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Vampire Detective Episode 5 Recap

The world of acting isn’t easy and wearing a mask feels essential at times, but it shouldn’t oppress one’s true self. Through trust and a wide variety of insights, Yoon San tries to protect Seol Ah from a nightmare of the past that resurfaced at the present.

Vampire Detective Dramajjang Episode 5 Recap

“People believe that death is the most cruel thing on earth.
We’re all running towards that last stop every day.
They’re just scared to admit it.”


Case 5 – The Actress Must Die


Things weren’t flowing as expected during the shooting of a low budget film, but the film’s success would lead Yoon Seol Ah to the Cannes Film Festival. Her manager pointed out that more artistic films would help her career and soon enough Seol Ah opened a box she had received, but instead of a present she found a dead bird.

Yoon San visited Ji Woong once again but he didn’t want to talk about anything even though Yoon San asked him if he knew Yo Na and Yoo Jin. Ji Woong laid emphasis on the fact that Yoon San should prevent himself from putting his life in danger, but Yoon San pointed out that he wasn’t someone who was afraid of death. Ji Woong reminded him that Yo Na was the personification of evil and that knowing everything wouldn’t help him lead a happy life. He could easily tell that Yoon San was privileged enough to cherish the light of day, but he also told him that they would find him once the moment would feel right.

Goo Hyung was visited by potential clients! One of them wanted him to find her dog, another one wanted him to find the girl he had met at a club while he was drunk and the last one revealed that her dead husband was haunting her! He had lost hope in humanity until a new client arrived, Yoon Yeong Rin, Seol Ah’s agency’s president and sister. Lee Ki Yeong, a lunatic who had murdered two women for Seol Ah’s “sake,” would be set free and Yeong Rin wanted our squad to protect Seol Ah.

Seol Ah was practicing to improve her shooting skills for her role and she wasn’t pleased with Yoon San and Goo Hyung’s presence even though they were eager to help her look more realistic while shooting. Soon enough. she found out that they were private investigators and she didn’t like the fact that they’d become a part of her life as her bodyguards. Goo Hyung pointed out that other people wouldn’t notice them while protecting her, but neither Goo Hyung nor Gyeo Wool were earning her trust. The moment everything became more Lee Ki Yeong oriented Yoon San’s reassuring words managed to convince Seol Ah, but they’d have to keep a low profile during their mission since she didn’t want to draw attention.

Gyeo Wool was certain that Goo Hyung was being fueled by desire, but he told her that he was just a fan of Seol Ah and he thought that it was destined to meet her as a private investigator! Since they were three they were already on their way to find wisdom and since they had planted the seed all they had to do was to find a way to make it bloom! Of course, only Goo Hyung knew what he was talking about, or at least I hope so!

Goo Hyung treated detective Park once again and found out that Lee Ki Yeong had murdered two random passengers when he was working as a taxi driver ten years ago. Goo Hyung became aware of Ki Yeong’s address, but even though he was on probation the police force couldn’t find him.


Seol Ah introduced Yoon San to Min Soo as her new manager who would be in charge of her schedule and Gyeo Wool would be Seol Ah’s new stylist! As expected, Gyeo Wool’s stylistic approach wasn’t pacing with Seol Ah’s demands and Gyeo Wool was about to erupt, but Yoon San prevented her from doing so!

Doctor Hwang would try to find more information from the dead bird and he wanted Goo Hyung to pay him more. Soon enough, Se Ra became a part of the conversation since she had a like-minded bird and Goo Hyung kept complimenting her and the bird on her chest!

Doctor Hwang found Death’s tarot card with a dead bird on it inside the box. Yoon San pointed out that birds meant promotion and popularity in tarot cards, but the fact that the bird was dead could mean only one thing; Ki Yeong was trying to ruin Seol Ah’s career. Yoon San found out that Min Soo was worshiping Seol Ah and that he had been working for her for about a year. Min Soo was being entranced by Gyeo Wool’s beauty, but Yoon San informed him that she would probably beat him up after he’d get to know her.

Yoon San wanted to know if anyone suspicious was around Seol Ah and Joon Young arrived. He was hitting on both Seol Ah and Gyeo Wool who made sure he’d understand that she was intending to cut off his wrist if he ever touched her again.

Yoon San and Gyeo Wool met another actress, Eun Chae, and Yoon San wanted to know if anything was going on between Seol Ah and Joo Young. He found out that they had been dating for a long time, but they had broken up without this meaning that Joon Young’s obsession had surrendered.

Goo Hyung went to Ki Yeong’s house but nobody was there whereas the cast was getting ready for the next scene. The tension between Gyeo Wool and Seol Ah was maintaining its status but Gyeo Wool would have to keep pleasing Seol Ah’s demands! Gyeo Wool would take her revenge and prepared some cigarette flavored coffee. Yoon San noticed that the scenery was about to collapse and protected Seol Ah.

Yoon San noticed that one of the ropes had been cut on purpose and he started observing everyone who was there, but he couldn’t figure out who the culprit could be. Yoon San would keep protecting Seol Ah and Goo Hyung would have to find who cut the rope.

Yoon San was shooting right at the center of the target and he had already earned Seol Ah’s trust. He showed her a few tips related to her body stasis while shooting and she was thankful for saving her life. It was something she couldn’t do in front of others because she had to look strong in order to preserve her image. She wondered if she would be able to shoot Ki Yeong in case he appeared and Yoon San reassured her that she would succeed. Seol Ah hit the center of the target with Yoon San’s help and he gave her a taser, but he also noticed that her had had a scar she tried to hide.

Someone had broken into her house and Seol Ah’s dress for the next photo shooting had been ruined in a Ki Yeong oriented way. Yoon San pointed out that Ki Yeong was trying to lure Seol Ah out of her house and he informed everyone that it would be better for her to stay at home.

Seol Ah wanted him to stay at her place since she was trusting Yoon San and Goo Hyung was disheartened because Seol Ah had chosen someone else! He received a phone call from doctor Hwang who told him that the needle Ki Yeong had used was for hand acupuncture.

Seol Ah would be receiving acupuncture and Yoon San would wait for her. He met Eun Chae who wanted to maintain her beauty through acupuncture. She pointed out that it was a world where you either crush others or get crushed and she was intending to become prettier in order to not let other girls look down on her.

Yeong Rin found another box that had arrived for Seol Ah along with a card. There was a carousel toy inside and it exploded after she winded it. In the meantime, someone was touching Seol Ah and once she screamed Yoon San started chasing him and eventually disarmed him to find out that it was Joon Young.

Seol Ah was by Yeong Rin’s side at the hospital and our squad was out of her room. Since the bomb wasn’t a powerful one Goo Hyung thought that it was a warning. Everything that happened would be kept as a secret in order for Seol Ah to avoid rumors. Gyeo Wool pointed out that Joon Young and Ki Yeong could be accomplices and Yoon San urged her to look into Joon Young.

Yoon San and Goo Hyung returned to the crime scene and Yoon San was following the trails of blood to witness the crime in a more crystal clear way. Goo Hyung found a tool that could had been used to cut the rope. Along with the fact that the bomb wasn’t a powerful one, after finding out that Yeong Rin was a good actress until her sister became popular he started suspecting her.

Seol Ah brought Gyeo Wool some coffee and she was apologetic. The ice between them had started melting and Gyeo Wool acknowledged that Seol Ah was better than many of the other rude people she had met in her life. Seol Ah pointed out that they had something in common since both of them were trying to hide who they really were. Seol Ah died the moment Ki Yeong killed those innocent people because she had to take all the blame since people were saying that she was using illicit methods to promote herself. Ever since, she had to hide who she really was in order to preserve her confident mask and pretended to be happy. Gyeo Wool wasn’t finding living a fake life that bad since the more she would pretend the more real the mask she was wearing would feel. Seol Ah reassured Gyeo Wool that Joon Young would never be capable of plotting everything that kept going on. In the meantime, a hooded figure was preparing his next move.

Yoon San met Seol Ah to find out that Yeong Rin had left the acting industry after paving the way for her. The only person she could trust was her sister, but at that point she could trust Yoon San as well. Yoon San was curious about the scar on her hand and Seol Ah told him that she was wounded while shooting a scene.

Our squad wanted to talk to Yeong Rin but she had fallen asleep after receiving her medication. Yoon San was trying to tell Seol Ah that her sister may had been involved in everything going on lately and Doctor Hwang’s examination on the tool had proven that it was the one that was used to cut the rope. He also told her that he had found out that the scar on her hand was because of her sister, but Seol Ah insisted it was an accident. Yoon San wondered if Yeong Rin could be jealous of Seol Ah who urged them to leave.

The shooting was progressing and Joon Young was apologetic towards Seol Ah who decided to give him one last chance. He was glad to find out that she had fired Yoon San, but she still had with her the taser he had given her.

Yeong Rin woke up to find out that Eun Chae was keeping an eye on her, but she was concerned about Seol Ah and wanted to attend the shooting.

Joon Young kept getting on Seol Ah’s nerves while the scene was being prepared for the shooting and Yoon San appeared and took off his hands the firecracker he was holding. Yoon San noticed that Yeong Rin was attending the shooting and kept observing everything going on. There would be fireworks to celebrate the end of the shootings and Yoon San pointed out that magicians trick people by making them pay attention to one of their hands while the other one is working on the trick.

The door of the car wouldn’t open while the technician couldn’t stop the countdown. Seol Ah noticed Ki Yeong’s dead body on the backseat and Yoon San snapped off the door and saved Seol Ah right before the explosion. Min Soo held Seol Ah hostage, but she used the taser and Yoon San took care of Min Soo.

Min Soo was the son of one of Ki Yeong’s victims and he couldn’t forgive those responsible for his mother’s death. He told detective Park that he wasn’t the only one who was responsible for everything going on because there were many people who wanted to see Seol Ah getting harmed. Min Soo had put all the blame on the people who played their own part in his mother losing her life. Detective Park laid emphasis on the fact that hatred was ruining one’s body and heart at the same time and pointed out that Min Soo’s mother wouldn’t had been proud of her son at that point.

Yoon San had figured out that Eun Chae was the one who had sent the dead bird, but also the one who had cut the rope and placed the tool in Yeong Rin’s drawer. The acupuncture needle and her distinctive perfume had led Yoon San to that outcome. Eun Chae had wiped her fingerprints by using her own handkerchief and Yoon San had also noticed her reaction the moment the setting fell. Seol Ah was hating Seol Ah and Yeong Rin because she thought she wasn’t lacking in anything, yet she was remaining a supporting actress. Eun Chae admitted her wrongdoings and it was all because she wanted to become a lead actress. That was the moment Yoon San revealed that Seol Ah had agreed to act on that film only if Eun Chae would become a lead actress in the director’s next film.

Seol Ah was used to people hating her and Yoon San laid emphasis on the fact that there were also people who loved her. Seol Ah revealed that the scar was because of her sister, but she had forgiven her after getting to understand how she was feeling for giving up on her dreams. Seol Ah had put her trust on her sister and she asked Yoon San if he had ever trusted anyone to the end, but she didn’t receive any answer.

She was thankful for everything and after she left Yoon San received a phone call from Yo Na. She wanted to meet him right away in order to get to know each other better and Yoon San agreed.

“Do you know how magicians trick the audience?
They make you focus on one hand.
If you look at the right hand
When they’re showing you the left one,
You might see the trick.”


~ Thoughts ~


The ratings dropped quite a bit as the 5th episode rated only 0.722, but this didn’t prevent our squad and especially Yoon San from solving the next intriguing case that became a part of their investigation process. It was an independent story that had nothing to do with Yo Na, or at least it was presented that way until more hints relating it to the drama’s main core may appear during a forthcoming episode. There wasn’t much action and it wasn’t really needed since the episode was laying emphasis on human relations within the investigative field that kept progressing step by step from one hint to the other.


The way the story was bringing the pieces of the puzzle together was masterful as it was maintaining Vampire Detective’s plot twist friendly aspects that keep the suspense factor alive. Setting aside Yoo Jin who is the main reason why Yoon San keeps searching for the truth amid shards of hope, this was the first episode in which he managed to forge a deeper bond with the victim of the case. Of course, he remained thoughtful, observant and insightful, but also combative whenever it was needed (the moment he snapped off the car’s door was really something!), throughout the whole episode’s duration. However, the more he was getting to know Seol Ah the more he was smiling and his concerns about her were always surrounded by a sincere veil of empathy.


Just like instant noodles, Yoon San and Seol Ah was an instant ship for me (the one that begins and ends with the episode itself) because there was chemistry and understanding even though he didn’t reveal his own cards. The better she was feeling the brighter Yoon San was becoming and he never left her side, not even when she fired him. Yoon San’s professionalism and sincere approach elicited all the information he needed to solve the case. At the same time, it was a healing process for Seol Ah who was constantly chasing away the clouds of the past; one step at a time. The 5th episode was addressing, up to an extent of course, the benefits and complications of wearing a mask in the way it paces with one’s personality as the person behind the mask even at the cost of jeopardizing a wide variety of relationships.


Confucius said that “silence is a true friend who never betrays.” Yoon San lives up to these words and the absence or presence of trust was shining throughout the episode. He prevented himself from answering to Seol Ah’s questions when it comes to trust, he always keeps his internal world to himself. His trust lies shattered when it comes to Yoo Jin and Tae Woo, but he keeps believing and hoping that there must had been a reason for everything that happened in the past and that they may be somewhere out there; alive. It’s a silent torment and the compass showing the way on his solitary path at the same time.

Had Yo Na not appeared even at the end of the episode it would had been unbearable for me! I long for her presence as much as she craves for my blood! Judging from the preview, the next episode will be more Goo Hyung oriented since a reunion will take place, but it won’t be as innocent as it appeared to be. Back in the days, someone had died during a game and it was presented as an accident, but it was a murderous act. The past will be revived in order for the investigation to solve yet another mystery at the present. Yoon San will point out that Goo Hyung is the main suspect in order for the culprit to feel at ease and start making mistakes that will reveal his/her identity. I am more than ready and Sunday’s not that far away!


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Kwon Sang Seung

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  1. Raya
    April 28, 2016 at 12:20 pm — Reply

    I admire the way you analyse San personality and Joon performance, you do it amazingly, I’m a fan for both of them but I wouldn’t be able to get deep like you do and to write it your way.
    “silence is a true friend who never betrays.”
    Yes that is what made me fall for San personality, that fact of him not talking a lot and not voicing his feelings makes him look vulnerable and lonely but it is somehow makes him look so sharming 😍. I also like how each time the camera focus on him watching from afar when people are fighting or arguing, without talking or interfering he is just observing or pretending that he doesn’t care but he has a very strong aura and cute sometimes 😀
    The interaction between San and the clients is really good added to the fact that each one of them reminds San of his own story and life, but in this episode the chemistry with the actress was no joke, his charm was on another level and I shipped him with her. “The better she was feeling the brighter Yoon San was becoming”. I don’t know from where did this came, maybe from the fact that both of them share trust problem, but we can see it clearly each time they are together, especially in the scene when he was teaching her shooting, how both of them become so happy and smiling brightly after she success, like they know each other for years. She would be way better for him than his GF 😀
    “the moment he snapped off the car’s door was really something!” Yes I agree it was one of the best scenes.
    I thank you so much for the amazing review and sorry for shamelessly fangrilling over Joon I mean San xD

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