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Omukae Desu Episode 6 Recap

Recap – Summary : Sachi is still not sure what to make of her newfound ability. Chisato spends her time happily in Madoka’s house, amused by his family antics.

She soon disappears though, as Nabeshima arrives to give Madoka his new “assignment”- Tatsuo, a man who doesn’t seem particularly sad he died but his only regret is that his much-loved baseball team he helped formed, will likely be disbanded; he asks Madoka’s help to volunteer himself so they can play, since they’re short in numbers. However, while Madoka wants to help, the youngest member of the baseball team, Shinnosuke, quits as well.

Tatsuo tells Madoka, that Shinnosuke used to watch him and the team from afar when they were practicing but never expressed any desire to join the team; Tatsuo understood that he wanted to play though, and invited him to join in, despite him not being that good in it. Tatsuo believes that Shinnosuke really wants to play, but is now scared, since he made a mistake in the game before he died, and the team didn’t manage to get their first victory.

Madoka talks with Sachi about the case, and she points out that the important thing is to find out how Shinnosuke truly feels about playing again; Kouta is recruited by Madoka to fill in for Shinnosuke while Nabeshima and Yuzuko are arguing again with Shinozaki.

After the dispute, they visit Sachi in the hospital who is unhappy with her father who wants her to meet a man he will take over the hospital in the future; Nabeshima cheers Madoka up and then has a flash memory of his old life.

Madoka, Chisato and Tatsuo notice that Shinnosuke is working part-time in the baseball batting center. On their way back, Chisato tells Madoka that he’s similar to Shinnosuke in the sense that they don’t voice their thoughts; Madoka tells her that she could say the same to her, since he still can’t understand why she turned down his offer to go and watch the meteor shower back in highschool. Chisato is both angry and sad that he can’t tell why that is.

The next day in the practice for their upcoming game, Tatsuo’s team is ridiculed by a rival, who also talks bad about Shinnosuke- Tatsuo gets into Madoka’s body and fights back before he gets out of Madoka’s body. Chisato arrives at that time, and tells both of them, that after Shinnosuke finished his part-time job, he practiced really hard for several hours. Tatsuo is now sure that he really likes playing baseball and later, Madoka visits Shinnosuke after work- he tells him that he should make his thoughts clear, otherwise people might not understand what he truly wants to do. He goes on about how he used to be similar to him, but lately, with the help from someone close to him, he learned the importance of trying to convey your feelings and do your best. Madoka reminds Shinnosuke that he still has a team that waits for him, and it’s up to him to show up for the next game.

The game day arrives, and Shinnosuke hasn’t appeared yet- Kouta gets hurt, and the game is all but finished since they can’t form a team with 8 players, but Shinnosuke arrives at that time, and tells his sister that he really wants to play baseball, even if he makes errors. Madoka with Tatsuo’s spirit within him, gives the right orders in Shinnosuke who makes a crucial catch and then Tatsuo gives the victory in his team, with Chisato’s help. Tatsuo’s team celebrate their first ever win and Tatsuo feels he can now rest in peace.

Madoka thanks Chisato for her help again, while Sachi manages to “sleepwalk” out of her body again, but is busted by Shinozaki.

Reflection Corner :

omukae desu ep 06 0100040

Tatsuo must have been the first ghost that knew EXACTLY what he was set out to do and didn’t beat around the bush; he wanted to get shit done and he did, lol. He might have come off a bit brash and cocky in the beginning (as Madoka noted but boy do appearances lie!) but he had his heart in the right place and couldn’t leave Shinnosuke behind- little guy, all he wanted to do, was play baseball. LET SHINNOSUKE PLAY BASEBALL ALRIGHT. Nice resolution, with the team cheering up for their first win and proving once again, that team spirit is unbeatable!

omukae desu ep 06 0100038

Well, Madoka is turning into a master “medium”, isn’t he? I guess Sachi’s constant caring-nagging (their interactions read MARRIED!) has rubbed off on him, as he, himself admitted. Despite Sachi being incapable of helping directly in the last cases, the fact remains, that Madoka constantly brings her up, and the effect she has had on him; poor Chisato, though, she envisions first hand how her old crush that was a bit robotic, is now slowly turning…well, not-robotic due to another girl! She has taken it well though (I mean, are there other choices though, she will be gone by the end of month!) and I wouldn’t be surprised if she ended up rooting for them in the end.

omukae desu ep 06 0100041

While Madoka’s feelings are becoming a bit clearer epi by epi, Sachi’s are still a bit in the dark- then again, they haven’t shared many scenes lately, so it makes sense.

Instead, the focus has shifted onto her newfound ability, that is confirmed to be some sort of clone-sleepwalking, and being able to touch ghosts within a certain radius. I suppose she will want to practice that on Nabeshima next episode, lol.

And speaking of Nabeshima, there was also a hint of his past life, related to a little girl carrying a rabbit toy, in some sort of thriller undertones. (or was that just me that thought it was creepy?) Brr, that doesn’t bode well for him, but we’ll see how that will play out. Yuzuko being a woman that no male could resist, made me lol though.

Onwards to episode 7 then!

disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang only + huge thanks to carameltz (useful links in the footer sidebar are your friends)

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