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Vampire Detective Episode 3 Recap

“Point in one direction and run towards the opposite way.”


Case 3 – The Sleeping Dragon


Yoon San visited Ji Woong and showed him the picture of the shady woman. Yoon San noticed that Ji Woong wasn’t at his finest the moment he witnessed the picture and Ji Woong kept asking Yoon San who he was. Yoon San insisted that he was a dog, but it would depend on Ji Woong’s answer whether he would change or not. Instead of telling Yoon San who she was, Ji Woong warned him that she was the greatest evil in the world and pointed out that he wouldn’t be able to handle her. Yoon San asked him if she was Yoo Jin, but he didn’t receive an answer.

Sun Young arrived at the hospital, but since her father had passed away she didn’t want to enter his room. She was intending to leave, but there was something her father had left for her and she changed her mind. Goo Hyung was enjoying the trophy they had acquired, but Gyeo Wool wasn’t pleased simply because their efforts were worth some money as well! Yoon San arrived and Gyeo Wool urged him to start updating her in case he finds out more about her brother’s case.

Yoon San received a phone call from Sun Young and our squad went to Choi Tae Sik’s funeral. Goo Hyung thought that it looked like a gang boss’ funeral and Yoon San pointed out that he was right! The fact that Tae Sik was a gangster and Sun Young a police officer made things even more intriguing. Our squad had parked the car at another gang boss’ parking position and his bodyguards were enraged. There was tension and one of the bodyguards tried to hit Gyeo Woo, but Yoon San prevented him from doing so and taught him a lesson with his knee! Sun Young put an end to everything going on and greeted Yoon San after a long time! He informed her that being an investigator was pretty much like being a police officer even though he didn’t have an insurance! The reason why Sun Young requested his help was riddle-oriented.

Sun Young introduced them to her brothers, Cheol Yong and Cheol Woo who informed his older brother that private detectives had existed since the Joseon era and Detective K was all the proof he needed! Attorney Kang showed Yoon San the will Choi Tae Sik left behind and it was the painting of four dragons, but they couldn’t decipher the meaning behind it. The two brothers were interpreting the painting the way they wanted to, but Yoon San would have the upper hand in the investigation in order to shed utmost light in his new case.

Sun Young pointed out that her father was drawing one dragon after the birth of every child and she believed that the fourth dragon was representing her mother. She thought that each dragon had something to do with the safe’s password that would reveal her father’s real will because he had to hide everything as a gangster. Even though her father wanted her to lead a safe and comfortable life Sun Young became a police officer and cut ties with him after finding out the truth. Gyeo Wool had the right equipment that would help her open the safe, but things weren’t as easy as they appeared to be since there was an explosive trap inside the safe that would destroy everything if anyone would try to open it by force or put the wrong password more than ten times.

Only three chances were left and Goo Hyung was finding women in uniforms quite pretty. It was something that made Gyeo Wool believe that he would never change, but he was also finding the fact that Sun Young was a gangster’s daughter quite ridiculous. Gyeo Wool was curious if Yoon San had left the police force because of a girl, but Goo Hyung didn’t offer a definitive answer.

Sun Young was thankful towards Yoon San for accepting her request since she couldn’t call the police because she didn’t want them to find out who her father was. On top of that, her brothers were continuing her father’s legacy and she wanted to keep everything a secret. Yoon San would keep the drawing for now and Sun Young urged him to find the answer before the whole mourning process would be over. She could easily tell that he hadn’t forgotten about Yoo Jin and Tae Woo and she was apologetic for being unable to help him all along the way, but he reassured her that he was fine. For a while, Yoon San was losing himself in a delusion as he was misinterpreting Sun Young for Yoo Jin apologizing to him.

Attorney Kang was concerned, but Sun Young reassured him that Yoon San was someone they could trust. He was also someone who could make things possible no matter how impossible they would seem. Attorney Kang was envying her for having a friend like Yoon San whereas she was feeling sorry for her father who couldn’t trust anyone. However, having a child like her was easing her father’s burden and Sun Young was eager to find out what her father really wanted.

Gyeo Wool kept trying to figure out the password, but she was unable to do so. Even so, they already knew the seven passwords his family had tried and all of them became aware that giving them the wrong password would put their lives in danger. Yoon San was eager to find out the meaning of dragons in Tae Sik’s life and Gyeo Wool found out that he had grown up in Incheon’s Chinatown.

They visited the Black Dragon Restaurant since it was related to Tae Sik’s life and his gang. They noticed a like-minded dragon, but in the meantime an attorney had visited Ji Woong and he became aware of the fact that Yoon San had already been there in search of answers. Ji Woong urged him to get him out of there as soon as possible since he wouldn’t be able to keep his mouth shut for a long period of time.

Gyeo Wool and Goo Hyung were enjoying the food, but Yoon San hadn’t eaten at all. He showed the owner of the restaurant Tae Sik’s drawing and he warned them that mentioning Tae Sik’s name in Chinatown was quite dangerous. The restaurant owner urged them to leave and Yoon San noticed that the chef was keeping an eye on them.

Yoon San could easily tell that the dragon at the restaurant was a clue and he was well aware that the restaurant owner was hiding something from them. Gyeo Wool and Goo Hyung left first, but soon enough someone attacked Yoon San who was able to take care of him.

Our squad members found themselves at the police station where Goo Hyung explained everything to detective Park who took care of everything and they treated him to food for one more time! They didn’t find lots of information about the man who attacked Yoon San, but they became aware that he was an illegal immigrant from China and that the knife tattoo had nothing to do with being a member of a gang or spending time in jail. It was a tattoo that was becoming a part of their body on a ship on their way towards Korea.

Yoon San visited the chef and a fight erupted, but Yoon San put an end to it and the restaurant owner would answer to his questions. Tae Sik started working at the restaurant after losing his parents at a young age, but his greatest skill was related to his talented hands that were needed in the world of shadows. He started forging papers for illegal immigrants and fake passports for criminals. Since he had mastered that field he was offered a deal from a Soul gang and he left Incheon behind.

Soon enough, he became Black Dragon gang’s boss and most of the illegal immigrants were grateful to him since they were able to start their lives anew. That was the reason why they didn’t want to answer Yoon San’s questions and the restaurant owner urged Yoon San to find out what the drawing indicates instead of its meaning since it could be pointing towards a specific person.

Yoon San was taking into consideration all the information he had gathered and pointed out that they should refrain from searching Tae Sik’s past. They should focus on the people the will was related to since it would lead them closer to the truth.

The only person that wasn’t a part of his family but Tae Sik could trust was attorney Kang and Yoon San visited him right away. The bodyguard’s attitude had changed and Goo Hyung would talk to Cheol Yong whereas Gyeo Wool would talk to Cheol Woo.

Yoon San informed him that he had visited the Black Dragon restaurant and he pointed out that Tae Sik’s trust towards attorney Kang was deeper than it appeared to be. Cheol Yong was trying to bribe Goo Hyung in order to benefit from the outcome of the investigation and Cheol Woo was trying to do the same when it comes to Gyeo Wool, but once he kissed her hand she erupted and threatened him directly!

Yoon San wanted to find out which people were the ones Tae Sik was trusting the most and shortly after he visited Sun Young. He asked her about the meaning of the flower in the drawing, but she didn’t know even though he was always accompanying a dragon with a flower. She pointed out that she started living apart from her father and it was probably the same reason why she started hating him; he was seeing another woman when her mother was on her deathbed. He had witnessed them back in the days inside her mother’s hospital room and his reactions to everything she had to say were revealing a weak side of her father she couldn’t decipher. Her brothers prevented her from talking more about it and they started fighting about who was the one who had worked the most under their father’s reign!

Sun Young’s story had intrigued Yoon San whereas Gyeo Wool and Goo Hyung were arguing about men always having problems with women and Goo Hyung’s adoration towards women being a misunderstanding!


Yoon San visited the restaurant owner once again since he was curious about the restaurant’s dragon not being accompanied by a flower, but at that point he could notice that a part of the drawing on the wall had been erased. Yoon San wanted to find out more about that woman and he found out that Tae Sik had met her at the restaurant. The restaurant owner didn’t know who she was and he didn’t want to find out since the vibes he was receiving from her were menacing.

Yoon San was informed that the chef had been murdered, but before leaving the lights went out and he was attacked by another vampire who was strong enough to make him pass out. The vampire took Tae Sik’s will, but the only thing the mysterious woman found inside Yoon San’s envelope was his business card and burned it.

Yoon San informed everyone that the drawing was related to the password, but what the drawing was indicating was more important. Through dragons, Tae Sik was expressing affection and the three dragons were presenting his three children. As for the fourth dragon, it was presenting attorney Kang who was also Tae Sik’s son. His real name was Choi Cheol Ho. Back in the days, a man was beating up his father, but Cheol Ho killed him with a knife to protect his father who took all the blame and forged a new ID in for Cheol Ho to start anew.

If Yoon San would be unable to prove that attorney Kang was their brother our squad team would be in danger. Yoon San pointed out that the dragon at the restaurant was indicating his other son, attorney Kang (Cheol Ho), even though it wasn’t accompanied by a flower. Yoon San laid emphasis on the fact that a flower in marble was depicting their birth flowers and Tae Sik had removed the one from attorney Kang’s dragon in order to point out that Cheol Ho had died the moment he was given a new name.

Yoon San had figured out that the password was a combination of the months all four children were born in, but after listening to Goo Hyung’s suggestion the password was wrong! The month Cheol Ho became Se Ho was September, but the password was wrong once again. Yoon San had one last chance and he recalled Tae Sik’s philosophy of life; point in one direction and run to the opposite way. The password was 2259 and he gave the original will to Cheol Yong who fainted after reading it because their father wanted to put an end to the Group!

Yoon San didn’t reveal how he figured out the real password and Sun Young informed him that her father left the Group and his business to her in order for her to turn in his group as a police officer. He had also prepared fake IDs for her two brothers to start their lives anew like Cheol Ho did. Sun Young assumed that her father kept making fake IDs for special customers and she showed Yoon San something she had found inside the safe; Tae Woo and Yoo Jin’s pictures.



~ Thoughts ~


Send your wishes to Lee-genie, he will make them come true!

The ratings dropped a bit this time, Vampire Detective’s 3rd episode rated 1.034 which was the drama’s lowest ratings to date. After a few conversations with some friends i have to admit that it has become essential for Yeon Jeong Hun (Vampire Prosecutor 1 & 2) to make a cameo appearance. It wouldn’t only be a piece of cake for him, it would also be the icing on the cake for us, don’t you agree? Of course you do, but let’s go back to Vampire Detective before my eyes change color and my teeth become sharper!


I like Yoon San as a character, he’s minimal. He talks only when he has something to say and he doesn’t blabber pointlessly and endlessly. He’s always calm and thoughtful and at times he offers his heartfelt smile when success blends with a different type of sincerity. There are also the moments when he’s being overran by a painful sense of reminiscence every time he sees Yoo Jin in front of him without her her being there or finds something related to her that points towards the direction that she could be alive. Lee Joon doesn’t pressure himself, he’s as natural as he can be in the way he presents Yoon San and i have to admit that i enjoy the moments he suddenly breaks apart.

I hope Yoo Jin and Tae Woo are somewhere out there because he has many questions to ask them, questions that keep tormenting him and they are always accompanied by an even more saddening “why?” In case they are still alive, they will probably be in the form of a vampire and things will become more complicated; i like complicated things! Yoon San isn’t fully aware of the powers he acquired after his transformation. He’s pretty much aware that something has drastically changed, but he gets closer to the truth one step at a time, especially through his interactions with figures that want to harm him and whenever there’s blood nearby.

I enjoyed the grayish night vision presentation during the fight scene. It was making things a bit more intriguing while witnessing the way the drama’s vampires see, move and fight in the dark. And for blood’s sake, i want to pleasantly drown in Lee Chung Ah’s darkening grandeur so please, drama, show her during the fourth episode! I mean, i adore the closeups on her lips and eyes, but they can’t outplace the whole picture! Vampire Detective isn’t in a hurry, it takes its time unfolding peripheral aspects of the storyline that steadily lead our main characters and the audience towards the eye of the storm. Yoon San is searching for Yoo Jin, Gyeo Wool for her brother’s murderer and we have yet to find out how Goo Hyung met Yoon San and why he stayed by his side in such a loyal and caring way.


On a side note, i loved how dragons were Tae Sik’s equivalent of affection in terms of visualization and that the flowers were resembling the birth of everyone dear to him. Except for the personal and deeper meaning he gave to the dragons he was drawing, it was also something that was unveiling the impact the Chinatown where he grew up left upon him. The side-stories are intriguing and somewhat related, especially when it comes to the woman lurking in the shadows, and they offer one piece of the puzzle at a time. Our squad remains strong even though Yoon San is in the spotlight and i can’t wait to find out what will happen in the forthcoming episode! Ah, if only Vampire Detective could offer two episodes per week; the struggle is real! Judging from the preview, a mysterious murder case will bring Yoon San closer to Yo Na and Lee Chung Ah in my line of vision!


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    gyeo wool drank wine in the morning! seriously though, i noticed in this episode that she doesnt eat. is this a red herring?
    love the trio but i am hoping show starts to address his new nature a bit more…vampire mythology is interesting for it’s depths and i want to see lee joon’s take on it! the action scenes are fab but the internal processing is important.
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