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Love Song Episode 3

Recap – Summary : Sakura and Kohei practice together in the bar, but she feels out of her depth- Kohei picks up that she’s nervous and manages to make her feel relaxed, after they discuss about various topics, such as where Sakura was born, her favorite baseball team and about Mami.

Sakura asks Kohei if he’s married, and she is happy when he’s negative. After a call from his work comes through, Kohei leaves Sakura alone in order to answer it, and by the time he returns he’s glad to find her playing on her own.

Back in the apartment, Mami who had earlier went to shop for her wedding ring and saw Kohei and Sakura together, indirectly asks Sakura about it, and Sakura lets both her and Soraichi know, that Kohei has been helping her with an upcoming stage she’s planning to participate.

Natsuki warns Kohei to keep a certain distance from Sakura, as he’s been spending a lot of time together with her, and he should be a professional. Kohei notes that Sakura is not his client, and she was the one who proposed the idea for the open mic in the first place.

The next day, Sakura in a happy mood visits Natsuki’s office and they have a chit-chat about whom they have taken a liking at the moment. Natsuki deduces that Sakura has feeling for Kohei, and tells her that it’s natural she feels this way, as a lot of people end up relying too much on their therapists; that feeling will go away eventually, though. Sakura is unsure about that, but when Natsuki tells her that Kohei would be troubled by her feelings, she states that she actually likes younger guys and what she’s feeling right now will go away.

Kohei discusses with his patient in the hospital about right and wrong, while Mami accidentally sees the pages that Sakura had checked earlier on her laptop, about patients falling for their therapists.

Kohei and Sakura keep on practicing their songs, and he picks a guitar for her so she can practice on her own as well. In the bar, the owner advises Sakura not to hesitate while singing, and she should picture the one person she wants to sing the song to, and everything will become easier. He notes how that is something the previous vocalist used to say; Sakura asks Kohei if he does the same thing when he’s playing the guitar, and Kohei admits that it’s something along those lines as well for him.

Sakura returns to her apartment, and Soraichi notices that she has a new guitar; he asks her about what happened to his own guitar and they end up arguing about her going to the stage and if that will really help her. Soraichi meets the woman from his work who treats him to a meal, and then tells him that she can find him a job that could possibly offer him a lot of money, depending on his performance.

Sakura visits Natsuki’s office to practice together with Kohei and her, but feels a bit odd when both of them show off to each other musically and end up improvising without paying much attention to Sakura. Kohei admits that they shouldn’t have gone on their own like this, and tells Sakura to begin anew, but Sakura replies that they sounded great together, shrugging off what happened, but she’s visibly unsettled.

The stage mic day arrives, and Sakura feels nervous- as everyone arrives, including both Mami and Soraichi, Sakura asks Kohei if they can go out for a bit. Kohei takes her to the roof, where Sakura lights up a cigarette to help her with her anxiety. She asks Kohei if it would be alright to think about him while singing, since that will help her to move forward to doing the speech in Mami’s wedding and continue the sessions with Natsuki. She won’t ask him to play the guitar if he doesn’t want to, so this might be their last time working together. Kohei thinks her words for a bit, and replies that it’s alright for her to do that, and he will be thinking about her when he plays the guitar- he then urges her to go on and play together.

Both of them work great together, and Sakura’s singing moves everyone; before she sings her favorite 500 miles, she stumbles a bit on her words in announcing it, and Kohei helps her to deliver what she wants to say through his guitar- she delivers 500 miles greatly, and the audience applauds her. Sakura is overwhelmed by the support and tells Kohei she wants to sing another song for the encore, but Kohei unplugs the guitar and leaves her on her own.

Sakura is devastated and quickly heads to the bathroom where she ends up crying, while Kohei has already left the place; on the bus back to their place, Natsuki tells Kohei that should have let Sakura have an encore, but he’s adamant that he’s officially retired as of tonight.

The woman who has been recording Sakura’s singing in the bar earlier, is revealed to be working in a record label company and remarks to her colleagues how she found something worthy to report to them later.


Reflection Corner :

love song ep 03 001


love song ep 03 00100006

I mean, why wouldn’t he want to give her the encore? Like, it doesn’t make sense. Was he overwhelmed from the memories creeping in his head, regarding a similar scenario he shared with Haruno once? He had already played several songs, he simply had to play one more, biggie.

“I wonder if the direction of the wind has changed?”

love song ep 03 00100007

So much for his own line, coming full circle with the (literally!) wind blowing in his side, when he was standing with Sakura on the roof. Maybe the direction did change afterall, but he made sure to send the direction and the wind to hell in the end!

love song ep 03 00100009

Before he chickened out last-minute though, Kohei was a great rock for Sakura this episode- he helped her by giving her space to open up to him (she loves The Carp!), he kept assisting her with the song chords and even picked out a guitar for her…you know, all those things that make “Love Transference” go around? Or maybe, it is not Love Transference afterall? According to Natsuki, it’s gotta be that. I was a bit confused at that part, because, well…feeling needed and accepted (much as Sakura feels when she’s with Kohei) constitutes a large part of why one might potentially like/love someone who make them feel that way, right? Why can’t it simply be love, and has to be Love Transference? Kohei is not even her therapist right now, he acts more like a friend/confidant, so technically, that doesn’t apply to Sakura.

love song ep 03 00100008

I felt like Natsuki went out of her way on that one, (making such an early statement-diagnosis) wanting to protect Sakura (though, flat out telling her that “Kohei is worried about you cause it’s his job” is eeeer) but also because she might be feeling a spark of jealousy/reliving the same situation she did with her older sister? I was baffled by her behavior in this episode, because she nagged Kohei in the beginning about him getting up on stage again, when earlier she wanted him to try again. But in the end, she seemed disappointed by his apparent resignation so, I don’t know.

love song ep 03 00100004

Soraichi is still over-protective of Sakura, and seems like next episode he’s gonna go full mode on that front- his remark about wanting to eat something nice with a “special friend” of his, while he was out with that older woman (why do I have a feeling she will offer him a gigolo position or smth?) in that small food place, indicates he might be harboring some feelings for Sakura, so there’s that too.

love song ep 03 00100003

His proud face with Mami when seeing Sakura singing up on that stage though = PRICELESS <3

tagline - LIFE.

tagline – LIFE.

Oh Sakura, just like you carried your motorcycle home alone, it seems like you will have to carry your own burdens alone as well, because GUESS WHAT NOBODY’S GONNA HELP YOU, LIFE’S A BITCH AND KOHEI SUCKS. No wait, lol, life’s not a bitch (most of the time!) and Kohei doesn’t suck- well, most of the time as well! (I’m still mad at him, yeah)

love song ep 03 00100013

Positive of the episode : she found her calling, for real this time- singing her heart out and forgetting about all the troubles and hardships. Her ecstatic expression when she was done singing and everybody applauded her, was very much telling. She didn’t want to sing more because the audience cheered for her- sure, that was a bonus, because everybody likes to be acknowledged and all that of course- but she wanted to keep on singing, because that brought her complete happiness and joy.

Sadly, for now she has to depend on Kohei who unplugged his guitar in the end, just like he unplugged the battery on her heart, too. Amazing how mere seconds can make such a difference and yet not so much; her world did change when she sang for a few seconds, but it all came undone ultimately.

love song ep 03 00100012

Kohei you got a responsibility now- it’s not all about you and your inability to let go of the past. You showed Sakura a dream, your showed yourself a dream, you better keep that up until the end, cause you got a record deal to sign and you know that everybody will align to listen to your guitar harmonizing with Sakura’s voice. SO GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER and chop chop, you know what to do!

Onwards to episode 4!

disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang.co only + huge thanks to heiwafansubs

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  1. you're not perfect
    April 29, 2016 at 1:14 am — Reply

    sigh. I hate the unplugged part too. and yes, Soraichi and Mami’s proud faces = priceless.

    • April 29, 2016 at 1:15 am — Reply

      ohhhh is it YOU? oh wait I capslocked SOMEONE CALL THE CAPSLOCK POLICE

  2. masha♡
    May 1, 2016 at 12:56 pm — Reply

    God I loved this drama. So. Much.
    Loved the 500 miles song and I think they casted the perfect heroine. And of course Masha..♥

    • May 1, 2016 at 2:43 pm — Reply

      Yeah, she’s amazing (especially taking into account this is her debut!)

      Masha? You mean the “famous” Masha? ;p

    • May 2, 2016 at 5:40 pm — Reply

      loooool just realized you were talking about Fukuyama and I was thinking Masha as in Maria Sharapova (cause most of her fans, myself included, call her like this)

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        Lol..yes I meant fukuyama masaharu. Haha. Or did I spell it wrong? Was it mahsha? Haha. Never mind. ..

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    Does anyone know what motorcycle model Sakura rides?

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    Do anyone knows where is the guitar shop? I like that guitar bag hahahahahaha

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