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Omukae Desu Episode 8 Recap

Recap – Summary : Nabeshima and Yazuko find out that Chisato has feelings for Madoka, and decide to grant her more time in order to do something about it before she transfers to the other side.

Yazuko and Sachi come up with a date-plan, so Chisato makes a few last memories with Madoka; Chisato notes that there’s an upcoming shrine festival and Sachi agrees to let Chisato take possession of her own body as she’s gonna use her out-of-body-experience.

Madoka along with Katou try to track down all the equipment needed to start building the rocket for the upcoming festival. Sachi finds Madoka and ask him to go to the shrine together; Madoka is baffled at her suggestion, and when Sachi makes an off-remark about how he’d prefer to spend time building a useless rocket than go out with her, they argue without agreeing to go on a date together afterall.

Sachi apologizes to Chisato for not being able to grant her last wish, but Chisato tells her that is fine; instead, she’d like to borrow her body to spend one last day with Madoka and his family. Sachi agrees and the next day, Chisato through Sachi’s body visits Madoka’s house where she’s invited to have supper with them.

Shinozaki is suspicious of Nabeshima’s apparent resignation on finding Chisato, and orders Mayuri to keep an eye on Madoka and Sachi since he thinks they know something.

While eating, Sayaka says that she will go to the shrine festival with her friends, and Yumiko suggests that Sachi goes to the festival as well, and she will let her borrow her old yukata; Ikuo tells Madoka to accompany Sachi there, and while Madoka is reluctant at first, he goes along with it.

Madoka and Chisato-Sachi have fun together in the festival, and he remarks that it has been a long time since he went to a festival but thanks to her, his routine has changed a bit lately. Chisato feels tired after a while, and tells Madoka to wait for her, while she goes in a secluded place to get out of Sachi’s body. Sachi tells Chisato that it’s probably due to her not being used to occupy someone else’s body for so long, while Mayuri is watching them from afar and reports back to Shinozaki.

Madoka searches for Sachi, and since they have no time to switch, Chisato hides behind a tree while Sachi stays in her real body- Madoka gives her a pink rabbit he won in a game, stating that it looks a bit like Nabeshima; he then refers to what Sachi told him once about love being about obstacles, and asks her if she overcame them. Sachi is surprised at his question, and Madoka says that he wouldn’t like to see her having any regrets. At that time, Katou calls Madoka to inform him that not all the necessary items needed for the rocket will make it in time, and Sachi finds the chance to switch with Chisato again.

Meanwhile, Nabeshima wanders around the place he last remembers, and notices a girl in a wheelchair, who carries a pink rabbit just like the one in his last memory; he follows her and finds out that the young woman works in a company. He gets more flashbacks regarding the little girl but his thoughts are interrupted since Yazuko tells him to hurry and find together Chisato before Shinozaki does.

Chisato-Sachi can see that something is troubling Madoka, and he reveals to her that he might not be able to collect everything needed to make the rocket in time; she suggests trying to use the “good luck” of the old sacred tree in the shrine as that might affect him in a positive way. Madoka searches online what is the best way to make “use” of the sared tree and it seems that kissing under the tree is the most popular one. After some hesitation, Madoka approaches Chisato-Sachi, as Sachi is watching in dismay from afar, but when he’s ready to kiss her she pushes him away. Madoka falls to the ground, but before she’s able to apologize to him, Madoka thanks her as an idea came to him and he quickly rushes to where Katou is and suggests they use gun powder for the rocket and test it right there.

Chisato gets out of Sachi’s body, and Sachi asks her why she ruined the mood; Chisato tells her that she is the one that Madoka truly likes; she thought it was her he was trying to kiss afterall. Sachi doesn’t think that is true, but Chisato notes how she had had a hunch about it for a while, since Madoka always referred to her in a positive way, despite their disagreements. She goes on about how Sachi also likes Madoka, but Sachi denies it, before somebody apparently disrupts their conversation.

Madoka and Katou’s attempt is successful, as Madoka finally is ready to build a proper rocket. He thinks back to the way Sachi has been behaving the whole day and realizes that it must have been Chisato in her body. He quickly rushes to the sared tree, where he finds Sachi who reveals to him where Chisato is, after she tricks Shinozaki who’s in search of Chisato.

Madoka makes it in time before Chisato is taken away by Nabeshima and Yazuko; he tells Chisato not to leave yet, as he has wanted to show her the rocket he’s planning to build, since she was the one to encourage him to participate in the competition. Chisato is happy to hear that, and she reveals that she was in love with him and she was glad that it was him, since he’s a good person. She wishes him good luck with the rocket before she leaves, as Madoka looks at her going away, with Sachi looking at the scene in the distance.



Reflection Corner :

omukae desu ep 08 0100002

“A person who has a future has to be with someone who has a future.”

Had Chisato not died (btw, how the heck did she die? come to think of it, we never found out..well, doesn’t matter I suppose) she might have had a legitimate shot with Madoka; it’s sorta sad that they only started opening up to each other when Chisato was a ghost, and didn’t make the best of it while they were both alive. But oh well, it is what it is.

omukae desu ep 08 0100001

At least in the end, Chisato got to experience a date with Madoka, and despite things turning south romantically for her, she finally let herself rest with the knowledge that he appreciated her and even wanted to share his dream with her.

She also knocked some sense into Sachi’s head, voicing out the obvious- I mean, the MOAR OBVIOUS if it wasn’t already. like lol Sachi, the guy tried to kiss you (albeit, charm-effect and all that but still) apart from the fact he’s been talking raves about you (…fine, she wasn’t present in that one, I’ll give her that) and you STILL QUESTIONING THAT. Chisato was like “tired of those fools and not being able to put 1+1 together!” lool

omukae desu ep 08 0100004

I guess it’s clearer to somebody monitoring the situation more ~objectively~ though. I mean, both Chisato and Katou have picked up that Sachi and Madoka complement each other, despite their differences- or should I say, it’s exactly because of that.

Either way, I expect a subtle confession in the finale accompanied by a closure scene of some sorts- maybe with Sachi’s ideal date holding hands on top a hill at night or something like that. She can always take advices from “expert in love!” Yazuko loool.

I’m also interested to see Nabeshima’s past and if he is indeed the brother of that girl who fell from the cliff (?) and who’s now working in that company.

Onwards to episode 9 then!

disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang only + huge thanks to carameltz (link in the footer sidebar)

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