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Love Song Episode 9 Recap

Recap  – Summary : Kohei tells Cheryl he will write the song for her, but in exchange he wants her to recommend Sakura’s song to her fans through social media.

He then goes back to the bar, where he apologizes to Sakura for missing her concert; Sakura is glad he came even if he was late, but Soraichi is angry that he seemingly prioritized his job over Sakura. Masamura informs Kohei about the slim chances of Sakura retaining her voice after the surgery.

At Sakura’s place, Soraichi tries to make a move on Sakura but after seeing that she’s reluctant, he pulls back.

Natsuki talks with Kohei about her sister, and tells him that he should stop regretting the day Haruno died, since Haruno was happy to work with him again.

The next day, at work, Kohei gives Sakura back her guitar tuner and she reveals that she would like to write another original song, after her surgery since it was really fun for her. Kohei decides that he wants to help Sakura before the surgery with the writing, and breaks off his collaboration with Cheryl.

Sakura finds out about the slim chances of retaining her voices through Masumura, and asks Soraichi to help her record a video for Mami in case everything goes wrong- Soraichi refuses, stating that she shouldn’t give up just yet. He instead, encourages to write down things she really wants to do before she gets the operation, and will help her do all of them. Sakura follows his advice, but she erases her last wish before Soraichi can see it.

Later, Kohei visits Sakura’s apartment as he wants to help her write an original song again, but Soraichi gets to him first and nearly kicks him out- Kohei tells him to relay his message to Sakura at least, and Soraichi says he will.

The next day, Sakura tells her boss about her upcoming surgery who then talks about it with Mami’s fiancee; Mami finds out about Sakura’s condition and is angry at Soraichi for not telling her. Soraichi replies that it was Sakura’s wish and she should try to understand her, instead of being pissed at her, since she’s in a very difficult situation, wanting to give the speech but also having to do the surgery.

Kohei asks Sakura what she has decided, but Sakura is confused- Kohei figures out that Soraichi hasn’t told her about his suggestion yet and doesn’t say anything further. Sakura asks him how working with Cheryl is, and Kohei says that he couldn’t work with her at all afterall, and stopped their collaboration.

Soraichi takes Sakura to an amusement park, a live comedy show and helps her do a live show in the streets per her wishes, she previously wrote down- after the day is nearly over, they go to a store to eat something, and they both listen to Sakura’s song playing on the radio; Cheryl did share Sakura’s song afterall through her Instagram, and Soraichi realizes that it was Kohei’s doing. He asks Sakura to wait for him right in the sport, as he rushes to Kohei’s apartment and asks him to help Sakura realize her last dream in her wishes-list; to write again an original song, that is.

Kohei goes to the place Sakura was supposed to wait for Soraichi, and asks her to make a song with him again; Sakura happily accepts, and they start working on it immediately. After many sessions together, Sakura’s new original song is ready- Soup.

After their work is done, Kohei offers to walk Sakura at her apartment, where Mami is waiting; she seems angry at Sakura initially, but soon reveals that she moved her wedding date just before Sakura’s operation date so she can give the speech. Mami invites Kohei to the wedding, as well.

Masamura is talking with his team about Sakura’s operation, while Sakura is giving her last live before the surgery.

Reflection Corner :

love song ラヴソング ep 9 0100006

This episode felt like the calm before the storm lol, and that scares me because I don’t want to see some bullshit where Sakura doesn’t survive the operation cause I will flip chairs. The preview certainly didn’t help, but since previews are misleading, I’m just gonna wait and see if my rage will become real by the finale! (it won’t, I’m sure…am I??!)

With that said, every character took a huge step forward and it was nice to see the banding-together in order to help Sakura.

love song ラヴソング ep 9 0100008

Soraichi put Sakura’s happiness first, and realized that some things he won’t be able to do for her only by himself, but that’s okay; asking Kohei’s help showed how much he cares for Sakura, and he was also right to point out to Mami, that she shouldn’t be mad at Sakura for not telling her. Instead, she should try getting in her shoes, which prompted Mami to change the wedding date and allow Sakura to fulfill the speech she has wanted for so long.

that whole scene was hilarious..he was like HOLD ON TO ME aaaand yh

that whole scene was hilarious..he was like HOLD ON TO ME aaaand yh

I am not sure if Kohei bluffed with Cheryl, and predicted that she would rec Sakura’s song to her followers anyway, despite turning her down; the certain thing is, he understood that being by Sakura’s side, especially in that crucial month, is something he shouldn’t miss and add up on that, Sakura’s wish to make another song and the duo is back strong together. They’re at their best when they support each other and make music happily, so “Soup” was bound to be born, quite fittingly!

love song ラヴソング ep 9 0100004

Now, the ending shot of the episode, with everyone being happy, is the same ending shot I want to see in the finale. Let us not burn the miles the characters have walked to reach their blissful place, okay? THANK YOU

love song ラヴソング ep 9 0100005

Onwards to episode 10 then!

disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang + huge thanks to heiwa @ DA (link in the footer sidebar)

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