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Omukae Desu Episode 7 Recap

Recap – Summary : Shinozaki tells Sachi to join his division, since the department she’s a part of now, will soon be disbanded, but Sachi sends him away.

Madoka’s parents are arguing since Ikuo was carrying a woman’s handkerchief on his pocket; Ikuo shrugs Yumiko’s worries off but he suddenly has a cardiac arrest; he is immediately rushed off to the hospital, where the doctors manage to stabilize his condition, but he experiences an out-of-body experience.

Madoka is able to see him, and asks Sachi’s advice on how he should proceed with his father- Nabeshima and Yazuko soon join the conversation, and Ikuo learns about all  Madoka’s “part-time” job.

Mayuri sees Chisato in the hospital, and she notifies Shinozaki; soon Chisato is “hunted down” by everyone, including Nabeshima but manages to escape after she possess Madoka’s body. She later apologizes to him for doing it without his permission, but Madoka states that he hasn’t realized that she will have to go away eventually.

Yumiko meets a mysterious woman wandering around Ikuo’s room and she finds out that it is Sayaka’s biological mother; Ikuo tells Madoka, that the handkerchief he had, belonged to Sayaka’s biological mother, who now wants to be part of her life, and he couldn’t tell that outright to Yumiko.

Sayaka overhears the conversation between her biological mother and Yumiko, and is unsure whether she wants to meet her real mother; after a conversation with Sachi who tells her that she should confirm her feelings, she contacts her biological mother and they meet in a restaurant; Madoka isn’t happy with Sachi’s interference but he follows his sister along with his father.

Sayaka’s biological mother, takes her to the place she abandoned her, and tells her that it was difficult back then to raise her that is why she left her alone with Ikuo; she wants to make up for lost time and offers her a life of luxury, as her husband is very rich. At that time, Yumiko is revealed to have followed Sayaka as well, because she didn’t want to see her hurt, but didn’t want to affect her desicion. Sayaka turns down her biological mother, saying that she has a family she cares a lot for and doesn’t want to be parted from them. Yumiko, Ikuo and Madoka are happy to hear that, but Ikuo soon realizes that the “cord” connecting him to his physical body has thinned out, and Yumiko gets a call from the hospital that her husband has gone into critical condition.

Everyone goes back to the hospital, and pray for Ikuo’s condition; Ikuo asks Madoka to possess him so he can have a few last words with Yumiko and Sayaka, but Madoka denies that, telling him to fight for his life and not give up. Chisato and Sachi watch from afar as Madoka and his family “urging” Ikuo to hang in there- upon seeing his family’s strong wish, Ikuo manages to get back to his body and wakes up.

Everyone’s happy about Ikuo getting better, and think their family is all the stronger through that obstacle they overcame- Sayaka thanks Sachi about her advice and Madoka apologizes to her for scolding her about that; Sachi tells him not to worry about it and later she reconciles with her mother, after telling her how lonely she feels when she’s out for work constantly, while her mother tells her she will take some time off.

The next day, Madoka decides to enter the rocket competition, whilst Sachi is ready to get discharged from the hospital; before she does that, Chisato informs her that she decided to pass through to the after world. Sachi is surprised at that, and asks her what will she do about Madoka, but their conversation is interrupted by Nabeshima who finally understands why it was so difficult to track Chisato down.


Reflection Corner :

omukae desu ep 7 0100047

Tsutsumi family on the house you all!

“Thanks to that, our family seems to be more than a family like before.”

So, there was no ghost this week, but the focus shifted in Madoka’s family and its “origins”; Madoka is Yumiko “real” son, while Sayaka is Ikuo’s “real” daughter. But, you don’t have to be blood related to love someone like family, and that was nicely presented in this heartwarming, familia-centric episode.

omukae desu ep 7 0100048

I found Sayaka’s curiosity quite understandable, since I get how she would have wanted to meet her mother and confirm for herself how she feels about it; Madoka and Yumiko following her (and failing respectively!) to make sure she won’t get hurt did make sense too, as well as Ikuo’s worry about his daughter.

But, things have a way of falling into place at times, and ultimately, Tsutsumi family’s bonds have always been very tight and they got through it even stronger than before. It was also nice to see, that all the things Yumiko, Sayaka and Madoka “said” to Ikuo to get him to fight some more, were regular, ordinary things; like, yeah, come back and keep fixing the shelves even if you make noise and a mess out of it! : )

omukae desu ep 7 0100055

Sachi’s advice to Sayaka was spot-on, cause sometimes you do need to find out things for yourself; it was nice to see her present in Madoka’s struggle to get back his father, even from the sidelines; that whole ordeal also pushed her to reveal her true feelings to her mother, and patching things up a bit.

omukae desu ep 7 0100056

BUT WHAT ABOUT THE ROMANCE YO. lol, well with two episodes left (well, technically 3 episodes, but if we cound the numbers it’s two) it looks like Chisato will get to bid farewell to Madoka confessing her feelings and Sachi (will she get possession ability as well? level up lol) will help her with that. Let’s see if that unconventional date will be an eye-opener for Madoka and Sachi.

Onwards to episode 8 then!

disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang only + huge thanks to carameltz (useful links in the footer sidebar)

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