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Sekai Ichi Muzukashii Koi Episode 2

Recap- Summary : Samejima learns of the rumour about Shibayama’s boyfriend in Belgium and since he can’t ask her directly, (after a failed attempt that ended up with him asking for her stapler instead!) Maiko proposes they ask Miura, a guy working there for 2 years and is always on the know for gossip like this.

Samejima finds the chance to initiate his plan by asking Miura to find out more about it, since it’s a president’s job to have his employees’ best interest at hearts, and Miura promises that in the coming workers’ night out, he will definitely confirm if Shibayama is in a relationship.

The next day, Miura relays the info he uncovered to Samejima- Shibayama used to date a guy from Belgium when they worked together in the Paris hotel, but they broke up when she returned to Japan; since he kept bugging her, Shibayama lied that she’s seeing someone else but the truth is, she wants to focus on her job as of now.

Shibayama visits Matsuda, to see how she’s doing after her lay off from work- Matsuda thanks her for helping her to be re-employed again, and gives Shibayama a gift (a toothpick case) both for her and for Samejima.

Maiko doesn’t understand why Samejima is in a foul mood since he confirmed that Shibayama is single right now- Samejima can’t let go of the fact she dated a foreigner aside and says that he will back off from pursuing her. Maiko replies that Japanese women dating foreigners is not unheard of (she dated a Hawaii man herself!) and since Shibayama stayed in Paris for a few years, it was only natural that she’d date someone there. Samejima pictures all the things Shibayama might have done with that guy, and Maiko advises him not to be hang up on the past, and to be more confident and composed, since women don’t like guys that keep talking about their ex-boyfriends all the time.

The next day, Shibayama’s co-workers tell her that Samejima won’t take well the news of Matsuda being employed in Stay Gold Hotels with her help; she wonders why he would mind, since he was the one to fire Matsuda in the first place, but they all agree that Samejima’s common sense is not really common.

Samejima meets with Wada for an interview and Wada informs him about Matsuda getting a position in his hotels- Samejima thinks that he’s trying to lure away his staff but Wada replies that he has no need for that (his hotels are n.1 afterall) and he shouldn’t have a say in what she does, since he was the one that fired her.

Samejima returns to the office mad, and asks about the person that was in charge about Matsuda re-employment; Shibayama takes responsibility and after he calls her in the office to discuss the matter, she tells Samejima that Stay Gold Hotels was the best pick for her, taking into account the working experience she had; Samejima says that she indirectly helped a rival, but Shibayama argues that since she was fired by him, he shouldn’t interfere with her life anymore, and gives him the gift that Matsuda made for him.

After Shibayama leaves, Samejima is still mad at her taking an initiative like this, but Maiko explains to him that she had a very fair point- Samejima rambles about how difficult it will be to be his date in 2 months from now on since she must dislike him, and Maiko is surprised at his words, after he had said that he would withdraw from going after her.

Samejima says that since he decided it would be her, there’s no going back now, and Maiko encourages him to be more giving and attending with his employees, starting with a thank you-meeting with Wada for taking care of Matsuda and extending his kindness with various ways (such as giving umbrellas to them on a sudden rainy day)

The employees take notice of Samejima’s sudden change and note how nice that change is and wish things would stay like this- Samejima adopts a puppy he finds on the streets but Shibayama passes him by much to his disappointment.

In his apartment, Maiko and Katsunori wonder why Samejima looks down despite everyone thinking highly of him now; Samejima realises that he has been trying to be kinder, not for his employees’s sake, but because he wanted to get closer to Shibayama and talk about anything. Maiko remarks that this is called “a date” and Katsunori says that he should invite her out.

The next day, Samejima decides to walk the dog out around his building office, in hopes to encounter Shibayama who is actually working on her day off, in order to close a deal. After wandering around for a bit, he sees her coming out and acts surprised to see her there- he thanks her for working on her day off and she explains that she had to meet with the marketing company. After she plays a bit with the dog, she bids him farewell but Samejima calls her before she leaves; he asks her to help him find a name for the dog, and while she’s surprised at his request, she complies. Samejima tells her to come up with a name in the next days and takes a few photos of her with the dog.

On his way home, the owner of the dog finds him and wants to have her puppy back- Samejima insists he has to keep it and offers her money, but she doesn’t accept it and takes her dog away.

The following day, Samejima has lunch with his employees and announces that he will take back Matsuda and the other worker he fired; Shibayama is happy at the announcement, as is everyone else.

Miura brags about how the president changed the moment they ate together due to his wisdom sayings, while everyone else ridicules him; Shibayama’s co-worker who has taken a liking to the chief, asks her if she has someone she likes in the company, but Shibayayma replies that she hasn’t thought about it at all.

She later bumps to Samejima and tells him that while the dog findings his owner back is good, she’s a bit sad as she had thought a few great names as he had requested of her; Samejima is glad to hear that and returns to his office to look online fog dogs. Maiko urges him to stop that, and ask her on a date instead, as the time is running out.

Wada talks with Samejima’s chief and tells him that he will need his help to recruit another Samejima’s worker that he has noticed from a long time ago in Paris- Shibayayma, that is.


Reflection Corner :

sekai ichi muzukashii 02 0100046

lol this show is so silly but I am here for Samejima’s stupidly happy all lit-up face when Shibayama “approves”; it’s like, most of the time he tries to show off to her (such as mumbling about how “good” of a person he is/great at taking photos!/delivering umbrellas too!) she’s “kay, bye!” and leaves him all dejected and disappointed but, in the few times she seems to connect a tad with him, he’s ecstatic!

sekai ichi muzukashii 02 0100044

It was good to see that while Samejima’s primary incentive remains Shibayama, in the end it seemed like he realized the wrongdoing of his ways; it was nice to see him giving the dogname (lol) book to the worker he fired, in order to help him decide a name. There is some (huuuuge) growing up to do, and he has taken a step forward, so keep at it!

So, Wada knows Shibayama from Paris. Does this mean they have had a fling or something? That is probably not the case, since his way of talking about her in the end, indicated more of an interest due to her job abilities, but you never know.

sekai ichi muzukashii 02 0100032

Either way, you bet your ass Samejima is gonna raise hell when he finds out about it, so let us see his grumpy-irritable face before he sees the milk on the fridge and calms down..or takes a photo of Shibayama..or sees Shibayama, like WHICHEVER COMES FIRST!

I just can't with his expressions!

I just can’t with his expressions!

Onwards to episode 3!


disclaimer – this post was written by kipzizz for dramajjang.co only + huge thanks to menimeanimono

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  1. April 27, 2016 at 10:28 am — Reply

    Like you said, it’s one of those guilty pleasure shows. Normally, I’m not really into this kind of genre but once in a while, it’s good to pass time with and laugh my ass off at the silliness ^^
    I love the new look of your website too!

    • April 27, 2016 at 11:23 am — Reply

      Yeah, it’s those kind of switch-off brain and just lol-shows. Plus, Ohno’s hilarious antics help a lot too!
      (and thaaaaanks, it’s pretty neat I know ;p)

      • selbs
        August 23, 2016 at 3:19 am — Reply

        Im kinda new in jdrama. Can you suggest similar to sekai ichi muzukasii koii, ive been liking this kind of genre rom com, where comedy is more , and also if you know good drama/movie shows where haru is as kawaii as she is in this drama series.

        • August 23, 2016 at 10:29 am — Reply

          Hmmm, 5-ji kara 9-ji Made, Please Love the Useless Me; I think you would like those, if you enjoyed Muzukoi.
          I haven’t really seen Haru in anything else, other than Gomen ne Seishun <---I too would suggest that, it's one of my favorite series, but it's not rom-com.

          • selbs
            August 24, 2016 at 2:42 pm

            I think comedy alone would be enough for my taste, rather than rom com but still I’ll try all the recommendations. Ive just finished Gomen ne Seishun today and now I dont know what to do with my life! (I miss Hachiya sensei already :(( , gomen ne haru-swchaaan i miss you tooo!! lol) I Still am hoping for Season 2!!!! even though I think its gonna be difficult to produce a story because they all somehow did confess all of their secrets/shortcomings and hara sensei who is the mc has been “sorry for his youth” (you know something about or updates about season2 kipziz?).
            Gomen ne Seishun is certainly gonna be one of my favorite jdorama! Ive lost my manliness in this kind of tearful story! 🙂 (but still I prefer much more humorous stories. i just dont wanna get depessed and get dragged by painful things/stories (ofc, nobody does or so i think..) but if its humorous it will be an exception.
            oh and btw (again) if you recommend anything similar to Gomen ne seishun i will gladly appreciate it. Anyways thank you for the recommmendations! Arigato Gozaimasu!

          • August 24, 2016 at 4:16 pm

            Gomen ne Seishun was THE BOSS! It had a comedic premise but it was so much more than that! Forever on my favorite (and best) shows <3

            I talked about 5-ji and Damekoi because you asked me about rom coms and they were the last ones I watched- they're not anything exceptional, but I think you can enjoy them, as they do have some LOL moments.

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