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Moorim School Episode 15 Recap

Gradually, all the secrets get revealed and we find ourselves just one step before a family’s reunion after everything its members had to go through. However, the hunt for the Chintamani isn’t over and Soon Deok will find herself in the eye of the storm. The camps are being formed and the final confrontation awaits.

Moorim School Episode 15 Recap Dramajjang

“You can’t feel true happiness
Through someone else’s happiness.
Everybody will be unhappy in the end
Unless you become happy yourself.
So you should be happy.”


Chae Yoon arrived at Moorim Institute and Beop Gong greeted him. Shi Woo noticed that Chae Yoon was the man who had treated him while he was searching for Soon Deok. Chae Yoon was there to see Seon Ah and Beop Gong informed him that she had found out recently that Moo Song wasn’t her biological father. He became aware that Moorim Association was searching for the Chintamani key that was hidden somewhere inside Moorim Institute. All Chae Yoon wanted from him was to help him meet Seon Ah. In the meantime, Chi Ang was recalling Shi Woo and his father’s words and he was lost between the two opposing views.

Shi Woo appeared in front of Chae Yoon who remembered him. Shi Woo urged him to give Seon Ah some time before seeing her because she wasn’t at her finest and his sudden appearance would complicate things a bit more. Even though Beop Gong was enraged at Shi Woo for interfering Chae Yoon approved of Shi Woo’s request.

Shi Woo informed Seon Ah on the latest events and she could understand to a wider extent that her whole life was a lie. She didn’t know whether Moo Song’s words towards her were true or not and Shi Woo pointed out that the real answer was inside her heart since Moo Song had always been there for her.

Shi Woo informed Chae Yoon that it wouldn’t be a good idea for him to meet Seon Ah and he would wait until the right moment would arrive. However, Shi Woo was curious why he was there with Runa who was one of Sang Hae Group’s people and Chae Yoon became aware that Wang Hao had kidnapped Soon Deok because he had mistook her for Seon Ah. Shi Woo continued Wang Hao’s story in which Moo song was supposed to had set Chae Yoon’s house on fire before taking Seon Ah with him. Shi Woo laid emphasis on the fact that Moo Song was there to save Chae Yoon, but he was too late.

Shi Woo put his trust in Moo Song and Seon Ah appeared on the upper floor to stare at her biological father while recalling her conversation with Moo Song. She thought that she had understood pretty much everything about Moo Song, but she was unable to witness his stare and ask him for the truth. Seon Ah had already started doubting her own assumptions to the extent of hating herself. Shi Woo had also told Chae Yoon that Wang Hao was behind Juk Poong in order to acquire the Chintamani by any means necessary, but once Runa asked Chae Yoon what they had talked about he told her that Shi Woo was just concerned about Seon Ah.

Moo Song visited Bong San who revealed that he was at the flaming house 18 years ago and informed Moo Song that these men were after the Chintamani. All Moo Song wanted to find out was the truth concerning what had happened that night. Even though he had saved the child he couldn’t forget what had happened, but he recently found out that the child had been alive all this time and was attending Moorim Institute with Soon Deok. Moo Song became aware that Shi Woo was the child Bong San had saved from the fire. Moo Song urged him to keep the secret to himself because these people had already started searching for the boy and were keeping an eye on Bong San.

Chi Ang had to return to Shanghai, but he warned Wang Hao’s right-hand man that he wouldn’t stand still in case he kidnapped Soon Deok again.

Seon Ah was staring at the picture of Moo Song, Chae Yoon and her mother and in case she’d see Moo Song again she wouldn’t like him to witness her being sad. She would also like to ask her father why he was with Sang Hae Group’s people while at the same time she couldn’t hold back her tears while referring to Moo Song as her father.

The new teacher had also brought her own students who were training with Moorim Institute’s students and Jenny got hurt. It was Sang Man’s turn, but Shi Woo took his place and started fighting without a weapon. Shi Woo kept evading the attacks and put an end to the fight shortly after. He informed the teacher that she had been wrong all along the way since everything they had learned in Moorim Institute had nothing to do with fearing power and weapons. He pointed out that she was trying to oppress people by any means necessary in order to gain more power, but he wanted to harm her in the exact same way and the way. However, feeling like that was the only thing he was afraid of. This was Shi Woo’s final warning since he didn’t want to keep seeing his friends getting hurt. Seon Ah was witnessing what was going on and she was proud of him.

Moo Song visited the chairman of Moorim Association who was well aware that Wang Hao had been taking care of Chae Yoon all this time. The chairman pointed out that if Chae Yoon was on the same side as Wang Hao something terrible could happen, but Moo Song wanted to meet Chae Yoon in order to reveal the whole truth. The chairman needed information concerning Chae Yoon’s son and the Chintamani key in order for Moorim Association to succeed, but Moo Song wasn’t after success. He didn’t want anyone to get hurt, but Moo Song eventually revealed that Shi Woo was Chae Yoon’s son. The chairman urged him to remain cautious for a while until he would arrange a meeting with Chae Yoon.


Chi Ang returned to Shanghai and he recalled Soon Deok’s words. He wanted to know the whole truth from his father. Wang Hao showed Chi Ang one of the Chintamani key parts and pointed out that the one Seon Ah possessed should be in Moo Song’s hands for the time being whereas the third one would be in Chae Yoon’s son’s possession. That was the reason why Chi Ang was sent to Moorim Institute and Wang Hao pointed out that if Chi Ang wasn’t willing to cooperate then he would be useless to him. He kept believing in Chi Ang and reminded him of his promise. All Chi Ang wanted to know was the truth because he was desperate and he reminded his father the way he had raised him, like a child that would become a lion cub to survive if he was all alone in the jungle.

Chi Ang wondered what would happen to himself and his mother if he wasn’t willing to follow his father’s orders and Wang Hao told him that he should succeed at all costs for his family’s well-being. He was willing to bring Chi Ang’s mother at his mansion right away in order to prove his good intentions and he pointed out that he wasn’t behind what had happened 18 years ago since he wasn’t aware of Chintamani’s existence back then. Chi Ang revealed that he loved Soon Deok whom he didn’t intend to abandon like his father did to his wife. Wang Hao laid emphasis on the fact that people who were happy weren’t able to possess power because they were being overrun by their feelings and he reminded Chi Ang that he wanted to become stronger.

Bong San informed Soon Deok that losing his sight was related to Shi Woo. Even though he wanted the Chintamani he ended up saving the boy, but he had left the child in the woods and had ran away to save his life. Losing his sight after being attacked was something he acknowledged as his punishment for abandoning the boy, but he was relieved to find out that the child was alive and well. Soon Deok found out that he was referring to Shi Woo and her father couldn’t hide the truth from her because he was well aware that she loved him. Soon Deok was losing herself in tears as she couldn’t believe that Shi Woo had to suffer because of her father who had abandoned him, but her father had to survive for her and Soon Deok put all the blame on herself.

Shi Woo was at the bell tower armory and Seon Ah went to meet him. She was thankful and apologetic at the same time, but he was the one who was truly thankful because she went out of her room.

Shi Woo was feeling uneasy in his sleep and Soon Deok entered his room and caressed him while telling him that she was there because he had called her. He was well aware it was a dream, but he was glad seeing her. She took him in her embrace and urged him to stop having nightmares, but she was also apologetic for everything that happened to him because of her. Shi Woo woke up in his empty room.

Wang Hao became aware that Chi Ang had returned to Korea and the way things would progress would be up to him. He wanted his right-hand man to assist Chi Ang, especially now that Wang Hao had made sure that his son wouldn’t step away from his mission. He received a phone call and Wang Hao’s return to Korean was unavoidable. Chi Ang had the Chintamani key part with him.

The students were happy seeing Seon Ah out of her room once again and Choi Ho who had returned was apologetic towards her about Moo Song. A moment of unity had arrived now that the finest student of Moorim Institute had returned!

Seon Ah found a letter from Soon Deok and she rushed to meet Shi Woo. It was her only way to tell them everything and Shi Woo and Seon Ah found out that they were siblings while Soon Deok was deeply apologetic as well. Shi Woo and Seon Ah couldn’t believe what was going on whereas Soon Deok was on a bus. Seon Ah put her memories alongside Shi Woo’s and everything was making more sense since both of them had survived from the same fire and the melody she was playing on the piano was the lullaby their mother was singing for them. Seon Ah was also the one to had brought him at Moorim Institute and she pointed out that they should take things slowly from that moment and on.

In the meantime, Chi Ang was losing his mind since he couldn’t decide what he should do. Shi Woo was recalling a wide variety of memories related to his past and the Chintamani, but once he recalled Chi Ang’s words that his father was capable of anything to acquire what he wanted he started running. Moo Song followed the men from Moorim Association whereas Chae Yoon was sleeping inside Runa’s car. She received a phone call and Chae Yoon pretended that he would stay behind to get some rest, but he started following her. He received a phone call from the chairman who wanted to talk to him about something that should be kept as a secret.

Chi Ang was glad that his mother was invited to China by his father and he reassured her that everything was fine. She would return to China first and Chi Ang urged her to think of the times they’ll spend together once he comes back. He was curious if she would be really happy moving in his father’s house and all that mattered to her was the fact that Chi Ang would join her soon. After the phone call reached the end Chi Ang was losing his mind as he kept wondering if he should keep his promise to his father.

Shi Woo went to Soon Deok’s house to find out that nobody was there and he recalled the moment he told her that they would never break up, but he wondered why he was so sure about his feelings when he had uttered these words. Suddenly, everything was feeling so uncertain and he couldn’t believe that the moment he had told her he loved was something that would eventually make her leave.

Wang Hao was nearby and once he was informed that Moo Song had arrived the doors were locked and Wang Hao’s men appeared. Eventually, the chairman arrived as well. Chae Yoon recalled his conversations with the chairman now and then and the face he had witnessed back then was the chairman’s. The chairman was the one who had planted the seeds of mistrust towards Moo Song. When the chairman was on his deathbed Wang Hao had visited him while being aware that he was behind Juk Poong. He was intending to heal him with the Chintamani and all he wanted back then was for the chairman to give him the key part he had in his possession. Wang Hao wanted to find out where the last key part was and the chairman reassured him that Chae Yoon wouldn’t appear because he would be waiting for him inside his office.

Moo Song was fighting Wang Hao’s men, but Seon Ah and Shi Woo’s faces were filling him with courage. Runa entered the game and when things were about to be over Chae Yoon appeared to defend him. The moment Runa tried to stab Chae Yoon, Moo Song shielded him with his body and got stabbed instead of his friend. Chae Yoon paid Runa back in her own coin and helped Moo Song who was apologetic for not protecting him the way he just did. Moo Song informed him that Shi Woo was his son who was alive and well and Moo Song was glad that he had taken after Chae Yoon. Moo Song told Chae Yoon that the other piece was inside the school.

Seon Ah was recalling her conversations with Shi Woo which were Chintamani oriented. She noticed the seal’s magical energy coming out of Moorim Institute’s emblem on the floor and wondered if something bad had happened to her father. Wang Hao was informed that Moo Song was missing and Wang Hao was enraged. The chairman informed Beop Gong that Shi Woo was Chae Yoon’s son and shortly after Wang Hao’s right-hand man pointed out that Moo Song and Chae Yoon were nowhere to be found.

Chi Ang met his mother at the airport and he couldn’t follow her right away because of his promise to his father, but he urged her to stop worrying. He wanted to find out if she would be happy living with his father and she was apologetic towards him for asking her if she was fine all these years. She urged him to be happy since he would never feel happiness through someone else’s happiness and she took him in her embrace.

Shi Woo was inside Soon Deok’s empty house and Wang Hao informed Chi Ang that Shi Woo was Chae Yoon’s son who had the last key part in his possession. Chi Ang recalled the pendant Shi Woo was wearing around his neck and the fact that he had given it to Soon Deok. He reassured his father that he would bring him the last key part but things had just become even more difficult for Chi Ang.

Beop Gong was losing his mind searching inside Shi Woo’s room and he wanted Seon Ah to tell him where Shi Woo and the Chintamani were. He told her that Shi Woo was her brother and Seon Ah warned him that she wouldn’t let him ruin Moorim Institute to a wider extent. Choi Ho informed everyone that Moo Song had returned and he wasn’t alone since Chae Yoon was holding him. Beop Gong couldn’t believe what was going on and one of the teacher’s underlings tried to assassinate Moo Song but Chae Yoon pushed him away with his magical ability.

Chi Ang was recalling Shi Woo’s words that Soon Deok was the whole world for him and even though he wasn’t certain if he would be able to make her happy he was happy being with her in the world they were living in. Chi Ang arrived at Soon Deok’s house to find out that only Shi Woo was there. He became aware that Soon Deok had left and he asked Shi Woo if the pendant he had given her was the Chintamani key part.

Chi Ang pointed out that he knew pretty much everything and he accused Shi Woo for putting Soon Deok in danger, but Shi Woo pointed out that Chi Ang had no right to say something like that. Shi Woo laid emphasis on the fact that he would punish anyone who would hurt Soon Deok even if that someone was his friend, but Chi Ang told him that their friendship was no longer valid.


~ Thoughts ~


The 15th episode presented the drama’s second worst ratings to date for the 2nd time in a row as it rated 2.8%. Even though it wasn’t embraced in Korea, Moorim School managed to become the guilty pleasure of many drama addicts around the world. Moorim School’s captivating vibes kept resonating throughout the whole duration of the episode with suspense, revelations, intense feels and a cliffhanger that was declaring the explosive aura of the forthcoming episode that would close the drama’s curtains.


Setting aside our characters’ concerns in solitude, the 15th episode’s dynamics shone through the distinctive duets that made their appearance on screen.

  • Shi Woo asking Chae Yoon to give Seon Ah some time, but also defending Moo Song and shedding more light on what had happened in the past
  • Shi Woo urging Seon Ah to look deep into her heart in order to find the answers to the questions that kept tearing her apart
  • Bong San informing Moo Song that Shi Woo was Chae Yoon’s son, Seon Ah’s brother
  • Chi Ang longing for the truth and Wang Hao manipulating him all along the way by using his weaknesses
  • Soon Deok finding out the background story between her father and Shi Woo and eventually putting all the blame on herself
  • Shi Woo and Seon Ah’s arch puzzlement but mutual encouragement after Soon Deok’s letter revealed their deeper bonds
  • Chi Ang caring about his mother’s well-being whereas Baek Ji was urging him to find his own happiness if he wanted others around him to be happy
  • Moo Song and Chae Yoon defending one another and talking like friends after so many years and misunderstandings
  • Chi Ang and Shi Woo’s verbal confrontation as a sign of things to come


The 15th episode didn’t leave behind unanswered questions. On the contrary, it put together all the pieces of the puzzle when it comes to everyone’s background stories. All that remains is to witness the final confrontation between Moorim Institute’s virtuous beliefs and Moorim Association and Sang Hae Group’s shady approaches with the Chintamani remaining the item of interest. The first ones want to protect it whereas the second ones want to use it to benefit themselves by any means necessary and in the most effortless way.


Seon Ah coming out of her bedroom which had transformed itself into a cage that was keeping her soul enchained was a glimpse of her renewal and Shi Woo played his own part with his mind-awakening and insightful approach. Moo Song had been a paternal figure for her throughout the years and protected her in any way he could because he was deeply aware of the dangers that were waiting for her outside of Moorim Institute which was her whole world. It was the only place she had ever known after Moo Song saved her by putting his life on the line for his friend’s daughter. Moorim Institute may had felt like a prison to her at times, but most and above all it was a veil of love and caring on Moo Song’s behalf.


While Moo Song was waiting for the right moment to reveal the whole truth Seon Ah had started losing herself in the poisonous words that were surrounding Moo Song’s name and the only world she ever knew had been shattered in a blink of an eye. Her devastation was something logical since the tremendous amounts of pain she had received had clouded her mind and all the lies she had heard had shocked her to the extent of having a deeper impact than Moo Song’s stare which was pleading for understanding. Seon Ah was able to restore the fragile balance deep within and she could see Moo Song once again as the paternal figure she always knew while still searching the courage that would lead her in front of her biological father; Chae Yoon.


I was really hoping that Chi Ang wouldn’t surrender to his father’s shady ambitions, but his character appeared gullible, frivolous and directionless. There were countless signs throughout the previous episodes that were betraying his father’s real nature, but Chi Ang kept refusing to see them even though they were more than apparent. He denied the opinions of many people that were sincerely caring for his well-being and he chose to remain in the sphere of influence of that one person he shouldn’t have kept following. It is true that a part of himself kept fighting back the person he had become. However, it felt as if he wasn’t really looking for the one and only truth, but he was longing for his father’s excuses to sound like the truth that would justify everything he had in mind.


Wang Hao certainly manipulated him by fueling the fire with cards we were already aware of; his mother acquiring the position she deserved by Wang Hao’s side and Chi Ang becoming as strong as his father. The way i see it, Chi Ang appeared as if he wanted to be used by his father in order to please his sickening obsession which was no other than having Soon Deok by his side by any means necessary and without taking into consideration her own heart and point of view. Power and happiness don’t walk hand in hand and Wang Hao’s words that people who were happy couldn’t posses power  because they were being overrun by their feelings were quite wise despite the fact that he used them to make Chi Ang focus more on what he should do.


Who really cares about power when he’s happy and self-sufficient? Nobody. Chi Ang was neither happy nor self-sufficient and the fact that he kept nurturing his sickening and groundless obsession was making him lean towards the direction of obtaining more power because he thought he would have everything even though his life would be empty. He was also unaffected by his mother’s heartfelt words that he should find his own happiness if he wanted others around him (including herself) to be happy. Not for the others’ sake, but for himself because the positive vibes he would start evoking would also affect others in a like-minded way. Chi Ang chose to remain blind and he demolished any sane bridges that were connecting him to the reality he should start living in instead of the imaginary and senseless world he was constructing in the shadow of his father.


Just like Seon Ah’s mind had been clouded by the lies she had heard about Moo Song the same applied to Soon Deok the moment she found out that her father had saved but abandoned Shi Woo in order to remain alive for her sake. Soon Deok putting all the blame on herself was a moment in which noble idiocy made its appearance, but the truth she had heard wasn’t less shocking to be honest. Everything going on lately and the fact that she had left Shi Woo and Moorim Institute behind had overburdened her and everything her father revealed was the icing on her doleful cake. I have to admit that i laughed a lot the moment she was in tears and asked her father why he hadn’t returned to take Shi Woo with him because i was like “knock knock, he had lost his sight, hello?!” but that’s another part of the story.


Just a few scenes before Soon Deok’s letter would arrive the emotional ambiance was already fortified. Shi Woo was craving for her presence in his life and even though she couldn’t be there for him in real time she visited him in the dreamworld where everything’s possible. I had read somewhere that if you see something in your dream which had traces of reality, especially if it was something you wanted so badly to happen, then the opposite would come your way and this is what happened in this occasion because Soon Deok had decided to leave after apologizing and revealing Shi Woo and Seon Ah’s deeper bonds through the letter.


Everything related to the past that had appeared as a coincidence had become their common memories in a more palpable way. Seon Ah bringing Shi Woo at Moorim Institute was just the awakening of the fact that they were sharing something deeper than they’d ever expect. Everything was gradually reaching completion, but something was missing and Soon Deok’s absence the moment Shi Woo went to her house preserved the incompleteness of the moment as he kept reminiscing the promises he couldn’t live up to at the present.


Shi Woo protecting his friends and delivering all the necessary vibes to the new teacher, Choi Ho returning to Moorim Institute and everyone surrounding Seon Ah with love, Chae Yoon protecting Moo Song who eventually shielded him with his own body, Seon Ah declaring that she wouldn’t let Beop Gong ruin Moorim Institute even more and Chae Yoon preventing Moo Song’s assassination in front of everyone’s eyes while Shi Woo was in search of Soon Deok were a miniature of the greater picture; strength through unity. The forces of Moorim Institute along with everything it kept teaching and preserved all along the way were finding their way back home to protect everything that was dear to them and secure the Chintamani from all the impure hands that were shivering in ecstasy even at the thought of getting closer to it.


Chi Ang kept preserving his senseless flow of thoughts and put all the blame on Shi Woo now that Soon Deok was about to find herself in danger due to the Chintamani key part, but he was refusing to see the one and only truth that the ones who were putting Soon Deok in danger were no other than Sang Hae Group, Moorim Association and eventually himself. Acting as a savior while he was nothing more than his father’s most well-trained hunting dog was something that enraged me since he didn’t intend to step back after denouncing his friendship with Shi Woo. On the other side of the fence, Shi Woo kept preserving his love for Soon Deok while still thinking of Chi Ang as a friend, but without this meaning that he wouldn’t go against him in case something were to happen to Soon Deok. Shi Woo had always been specific about his feelings towards everyone whereas Chi Ang was always being seduced by his obsessions that were making him follow the strongest wind that was scattering his personality. Alright, the time to watch the 16th episode has arrived!


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