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Vampire Detective Episode 8 Recap

The backgrounds of our characters steadily come to the surface and it was doctor Hwang’s turn this time. The world of con artists and the one of the spirits get entangled in a maelstrom feasting on human pain for personal gain and our squad is here to shed utmost light on yet another case.

Vampire Detective Dramajjang Episode 8 Recap

“You’re not from this world, are you?
Did you come back from the dead?
Well, i guess it would be worth it
Since you’ll be meeting her soon.”


Case 8 – The Spirit’s Judgement


Yoon San was staring at his picture with Tae Woo and Yoo Jin and he wasn’t at his finest. Gyeo Wool noticed it and wanted to find the reason behind his morning sighs, but she didn’t receive a proper answer. Also, Yoon San hadn’t told her what he was doing while they were at the club.

In the meantime, Tae Woo became aware that Young Gwang wouldn’t reveal anything about the list and he urged his men to make him speak.

Jae Yeon was walking barefoot on the street and her feet had start bleeding while she was claiming that she was able to hear her father’s voice.

Doctor Hwang was working on a tattoo pre-sketch and Goo Hyung brought some food for Se Ra, but he was disheartened because she wasn’t there. She was attending a cooking class and Goo Hyung thought that he could teach her everything, but he kept ruining doctor Hwang’s appetite. He received a text from Se Ra and Goo Hyung’s mood was ruined even more, especially the moment he found out that Se Ra was texting first those she was interested in and she had never texted Goo Hyung first!

Doctor Hwang received a phone call and he had to rush to the hospital along with Goo Hyung. Jae Yeon didn’t remember anything, but she didn’t want doctor Hwang to take her back home because of their mother. Goo Hyung pointed out that doctor Hwang’s place would be too dangerous for her and they decided to take her to Goo Hyung’s uncle’s house.

Gyeo Wool was concerned about her presence at home, but Goo Hyung couldn’t act otherwise given the circumstances. Doctor Hwang reassured his sister that she could talk to him about anything bothering her and he found out that their mother was intending to get married. Suddenly, her father’s voice started driving her insane and their mother who was enraged appeared and wanted to take her back home. She was thinking that an exorcism was essential and doctor Hwang laid emphasis on the fact that she needed a doctor, but his mother had lost faith in doctors and accused doctor Hwang of having killed his own father.

Back in the days, his father who was suffering from cancer had arrived at the hospital in comatose condition after a ritual. Doctor Hwang’s mother had put all the blame on her son for her husband’s condition. Doctor Hwang was unable to save his father who passed away shortly after. Back at the present, doctor Hwang wouldn’t let Jae Yeon follow her mother and the man she wanted to marry who was none other than the exorcist who had performed the ritual on their father.

The exorcist appeared and stated that the house was full of ghosts and that Goo Hyung wasn’t the owner either. He pointed out that Yoon San looked like someone who should be wearing a uniform, but even though he didn’t do so at the present he would eventually wear it once again. He thought that Jae Yeon had been possessed by an evil spirit and that he should perform a ritual on her, but doctor Hwang would never believe in anything he had to say.

Jae Yeon started talking as if she was her father and pointed out that he was aware of their relationship while he was still alive and he wondered if they were intending to kill his own daughter after killing him. Jae Yeon eventually fainted and both the exorcist and her mother wanted to perform an exorcism on her. The exorcist would return with everything needed for the ritual and Doctor Hwang’s mother pointed out that they would be able to save Jae Yeon.

Doctor Hwang informed everyone that his mother had met exorcist Seol while she was praying at a temple and from a moment and on she had started trusting him blindly. His mother was negative on her husband having a surgery and doctor Hwang was regretting operating on him at all costs, but Yoon San told him that he shouldn’t regret it since he would had done the same in a like-minded situation. As for Jae Yeon, he was intending to protect his sister by any means necessary. Doctor Hwang wanted our squad to find out if she had been possessed by an evil spirit and they’d try to find a way to help him. Jae Yeon was in shock and kept drinking water, but doctor Hwang took her in his embrace and reassured her that he would treat her.

Our squad was disheartened, but Goo Hyung had an idea and called Kang Dong Il the blessed who used to be a gangster! He had been stabbed and during a defibrillator’s high-voltage shock a spirit entered his body! The moment to see Jae Yeon had arrived, but her voice was so low he couldn’t listen to her. Once he got closer to her she bit his ear and started talking to doctor Hwang as if she was her father. He was apologetic for causing his son so much pain and making him give up his dream as a doctor, but he reassured him that it wasn’t his fault. Shortly after, Jae Yeon fainted again.

The only thing Dong Il could say for now was that Jae Yeon wasn’t normal and Goo Hyung was questioning his powers! The exorcist returned and filled a room with talismans in order to get ready for the exorcism. The exorcist pointed out that the unhealthy souls were too many nowadays and that people like him should cleanse them, but Yoon San brought to the surface the amount of money he may be receiving for such services. He said that he was just receiving people’s sincerity and told Yoon San that he should get a talisman since his face was revealing something ominous, but Yoon San would never fall for such a trick.

Se Ra took care of Dong Il’s wound and he thought that meeting her was something divine and he wanted to get her number, but Goo Hyung put an end to his request whereas doctor Hwang’s mother was making fun of Dong Il. She had put all her trust in exorcist Seol and pointed out that he deserved to take her deceased husband’s place. Doctor Hwang’s tranquil yet truthful words  enraged her and she had started thinking that something was wrong with him. He wouldn’t let them proceed with the exorcism and his mother threatened him that she would take her own life if he would prevent them from treating her daughter. Doctor Hwang eventually agreed, but he would be present too and he warned the exorcist that he would kill him if anything wrong happened.

Se Ra thought that Dong Il’s poster looked cabaret-oriented, but Gyeo Wool pointed out that it was just ridiculous and Goo Hyung thought that he should have never trusted him. Gyeo Wool couldn’t find any information about exorcist Seol and Goo Hyung thought that he must be having lots of secrets. However, he had started believing that exorcist Seol had some powers due to everything he had said about the house and Yoon San, but Dong Il informed them that people like him had their own ways of eliciting important information through people.

The exorcism was progressing, but once he got closer to Jae Yeon she attacked him. As if she was her father, she wondered if he was trying to kill him again. She grabbed him by the neck, but the rest protected him and the ritual continued. Everyone was concerned about what was going on, but Goo Hyung urged them to stand still. Se Ra would stay at home to keep an eye on everything going on and they’d visit Dong Il’s friends. Exorcist Seol had tied Jae Yeon and kept urging the spirit to leave her body whereas she was insisting that she was her father talking through her. Once he started whipping her doctor Hwang intervened and put an end to her torment.

On their way out Yoon San noticed some blood on one of the car’s wheels and the driver stood in front of it. Yoon San’s ability showed him that someone had been hit by that car and while he was trying to change the subject in order not to look suspicious he found out that they would visit Maiden Buddhist Saint!

The shaman pointed out that Goo Hyung had a girlfriend, but once he thought that she was talking about Gyeo Wool he pushed her away! The shaman talked about a girl from the past he couldn’t forget and she stated that Yoon San had changed his occupation, but something good would happen soon. As for Gyeo Wool, the shaman said that she was sorrowful because of a man and she agreed while taking her brother into consideration. The shaman’s right-hand man and the shaman revealed a few of their generic yet main cards that always work and our squad had been convinced that exorcist Seol must had been deceiving people too! Yoon San and Goo Hyung would meet some of exorcist Seol’s clients and Goo Hyung would visit the theater Jae Yeon was working at. While they were leaving Yoon San noticed that someone was keeping an eye on them.

Goo Hyung arrived and he was eager to find out more information through a girl and Gyeo Wool informed Yoon San that exorcist Seol didn’t have a fraud record even though he had gotten lots of money. Yoon San started teasing her that she would look good as an exorcist and he noticed that the one who was keeping an eye on them was there too. They met one one of exorcist Seol’s clients to find out that her son was suffering from terminal cancer, but exorcist Seol had received lots of money after reassuring her that he would save him. Her son was against the ritual and exorcist Seol had warned them that something bad would happen to him if they wouldn’t chase away the evil spirit. As expected, a hit-and-run accident took place a few days later.

Goo Hyung found out that Jae Yeon was talking to herself and she was losing herself in tears. She had also told her colleague that she was hearing her father’s voice telling her that he had been murdered by exorcist Seol. He had made Jae Yeon’s mother believe that her son would harm his father and she took Jae Yeon away from the theater by force since she had put her trust in exorcist Seol.

Yoon San uncovered the man who was keeping an eye on them and he immobilized him with just one punch right after disarming him. They found out that he was a private investigator.

In the meantime, the exorcism was progressing and while exorcist Seol was grabbing Jae Yeon by her neck she fainted. Once she regained consciousness she urged doctor Hwang to stop blaming himself since he had done nothing wrong, but he had tried his best to save his father. Back in the days, his mother had directly accused doctor Hwang who was devastated whereas Jae Yeon was taking her brother’s side even though she was mourning for the loss of her father. At the present, Jae Yeon accused exorcist Seol once again and her hysterical laughter was echoing inside the room!

As expected, Detective Park was eating once again and he was making Goo Hyung believe that he had been possessed by a pig’s ghost! Goo Hyung was looking into the father’s death certificate and Yoon San informed him on the private investigator who was tailing them.

Exorcist Seol was enraged because nothing was flowing the way he wanted to and his men were waiting for his signal in order for him to poison Jae Yeon and take her out of the picture in the exact same way he had murdered her father.

Se Ra brought Jae Yeon some food and she was praising doctor Hwang who was like a brother to him. She also pointed out that he would do just anything for people he loved and Jae Yeon was feeling apologetic towards him. Once she started laughing hysterically Se Ra had to leave the room!

Doctor Hwang’s mother kept accusing him for everything, but once he reminded her that she was the one who wanted him to become a doctor in the place she pointed out that it was before she met exorcist Seol and left the room as she was unable to oppose his logical flow of thoughts. Exorcist Seol and his men arrived in order to perform the final ritual.

Yoon San wanted to find out more information about exorcist Seol but once the private investigator started hitting on Gyeo Wool she kicked his glass and taught him a lesson! Yoon San immobilized him anew and through his blood he could find out precious information. The private investigator was being monetized in order to gather information around exorcist Seol’s clients and Gyeo Wool unlocked his safe where he was keeping these files. Goo Hyung found out that Doctor Hwang’s father had left all of his money to Jae Yeon and everything became more specific.

Exorcist Seol’s men beat up doctor Hwang and left him unconscious. Se Ra managed to send a message to Goo Hyung, but he couldn’t decipher it and the private investigator pointed out that it was a plea for help. He thought that Jae Yeon would already be dead by now and Yoon San rushed to her aid after telling Goo Hyung to call Dong Il.

While the exorcism was progressing Jae Yeon lost consciousness once again. Goo Hyung informed Dong Il that he should act in the best possible way and once they entered the house they found exorcist Seol’s men. They had tied doctor Hwang and Se Ra and a fight erupted while exorcist Seol was getting ready for the final ritual. Yoon San took care of them one after the other like a boss and through the driver’s blood he saw the hit-and-run incident with more details. Good Hyung delivered some pain as well, but he couldn’t believe that the house had been damaged!

Exorcist Seol stated that Jae Yeon was an accomplice to her father’s death and he was trying to feed her poisoned rice, but Yoon San prevented him from doing so. Doctor Hwang treated him to a really good punch and freed his sister. It was Dong Il’s turn to enter the game. He named all the people who had died because of him and stated that they would haunt him.

Then he started talking in first person as if he was Jae Yeon’s father and she was apologetic while losing herself in tears. Exorcist Seol accused her of killing her own father. After witnessing him whipping her father her real target was exorcist Seol and that was the reason why she had poisoned his rice, but he fed it to her father after noticing what she had done. Doctor Hwang wanted to kill him with his own hands, but he prevented himself from doing so. Gyeo Wool showed exorcist Seol the private investigator’s reports and revealed what was going on. Back then, Jae Yeon had witnessed exorcist Seol kissing her mother whom she hated for using her father’s illness as an excuse to keep seeing that man. That was the reason why she had poisoned his rice, but she wasn’t expecting him to feed it to her father.

The candlelight became stronger and Dong Il started talking to her in the form of her father. He reassured her that he was fine and that he wouldn’t have survived anyway. He urged his son to stop being sad and he was apologetic for all the pain he had to go through. Their mother thought that Dong Il was acting but her deceased husband urged her to set her children free and reminded her his words (“I want to lie down in the sky”) the day he was diagnosed with cancer.

Jae Yeon kept losing herself in tears and she was overly apologetic since she kept considering herself responsible for her father’s death. Yoon San urged Dong Il to stop since everything had been revealed, but he asked Yoon San if he had come back from the dead and told him that he would meet her (Yoo Jin) soon. Dong Il returned to his senses and he was unaware of what had happened.


Tae Woo informed Yoo Jin that Young Gwang wouldn’t say anything and she pointed out that Yo Na wouldn’t stand still. She wanted him to stop everything he was up to since he had already done too much. He told her that it was all because of her, but she urged him to stop using her as an excuse and he informed her that Yoon San was still alive.

~ Thoughts ~


I like what the drama had been doing lately by presenting one figure’s background story per episode through intriguing cases and without neglecting the progress of the storyline. Vampire Detective could have easily left doctor Hwang on the outside in order for him to remain a deus ex machina figure, but it gave Kim Ki Moo the chance to shine through his heartfelt interpretation on a character that had much more depth than expected and i am grateful for that.


He knows the truth behind every drama nosebleed!

Truth be told, i was expecting the episode to begin with Yoon San rushing at the club to save his friends, but one could easily imagine it happening, especially after he saved Yo Na’s life as well. So it didn’t really bother me and i enjoyed the flow of the case to the fullest! After all, there was a reason behind the way the episode started since Yoon San didn’t want to reveal anything about what had happened in order not to worry his friends and he probably took care of the remaining details in the calmest possible way even though Gyeo Wool had sensed the vibes in the thick air.


The 8th episode’s case’s success was the outcome of proper teamwork since everyone played his/her own part in uncovering the whole truth. Yoon San is always one step ahead by following the trails of blood through his insightful stare, but he doesn’t overshadow his friends’ abilities that come to the surface whenever needed. Just because Yoon San becomes brighter at times it doesn’t mean that he can become an open book overnight even though his friends are sincerely concerned about anything bothering him. Goo Hyung knows him and he’s minimal when it comes to Yoon San’s personal matters, but Gyeo Wool is more straightforward and unaware of everything going on in Yoon San’s background story.


Yoon San’s wounds don’t cease existing, they just fall asleep for a while to awaken in full grandeur every time anything Yoo Jin/Tae Woo oriented takes place and Tae Woo’s presence at the end of the 7th episode was a brave yet hurtful step ahead for him. However, there’s nobody in this world who can go through suffering all alone by himself and Gyeo Wool reminding him that they were a team with all of them caring about one another was a hint that he should start opening his heart in order for them to be there for him in any way they can no matter how lonely his path may seem.


The 8th episode was nerve-wracking, engaging and rewarding in terms of feels at the same time. Nerve-wracking because of that deranged “mother,” engaging because it was keeping you at the edge of your seat while waiting to find out what will happen next and rewarding in terms of feels because of the actress behind Jae Yeon’s figure with her sudden hysterical outbursts and agonizing moments, Kim Ki Woo’s naturally heart-rending interpretation and the scene at the end of the episode where everything was revealed. Of course, there was humor too thanks to Dong Il the blessed, our squad’s reactions in front of the shaman and detective Park who had been possessed by the spirit of a pig! Vampire Detective presents effortless humor without feeling forced and soothes the audience before or after emotionally fortified scenes.


Everyone helped to solve the case with Goo Hyung letting Jae Yeon stay at “his” place, bringing Dong Il in the game to help our squad members realize how people like exorcist Seol “work” and eventually play his own part at the most crucial part of the episode, Gyeo Wool checking for possible information that could help them, unlocking the safe and owning that motherfucker’s face in such an exemplary way, Se Ra alarming our squad that everyone at the house was in danger and doctor Hwang enlightening our squad on the situation’s overall background properly and being there for his sister.


Things become even more interesting when we take Yoon San into consideration! Like the observant human calculator and insightful vampire he is he devised his own plan and managed to lure exorcist Seol into the trap by making him reveal his well-hidden secrets on his own; one after the other! After becoming aware of the hit-and-run incident he let the driver know of their next destination because he knew that someone would follow them. Once he managed to catch the personal investigator it felt as if they had entered a treasury of information and the seemingly faultless exorcist Seol’s faults came to the surface. Yoon San became the invisible puppeteer pulling the strings once the puzzle started becoming more apparent in his mind and all he needed was enough proof to solve the case!


Human suffering had always been the source of inspiration for many great works of art that require the artist’s “death” in order for him/her to be reborn from his/her ashes, but it is also a fertile ground for con artists willing to deceive those in pain in their hour of need for their personal benefit. In one hand, people need to believe in something when the world around them collapses and faith plays its own part. On the other hand, Vampire Detective’s 8th episode was presenting how easy it is for the “enlightened” deceiver to take the upper hand and perplex things accordingly, but also how easy it is to distort one’s reality until gaining utter control of one’s life when he/she’s vulnerable. Presenting a fake heaven and an imaginary solution is the first step that leads to one’s internal highway and gaining the trust is the turning point that offers the scepter to ruling one’s life. The greater the influence the greater the fall if the puppet awakens from its ravenous slumber.


After Tae Woo, it was Yoo Jin’s turn to make her first official appearance at the present in a more palpable way. We became aware that she didn’t agree with everything Tae Woo had been doing all along the way and we have yet to find out more about both of them; what he really did, why she decided to follow him even though she didn’t agree, etc. Yoo Jin finding out that Yoon San is still alive and Yoon San becoming aware of the prophecy that he would meet her soon are parameters that bring both of them closer to that uncertain crossroad, the one Yoon San is craving for, the one Yoo Jin should start taking into consideration.


As for the next episode, the preview reveals that it’s going to take place on the internet’s shady pathways and it’s probably going to be the episode in which Gyeo Wool will get her chance to shine since everything’s happening on her playground. According to the preview, there are people who get paid to get humiliated online in various ways and the father of a victim will ask our squad to solve the mystery behind his son’s death. Alright, let’s see what the next week’s episode will bring, i am more than ready!


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  1. lisa
    May 18, 2016 at 12:15 pm — Reply

    the mother & the priest were the creepiest characters i’ve seen for some time in a kdrama! eek they were evil! all three of our squad were on point this episode; my fave gw of course taking no prisoners, cooly executing that glass kick segued into an easy safecrack! loved how san had an equally perfect assist after the kick. they were so perfectly synchronized and neither batted an eyelash ^^

    i really love this show & wish it was american-like in that it ran for multiple seasons. they dynamic between the trio is very cool & engaging…i jump at this show as soon as it’s uploaded and thats saying something at 8 eps in.

    thanks for all the recaps kwon!

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