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Descendants of the Sun Episode 13 Recap

“All my runaways equaled a hundred of words
And those times i couldn’t answer your phone calls were a torture for me.”


Mo Yeon and Ja Ae were going to work and they were missing their running doves and the fact that the medicube was so close to them whereas their workplace was far from their houses. Chi Hoon, Min Ji and eventually Sang Hyun joined them and it was already feeling like their first day at work!bscap6700

Inside the hospital, the director along with other personnel were waiting to greet them and Chi Hoon was so happy seeing Hee Eun once again! Greeting them wasn’t as gracious as it was supposed to be and Sang Hyun kept complaining since others were being favored more than him. The director was enraged at Chi Hoon for all the torture he went through because of him and his mother and he informed everyone that except for the bonus they would receive they would also have to go through some medical tests. He literally threw the flowers at Mo Yeon and expressed his distress in her absence along with the fact that she hadn’t returned with the first plane, but Sang Hyun eventually received the flowers since Mo Yeon ran towards Ji Soo!

Mo Yeon was talking about the earthquake and everything seemed like she was talking about Shi Jin to Ji Soo’s ears! She urged her to talk about the man who had occupied her heart and Mo Yeon pointed out that falling off the edge of a cliff, escaping a minefield and having a bomb around her were a part of their relationship. Ji Soo couldn’t possibly understand and Mo Yeon wouldn’t either if she hadn’t experienced all that!

Mo Yeon had yet to acclimate herself in Korea and she wasn’t satisfied with the fact that there were neither running soldiers nor Shi Jin. It was something that made him wonder if she was missing the soldiers or him and she pointed out that she was missing the overall vibes in Uruk! Mo Yeon informed him that she was intending to resign in order to open her own hospital and she asked Shi Jin about his salary in case everything went very wrong. He pretended that he couldn’t listen to her, but in case she would go broke he would find a spot for her in Alpha Team since she was more experienced than many other soldiers! She reassured him that she would never go broke, especially after everything she went through in Uruk!

The president apologized indirectly and pointed out that the scene at the hotel left its own impact upon him, but Mo Yeon reminded him that she would resign now that she was back in Korea. She left her resignation letter on his desk and gave him a week to accept it, in case he wanted her to stay he would have to resign instead!

Mo Yeon couldn’t get a loan since she would no longer be a professor at Haesung Hospital. Practically, she would be unemployed in case she resigned and Yoo Ah In was crushing her dreams one after the other!

Dae Young would like Myeong Joo to start living a more comfortable life, but she laid emphasis on the fact that opening up her own hospital wouldn’t guarantee that everything would flow well. After all, being an army surgeon wasn’t that demanding since soldiers didn’t need complicated surgeries, but an accurate diagnosis and proper treatment. Combining the quick and accurate diagnosis of a doctor and the consideration of a soldier were two characteristics that were defining her at work and she was adoring both of them.

He could only agree that she would be a loss for the nation in case she left the army, but while they were holding hands Shi Jin appeared and ruined the moment. Dae Young couldn’t believe that it was a coincidence that he was always picking these beautiful moments to deliver his messages! Shi Jin had brought a transfer order for Myeong Joo to return to Korea and commander Yoon wasn’t behind it, but Shi Jin who managed to convince Byeong Soo with his threatening influence!

Mo Yeon called Shi Jin on the phone and scared him while asking for help, but the real reason behind the phone call was because she couldn’t get a loan after giving her resignation letter to the director! Shi Jin pointed out that she could have just visited the bank in order to get the loan before handing over her resignation letter and his meaningful simplicity enraged Mo Yeon who ended the call!

While discussing a possible way out of this mess the table started shaking and the medical team hid underneath it since they thought it was an earthquake. It was a jackhammer nearby that made them feel embarrassed in front of everyone!

Sang Hyun thought that they should all see a psychiatrist now that they had returned from Uruk and Mo Yeon decided to meet the director. She brought flowers with her and resurfaced her complimenting and reminiscing nature, but the director was already aware that she wasn’t able to get a loan! He let her stay and she would work at the hospital’s emergency room at night while still being ready to perform an operation whenever needed! Mo Yeon maintained her attitude and that was how she was able to tear apart her resignation letter. In case she wanted to work at the VIP ward she would have to visit the director anew!

Mo Yeon would operate on the patient that had just arrived and everyone became aware of her current duties far away from the VIP ward, but she would still fight to remain at the TV program!

Chi Hoon and Hee Eun were staring at the fetus through the screen and even though they were happy seeing one another after such a long time the doctor urged them to prevent themselves from doing so since the baby was about to be born.

Eun Ji kept getting on Mo Yeon’s nerves all along the way while she was pointing out things were never true or were resembling the truth, but Mo Yeon urged her to be happy and become a better doctor. Once Eun Ji pointed out that all Mo Yeon did in Uruk was taking pictures and immunizing patients the whole medical team lost the world underneath its feet! Everyone was enraged and they were thinking of possible ways they could have used to punish her!

Sang Hyun and Ja Ae were discussing Eun Ji’s spoiled behavior and if she would ever had the chance to be born again she would like to be like her! As for Sang Hyun, he could be reborn as someone who would never meet Ja Ae, but she was glad that he had helped her pay for her sister’s tuition fee and informed him that she would take care of the remaining debt soon!

The soldiers had put on their beauty masks and Woo Geun couldn’t believe what was going on, but once he noticed Dae Young things became more complicated! Woo Geun didn’t intend to put on a mask since he thought that he didn’t need one and the soldiers were hoping that his daughter would look like her mother instead of him! Dae Young took off his mask and put it on Woo Geun’s face!

Dae Young was recalling commander Yoon’s words on the decision he would have to make after returning to Korea. Myeong Joo arrived and he pointed out that he was thinking of her like always and helped her sit down. He was protecting her eyes from the sun and told her that he loved her, but she asked him if they were breaking up and he repeated how much he loved her, something that would last forever. He laid emphasis on the fact that they would never break up again and she reminded him how dazzling he was! They took off the minefield sign and they started walking hand in hand.

Everyone’s time in Uruk was over and Shi Jin was reporting back. The deputy commander informed them that they would have a few days off. Dae Young was thoughtful while proceeding with his application of discharge from the military.

Shi Jin and Dae Young went out and Dae Young pointed out that they would keep drinking for the next 72 hours and Shi Jin could only accept his challenge! They kept drinking and drinking, but nobody was picking up Shi Jin’s calls except for Woo Geun who got there! Myeong Joo would return back to the base and Mo Yeon couldn’t believe that they were so drunk! Shi Jin thought that the new girl that had just arrived was pretty whereas Dae Young thought that the girl that had just left was prettier, but he also urged Shi Jin to stop looking at Mo Yeon since they couldn’t get into fights with civilians!

The drinking frenzy kept going on and all of them were so ecstatic about it! Shi Jin and Dae Young were still there and they were at the verge of collapsing while reminding one another their zero nights three days vow! Mo Yeon arrived with more soju to find out that Sang Hyun was also wasted! Shi Jin noticed that the girl from the previous day was there as well and he would attempt talking to her. Sang Hyun informed him that Mo Yeon was his girlfriend and Shi Jin couldn’t believe that such a beautiful girl was with him!

Mo Yeon started drinking and late at night she was drunk whereas Shi Jin was feeling better! After taking off her shoes she started jumping on the sofa since she would love to eat some chicken and drink some beer! Shi Jin heard a sound and urged Mo Yeon to remain silent until he would figure out what was going on!

It was Mo Yeon’s mother and Shi Jin introduced himself, but it was Mo Yeon’s turn to wonder if he was her boyfriend! Shi Jin was finding Mo Yeon’s drinking habits quite cute and Mo Yeon’s mother was finding Shi Jin’s work intriguing since he was getting paid regularly while not being that much at home since Mo Yeon was mainly living inside the hospital! Mo Yeon’s mother’s opinion on Shi Jin was very positive, but Mo Yeon wouldn’t like her to reveal more about her past since Shi Jin was already aware of it!

Shi Jin arrived first and he ordered for her as well. Mo Yeon was pretending that she hadn’t drank much and that she was recalling everything, but once Shi Jin brought up her mother her lies were revealed! Shi Jin received a phone call and he informed Mo Yeon that he would have to go to the department store. He was apologetic, but all she wanted from him was to watch a movie with her later on after coming back safe.

Dae Young and Shi Jin met in their suits with Shi Jin pointing out that the black suit looked good on him because of his characteristics, but Dae Young told him that his skin was pale! Byung Soo would be the commander of the operation and they would have to protect the South Korean diplomatic team in Pyongyang. That’s where he met the North Korean soldier he had fought in the beginning of the first episode. There was playful tension between them and they ended up eating lunch together since Shi Jin would like some traditional Pyongyang food! The North Korean soldier advised Shi Jin how to enjoy the dish, but Shi Jin wouldn’t be able to treat him during the next round of talks because a different team would accompany the North Korean diplomats.

Shi Jin was inside Haesung Hospital’s elevator and he became aware of the fact that the president kept sending her flowers, but she wasn’t accepting them! He managed to find one picture but he neither knew who her boyfriend was nor could he find more information about him. Shi Jin pointed at himself in the picture and delivered more information about himself!

The president wanted to talk to Shi Jin who warned him to be careful since he was well aware of everything he had done. Before leaving, Shi Jin pointed out that he was a good fighter!

Eun Ji wanted Mo Yeon to work her night shift for her but Mo Yeon wasn’t intending to comply. Shi Jin arrived and Eun Ji started flirting with him, but Shi Jin introduced himself as Mo Yeon’s boyfriend and she managed to get him out of there right away!

Mo Yeon was enraged because of the previous meeting, but once Shi Jin pointed out that he had just met the director Mo Yeon was trying to change the subject! He placed around her neck the necklace he had bought for her and they headed towards their meeting with Dae Young and Myeong Joo!

The waiter noticed that their girlfriends had changed, but while Mo Yeon and Myeong Joo were arming their imaginary weapons the waiter referred to their stuffed animals and the misunderstanding had reached the end! Dae Young raised Myeong Joo’s hand and laid emphasis on the fact that she was his real girlfriend whereas Shi Jin told them that Mo Yeon was his comrade because they had fought together and won in Uruk! Shi Jin pointed out that he desperately needed to get back his phone and that was the reason why they had fought all these men back in the days, but Myeong Joo couldn’t find her photos in Dae Young’s phone. The taxi plates he had photographed were like Myeong Joo’s photos for him since he couldn’t return her back home when they were dating and after they had broken up they were reminding him of her. His cellphone password had been set by Myeong Joo and he didn’t intend to change it since it was the only password he would acknowledge!

Myeong Joo caressed Dae Young’s face and he took her hand in his. Myeong Joo tried to sabotage the fact that he was driving her back home because she didn’t want to, but once her phone started ringing she didn’t answer it and Dae Young was wondering if it was Yun Gi. He got close to her and answered the phone call. It was the soldier that was spying on Dae Young who pointed out that he had fixed his hair twice and certainly not thrice! Beom Rae should cook noodles and wait for Dae Young to return. Dae Young pretended that he would kiss Myeong Joo in order to punish her, but he eventually kissed her!

Beom Rae had no other choice but stick to Dae Young’s side and he informed Myeong Joo on everything Dae Young had ordered him to. Dae Young also found out that commander Yoon would return by tomorrow.


In front of her father, Myeong Joo became aware of Dae Young’s application for discharge and Dae Young confirmed it.  He became aware of commander Yoon’s promise to his daughter, but it was something that had nothing to do with him. Dae Young was willing to comply to his arch conversation with commander Yoon and he had decided to sacrifice his life in the military in order to choose Myeong Joo.

Myeong Joo demanded further explanations and Dae Young pointed out that he proceeded with that decision in order not to break up with her even though it wasn’t an easy one. However, it wasn’t easy on Myeong Joo’s behalf either since she had made her father promise that he would let Dae Young stay in the army. He laid emphasis on the fact that every time he was running away it was possessing its own meaning and the same applied to the phone calls he had left unanswered and were a real torture for him. He pointed out that all he ever needed was to be acknowledged for who he was. If commander Yoon letting them date was because of Myeong Joo who had almost died then he couldn’t be with her. Myeong Joo urged him to break up with her in order to be happy all alone by himself if she was making him so unhappy.

Shi Jin was glad that they were back at the beginning watching a movie together and Mo Yeon would like both of them to return to Navagio (Ναυάγιο) beach someday. Mo Yeon would have to go to the hospital and she wouldn’t let Shi Jin watch the movie on his own even though he wasn’t intending to do so despite the fact that he used it as a supposed-to-work line!

The moment for the second South and North Korean meeting had arrived. Dae Young was eating something sweet because he was feeling depressed and Shi Jin was complaining because Dae Young had eaten the other one as well! Shi Jin found out that Dae Young had broken up with Myeong Joo, but they noticed the North Korean soldier heading towards them with not so friendly intentions.

Two ambulances arrived. The North Korean soldier was in the first one and Sang Hyun would take care of him. Mo Yeon couldn’t believe that the patient in critical condition inside the second ambulance was Shi Jin.

~ Thoughts ~


The 13th episode managed to achieve the drama’s highest ratings to date; 33.5%. It was the first episode after both the medical team and the soldiers returned to Korea and there were quirky complications and there was bliss for the most part of it, but there was also heartache and even more heartache as we were gradually reaching the end. And somewhere in between, there was a Yoo Ah In cameo, I bet you enjoyed it no matter how minimal it was!


Acclimating themselves in the hospital environment wouldn’t be too easy but it wouldn’t be that tough either, unless your name was Mo Yeon! Except for our secondary figures’ humble side-stories such as Chi Hoon meeting Hee Eun once again and Sang Hyun being close to Ja Ae everything was dedicated to romance, bromance and a handful of pain eventually! Mo Yeon’s return wasn’t as relaxing as she thought it would be since her plans didn’t seem to progress.


Eun Ji kept being an ongoing mental torture and the president was trying to get closer to her while Mo Yeon couldn’t run away from him once and for all in order to open up her own clinic! The phone calls with Shi Jin were filling her life with some sort of comfort, but his playful yet truthful words on how her plan collapsed were making her even more explosive and eventually more restrained in order to remain at the hospital under a more overburdened schedule.


Shi Jin isn’t only a player, he also has a natural charisma of ruining Myeong Joo and Dae Young’s cutest moments! I don’t know how he always manages to achieve something like that, but his sense of timing is exceptionally spot on and “enrages” me in a hilarious way because I ship Myeong Joo and Dae Young so hard! Right before returning to Korea, our soldiers needed their beauty masks and Dae Young needed to express his love towards Myeong Joo under the shadow of the brave decision he would have to make which was no other than leaving behind his military life.


The lengthy drunken scene with Dae Young and Shi Jin mainly, but also with everyone else that played their own part, has become my favorite scene in the drama so far! I watched it countless times and every time I did I laughed my lungs out to the point of needing a transplant! Song Joong Ki and Jin Goo were masterful in depicting their characters’ drunken sides in the various phases of these endless nights and days! It’s a one of a kind bromance that keeps shining each and every time these two are together, even when the circumstances are tough! You have to admit that Song Hye Kyo’s drunken presentation was exceptional as well, she was overly adorable and had her mother not invaded her house chances were high that the heat would rise dramatically! The good part of the story was that Shi Jin earned her mother’s trust!


Shi Jin taught the hospital director a lesson in a hilarious but also meaningful way whereas Eun Ji managed to enrage Mo Yeon once again the moment she started hitting on Shi Jin! The flow of events and his temperament managed to chase away her jealousy since the meeting with the director wasn’t a subject she’d like to talk about and the necklace he had bought for her put an end to their quirky quarrel in the most representative way! These two really confuse me in a good manner of speaking, I really don’t know when I ship them the most! When they quarrel in their own way or when they lose themselves in emotion?!


I guess everyone was waiting for our beloved couples to hang out together, especially when Dae Young would have his real girlfriend and Shi Jin his comrade by their side respectively! You heard the sounds of Mo Yeon and Myeong Joo preparing their weapons the moment the waiter pointed out that their girlfriends had changed, right?! Everything seemed blissful, but the more we were diving in Dae Young’s emotional background the more the drama was preparing us for the heartache that would follow.


The fact that he was keeping the taxi plates in order to remind him of Myeong Joo in her absence after they had broken up was an aspect that was making him an even greater character who adores the woman he loves in his own, often introverted, way. The auto-pilot kiss sealed the magic of the moment, but the beauteous nightly vibes were succeeded by the discharge application that came to the surface. Both of them had put their own efforts in order to be together and maintain one another’s happiness. Myeong Joo was already aware of Dae Young’s conversation with her father and she thought that she would help him by making her father promise that he would let Dae Young remain in the army and be by Myeong Joo’s side.


Dae Young was proud of his life in the military and just like nothing in life had been easy for him the same applied to being with Myeong Joo. He didn’t want anyone to pave the way for him in order to be with her and if he was willing to sacrifice an essential era of his life to be with her was proving the grandeur of his feelings. Just like Myeong Joo had suffered because Dae Young wouldn’t express his feelings while running away from her, the same applied to Dae Young who was suffering on the inside, but being with her shouldn’t feel like someone was doing him a favor. He wanted to be acknowledged for who he was and the cracks in their relationship started making their appearance with a breakup.


The moment the North Korean soldier appeared for the first time during the 13th episode something alarmed me that things wouldn’t be as easy as they appeared to be after everyone’s return from Uruk. The second time he appeared by the end of the episode everything became more apparent and the first heartache after Dae Young and Myeong Joo broke up was followed by an even more heartrending event. Shi Jin being in critical condition was a sight Mo Yeon hadn’t thought she’d witness even though she knew that his missions were dangerous. One way or another, the end of the 13th episode left everyone wounded (including the audience) and I hope that things will brighten up during the 14th one. Now that my feel-o-meter broke I have to find a way to fix it and only a ray of sunlight on Descendants of the Sun’s behalf can do it! Come forth, 14th episode; mend these wounds!


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