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Vampire Detective Episode 4 Recap

Yo Na (Lee Chung Ah) made a grandiose entrance after deciding to partially leave behind the world of shadows in order to make the game even more intriguing for herself. However, the mystery around her was delivering all the necessary vibes that could bring Yoon San and Gyeo Wool closer to the truth when it comes to his ex-girlfriend and her brother.

Vampire Detective Episode 4 Dramajjang Recap

Case 4 – Waiting in the Darkness


“The scar can only deepen when your loved ones hurt you.
It’s stuck in your skin like a thorn you can’t remove.
Don’t you agree?”


A model had a successful photo shoot, but there was someone else who was taking pictures of her as well. Later on that night, she passed away inside her bathtub; mysteriously.

Sun Young took Yoon San to the place where her father was forging the IDs. She also wanted to find out why her father had worked with Tae Woo and Yoo Jin, but Yoon San recalled the mission in which they would have to partake with different identities. Yoon San was hoping that Tae Woo and Yoo Jin were on yet another secret mission.

Goo Hyung was cooking and Gyeo Wool was searching for more information. She reminded him the club that perished in flames, but she couldn’t find anything about its owner. Goo Hyung received a phone call from a new client and they would have to meet her at her place. Goo Hyung pointed out that he could easily tell whether a woman was pretty or not by her voice and it was an ability he developed while being single for 10 years! He had already assumed that the new client was beautiful and on their way out they found Yoon San and took him with them.

They arrived at Moon Mi Jin’s apartment to find out that she was blind and Gyeo Wool pointed out that they should treat all of their clients equally. Yoon San wanted to help her with the beverages, but she broke something and he started taking care of everything. Gyeo Wool wanted Mi Jin to deposit the money, but Goo Hyun pointed out that the money would be the final step. Mi Jin wanted them to help her brother who was arrested as a serial killer of models. She informed everyone that one of the murder weapons with the victim’s blood was found inside their kitchen, but even though her brother admitted being the murderer he actually had an alibi since he was working on photos during the time one of the victims had been killed. They police didn’t consider her a reliable witness and she urged our squad to help her brother since he was all she had in life. Gyeo Wool couldn’t hold back her tears and pointed out that she was believing in Mi Jin’s words. Mi Jin was thankful and urged Yoon San to visit her anytime if he had any questions.

Knowing how it feels to lose her brother was the reason why Gyeo Wool had changed her mind because she didn’t want Mi Jin become like her. She found out that the murderer wanted to make the two models look as if they had committed suicide. They showed the suspect’s pictures to Se Ra who was still finding him cute along with many other men in different ages and it was something that was brightening Goo Hyung’s day! Se Ra already knew Kyung Woo since she had gone to a model school and she pointed out that he would never do such a thing. Yoon San told her that knowing a person to the fullest wasn’t an easy task even after passing away and Goo Hyung asked him to lecture them after passing away, but then he recalled Yoon San’s background story and didn’t proceed with his flow of thoughts. Gyeo Wool couldn’t understand what was going on and Goo Hyung urged Yoon San to start visiting the church to get some faith in order to conceal any suspicion. Se Ra was unaware of Kyung Woo having a blind sister and she asked Goo Hyung to do anything he could to help him!

Based on the book Yoon San had brought, doctor Hwang informed him that the blood inside the book couldn’t exist, but it was running in Yoon San’s veins and he couldn’t possibly tell what could happen to him in the future. Yoon San didn’t reveal what he was talking about with doctor Hwang and Gyeo Wool found out that the one who profited the most after the two models were murdered was Joo Ha Young who became the agency’s top model. Yoon San wanted her to dig into the models’ contracts in case they were close to expiring in order to find out if they should start suspecting the agency’s president or not.

The agency was suffering from the loss of its two finest models and the president pointed out that modeling was forging the most short-lived careers because time was continuing to run. He thought that Gyeo Wool was in her late 20s, but she wasn’t pleased since she was close to mid-20s.  After ruining Gyeo Wol’s internal world he was enraged at Kyung Woo for murdering his finest models and he pointed out that Ha Young wasn’t even close to the other two, but she was the best model his agency could present at that point. The moment Gyeo Wool reminded him that their contracts were about to expire all hell broke loose because he couldn’t believe that she was suspecting him.

Yoon San met with the doctor who performed the autopsy on one of the models and she informed him that the victim had puncture wounds as well and he recalled the scene from Mi Jin’s kitchen. Yoon San visited Kyung Woo in prison but he didn’t want to meet him. Goo Hyung was thankful towards detective Park for sending him the documents of the case but detective Park was feeling a bit uneasy since a different outcome would ruin everyone’s mood in the police department.

Gyeo Wool was trying to figure out how Ha Young turned out to be so fine and Goo Hyung pointed out that her mother must had breastfed her! She informed Yoon San that the agency’s president shouldn’t be a suspect and they would have to investigate Ha Young at that point. Ha Young told them that Ha Na herself had pointed towards Kyung Woo’s direction as the suspect and our squad would have to find out how a dead person could do that.

Ha Na’s dying message was “MM” and everyone believed that it was referring to Moon Kyung Woo’s surname, but Gyeo Wool thought that everything was too easy to be real. Yoon San was staring at the victim’s wounds and he started thinking that the murderer must had slashed her wrists in order to hide the puncture wounds.

They returned to Mi Jin’s apartment because Yoon San wanted to check Kyung Woo’s darkroom, but she wasn’t there. Gyeo Wool managed to enter the apartment in her own way and the ice pick attracted Yoon San’s attention anew. Kyung Woo’s darkroom was filled with pictures of women’s legs, but soon enough Mi Jin returned to the apartment. Gyeo Wool and Goo Hyung managed to escape, but Yoon San was almost caught. Mi Jin undressed herself in front of him and entered the bathroom to take a shower.

Goo Hyung had started believing that Kyung Woo was the murderer and Yoon San found out that there was something weird about the only picture in one of Kyung Woo’s cameras. Doctor Kwang would help them but they would have to pay him to do so. However, since the case was involving someone Se Ra knows he wouldn’t charge them this time and Goo Hyung was rewarded by Se Ra’s winking! Yoon San thought that someone had replaced the camera’s memory card and he wanted to visit the crime scene.

Detective Park helped them once again and Yoon San’s insightful stare could see that the dying message was “VV” and the dripping blood changed it into “MM.” He had started feeling uneasy and he used the spraying mechanism doctor Hwang had given him.

Goo Hyung was certain that Kyung Woo was the murderer, but Yoon San informed them on the real dying message and that “VV” was a drawing that had nothing to do with letters. Yoon San couldn’t explain to Gyeo Wool how he had figured it out while at the same time doctor Kwang kept working on the picture to feel quite uneasy the moment Se Ra’s cleavage approached him!


Kyung Woo agreed to see Yoon San and even though Kyung Woo admitted killing the two models Yoon San wanted him to unveil more details and showed him the dying message.

Goo Hyung treated detective Park to ice-cream and returned the documents. He was still certain that Woo Kyung was the murderer, but he found out that Mi Jin wasn’t Woo Kyung’s sister but a model that had worked with him for a long time. She was blinded after an accident and he had started looking after her.

Yoon San mentioned that “MM” was actually “VV” and Goo Hyung called him and told him about the photo. Kyung Woo told him that it was Mi Jin, but she didn’t look like the woman living at Kyung Woo’s place. Doctor Hwang sent him the photo he recovered and Kyung Woo told Yoon San that the woman in the picture wasn’t Mi Jin but the woman who had threatened him to pretend he was the murderer in order to save Mi Jin’s life.

Mi Jin was inside Yo Na’s car trunk and she became aware that she would meet the guests soon.  She called Yoon San and urged him to find out who she was and told him that her heart was aching the moment Yoo Jin had shot him. She could easily tell that he wasn’t over Yoo Jin and he would have one hour to find Mi Jin before her life would reach the end.

Mi Jin had been tied and Yo Na informed her that she was a part of a test she was running. She pointed out that both of them being unable to see the sun was something they had in common. Yo Na was finding the night as the perfect match for an evil woman as her but Mi Jin wanted to find out why she had framed Kyung Woo. Yo Na was eager to reveal the whole truth about Kyung Woo in order to witness Mi Jin in pain. Kyung Woo was stalking her and taking pictures of her legs until one night he left her unconscious and blinded her in order to have her by his side. Yo Na pointed out that neither true love existed nor something that would last forever existed.

Goo Hyung couldn’t believe that they had been tricked by the woman who was pretending to be Mi Jin and once they entered Kyung Woo’s apartment Yoon San freed Mi Jin who was shocked. An “explosive mechanism” erupted and Yoon San protected Mi Jin.

Yo Na appeared behind Gyeo Wool and warned her to stand still if she wouldn’t like to lose her life. It was something she kept tempting Yo Na all along the way, but Gyeo Wool believing in everything she had said made her change her mind. She pointed out that she had a special relationship with Gyu Min and disappeared.

Gyeo Wool pointed out that she was intending to find her no matter what since she had information about her brother and Yoon San and Goo Hyung couldn’t prevent her from doing so.

Mi Jin was thankful towards Yoon San who informed her that the case would be re-investigated and that Kyung Woo would be found innocent. Yoon San pointed out that the mysterious woman wanted to either help or give a warning. Mi Jin told Yoon San that the woman had revealed everything about Kyung Woo and that she would be unable to forgive him, but she would have to keep living on her own with her own deeper scars.

Yo Na called Yoon San and introduced herself. She pointed out that the woman he was searching for was looking better on screen. Yo Na told him that they would meet again soon and she was looking forward to that.

Sun Young gave Yoon Sang the CCTV footage and once she asked him what he was looking for Yoon San laid emphasis on the fact that he could be searching for hope. He noticed a woman taking pictures of Yo Na and he was wondering if she could be Yoo Jin. That woman had put the memory card inside Kyung Woo’s camera in his secret darkroom.


~ Thoughts ~


I loved this episode for more than apparent reasons and the most important one has to be Lee Chung Ah’s revelation after her Eyes, Nose, Lips appearances on screen. The 4th episode rated 1.179 which is the drama’s second best ratings to date, but it was also a nodal point for Vampire Detective since the shady figure our squad was after became more specific. Everything became spicier in a more darkening way and the abyss seems to deepen even more concerning our squad’s quest in search of truth’s utmost light.


The 4th episode was a bombardment of side-information that could be essential in the future episodes of the drama. Yoon San had started feeling weaker at some point and he used doctor Hwang’s spraying mechanism to rejuvenate himself with blood. It may not had seemed that important but it was walking hand in hand with doctor Hwang’s inability to tell if Yoon San’s new type of blood would ruin his body and/or what complications could make their appearance in the future. Since that type of blood couldn’t exist in this world, could this mean that it could become fatal at some point unless something happens? Time shall tell, we’ve got 8 episodes lying ahead of us!

Yo Na holds the key to many answers Yoon San and Gyeo Wool are after. The first one longs to find out more information about what had happened to Yoo Jin with the hope that she’s still alive on an undercover mission. When he said that he was probably searching for hope was quite a devastating moment, even though he smiled, because he wasn’t certain what he would discover in the future. It’s a hide and seek between life and death and it’s always related to Yoo Jin since everything points towards the direction that she could be alive, but he couldn’t be certain. He keeps finding one clue per episode, it’s always about one clue that doesn’t reveal too much but it’s enough for him to keep believing.


The second one craves to find the answers behind her brother’s death in order for him to rest in peace in her heart once and for all. Gyeo Wool came to the foreground once again during this episode since the fake Mi Jin’s story touched her deeply because it was reminding her of herself and she wouldn’t like her to go through the loss of a beloved person such as her supposed-to-be brother. Even though everything was a lie she found yet another hint that was bringing her one step closer to the truth that was hiding behind Yona. Oh, Lee Se Young is adorable when she has messier hair, but her beauty shone even more during the scene she met Yo Na!

Let’s dive into Yo Na’s world a bit. She was there the moment Yoo Jin shot  Yoon San and all the cases Yoon San and the rest of our squad kept working on since the very beginning of the drama are different pieces of the same puzzle since all roads lead to Rome which is no other than Yo Na in Vampire Detective. Yoon San having the new type of blood running through his veins and Yo Na keeping an eye on him was a given simply because that special relationship with Gyeo Wool’s brother she was talking about was related to it. We have yet to find out how and why that undercover mission attracted Yo Na’s interest in the first place and made her invisible “relationship” with Yoon San last longer in time.


Amid her arrogant ecstasy one could witness the craving to see the sunlight once again even though the darkness paces perfectly well with who she is. It was something Yoon San could do, but she couldn’t and his blood could be the answer. Just like every intriguing villainous figure, a sickening sense of arrogance is of major importance and Yo Na has tons of it! If she wanted, Yoon San and the rest of the squad would never find her. She probably wanted to make things even more interesting for herself and made her appearance to give more meaning to the shadows she had been lurking in all this time. She tricked everyone like a boss and while they thought she was blind she could see pretty much everything! Each and every step of hers was filled with surgical accuracy as she kept being closer to Yoon San even at the point of teasing him the moment she undressed herself. You have to love her dual acting nature the way it unfolded through the fake Mi Jin and Yo Na; i would humbly offer her my wrist anytime!


Lee Chung Ah is highly representative of an ecstatic loony who’s thirsty for blood and ready for bloodshed. Each one of her smiles was evoking its own demented vibes and her stare was strengthening the overall ambiance that was resonating through her interpretation. She simply toys around with pretty much everyone and appears whenever and does everything she wants to. She moves the strings and the puppets dance accordingly. Even though i felt sorry for the two victims of the 4th episode, i was actually happy she framed such a sick person as Kyung Woo who should be condemned to eternal isolation for stealing Mi Jin’s sight in order for him to be with her forever. Quite a creepy figure i’d love to punch in jackhammer tempo any time of the day, even in my sleep.

Their style is highly representative of their characters; just squad things! Gyeo Wool looks like a fashionable glam goth who treasures her wine any time of the day, even in the morning! Goo Hyung looks like a detective of the noble class even though his investigations aren’t that insightful! And when it comes to Yoon San, his clothes are minimal and down to earth like his character. He looks like an 80s detective in a corrupted metropolis who wouldn’t care any less about fashion! However, he looks damn fine in his simple outfits!


The 5th episode’s preview points out that its side-story will evolve around a celebrity named Yoon Seol Ah and the precautionary measures our team will take to protect her. Of course, there will be complications since not everything can flow as expected because Yo Na chooses the tune and the orchestra plays accordingly!


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