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Omukae Desu Episode 3 Recap

Recap – Summary : While at class, Madoka encounters the ghost of Yajima Miki, a teacher that passed away recently but hasn’t crossed the other side because she’s worried about one of her students.

She leads Madoka and Sachi in one of the infamous neighborhoods where sometimes delinquents frequent, and they meet the student, Nakamura Ryo. Yajima mentions how he used to be a hardworking and kind-hearted student, but she doesn’t know why he’s getting himself into trouble.

Sachi wants to talk to him, but Yajima proposes that Madoka talks to him, since they’re both males of the same age and they might find common ground. Ryo is not up for chit-chat, but is impressed by Madoka’s strenght at darts; when someone tries to make a pass in Sachi, Ryo mocks him and a fight breaks out. After they manage to get themselves outside the bar, Madoka gives him a flyer for his Rocket Club in order to meet him again.

The shinigami council scolds Nabeshima as they feel he’s not pulling his weight, while Nabeshima tells Yuzuko that Shinozaki is up to something.

The next day, Sachi meets Nabeshima who’s on his way to cross a young man to the other side; she tries to get to talk to him about his past life, but Nabeshima notes that he doesn’t remember any of it; not that it matters anyway, since they’re from different worlds. Sachi argues that they could form a connection despite that, something that resonates within the man, who later runs away from Nabeshima’s bike and hides away so he can remain in the world a bit more.

Ryo visits Madoka at school and invites him to go out; Madoka informs Sachi that he will go alone, so she doesn’t have to go with him. Sachi returns to her gym class, where the young man she had met in Nabeshima’s bike, tells her that he decides to stay in the world, because of her words. He wants her to be his girlfriend for 49 days, but Sachi is not happy with this idea at all.

He follows her into her home, where Sachi’s mom tells her that her dad wants to meet her after all those years; Sachi tells Chisato (who has slapped away the young man who wouldn’t leave Sachi’s room) that she doesn’t want to meet her dad since he abandoned her when she was young.

Meanwhile, Ryo and Madoka enter a hosting club where they are supposed to entertain “older” women but Madoka manages to mess things up, and things become even eirder when Yajima possesses him, and asks Madoka why he’s behaving like this before he passes out and is carried home.

The next day, Sachi is again followed by the young man’s ghost and Nabeshima proposes that she dates him, as she has nothing to lose and since he’s busy nowadays that would make his job easier too; Sachi is furious with his suggestion and Madoka nearly announces that Sachi likes Nabeshima but she stops him; after Nabeshima leaves for his meeting, Sachi scolds Madoka for nearly spilling the beans, while Madoka thinks that she should consider if ghosts and humans could ever truly date. Sachi is positive they can, even if the problem of never touching arises. Yajima makes an off comment about being able to touch a human though after possessing Madoka which catches the young man’s ghost attention.

Back at her place, Sachi is still angry at Nabeshima for suggesting to date the ghost; Chitose says that sometimes men don’t have tact, as she recites her time with Madoka, and how they would go out often but he abruptly declared once that he could never be romantically with anyone- she never wanted to see him afterwards, but she now realizes that it wasn’t his fault, as she thought they were together on her own, without Madoka ever giving her a strong hint.

Madoka meets Ryo in the hosting club, where he’s rewarded as he brought the most money out of everyone the past week; that doesn’t sit well with some other members, and they accuse him is of having stolen someone a wallet from one of her members. Madoka defends him but the other side is ready to fight so they run away.

Ryo thanks Madoka for believing in him, as it has been a long time since someone did that; he remembers that it was a teacher that stood by hime and made him want to study hard and get into university- he had resolved in telling her that he liked her before he graduated, but she passed away. He wonders if she would be sad to see the way he turned out and says that he will change his ways and will try again to apply for university.

Madoka tells Yajima that she can now rest peacefully, but she leaves confused and she soon realizes that she will start turning into a black spirit; as Madoka is ready to follow her, the young man’s ghost possesses his body and calls Sachi to meet him, as he’s planning to kiss her. After she arrives, she realizes that Madoka is being weird and quickly catches up to the fact he’s being possessed; the ghost tries to corner her but Madoka fights her way through, as Madoka himself tries to break through as well. He ends up falling down the stairs and Sachi rushes to his side where she finds him unconscious.


Reflection Corner :

omukae desu ep 03 0100001

So this is the first case that will be dealt in more than one episode; we had two ghosts this week, so it makes sense.

First of all, yay for familiar guests – I was happy to see Nonami Maho (Akira was my fav chara in DameKoi!) as teacher Yajima Miki and Ryusei Ryo (first noticed him in Gomen ne Seishun) as Namakura Ryo, her student who fell for her. (btw, that ~flashy flowery~ outfit definitely passes in my fashion-book. ; p)

omukae desu ep 03 0100003

I was a bit confused in the end though, I mean Ryo did like her and she was the main reason why he studied hard to get into university, but..did she like him a bit too? (lol@ the comment about the “immoral drama of student-teacher” btw) Or was she confused after she heard him expressing his true thought in the rooftop? Either way, 49 days are nearly up for her, so that’s no good news.

omukae desu ep 03 0100006

Sachi has to deal with a stalker-misogynist ghost on her own, who initially hinted of wanting to connect with someone and that is why he ran away from handsome Nabeshima’s bike, but afterwards he showed his true colors. Not sure if he is gonna have a good-resolution-ending such as the ghosts from the previous cases, but we’ll see.

We also got a glimpse of Sachi’s family background (or rather, lack of) and how OBLIVIOUS Madoka could be when it came to human relations, through Chisato’s past narrations; (the good thing is, Madoka is still making progress on that aspect, as evidenced by the short friendship he formed with Ryo, too)

The problem here is, Chisato and Sachi are friends as well, so when the time comes (cause lbr it will come!) when Sachi and Madoka admit to liking each other, well..it’s gonna get ugly!

omukae desu ep 03 0100008

Onwards to episode 4 then!

disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang only + huge thanks to carameltz

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