Descendants of the Sun Episode 15 Recap

“I will be back when the season changes.”


Shi Jin told Mo Yeon that he must had looked like a painting and she agreed that something like that was true; quite often. The discharge procedure had been completed and Shi Jin’s moment to leave the hospital had arrived. Mo Yeon was intending to be his girlfriend instead of his doctor and Shi Jin was more than ready for something like that. Mo Yeon made Uruk a part of their conversation and Shi Jin asked her if she would like to go there with him.

As for going there together, it surprised Mo Yeon and she made Shi Jin wonder if she wanted to go there with someone else. She was curious about what he was listening to and the moment she found out that it was her recording at the edge of the cliff she let go of Shi Jin’s wheelchair and he found himself on the ground! However, Mo Yeon was caring more about the wheelchair since it was quite expensive! Shi Jin pointed out that she had started ruining wheelchairs after the cars she had ruined in Uruk and he wouldn’t like to use public transportation with her for the citizen’s safety!

Dae Young and Myeong Joo were eating and she urged him to talk before she would finish her meal since she was intending to leave afterwards. Dae Young had nothing to say and the reason why he wanted to eat with her was because he was finding her way too skinny. She wanted him to define their current relationship since she couldn’t possibly tell if they had broken up or not and Dae Young pointed out that he was heading towards her direction. She could easily tell that he hadn’t changed his mind and that he would leave the military behind, but she wasn’t certain if he would survive as her father’s son-in-law while working at her uncle’s company.

Dae Young laid emphasis on the fact that she would be by his side but she couldn’t see any signs of happiness on his face. Myeong Joo pointed out that she could live without seeing her father if Dae Young wanted her to do so, but Dae Young wouldn’t like to become an obstacle in her military career. Since she had finished eating and it was Dae Young’s only reason of being there he decided to leave, but before leaving Myeong Joo urged him to give her an answer on whether they had broken up or not the next time they would meet. In the meantime, Dae Young’s discharge application was tormenting commander Yoon’s mind.

Mo Yeon informed Shi Jin that she was about to bathe and a video call took place since he was eager to see more! She hanged up after informing him that she would get undressed and the doorbell echoed inside her house. Of course, it was Shi Jin who noticed that she was still wearing her clothes and he wasn’t pleased. He had taken a sick leave and brought some beers, but Mo Yeon made sure that she’d bathe on her own and warned him to prevent himself from drinking alone!

Shi Jin had lit the candles in order for Mo Yeon to look prettier and since she was surprised that he was spot on he reminded her that it wasn’t his first time there. In case she would drink with someone else Shi Jin pointed out that he could easily reach her by helicopter and kidnap her. That was the moment she found out that Shi Jin had used the second Arab business card and she started losing her mind and made Shi Jin pinch her cheek!

Gi Beom would sit for the GED test and Shi Jin, Dae Young, Woo Geun and the other two betting soldiers went to encourage him and offer some last advice. Gi Beom promised that he would emerge victorious! All of them received a phone call except for Dae Young and they started getting ready for a 3-month long mission. Commander Yoon would like him to join the mission since there was no one that could replace Dae Young at that point or he could simply sign his discharge application.

Dae Young was intending to go on the mission and commander Yoon informed him that he would process his discharge request after a proper replacement had been found; whenever. Dae Young could read through the lines and commander Yoon urged him to return safe and sound and visit him along with Myeong Joo for more than one cups of tea. Commander Yoon tore apart the discharge application and later on that night Dae Young left his dog tag for Myeong Joo to hold it in her loving hands.

Chi Hoon became aware that he still didn’t know the child’s name after finding out that the “name” was referring to the baby goat the child wanted. Mo Yeon received a phone call from Shi Jin and rushed to see him, but he was there to inform her that he would have to go to the department store and that he would be absent for three months. He urged her to believe that he was enlisting in the army and she promised to not drink with another man. Mo Yeon was trying to hide how she was feeling and Shi Jin apologized after taking her in his embrace.

She urged him to return back safe and he promised that he would neither get hurt nor die. He reassured her that he would contact her every time he would be able to do so. After the season would change Shi Jin would return and it was Mo Yeon’s turn to initiate a hug with both of them stating that they would miss one another. Argus’ words started echoing in Mo Yeon’s mind and right before getting on the helicopter Shi Jin stared at everything he was leaving behind.

Mo Yeon was lost in her own thoughts and Chi Hoon brought her back to reality. Shi Jin messaged her and informed her that he had missed her and that he had arrived safely. Days were passing by and Mo Yeon kept messaging him about every little thing that was becoming a part of her daily routine. Winter had arrived and Mo Yeon was curious why Shi Jin hadn’t returned, but she was also feeling sad because he hadn’t contacted her back. The sound of a helicopter made her hope that he would had been on board.

Shi Jin and Dae Young had stayed behind and they would return to their camp with the next helicopter ride, but a bullet wounded Shi Jin. Dae Young kept trying to stop the bleeding while Mo Yeon was unaware of what was going on. Soon enough, Shi Jin was recalling his captain who had passed away and replied positively to his soju request while Dae Young was trying to keep him awake. Dae Young was shot as well and Shi Jin fell unconscious. The soldiers inside the helicopter couldn’t contact them and an explosion devastated them as they were unable to help Shi Jin and Dae Young.

Mo Yeon couldn’t believe that Shi Jin hadn’t contacted her yet and she threatened him that she would drink with another man! Myeong Joo arrived and pointed out that she should calm down since Shi Jin being unable to reply was a part of his job. Mo Yeon was sending him messages every day in order for him to know how enraged she was, but Myeong Joo was used to something like that since the time she was far away from Dae Young was exceeding the time they had spent together and she pointed out that they hadn’t made up before Dae Young left. It was a war she couldn’t afford to lose, but she was glad that she was at a disadvantage since he had left his dog tags to her! They were already making plans for the moment their men would return. Myeong Joo pointed out that the time for their return was arriving, but she couldn’t offer a definitive answer to Mo Yeon that they’d return for sure.

The helicopter returned and Woo Geun along with his men reported to commander Yoon who became aware of the mission’s success, but the bodies of two of his finest men hadn’t been found. Shi Jin’s father entered his office and lost himself in tears the moment he took in his hands Shi Jin’s dog tags and letter.

Myeong Joo was searching for the hotel she go to along with Dae Young, but Beom Rae visited her. She thought that Dae Young had returned and she was overly happy. The moment she took in her hands Dae Young’s dog tags she noticed that something wasn’t right since Beom Rae was insisting to report. Instead of Shi Jin, Woo Geun visited Mo Yeon and he was apologetic. Both Mo Yeon and Myeong Joo were informed that their men had passed away and they couldn’t believe it, but as soon as they started realizing what was going on their devastation started coming to the surface.

Mo Yeon was reading Shi Jin’s in which he was informing her that every time they would go on a mission they were writing a will and he was hoping that a letter like that would never reach her, but in case it did it would mean that he had been unable to keep any of his promises.  He pointed out that he had met and loved her, but he was apologetic for being apart from her while Mo Yeon was losing herself in tears.

Myeong Joo entered her father’s office, but he couldn’t tell her that everything she had heard was a lie and he was apologetic. Myeong Joo’s tears were coming to the surface and commander Yoon gave her the letter Dae Young had written for her. She couldn’t read it since it would mean she would accept that he was dead. Myeong Joo put all the blame on her father who had stolen all the time they could had been happy together and for everything that followed right before Dae Young left on the mission.

Mo Yeon found Myeong Joo crying and kept asking questions Myeong Joo couldn’t answer. Mo Yeon kept asking her if everything she had heard was true, but soon enough she noticed the letter Myeong Joo was holding and Mo Yeon realized to a wider extent that she would never get to see Shi Jin again.

Inside his letter, Shi Jin was asking her to not cry for him since he wanted her to live well, but he also urged her to forget him after a short period of time. Byeong Soo informed Mo Yeon that Shi Jin and Dae Young’s deaths would be presented as a car accident and he wanted her to sign a confidentiality paper. Even though Shi Jin’s death had saved someone’s life and had maintained the peace of another place while benefiting Korea she couldn’t believe that even in death everything would have to remain a secret. Mo Yeon signed the paper hoping that it would had been something Shi Jin would want her to do.

Time kept passing by and Mo Yeon had already acclimated herself anew inside her hospital and kept working hard. Eun Ji “congratulated” Mo Yeon for finding her good old self as the faster Gangnam surgeon and she was curious why she didn’t want to change medical suppliers. Mo Yeon pointed out that their current medicine was cheap and effective and that there was no reason for something similar but more expensive. Eun Ji kept urging Mo Yeon to agree and then volunteer elsewhere in order to save many lives since she wanted to save the world. Mo Yeon laid emphasis on the fact that Eun Ji’s middle name was misdiagnosis and advised her to visit a lawyer if she wanted to save her medical license.

Mo Yeon was drinking with Ji Soo who would like her to get some rest since she kept overworking herself inside the operating room. Mo Yeon couldn’t leave the operating room since her sexiest self was coming to the surface when she was in there and shortly after she started reminiscing Shi Jin oriented aspects such as the wine, the x-ray photo, the hair ties and such. She thought that she had started feeling better but that wasn’t the case. Mo Yeon didn’t want Ji Soo’s hug but more alcohol.

Myeong Joo would go back to Uruk and she was thankful that her father made the transfer possible. He was well aware that she kept thinking of Dae Young, but her father was thinking of her. While thinking of Dae Young, he would like her to think of him sometimes and if she would be able to do so, forgive him as well.

Mo Yeon found out that Myeong Joo would return to Uruk and since Dae Young and Shi Jin had “left” together then they could visit Uruk together as well. Myeong Joo would keep Dae Young’s girlfriend and she hit the stuffed animal whereas Mo Yeon would keep Shi Jin’s comrade and she patted its head. Since Myeong Joo would leave in three days she challenged Mo Yeon to three days and zero nights and she could only comply. Mo Yeon was recalling the good times she had spent by Shi Jin’s side whereas Myeong Joo was remembering Dae Young’s wrongdoings.

Mo Yeon wanted to find out how Dae Young and Shi Jin had met for the first time and it was because of a girl; Myeong Joo! Since she had completed her task it was Dae Young’s turn to fulfill his promise. Shi Jin ran under his umbrella to find out that Dae Young was going out with Myeong Joo for a year’s time. All Dae Young could say was that he was dating Myeong Joo and Shi Jin wished that they would start going out together! The moment Dae Young replied positively everything became more apparent and Shi Jin reassured him that they would never fight over Myeong Joo and if they would have to fight it would be side by side!

A flashback scene took place in which Shi Jin was pointing out that they had never said “I love you” to each other, but Mo Yeon indicated that their bodies were saying it for them! Shi Jin had found all the possible ways for Mo Yeon to say it first whether it would be in alphabetical order, age or the “ladies first” aspect, but he said it first and Mo Yeon followed his lead and promised to be loyal; body and soul! The promise was sealed with chocolate hearts!

Mo Yeon lit her candle and asked her comrade if she looked pretty. Even though it was only a hallucination, Shi Jin held the comrade in his hands and pointed out that she was always pretty. Both of them had missed one another and he pointed out that he would had given his everything to come back to her. Mo Yeon’s tears came to the surface the moment she pointed out that he hadn’t returned and Shi Jin vanished.

Myeong Joo was back in Uruk and while she was storing her belongings she placed Dae Young’s letter along with them even though she wasn’t intending to read it until the day she would die.


Mo Yeon would go on another volunteering journey and she found Daniel who was protesting all alone at the airport. She was volunteering because tomorrow was the anniversary of Shi Jin’s death. Daniel was giving an interview concerning the deaths that occur due to medicines and he was pointing out that vaccines shouldn’t be a means for companies to make money since it wasn’t differentiating them from drug dealers.

Mo Yeon kept sending messages to Shi Jin and she informed him that her blood type was O. She wondered if she would find an oasis in the desert nearby and informed Shi Jin that she had become a doctor who puts a person’s life over profit and she wondered if he was proud of her.

Myeong Joo was treating a soldier and she was glad finding out that the platoon sergeant was no other than Gi Beom who had also made some instant noodles! He was back in Uruk since he was enjoying his life in the military and he told her that Dae Young used to it noodles quite often. Gi Beom was astonished at the presence of snow since it was never snowing in Uruk.

Mo Yeon went at the desert and once she tied her hair she recalled the moment Shi Jin did it for her. She made a humble memorial for Shi Jin while recalling his promises that turned into lies and she was trying to prevent herself from believing that he had loved her. A woman referred to her as Beauty through the walkie talkie and while Mo Yeon was trying to leave the Navagio (Ναυάγιο) beach rock on the memorial Big Boss’ voice echoed through the walkie talkie. She thought that she was hallucinating but Big Boss urged her to turn around and there he was steadily approaching her! She couldn’t believe it was him until she realized that it could only be him and that he had been alive all this time! Shi Jin was apologetic as she was losing herself in his embrace.


~ Thoughts ~


Alright, let’s be honest, okay? This episode should be illegal, it was a soul-crushing motherfucker that kept holding my feels hostage all along the way. It was merciless in the beginning; with love. But it was also merciless for the most part of it; in a sadistic, heart-wrenching and devouring way! And then, in the middle of a desert, while my carcass was decomposing under the sun and its descendants, a volcano of an oasis erupted into thousands of hearts redefining themselves from their ashes like a phoenix.


I felt resurrected after having been brutally murdered and thrown away into the deepest pits of drama-land; never to be found. But that sadistic motherfucker named 15h episode managed to find me and mend the wounds it inflicted willingly upon my frail body. I don’t even want to know how high it rated since it was the only airing drama on Wednesday.


If you think about it, it was playing without an opponent since the beginning, but with such a vicious (for our feels) episode I can’t even imagine how many souls it ruined and revived while it was airing on its own. Well, I lied, I wanted to know in order to find out the diameter of my wounds! The 15th episode almost sounded the trumpets of the apocalypse with its best ratings to date, 34.8%; amen. Truth be told, i was expecting much higher ratings, but put the blame on the elections which are also the reason why 34.8%feels even more pompous!


The beginning of the 15th episode was too good to be true on Shi Jin and Mo Yeon’s behalf as a couple whereas the ice was remaining between Myeong Joo and Dae Young, but in the most selfless way when it comes to one another. Shi Jin and Mo Yeon had finally found the chance to spend some quirky and beautiful time together with all the characteristics that define their relationship. Dae Young would never want to be an obstacle in Myeong Joo’s career even though he was craving to be with her whereas Myeong Joo could read through the lines that he wasn’t happy with the sacrifice he would have to make in order to be with her even though none of them could afford being apart from one another. They had entered a phase of indirect negotiations but they didn’t intend to surrender.


Good things don’t last forever when it comes to Mo Yeon and Shi Jin while at the same time Dae Young would never find the chance to tell Myeong Joo whether they had broken apart or not, but he continued the dog tag legacy which was indicating that something was flowing towards the direction both of them desired, especially now that her father had made a decision that would benefit both of them. Shi Jin’s promises had always been spot on, one way or another, but this time there were different vibes in the air and the bullets that wounded both Shi Jin and Dae Young traumatized a whole audience worldwide and not only their girlfriends.


The 15th episode was letting Song Hye Kyo and Kim Ji Won shine solely but also together; always in the absence of their loved ones. Being unaware of what had happened, the fact that Mo Yeon kept contacting Shi Jin without receiving any replies along with the fact that both of them were already making plans they would progress right after their return were making things even more heartrending. Myeong Joo was never afraid of Dae Young never coming back, but it was the first time she didn’t give Mo Yeon a definitive answer even though moments ago both of them were talking as if everything was fine concerning their men.


The excessive longing and explosive happiness transformed into suspicion and the information they received into denial. Both of them were breaking apart, second by second, while at the same time they were trying to make their pieces start falling in slow motion as if they would remain frozen in time before realizing that everything they had heard was true. The moment Mo Yeon met Myeong Joo in an attempt to avoid the unavoidable but noticed her own letter the overall scene turned into a calligraphy of pain. Two recipients, but Myeong Joo would never read Dae Young’s letter since it would finalize the acceptance of his death whereas Mo Yeon decided to dive into Shi Jin’s last sincere words. Signing the confidentiality paper sealed Mo Yeon’s devastation while she was trying to find a meaning that would justify his death, but her love for him was so immense that she could only pace with the flow of what he would like her to do. The fact that even his death would have to remain a secret was shattering her even more since his secrets had always been the reason behind her major worries. Up to the very end, it was all about their own truths and his secrets.


Time had passed, but Mo Yeon had become a workaholic in an attempt to forget, but she was unable to do so since even the operating room was reminding her of Shi Jin. He was all around her in all the simple things that were a part of her daily routine whereas Myeong Joo would return to Uruk, the place that brought her closer to Dae Young once again. While she had put all the blame on her father for all the precious moments they had lost because of him, the tension between them had ceased existing, but the plea for her to forgive him was still there, just like Dae Young kept occupying her whole existence.


I had always loved the presence of these two stuffed animals in Descendants of the Sun and now they were bound to bring some sort of comfort in Myeong Joo and Mo Yeon’s life. The times Myeong Joo and Mo Yeon hanged out together during this episode were meaningful, but we also got to know how Shi Jin and Dae Young became friends. It had been bromance since the very first moment they met and no matter how many dramas i will watch during 2016 it will be hard for any other bromance to dethrone what these two figures share. Every scene that followed was an emotional earthquake from the chocolate hearts and the mutual confession of their feelings to Mo Yeon’s desolate hallucinations.


The crucial moment that made me open up my eyes inside the morgue i had found myself in was the snow that started falling in Uruk, something that was quite rare. The 15th episode did justice to our four main characters and our two main couples since it was laying emphasis on everything they were made of. The snow and the desert weren’t meaningless. One way or another, things had always been heated up between Mo Yeon and Shi Jin whereas there had always been a sense of ice between Myeong Joo and Dae Young. Our couples’ revival had to take place at the right environment that would do justice to everything we had witnessed from the first episode up to that point.


One year later, the timing had arrived for the first closure that would put an end to the mourning process while announcing our characters’ rebirth. Dae Young hasn’t appeared yet, but i will stick to my thoughts on the previous paragraph and i will put my feels on the line. Mo Yeon’s messages that were consisting of everything she wanted to talk with Shi Jin all this time had finally found their recipient and the Big Boss was alive and well in front of her and she was in his embrace. I like the writer’s circular moves around specific patterns, they take place with surgical accuracy whenever they have to. The misunderstandings, the stuffed animals and the three days zero nights on the men and the women’s behalf, Dae Young’s dog tag legacy, Mo Yeon informing Shi Jin on her blood type, etc were all part of a plan that was making both couples and all four characters more distinctive in a way that would make them more memorable and more appreciated.


I can’t wait to watch the last episode. I guess that some of its time will be based on how Shi Jin and Dae Young managed to survive and what they had been doing all this time. Things i am looking forward to except for this? After all these tears and pain i want both couples to enter the “and they lived happily ever after” motive. Mo Yeon and Shi Jin returning to Navagio (Ναυάγιο) beach and Dae Young and Myeong Joo going to that hotel for “fireworks” are essential aspects i can’t wait to witness! I often say that i am a dramasochist who secretly or openly craves for tremendous amounts of pain in dramas, but this episode ruined my life; in a good manner of speaking! Ya, 16th episode, you have to be a fountain of love and happiness, okay? Okay!


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    I feel the same way about this episode! Felt like my heart had been crushed to pieces and then restored at the very last moment. Thank you for the recap! Here’s to a brilliant episode 16 tomorrow!

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    I’m really grateful that there’s at least one of many people who truly appreciate this drama ’till the end like you, bcs I’ve seen nothing but meaningless critics so far for this episode. I tend to be influenced a lot by the recaps I read, and it was really upsetting to see people have nothing but crap about the whole drama just bcs the plot wasn’t strong enough at the very first place. Your recaps made me rethink a lot about this episode, and even had a deeper depth about what was actually going on in this ep:D This episode was a pure tearjerker for me, and I really hope we can get a satisfying ending for both couples^^Thanks for your recap!:)

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    Is there no episode 14 recap?

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