Young and Park Do Kyung very much. Then as the episodes were going many things started bothering me.

Oh Hae Young and her lack of confidence. I understand how she had a terrible school life because of the other Oh Hae Young. But when the drama started she had a good job, a family that loved her, and a handsome boyfriend that she was soon gonna marry. Of course Tae Jin was the one that used harsh words to push her away. But still she had no reason to blame her life.

After that when she got involved with Park Do Kyung, then her inferiority complex woke up again. Comparing her self with the other Oh Hae Young all the time, having no confidence and sometimes not even having self-respect whenever she was with Park Do Kyung, were big fouls to me for a main lead. You want a main lead to improve through the episodes not the opposite and that’s how I felt for this character.
But the thing that was beyond my tolerance, was when she found out everything. She wasn’t upset for Park Do Kyung’s wrong doings, but for the fact that he did everything for the other Oh Hae Young.

To be honest everything wasn’t the other Oh Hae Young’s fault, it was clearly Park Do Kyung’s weakness to get over her, that ruined the main lead’s life.

In reality if you observe the story, the other Oh Hae Young is more pitiful than the protagonist, she never had a loving family people would praise but she would always go home alone and the person who loved and depended on would only marry her because of pity. Of course that doesn’t excuse her “runaway wife” act.


Park Do Kyung for me is the biggest problem in this drama. I can’t of course hate him because Eric is portraying the character ( kidding) and in reality Park do Kyung is not even close to a bad person, but his immature and not stable personality is definitely a problem here.
First of all his love for Oh Hae Young. I can agree that the main female lead can fall for someone new after her wedding heartbreak it’s believable. But the way Park Do Kyung moved from his first Oh Hae Young to another really concerns me. I mean, we are talking about leaving behind the love for a person not only you were depressed for, for a year, but for someone, who you even ruined someone else’s marriage for. Plus if you consider the reasons he loved his first Oh Hae Young, they are the same reasons he loves the second one who came into his life. Pity is his thing, like he wanted to protect his ex girlfriend, he then wanted to be close to the girl, who was heartbroken because of Tae Jin’s act, that he, himself, caused. How can you admire the love of someone, who runs behind every girl he pities and makes every one the love of his life.

What bothers me more is his behaviour. Not only you ruin someone business (I know that practically he didn’t, the old man did everything, but still he wanted to and made the talk so it would happen) you then crash his car, without even being sorry. Changing his mind every other episode is amazing too. “I’m sorry for everything” “I’m not sorry for ruining your wedding” “I’m sorry for destroying your business” “I’m not so sorry” “Let’s end things” “Let’s be back together”.

I mean if I was Tae Jin, I don’t even know what I would have done to Park Do Kyung. Tae Jin except from his not so clear business , could really have a drama of his own. The hero who became a victim, that lost his job and the girl he loved and all these because of one guy.

2016-06-21 (11)

The mother said some wise words. I’m really worried that I agree with the mother, does that mean my thinking is old fashioned (still kidding) ? But still it was everything I wanted to say.

2016-06-21 (13)

 Can we justify everything in the name of love? Isn’t this the easy way?

Am I the only that sees these things? Is my perspective so wrong? But I really can’t enjoy the main couple anymore.

Well I still have the french couple, which I love and the playful Park Hoon with Yoon An Na.

What do you guys think?

p.s Why did Oh Hae Young wore an apron? Is this a new fashion?

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  1. Elena
    June 21, 2016 at 7:41 pm — Reply

    You’re not alone.
    I saw so much fuzz about the drama that decided to check it, but it’s not doing it for me. Too sad all the time, too dense, too many regrets and too many people doing absurd things and hurting themselves. The hints on Do Kyung possible death are the icing on this cake. Too charged for me, not my cup of tea, so I dropped it…maybe it is just that I am not in the mood and cannot appreciate the nice things that it might have.

    • June 22, 2016 at 11:38 am — Reply

      The fact that everybody loves the main couple and I don’t, is that worries me too 😛 Well I agree that maybe you are not in the mood, but still if a drama is good for you, even if you are at your worst it will still make it for you.

  2. Phi
    June 22, 2016 at 12:04 am — Reply

    Appreciate your different opinion and I’ll share mine 🙂

    OHY1’s rage on OHY2 taken me by surprise but seeing from OHY1’s perspective, all the bad things that happen to her that was because the 2 of them sharing the same name. So that moment of anger, even though she was mad at DK but her immediate reaction was the person she thinks caused all the trouble in her life. She should not take it out on OHY2 but I understand why.

    As for DK’s constant “mind changing”, of loving OHY1, that’s because he’s fighting his own battle if he should or should not love her. Even though Dokyung said he’s pity her, it was to push her away and don’t fall for him. I believe he is drawn to OHY1 not because he’s pity her but it was guilt in the beginning when he discovered she’s TJ’s ex-fiancee then he’s drawn to her because they share the same situation of being dumped. OHY1 is different than OHY2 that she’s not passive around him but rather telling him not afraid to put himself out there. He’s not perfect but he’s not evil or a fundamentally flaw person.

    OHY2, I understand why she ran away but why she still wanted to get back to DK a year later? And some of the things she said makes her sounds a selfish and self-center person… She told Dokyung that she’s happy he mistakenly revenge was because it means he thought of her. Some one went to jail, and a wedding was broken yet she’s happy. She told DK she was checking her inbox every day hoping he’d contact her… why? when she sent DK a photo smiling next to another man in Paris and told him to be happy…

    As for Taejin, there is no excuse that DK did wrong to TJ (even though it’s really the Chairman), he’s still guilty for that action. That doesn’t excuse Taejin’s OWN decision for breaking up with HY instead of telling her the truth and let her decide to wait for him or break up. May be he thought it was good for her or his pride didn’t want let her know he failed. TJ made that decision on his own regardless of the circumstance. Had DK didn’t ask the Chairman, the old guy was to pull his investment any way… and so TJ would still break up with HaeYoung with that same lame reason regardless of DK or not. I feel sorry for TJ but he is no hero. Whether there is DK in OHY’s life, it’s clear she does not going back to TJ.

    None of the character is perfect, they have their flaws and we understand why. It’s amusing when some are blaming lead man/lady privilege or because it’s Eric is the lead that people defense his character. tbh, if it were another actor, the feeling would still be the same.

    Mama Oh’s words is true, and DK is taking his punishment by letting TJ beating him up and again & again and let TJ taking revenge on his sound studio (with the help of Chairman Jang). There’s that saying “no matter how angry you get, you always end up forgiving the person you love”. That is why she’s always there for her daughter, regardless. That’s why DK can’t dump his no good mother. That’s why HY forgave DK. It doesn’t need any gimmick to love/forgive some one. 🙂

    • June 22, 2016 at 11:53 am — Reply

      I appreciate you took the time to read the article and write your opinion in details. Now I see that I definitely have a different perspective than most of the people that watch the drama. I understand how OHY2 and Taejin are at fault by making their own mistakes. It is just that I can expect from the second leads to be like this. But for the main leads to be more at fault than the second ones, is what bothers me. Because in my opinion Park Do Kyung is more at fault here and Oh Hae Young’s constantly asking for Park Do Kyung’s love and crying (I saw ep 15 and 16), I can’t really support a main lead that hasn’t improved herself to be confident and leave the past behind. Lastly about love, I think even there, there are some bounaries. To give an extreme example from life, if a husband hits his wife and she keeps going back to him because he forgives him and loves him, I can’t accept that. I’m not saying Park Do Kyung’s actions are at that level, still to me they are too much.

  3. gomdora
    June 22, 2016 at 12:24 am — Reply

    Of course you’re not alone because a lot more people think like you just, I have different opinion. From my pov, Dokyung is an unstable character that he somehow didn’t realise some of it like how a seem-so-kind man can be violent towards other so sudden (I’m talking about how he decided to crash into Taejin’s car). But that’s what I like because I knew some people with a hidden bad side of them that we never knew so I take it that it’s his character.

    I don’t want to comment about other thing because for me, some things cleared up in episode 15 like how OHY thinks that her own grudge towards Other OHY is actually ridiculous. So you need to watch it first 🙂

    • June 22, 2016 at 12:01 pm — Reply

      Yes yes I see what you are saying. It is that I realise I have a different taste in main leads, like I need them to have strong morals in order support them. Nobody is perfect of course, but I expected from them to improve and they didn’t. I saw the last two episodes and OHY realising that was a big step, but really she was crying all the time and asking for Park Do Kyung’s love approvement, makes me feel like there has not a character development for OHY. She hated herself because she was not confident but now instead of trusting herself she clings to Park Do Kyung.

  4. Sahara
    June 26, 2016 at 3:15 am — Reply

    I like the show because it has imperfect characters.
    Oh Hae Young is not pitiful character. Being honest, her personality isn’t good. She’s lack of confidence and blame another Oh Hae Young. Why not she try to build her confidence and try hard to win the competition? Even in the office when they are now an adult, she keep seeing her as enemy even thought the pretty Oh Hae Young ask for the friendship several times. In real life, I will call Oh Hae Young is jealous person.
    Pretty Oh Hae Young isn’t bad but also not that good. Because she lacks of love, she doesn’t care anything as long as everyone’s attention is into her. She absolutely know Oha Hae Young suffer because their friends keep comparing both of them, but she even didn’t try to stop them. In fact, she enjoying it. And the way she said to Park Do Kyung doesn’t matter he ruined someone’s life because it proved his loves to her it just beyond my mind LoL.
    Park Do Kyung perhaps the very responsible person in this story (and not because Eric is potraying this character XD). He knew he did mistakes that’s why he tried to help Oh Hae Young but during that time, he falled for her. Still he tried to rejected her but the girl keep chasing him even offering herself to him (What???!!!). Later we know that he wasn’t the one who put Tae Jin in jail. Anyway, he tried to clean his mess. He let Tae Jin make him bankrupt or punch him several times. He is emotionally unstabile. But he had very tragic memory (his death death memory) that makes him become so calm and introvert.

    I enjoy watching the drama because it has everything that makes me excited. Gorgeous casts, perfect cinematography, imperfectness of characters, nice OSTs, and very juicy romantic scenes.

  5. June 28, 2016 at 7:54 pm — Reply

    I see why you like it. It seems my perspective on the characters are totally different. I am more to the Aristotle’s side when it comes to characters.

  6. bluelysia
    July 21, 2016 at 11:48 am — Reply

    I thought I’m the only one and I’m the crazy one for not liking protagonist Oh Haeyoung..
    You are better than me..
    I give up on episode 9 after I see Oh Haeyoung’s character turn for worse and worst..
    I don’t know why she just hate and blame everything to pretty Haeyoung..
    I even start to root for pretty Haeyoung rather than Oh Haeyoung..
    Park Dokyung is also weird main guy.. He is wishy washy I don’t what’s so good about him..
    Sorry for my rant lol
    I swear I love protagonist Haeyoung at first and then her madness start to the extent everytime I watch “Oh Haeyoung Again” my blood starts to boil because of the main couple..

    • July 22, 2016 at 2:16 pm — Reply

      You came in the right place. When I read your last sentence “my blood starts to boil because of the main couple..” I laughed, because I these are my thoughts exactly. I don’t know how, I survived this drama, skipping many parts. It makes me wonder how so many people can root for the main Oh Hae Young, not to mention Park Dokyung.

  7. Myra
    August 13, 2016 at 10:01 pm — Reply

    I agree with you. Having a main lead blaming her ex classmate for all the shit that happens to her and not getting over it afterwards is just not my thing. I moved on after watching a few eps.

    Now I don’t want to generalize all Kdramas but I do see some kind of pattern in some of them (I said some): blaming others and being stuck in the past. It’s frustrating to me. I’m not a strong person though. I’m flawed and weak at times, I do ruminate over old stuff at times but I take responsibility in the way I am. And I try to change, I’d like to see that perspective more often in Kdramas, to show people like me how to let their pain go and go ahead.

    • August 16, 2016 at 12:31 pm — Reply

      I like your thinking about letting go of the past. Do you have any particular drama in mind? I don’t mind dramas, where characters are stuck in the past, as long as they develop throughout the episodes and then they can let go.

  8. TJ
    August 16, 2017 at 9:48 pm — Reply

    If i were TJ, when know DK make his job bankrupt and take his ex-fiance. I will absolutely kill him someday.

    I regret that TJ not hit DK with his car

    Such a coward man

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