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Love Song Episode 10 Recap / Series Finale

Recap – Summary :

It’s Mami’s wedding, and Kohei and Sakura have fun by the dock waiting for the time where Sakura has to deliver her speech.

Soraichi urges them to hurry as it’s already time, and Sakura goes on about how Mami has been by her side her whole life and how she has helped her become a better person; she notes how Mami assigning her the wedding-speech, helped her meet many good people and how she even managed to write an original song. Before she’s ready to sing it though, there’s heavy rain and everyone runs to find shelter.

After a few days, it’s time for Sakura’s surgery, but while Sakura has been hospitalized for a couple days already, she’s reluctant to sign the form so the surgery can take place and has resigned to silent sadness. Soraichi and Mami are not able to persuade her, and Kohei steps in, singing the first song they sang together “500 Miles”. Sakura joins him too, and admits that she’s scared of losing her voice and not being able to sing, while Kohei comforts her, promising they will sing together for sure.

The operation goes well, and Kohei’s friends in the bar think it would be nice to throw a welcome back party for Sakura, practicing altogether her new song.

The days go by, with Sakura waiting to be released from the hospital, as everyone’s supporting her while the bar has become a practice room for everyone to learn how to play and sing Sakura’s song.

After her release, Sakura rushes to her old apartment and writes a letter to Mami – after Sakura doesn’t show up in the bar for her party, Kohei and Soraichi go to Sakura’s apartment to find that is empty. Mami informs them that she just found out through Sakura’s letter, that she had decided to leave after her operation. Soraichi reads his own letter where Sakura thanks him for always being there for her, and apologizes for not being able to return his feelings. Soraichi runs down the streets searching for Sakura, while Kohei asks Mami what else did Sakura write in her letter; Mami blames him for still keeping Sakura by his side making music together, despite knowing that Sakura had feelings for him, and that was one of the reasons Sakura left.

After a few days, Mami visits Kohei and lets him know that Sakura is doing well- Mami relays Sakura’s message to him, that she wants Kohei to do the best with music and is looking forward to listen to his new songs. Kohei asks Mami if Sakura still sings, but she tells him that since she got a new mechanic job and is looking to settle in, she doesn’t have much time to think about music.

In cook school, Soraichi tells Ryoko, that he wants to get his chef diploma fast so he can earn money and then search for Sakura, as Ryoko encourages him not to give up on her.

Kohei gets a bit drunk and visits Natsuki’s place- there he reveals, how in a way he used Sakura’s voice to revive his old dream and how that was wrong. But, somewhere along the way, he truly fell in love with her but couldn’t do anything about it. Natsuki comments that her sister would be happy for that and then lets Kohei crash at her place.

The next morning, Natsuki is woken up by Kohei playing the keyboard and it’s revealed that after two years, Kohei found his dream of producing music again- he now works with Cheryl, who apparently wants to cover Sakura’s first original song. Kohei is being asked to track down Sakura to get her permission for the cover, and he goes to mechanical shop she’s currently working. However, she’s not there as she’s on leave and Kohei is ready to return- while on the bus, he spots Sakura in her motorcycle, and follows her to a small place where she sings “Love Song”.

He’s happy to see her doing well, but before he’s ready to approach her, he sees that Soraichi is there with her; he’s taken aback, and then calls Tsurumaki to inform him that since Sakura still sings, they won’t cover her song. He takes a good look at her before he departs, as Sakura is still singing.



Reflection Corner :

love song finale ラヴソング 0100045

Sakura might have taken the “500 miles” song a bit too literally, lol. I mean..yeah, okay. The whole episode felt a bit abrupt and sudden. One more episode to properly wrap it up would be for the best, but since the show didn’t have (sadly) the best ratings, that was always unlikely. (I think it had the lowest ratings for a getsu9 drama? SAD I SAY)

love song finale ラヴソング 0100044

I liked the ending- I wasn’t completely satisfied, but it did make sense the way things had developed. I suppose, Sakura leaving to mend her broken heart and find her path alone wasn’t far-fetched, but goddamnit, how could she not leave anything back for Kohei? That was a kick in the nuts!

The biggest kick of all though, was Kohei’s broken expression upon seeing Sakura together with Soraichi. MASAHARU YOU KILLED ME RIGHT THERE. (the score used in that scene is also my fav instrumental in the series btw so I was like NOOOO ;___;)  Even though, it was only a temporary dejected look, since Kohei was really glad to see Sakura not having lost her dream of singing.

love song finale ラヴソング 0100041


I can’t deny that I did want them to meet (or at least for Sakura in a way to know, that Kohei did actually love her back, she was the second woman he actually loved- the fact she never found out is like UUUGH, like NO SAKURA YOUR LOVE WAS NOT UNREQUITED DON’T CARRY THAT ‘BURDEN-PAIN’) and have a closing conversation, but I guess I can understand why that didn’t take place; the whole point of the drama was for them to meet, heal each other through a common dream and move forward.

So it was Soraichi who ended up with Sakura afterall. (the fact he was working close to where she was working herself, and most importantly that Sakura sang the “suki yo” lyrics to his face playfully, does make it quite clear in my book)

love song finale ラヴソング 0100042

What Ryoko told him about life being an accumulation of things you give up/don’t give up was spot-on, and Soraichi always have had a hot temper (it was a sad scene overall, but I can’t deny I chuckled a bit when he was screaming SAKURAAAAA in the streets after he found out she had moved out) but his heart was in the right place; and he always wished to be by Sakura’s side, so in time, he won her heart and his wish came true.

It was a very good series; I can’t say I will include it in my top favs or in my extraordinary-must see list, but it was a heartwarming story about finding what it is that you love and not give up on it, as well as giving a chance to yourself and allow other people in your heart; people, who will manage to pull things out of you, that you never thought you knew you had.

love song finale ラヴソング 0100046

Kohei and Sakura didn’t end up together, but the time they spent with each other was truly meaningful as they both overcame their difficulties and came out the other side changed for the better; the “Love Song” was a gift to each other, a gift that will forever accompany them and remind them that there’s always gonna be someone who will hear your “music” in the world.

love song finale ラヴソング 0100040

Before I rate it, I need to give special credit to Fujiwara Sakura; for her acting debut, she was absolutely amazing. There wasn’t a single scene that was delivered awkwardly or felt flat. The girl knows how to act. (nearly as good as she sings!)

Farewell but not goodbye Love Song- I will remember your 7 second of courage, everytime I tell my mom “please do not make fried potatoes in your “special way” cause they suck, make them in the ordinary way mom, kay love you!”..yeah that takes exactly 7 seconds! ; p

Overall Grade9,07/10

disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang only + huge thanks to heiwafansubs @ DA forums (link in the footer sidebar etc)


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  1. Maazyn
    June 21, 2016 at 1:27 pm — Reply

    Gotta say was expecting a little more in this last episode but overall i loved this show and Sakura was loveable af and her acting was top-notch!!

    (Side note: I really liked that Haruno song that comes on when flashbacking, I’d so appreciate to know where I can listen to that or at least a name people!)

    • June 21, 2016 at 9:21 pm — Reply

      Yeah, she was really good in general, let alone for her debut!
      (hmm, I will look into that, and if I find anything I wil reply further)

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