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Lucky Romance Episode 4 Kwoncap

Lucky Romance strengthens its humorous moments and fragile characteristics even more with every passing episode. There’s a golden balance between both sides of the same coin while the past keeps breathing at the present that steadily shapes our characters’ future.

Lucky Romance Episode 4 Dramajjang Kwoncap

“People think that it’s a nonsensical superstition,
But I don’t agree with them.
Some people can’t do anything except hoping for the best.
If you earnestly hope for something, it will come true.”


Thoughts / Review :

Things are ever-changing on Wednesdays and Thursdays when it comes to ratings and it’s a close combat dare I say. Lucky Romance’s 4th episode rated 8.2%, just a tiny bit ahead of Entertainer’s 8.1% and a while behind Master: God of Noodles’ 8.6%. It’s quite intriguing witnessing all these slight changes every week with Lucky Romance gradually reaching its midway ground, Entertainer preparing to bid us farewell and Master: God of Noodles steadily entering its final phase!

There’s a unique sense of a “like father, like son” aesthetic in Lucky Romance when it comes to Soo Ho and his father. The only crossroad they can meet upon is the fact that they don’t want to be around one another whereas Soo Ho’s mother, no matter how quirky she may be as the maternal equivalent of Bo Nui, she cares about her son in her own way. Soo Ho didn’t eat with his family and it was pretty much expected, but it was more than apparent that his mother was craving for his presence. She’s well aware that Soo Ho doesn’t want to see her, but the fact that she keeps visiting Zeze Factory trying to make his life more fortunate with all these lucky charms is a part of her caring approach. Her longing to see him with a girlfriend that could brighten up Soo Ho’s life is there. What she’s unaware of is that Bo Nui, who placed the talisman in Soo Ho’s office, has already started shyly awakening an aspect of himself that was in deep slumber; the world of emotions.

Gary searching for his father has to be one of the episode’s most emotionally fortified characteristics. The more he tries to find him the more information he receives about what kind of person he was and the more the misunderstanding fades away and he wants to make up for all the lost time the more heartrending it gets in his father’s absence. Gary’s father was homeless and he would have two months to find him, but the rest of the information he gathered was related to Bo Nui’s childhood. However, the fact that he had visited her after her parents passed away and convinced her to attend her graduation ceremony possessed a twofold meaning. It was revealing his father’s kindness to a wider extent, but it was also breaking him apart because Gary never had the chance to take graduation photos with him.

If he had been resenting his father up to recently, his regret grows stronger at the present and he can only wish that he hadn’t come back too late. Gary found sincere comfort and empathy in his hour of need and Bo Nui giving him the owl stuffed animal that would keep its eyes wide open while in search of his father made things brighter. Even when he’s in need of her soothing words and presence he always takes her into consideration. He could easily tell that she was searching for a tiger and urged her to be cautious, but all he could elicit was that a man born in the year of the tiger would bring good luck to Bo Ra. Bo Nui didn’t reveal further details, but Gary made things a bit clearer by stating that his relationship with Amy was business oriented! One-sided future heartache? Incoming!

Everyone keeps his/her own secrets in the world of Lucky Romance. Gary didn’t inform Amy that he was searching for his father and it was her turn to not reveal that Soo Ho and the past were behind IF. However, he gave voice to some of his intentions when it comes to appearing on a TV show that targets middle-aged men, but it had nothing to do with broadening his fan audience. It could only be related to his father hoping that something like that would make them meet way faster.

After Amy reappeared in Soo Ho’s life after all these years they were bound to come closer together (“business”) yet further apart (emotional chasm). It was a rather unpleasant surprise for him to find out that she was Gary’s manager and their past could trammel the overall progress of the game at the present. IF would be the only way for Amy to see Soo Ho and she was quite straightforward dare I say. She revealed her intentions, but she also informed him that Gary had rejected the game proposal and that she would be the only one that could help him acquire Gary’s cooperation. The more she was trying to approach him the more he was erupting and things became even more personal. The bitterness of having been left behind and his fear of getting back-stabbed anew were there, but Amy laid emphasis on the fact that it was a deal between Zeze Factory and IM Sports and not a promise between themselves.

Soo Ho had already claimed that he was erasing memories he didn’t want to recall, but he hadn’t forgotten anything. The moment she had saved his life and the way she had taken care of the bullies were still there. Even though everything was a bit blurry because he wasn’t wearing his glasses it was still as vivid as if it had taken place yesterday. How could Soo Ho ever forget the way she had taken him out of friendless knowledge-prison and self-inflicted solitude to make him realize that friendship was an essential part of one’s life? And that was the reason why he never forgot, because her sudden disappearance left behind a bouquet of flowers without recipient and forged an even tougher shell than the one Amy had already managed to crack.

The fact that Soo Ho had started becoming a brighter person through Amy’s luminous personality back then was omnipresent the moment he found out that she had left because she had changed her major and he pointed out that “the innocent Soo Ho would had done anything for her;” even her thesis. And he was innocent indeed, a child discovering the world for the first time in his life; by Amy’s side. He would no longer be “Soo Ho” for her, but the person leading Zeze Factory. He drew a distinctive line between them and on the surface he seemed decisive, but he couldn’t bury the shadow of reminiscence.

On a side note and setting aside Bo Nui’s tiger-hunting quest, she was concerned about Soo Ho the moment she found out what had happened at the meeting since it became a hot topic among the employees. While everyone was gossiping around with exaggerating passion to eventually start worrying about the progress of IF, Dal Nim was the only who took Soo Ho’s side. You can’t call her blindly loyal to her boss, but someone who acknowledges how hardworking he is and she’s observant and kind enough to notice that Soo Ho’s surface is like a mechanical iceberg with sudden volcanic eruptions for some reasons. She’s such an adorable character! On the other side of the fence, Ryang Ha is the closest figure to Soo Ho and he’s like a quirky confession box for all things Bo Nui. He should have never trusted Soo Ho’s fridge though, it’s like a modern form of a homegrown mini-swamp or something!

Bo Nui’s dating plans were progressing, but the same was applying to her direct or indirect interactions with Soo Ho, always in their own quirky way! Bo Nui was waiting for his reply with the hope that it would be a positive one while Soo Ho couldn’t believe that something like that was happening simply because she was an essential part of the contract. She was so absorbed waiting for his reply she couldn’t take her eyes off his office, but once he appeared she was taken by surprise and a water explosion cracked the dam of her mouth! Concerning Soo Ho, a wide variety of thoughts and events had made him believe that she was terminally ill, something that could be the reason why she wanted to treasure things normal couples do before passing away or undergoing surgery.

Taking everything into consideration, along with the fact that Bo Nui was an “opponent” he would never win even in his own court, he decided to pace with her flow, but he managed to make the agreement as painless as possible. Six dates would take place, three hours per date and only during weekends! Bo Nui was so ecstatic she couldn’t hide her ever-flowing happiness, not only for the “oh, tiger!” part of the story, but also because she would be able to pay for her sister’s hospital bills. It’s a war against time in a wide variety of ways for her and the clock that never ceases ticking is an enemy she has to tame by achieving her goals before the shaman’s deadline.

Bo Nui’s preparations for the perfect date would never be enough since Soo Ho is a separate chapter one can’t find in any book about dating. The signs were already there, but Bo Nui had to witness it on her own in order to start understanding whom she was dealing with. However, the fact that she desperately wanted someone to wish her good luck was depicting her everlasting desire to succeed for her sister’s well-being and Gary was the right person. It was a given that Soo Ho would see it as a necessary evil and appearing in his slippers as opposed to Bo Nui’s outfit delivered all the necessary messages!

All along the way he was like “So, you wanted to date me, huh? Okay!” and he thought that his attitude would do wonders, but he was forgetting about Bo Nui’s blabbering charisma which is a form of pressure as a verbal torture technique and he found himself inside the hotel room. The tuna sandwich hadn’t worked in the first place and the seafood didn’t work the second time either. His mother thought that he still liked fish, but the opposite outcome was proving even more that he’s become a stranger to his family. Fish were an inseparable part of his childhood because his father was a fisherman, hating fish is another coloring of his negativity towards his father/family.

Feeling the urge to eat the pill equivalent of food once technology progresses even more was showing how mechanized his life has become and trying to scientifically explain Bo Nui’s eating pleasures was more proof that he could have pounding air pumps instead of lungs and a heart-shaped engine instead of a heart. Anything related to life should be abolished! As for one’s positive way of thinking? According to Soo Ho it’s a form of cognitive dissonance that helps one escape reality. In a few words, happiness is a delusion people desperately try to infuse in their lives!

Throwing wine on herself, trying to think of something intelligent to arouse Soo Ho’s brain and appearing in front of him in her undies was making Bo Nui believe that she was ready to proceed towards the final phase of her plan, but once she realized that he wasn’t asleep she literally lost the world underneath her feet! She simply wasn’t ready for her “oh, tiger!” moments and she was forcing herself to appear like that, but it’s not like you wake up one day and you decide to sleep with a stranger you get to know one step at a time. However, their interactions bring them closer together in a way neither of them would ever expect.

Bo Nui held him by the hand while Soo Ho was undergoing another panic attack and took him out of there. Uttering backwards the multiplication table of 19 soothed his tension for one more time, but the fact that she had held his hand had left a deeper impact and the scene kept haunting his mind even though he was trying to believe that he would have escaped on his own. Everything was pointing towards the direction that their time together had already reached the end for the night, but once Gary approached Bo Nui it was Soo Ho’s moment to shine for a few seconds! Gary took care of Soo Ho, but he was surprised by the fact that they actually knew one another. The funny thing is that neither Bo Nui nor Soo Ho know that he’s the famous tennis player they need for IF!

After taking care of Gary’s wounds and reassuring him that everything would be fine Bo Nui urged him to leave, but he had already started thinking that Soo Ho could actually be the tiger Bo Nui was trying to hunt down. The sticking plaster she placed on Soo Ho’s hand brought forth some Oh My Venus memories, but once she wrote “frog” and “snake” on his hand in order for his wounds to heal faster I was lost in the superstitious magic of the moment. He’s well aware that something happens to him every time there’s physical contact between them, but his caring attitude made its appearance the moment he gave her the two packs of medicine for indigestion because he didn’t know what other medication she had been taking. That’s when he found out that the little Bo Nui universe he had formed in his mind concerning her condition had nothing to do with reality, but Bo Nui also realized that there was a much nicer world hiding underneath the surface. Asking him to sleep with her was the icing on the cake that could turn to life Soo Ho’s worst nightmares!

Soo Ho is like an artificial intelligence figure trying to understand emotions through unknown to him algorithms and responses to stimuli whereas in fact it’s a brand new world to him even though he had touched its outskirts by Amy’s side back in the days. Centuries ago, explorers discovered new continents, Soo Ho is the equivalent of an explorer steadily and shyly discovering his own emotional territory. It’s a place nearly untouched by humans with the native population consisting of all these warm and positive feelings he has yet to meet and eventually embrace.

However, in case he falls for Bo Nui there’s a big chance he will feel betrayed once again after finding out that he’s being used for having been born in the year of the tiger, but that’s when her sister’s condition and, most and above all, Bo Nui’s potential feelings in the future will most likely do the talking. His caring attitude towards her supposed-to-be condition, the physical contacts’ electricity and Bo Nui occupying a part of his mind are things he couldn’t necessarily decipher at that point. Everything felt like an invasion of his mechanical world by unknown forces, but it’s only the beginning.

“Do you know what friends are for?
Friends stand up for you until the end of time no matter what you do.”


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Kwon Sang Seung

Kwon Sang Seung

elles viennent
autres et pareilles
avec chacune c'est autre et c'est pareille
avec chacune l'absence d'amour est autre
avec chacune l'absence d'amour est pareille
-Samuel Beckett-

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  1. June 12, 2016 at 6:04 pm — Reply

    Great fourth episode kwoncap. There’s a couple things you said in here that really stood out to me.

    First: “What she’s unaware of is that Bo Nui, who placed the talisman in Soo Ho’s office, has already started shyly awakening an aspect of himself that was in deep slumber; the world of emotions.”

    I like how you described Soo Ho’s emotions as being in deep slumber. I think the main reason for this is emotional self preservation. The last time he allowed himself to feel something (with Amy) he got really hurt and never fully recovered. The scars are still there… or dare I say wounds… because scars are evidence of past hurt, whereas wounds still have the initial sting.

    Second comment: “Soo Ho is like an artificial intelligence figure trying to understand emotions through unknown to him algorithms and responses to stimuli…”.

    Again, you speak of Soo Jo’s emotional state.. Or journey towards emotions. He does come across very robotic most of the time, but the internal emotional stir going on inside of him is real. Bo Nui is really getting to him. He’s trying to suppress the past with Amy. He’s not even fully aware that he’s simultaneously becoming more and more entangled and entranced by Bo Nui’s world.

    Your Guinea pig is getting more interesting, isn’t he?

    Looking forward to your thoughts on ep 5 and 6. It keeps getting better. I shall return here once you post. But if you pass me one writing 6, I’ll wait till I post mine before reading your thoughts.

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