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Vampire Detective Episode 7 Recap

Yoon San is forced to pace with Yo Na’s flow and gets involved in a mission related to Yo Na’s past, the one when she was human, but also the one right after her transformation and the lingering feelings that never ceased existing.

Vampire Detective Dramajjang Episode 7 Recap

“Did you know?
There is a limit to a human’s sacrifice.
How unfortunate!”


Case 7 – The Client of the Nights


Ji Woong had been released and Yo Na’s right-hand man gave him a new passport and money in order to hide for the time being. Instead of a boat, Tae Woo (who was playing with his lighter the Vampire Prosecutor way) and his men arrived. The moment Ji Woong mentioned Yoo Jin a fight erupted, but he couldn’t beat Tae Woo. The knife would never be enough to bring him down since Tae Woo was a vampire and Ji Woong met his end by his own knife.

Se Ra, doctor Hwang, Gyeo Wool and Goo Hyung were having fun at the club and Goo Hyung thought that Yoon San had arranged this. Yoon San tried to explain that he wasn’t behind what was going on, but a woman prevented him from talking any further since there was someone who wanted to meet him. Gyeo Wool wondered if Yoon San had already found a girlfriend, but the one waiting for him was none other than Yo Na.

Yoon San started fighting with Yo Na’s right-hand man but she urged them to stop. She was willing to show him that he was just a hunting dog while she was his master. On their way out, Yoon San noticed weird figures inside the club and Yo Na told him that he would have to pace with her flow if he wanted his friends to remain safe. The moment he’d try anything to save them before finding the person she wanted him to his friends would die. Yoon San could only follow her orders from that point and on.

Yoon San reminded Yo Na that he was doing this because of his friends and under any other circumstances he would have already killed her. Yo Na (Eun Hye) stared at Young Gwang’s picture and we started diving into her past. Her mother wanted her to start liking Dal Soo who was staying at their boarding house, but she was waiting for the one who would look like Leslie Cheung! Young Gwang wanted to rent a room and Eun Hye was charmed by his looks.

Yoon San entered the storage facility of Daehan Liquors and he figured out that there was blood inside the bottles. A receipt would lead him to King’s Barber, but he was unable to catch the one who was tailing them. Tae Woo was informed on Yoon San and Yo Na’s moves and one of his men would be keeping an eye on them.

They visited King’s Barber and Yoon San asked about Young Gwang. A fight erupted and Yoon San took care of everyone. Yo Na’s high heel landed on the barber’s neck and Yoon San found more information through the barber’s cellphone.

Goo Hyung was dancing with a woman and Se Ra was jealous! She rushed to dance with him in order to show the other woman her real power! Gyeo Wool would never partake in a war that was never hers. Shortly after, Goo Hyung sat with them and Gyeo Wool kept trying to contact Yoon San but she was unable to do so.

Yoon San wanted to find out what would happen to Young Gwang but Yo Na urged him to care about his friends’ lives and informed him that someone was tailing them.

Back in the days, Young Gwang would take Eun Hye to college with his bicycle. He wanted to become a doctor and promised that he would take care of Eun Hye all along the way in case she got sick. Eun Hye was glad that he would become her doctor forever, but she wasn’t the only liking him since one of her friends, So Yeon, had been charmed by his looks.

Yoon San took care of the man who was tailing them and once his phone rang Yo Na answered it. She was well aware that she wasn’t the only one looking for Young Gwang, but once Yoon San wanted to find out what was going on she urged him to keep worrying about his friends. Yoon San stopped the car and grabbed Yo Na from the neck, but she pointed out that it wasn’t only about his friends’ lives. It was also about Young Gwang’s life and they’d have to find him before he’d end up dead.

They visited a woman and Yo Na noticed that she was drinking blood instead of wine. She wondered how many people Young Gwang had infected without telling her anything. Yoon San got a card that would lead them to a club named Nosferatu, but he would have to wait for Yo Na who was putting on her makeup.

Eun Hye was staring at a dress, but she couldn’t afford to buy it at that point. She informed So Yeon that she was intending to marry Young Gwang after graduating from college and that she would be the first person she’d invite to her wedding. She noticed Young Gwang and on their way back home she informed him on the dress she couldn’t buy, but he asked her about So Yeon. The next morning Eun Hye’s mood wasn’t at its finest, but it got ruined even more the moment So Yeon appeared while wearing the dress she wanted to buy! Eun Hye was all alone by herself and she was overly jealous, but Young Gwang kissed her on the lips.

Goo Hyung and Se Ra kept dancing and dancing and sitting on the sofa would never be an option! Gyeo Wool had noticed that something wasn’t feeling right. Inside the restroom she noticed blood on a woman’s hands and things became a bit tense. She urged everyone to leave with her but Se Ra’s dancing vibes would prevent her from taking them out of there. She tried to leave on her own but a woman stopped her and told her to wait until Yoon San would return. In case he did, it would be the best for everyone. Gyeo Wool noticed the club’s unearthly ambiance a bit more, but all she could do was to sit on the sofa.

Yo Na and Yoon San arrived at Nosferatu Club and Vampire Prosecuror’s Blood Club barman was there. Yo Na showed him Young Gwang’s picture but the barman informed them that he wasn’t there. Yoon San laid emphasis on the fact that they wanted to know if he knew him and the barman poured some blood in their glasses. He would help them if they’d find Min Tae Yeon (Vampire Prosecutor), a prosecutor who had disappeared 3 years ago. Yoon San promised they’d find him in order to get the barman’s help.

Back in the days, Eun Hye, her mother and Dal Soo had prepared a birthday cake and dinner and they were waiting for Young Gwang to arrive. Eun Hye heard a noise and she thought that Young Gwang was there. Shortly after, Young Gwang brought the dress Eun Hye desired to find out that Eun Hye, her mother and Dal Soo were bloodstained on the floor. He noticed the teeth marks on her neck and took her to the hospital, but shortly after Eun Hye was drinking another patient’s blood in order to quench her thirst. Young Gwang took her in his embrace and reassured her that everything would be fine.

Young Gwang kidnapped a woman and stabbed her. He gave her blood to Eun Hye who started drinking, but once she dropped the bottle on the floor she was apologetic. He urged her to stop being apologetic and she was regretting being alive since she would never want to live that way. He reassured her that her survival wasn’t her fault and he promised to always protect her. He kept taking blood from people in order for Eun Hye to quench her thirst, but one day she managed to escape.

He found her outdoors, drinking another man’s blood and she pointed out that she couldn’t stay locked inside that apartment any longer after ten years. She was desperately trying to blame someone for her condition and she didn’t want that person to be Young Gwang. She wanted to find out why he was protecting her, but at that point he killed the man Eun Hye was drinking blood from because Young Gwang would never let her kill someone.

He formed a gang that was bottling blood and one day she noticed that Young Gwang was looking exhausted, but it was just because he was human. Eun Hye reminded him that he had his chance to become like her, but it was something he had given up because she needed someone to help her during the day. Eun Hye wanted to kiss him but he prevented her from doing so and she wondered why he wouldn’t accept her since he was considering himself responsible for what had happened to her in the first place.

The moment she referred to herself as a monster he got enraged since he had become a monster as well, but because of her. Instead, he wanted to refer to everything going on as a sacrifice, but Eun Hye pointed out that there was a limit to a human’s sacrifice. Young Gwang told her that nothing in that world lasted forever and decided to leave. Once he returned he found Eun Hye making out with another man and she was enraged because it didn’t have the impact she desired.

Yoon San and Yo Na found Young Gwang who had aged and Yo Na took him in her embrace. She wanted him to follow her, but So Yeon appeared and urged her to leave Young Gwang out of her life once and for all. Yo Na wasn’t willing to compromise since she was considering Young Gwang her own. She wanted Young Gwang to choose between the two women, but even though he wanted to become her daylight in the first place he had decided to leave everything behind at that point. Yo Na reminded him of his promise that he would protect her until the very end, but he couldn’t live up to that anymore.

Young Gwang and So Yeon started leaving and Yo Na ordered Yoon San to kill So Yeon if he wanted to save his friends, but she was the one to eventually bite So Yeon. She urged Young Gwang to follow her once again, but he turned on the lights and he managed to escape with the help of Tae Woo’s gang. Yoon San protected Yo Na from the light with his jacket, but once he noticed Tae Woo he started running after him.

The time was passing at the club and Goo Hyung and Se Ra kept dancing while Gyeo Wool was still concerned and called Yoon San once again, but she couldn’t reach him on the phone. Tae Woo managed to escape and Yoon San was losing the world underneath his feet.

~ Thoughts ~


The 7th episode rated 0.769 which was the drama’s second worst ratings to date, but it doesn’t really matter since things become even more interesting with every passing episode. The previous episode focused on Goo Hyung’s background story and shed more light on his internal world. This time, the moment had arrived to dwell deeper into Yo Na’s psyche and the 7th episode was an insightful and humble retrospect of her life starting from her first year in college up to the present.


There were two faces of action throughout the episode. The first one was presented through the well-executed fight choreography and the second one was revealing its contours step by step by presenting Yo Na’s internal struggle throughout the years. The 7th episode was masterful in depicting all the intermediate steps that forged her eerie personality, but there were fragments of emotions amid the shadows that had surrounded her and there was a sense of sorrow and bitterness that was related to the life she didn’t have the chance to cherish.


Her ecstatic arrogance and disrespect towards the living derive from a flow of events that stole away her youth and threw her in the pits of darkness from such an early age. Let’s not forget that Eun Hye (Yo Na) transformed into a vampire during her first college year. It’s one step of major importance in one’s life and Eun Hye had her own dreams that were enriched by Young Gwang’s presence. She bade farewell her human nature in such an atrocious way while she was waiting for Young Gwang to celebrate with him.


Instead of a celebration she started crawling inside the corridors of blood and she wasn’t the only one who had been alienated by everything that happened. Young Gwang was directly affected and becoming her daylight meant that he should abolish a part of the human within in order to quench her thirst and prevent her from becoming a senseless predator. There were two essential factors that corroded their relationship once and for all: Eun Hye turning into a vampire and Young Gwang deciding to aid her by any means necessary.


Imagine her solitude behind four walls for ten years in a row and take into consideration the countless thoughts that must had crossed her mind while wondering how life would had been like had her transformation not taken place. Imagine everything Young Gwang did in order to quench her thirst in the least painful way for her. Imagine her desire to be with him and his internal pressure as he was in an ongoing war against himself in order to keep a promise he knew he wouldn’t be able to keep forever.


All these parameters,among others, delineate perfectly well Yo Na’s current personality, but they were also presenting the feelings that couldn’t die along with her human nature. It wasn’t only apparent because she wanted to find him before Tae Woo, it was also there the moment she was putting on make up in order to look pretty in front of Young Gwang for one more time; even if it could be the last one. Given the circumstances, it was a doomed relationship, but Yo Na was unable to let go and her feelings had turned into an ever-expanding core ready to explode anytime. It’s something that took place the moment she attacked So Yeon.


If she couldn’t be with Young Gwang then he shouldn’t be with anyone else either and her deprived of happiness and humanity world should be something he should inherit from her for the rest of his days in this world. Lee Chung Ah was exceptional in presenting Eun Hye/Yo Na’s different eras and great mood swings and i loved the wide variety of facial expressions that were parading one after the other before my very eyes within an hour’s time! I still want Yo Na and Yoon San to forget about everything and have vampire babies together!


Goo Hyung turning into a dance-machine after solving Soo Yeon’s murder case was enough proof that he had finally reconciled with himself and that the healing process of his wound had already started taking place. He even brought Se Ra’s jealousy to the surface, but to the extent of monopolizing his interest at all costs, especially on the dance floor! Gyeo Wool was overly worried about Yoon San’s excessive absence, but she eventually started worrying about everyone after noticing a few more things that didn’t feel right.


Yo Na weaved her web for one more time and showed Yoon San in a more palpable way that she’s the master and he’s the hunting dog. All she had to do was to force him cooperate with her in exchange for his friends’ safety, but only in case he’d succeed in time. Yoon San’s concerns about his friends were carved on Lee Joon’s face throughout the episode. Well, whenever we could see it because that goddamn hat was hiding his face quite often, but it was pacing perfectly well with Yoon San’s first shady operation far away from his fellow squad members.


The 7th episode was insightful to us when it comes to Yo Na’s background, but it was also insightful to Yoon San since he could see behind her ruthless mask by simply being the sane and observant Yoon San we all know. He was the voice of logic while Yo Na was a time bomb ready to explode any time and ruin the mission, but also condemn Yoon San’s friends. It was a war against time and Yo Na’s frenzy in the making and Yoon San wasn’t only able to counterweight her violent side up to the extent he could, he was also there to save her by covering her with his jacket. It was a weird but necessary co-existence balancing somewhere between life and death, logic and insanity, redemption and demise. Last but not least, even though Yoon San was being used by Yo Na he saw a light at the end of one of the many tunnels. Tae Woo’s presence rekindled his wound’s devouring flames along with the hope of seeing Yoo Jin once again.


I guess all of you enjoyed the Vampire Prosecutor references! The first one has to be the way Tae Woo was playing with the lighter, the second one was Blood Club’s barman’s presence and the third one was the moment he asked them to find Min Tae Yeon (Yeon Jeong Hun) in exchange for his help! Let’s hope that an extended cameo and a relevant case will come our way in the near future! Judging from the preview of the 8th episode it’s going to be exorcism oriented and we’re bound to witness all the mysteries hiding behind that case! I am more than ready to watch it and i guess the same applies to you as well!


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