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Descendants of the Sun Episode 10 Recap

“Usually, dating is when things that “i can do by myself” are done by the other person.”


Mo Yeon lived up to Shi Jin’s words and decided to save Argus, but his men would have to leave behind their weapons and carry him under the tent. Mo Yeon performed the surgery without topical anesthesia or painkillers and put all the blame on herself for not being a skilled doctor! Argus became aware that the Korean army would arrive there soon and before leaving he threatened Fatima who was protected by Mo Yeon. Shi Jin urged Argus to leave as fast as he could and run far away since he had reached the limit of his kindness.

Dae Young found out that Argus had left the army to become a weapon smuggler. Shi Jin pointed out that for people like them, starting anew meant that they would either become mercenaries or villains and Argus belonged to the second category.

The children had been transferred to the medicube for all the necessary treatment procedures. Sang Hyun was complaining for not leaving when he could because after the earthquake an epidemic had made its appearance, but Ja Ae’s stare prevented him from talking! Even though the children’s health was getting better the medical team would still have to keep an eye on them.

Mo Yeon was washing the blood off her hands and she recalled Shi Jin’s words, but also everything Argus said the moment he pointed out how dangerous it was being with a man like Shi Jin that she could end up getting hurt in the end.

Min Ji informed Mo Yeon that Fatima wanted to leave and Mo Yeon brought her some food and milk, but Fatima was pissed off at her for helping Argus live. Mo Yeon pointed out that she prevented her from becoming a murderer, but Fatima laid emphasis on the fact that even though Mo Yeon had stopped her from becoming a murderer she wouldn’t be able to stop her from getting killed. Mo Yeon urged her to put her trust on the soldiers, but Fatima asked her if she had ever experienced the horror of war and everything that soldiers do. Mo Yeon wanted her to eat first and urged her to let logic prevail in case she wanted to run away.

One of the members of the medical team was over-exaggerating on everything he had witnessed in Uruk and pointed out that those who didn’t return stayed behind because there was a shortage of doctors. Hee Eun was eager to find out why Chi Hoon hadn’t come back even though his name was on the list and the doctor told her that he had offered his seat to a patient. She was curious if he was cheating on her because he wasn’t answering her calls and the doctor informed her that he wasn’t feeling well lately.

Min Ji became aware of the fact that Young Soo who was supposed to get Chi Hoon’s seat didn’t get on board and the plane had left without him. As expected, Sang Hyun wondered if his soul got on the plane! Min Ji thought that Sang Hyun’s jokes were funny and Ja Ae could only agree!

Mo Yeon informed Myeong Joo on the measles alert, but she was already aware of it and urged her to stop worrying since they had enough vaccines. Mo Yeon wanted to follow Myeong Joo at the village, but Myeong Joo reminded her that Dae Young would be in charge of the overall process and didn’t want her to be around! She resurfaced the negative vibes that were still lingering between them, but Mo Yeon pointed out that she was more generous than Myeong Joo who could easily notice that Mo Yeon wasn’t caring that much every time she was being mean lately!

Myeong Joo was enjoying the weather, but she was enjoying Dae Young’s presence by her side even more! He couldn’t possibly tell what was so nice when it comes to a civil operation by a soldier’s side and she reminded him on her high standards when it comes to men! In case he wasn’t staring in the mirror every morning, she urged him to start showing his handsome face at her! Dae Young asked her if she had ever thought of leaving the army in order to find a new job, but he was talking about himself since he was partaking in dangerous missions and there would be times they’d be far away from one another. He wasn’t taking into consideration only himself, but both of them and she reminded him that she was loving him the way he was and pointed out that he should never take off his uniform without her consent even though she liked him whether he was wearing it or not. They arrived at the village to find out that everyone had left.

Commander Yoon was informing Shi Jin on Argus’ weapon smuggling activities and the fact that he was there when Jin Seok had lost his life, but Shi Jin was aware of pretty much everything. The CIA wanted their cooperation, but this time it wasn’t for justice. It was all about politics and they wanted Argus to provide colonel Amang with weapons in order to establish a pro-American government. The US Delta Force was already on it and Shi Jin already knew their captain since they were a part of the same operation in Afghanistan. Commander Yoon ordered Shi Jin to avoid any conflicts with Argus for the time being.

Dae Young informed Shi Jin that the police had told him that the children from the village had been transferred to an orphanage, but he could notice that something was wrong. Shi Jin pointed out that interfering with Argus wasn’t an option for now since it was an order, but it was also classified information Dae Young should keep to himself.

Shi Jin was losing himself in his own thoughts and Mo Yeon brought him some coffee. She wanted to know what had happened to the children at the village and Shi Jin told her that the government of Uruk would take care of them. She was glad to hear than and informed him that the children at the medicube were also feeling better. Shi Jin wanted to tie her hair, but she prevented him since she hadn’t washed them. Shi Jin was used to something like that and Mo Yeon pointed out that it wasn’t the truth! Shi Jin wondered when he would be able to see the real Mo Yeon and she eventually let him tie her hair even though she could do it on her own. Shi Jin reminded her that love makes people do things for their loved ones even though they could do them by themselves and Mo Yeon promised to do for him something he could do on his own in the future!

Ja Ae informed Mo Yeon on the parcels and the medication that had arrived from Korea and while Mo Yeon had started leaving Shi Jin wrist-grabbed her since he couldn’t believe that she was leaving him for some parcels! She pointed out that he was more important than the parcels, but she headed towards the medicube!

Mo Yeon got her own parcel and she would also give Dae Young the parcel that had arrived for him. Sang Hyun’s parcel was also there and he had ordered a comfortable pair of shoes for Ja Ae, it wasn’t exactly her size, but she was so happy!

Mo Yeon informed Dae Young through the walkie talkie that Shin Ji Young had sent a parcel for him! Shi Jin and Dae Young started running like there would be no tomorrow and the same applied to Myeong Joo who arrived first and wasn’t pleased with the hearts and the lovey messages that were written on the parcel! Myeong Joo opened the parcel and neither Myeong Joo nor Mo Yeon were happy witnessing Dae Young and Shi Jin with two women! The lovey message written on the card made Mo Yeon angry and she urged Myeong Joo to get her weapon, but that was the moment Shi Jin and Dae Young arrived and informed them that it was a misunderstanding!

Mo Yeon pointed out that she got the chance to see Shi Jin’s brightest smile while being with another woman, but Shi Jin reassured her that he wasn’t smiling even though it seemed like that! Dae Young informed them that one of the girls was his cousin, but Mo Yeon couldn’t believe them because both of them got there in a hurry. Myeong Joo wanted both of them to tell her at the same time which girl was Dae Young’s cousin, but their answers didn’t match even though they tried twice! Dae Young told them that he had arranged a date for Shi Jin and he admitted that he was betraying Shi Jin at that point! Since the parcel was there for Dae Young, Mo Yeon pointed out that he must had been in contact with her all this time and Shi Jin found his chance in an attempt to clear his name and put all the blame on Dae Young!

Dae Young pointed out that it was all in the past and most and above all, it was a misunderstanding! The soldiers were betting anew and they could easily tell that Shi Jin and Dae Young kept lying all along the way because they were more than ready for the blind date that day! Myeong Joo was wondering if that date was the reason why Dae Young was avoiding her, but he pointed out that her father was the obstacle. Even so, Myeong Joo wanted to know how far he had gone even though he was trying to avoid a direct answer!

At the same time, Shi Jin was reassuring Mo Yeon that it was just an innocent meeting in which they simply drank some tea! Mo Yeon pointed out that going out with other ladies to drink tea must had been one of his habits and even though he looked so down the moment she had left him she was regretting feeling sorry for him back then since he had another woman! Shi Ji reassured her that nothing happened and it wasn’t the most pleasant meeting for him, but he had gone there in order to aid Dae Young!

Dae Young informed Myeong Joo that he wasn’t in the same car with the girl, but after she pointed out that lying would makes things worse for him he admitted that he did so with Shi Jin’s car.

Shi Jin wanted Mo Yeon to forget about everything since he didn’t even remember that girl’s name, but Mo Yeon could easily tell that the name she had mentioned through the walkie talkie had made him run as fast as he could! Someone called Mo Yeon on the phone and Shi Jin wanted to know who it was since that phone call had saved his life. If it was a woman Shi Jin would buy her food and if it was a man he would buy him a drink and she told him that it was Haesung Hospital’s director.

Ji Soo was aware that Mo Yeon had received her parcel, but she hadn’t called to thank her. Mo Yeon hadn’t opened up the parcel yet, but Ji Soo already knew that she had kissed Shi Jin and she could notice that she had a fight with him! Hee Eun thought that Chi Hoon had passed away and they were lying to her or he had abandoned her and their baby. Mo Yeon couldn’t believe that he hadn’t called her!

Chi Hoon was preparing an injection for Min Jae who couldn’t trust him and was overly negative even though Chi Hoon informed him that it was a painkiller. Chi Hoon reminded Min Jae his own words while he couldn’t hold back his tears and he admitted that he was scared at that point and accepted Min Jae’s accusations. Chi Hoon was overly apologetic for leaving him all alone under the ruins and he was eager to do anything since Min Jae was the only person he could talk to. Min Jae didn’t intend to help him since he hadn’t saved him and Chi Hoon would inform Sang Hyun to replace him.

Chi Hoon was crying and Mo Yeon informed him through the walkie talkie that she wanted to see him right away. The little kid was concerned about him and Chi Hoon’s emotional breakdown became more intense, but the little kid would hold Chi Hoon’s hands in his hour of need.

Min Ji informed Sang Hyun, Ja Ae and Mo Yeon that someone had broken into the storage room and strong painkillers were missing. Fatima had stolen the pills and she informed Tommy over the phone that she was successful. After selling them they were intending to run away together. Shi Jin and Mo Yeon went at the bar, but the barwoman reminded them that she was neither selling women nor information. Shi Jin pointed out that they had to find her before someone else did.

They started heading towards her location and Fatima’s scream helped them find her while she was getting beaten up by Tommy who wasn’t the man she thought he was. Tommy and his gang pointed their guns at Mo Yeon and Shi Jin who informed her that this had happened because she ran towards them without a plan. Shi Jin was intending to put his gun down as soon as they’d let the girls go, but the gang didn’t intend to cooperate. The moment for Shi Jin to stop joking around had arrived and once Mo Yeon would hear his signal she’d have to run in order to bring the car in front of the warehouse. If he wouldn’t get out after 5 minutes Mo Yeon would have to leave on her own.

He put his gun down and since he couldn’t use it because of his orders he used their weapons and managed to save Fatima after taking care of them for a while! The moment things became more difficult Mo Yeon made a dynamic entrance at the warehouse and rescued them! Mo Yeon was so excited with her overall attempt, but Shi Jin reminded her that she had almost hit him. Mo Yeon knew that he’d understand her plan and Shi Jin couldn’t believe that someone like her actually studied medicine. Of course, she had ruined a car for the third time!

Dae Young and the soldiers were at a minefield and Myeong Joo arrived while he was recalling her father’s words. He didn’t want her to be there since it was dangerous, but she ordered him to head towards her in order for her to put sunscreen on his face! He was feeling embarrassed because people were watching, but once he kept holding her hand she started thinking in a like-minded way. Dae Young brought her closer to him since he could beat anyone who was there, but when they were about to kiss Shi Jin informed him on his situation through the walkie talkie and asked for help!

Dae young could only comply since Shi Jin was a man he couldn’t beat! Mo Yeon couldn’t believe that Fatima knew which expensive medication she had to steal even though the cheap ones were more useful in many occasions. Mo Yeon wanted her to go back to school and she was intending to pay for her tuition, but it wouldn’t be for free since Fatima would have to pay her back in the future. Shi Jin caressed Mo Yeon’s hair, but she reminded him that she hadn’t washed it and the pleasant experience was no longer that pleasant!

Mo Yeon was relaxing under the ceiling fan and Shi Jin appeared. She told him that she was drying her hair and he could hardly believe that she had washed it, but Mo Yeon couldn’t say no to Shi Jin’s noodle-oriented invitation and Gi Beom would take care of the cooking! He reminded her of the cars she had ruined and Fatima’s tuition and pointed out that when one lands a hand to some else the responsibility he/she has to take grows. Mo Yeon laid emphasis on the fact that it was worth it since she didn’t intend to change the world, but it was something that would mean the world to Fatima and that was all that mattered. She started reminding him of the doctor he thought she was even though she had changed for some time and Shi Jin kept being charmed by her. He reminded her that he had already fallen for her, but Mo Yeon pointed out that she was trying to secure her perimeter in order not to get dumped because of her debts.

They were about to start eating but the blackout was prevented them. Shi Jin thought that they should eat the Special Forces way and night vision did the talking! Mo Yeon was overly excited and Shi Jin pointed out that she could had been a fine soldier, but since she isn’t she should keep being with a man in Special Forces!

Young Soo had to take out of his stomach the diamonds and he did it the traditional and… painful way! He received his falsified passport along with the ticket that would take him back to Korea and he had to eat again the smelly diamonds. He went to the airport dressed as an Arab, but he was arrested.

Shi Jin and Dae Young started believing that someone else was behind the fact that the local police was involved and Min Jae told them about the diamonds Young Soo was putting in his safe. Dae Young finally knew the reason why Young Soo wanted to head towards his office after the earthquake and Shi Jin was pretty certain that something bad was about to happen.

They would never want to write all these lengthy reports and while Argus was about to open up his stomach to find the diamonds Shi Jin, Dae Young and their men dressed in black invaded the abandoned house. Shi Jin’s target was Argus’ head until the rest of the team would make sure that they could leave with Young Soo. Shi Jin revealed his face to Argus along with the fact that all they wanted was Young Soo since he was a Korean criminal.

Back at the medicube, Young Soo pretended he didn’t know anything about the diamonds, but Mo Yeon found them through the x-ray. Young Soo started throwing up blood and Mo Yeon and Myeong Joo had to operate on him. During the operation, some blood reached Mo Yeon and Myeong Joo’s faces and based on the overall symptoms and new findings Mo Yeon could tell that Young Soo had been infected by a dangerous virus. Everyone else would have to leave the operation room and Mo Yeon and Myeong Joo would continue with the operation while in quarantine.

Sang Hyun informed Dae Young and Shi Jin on everything going on and the fact that they would need a further diagnosis to specify the type and fatal level of the virus. Both of them were overly worried. Shi Jin was maintaining his calmness whereas Dae Young was gradually losing the world underneath his feet. Despite the omnipresent threat, Myeong Joo was glad that Dae Young ran faster towards her than he did for the parcel from the stewardess and Shi Jin told Mo Yeon that the girl who liked him was the one on the left. Shi Jin couldn’t be humorous in times like these and Myeong Joo could easily notice that they were ready to do anything for them, but she also urged them to stop worrying that much about them.

Shi Jin and Dae Young would take their blood samples to the US base’s lab for further tests. Young Soo’s condition was more stable, as for Mo Yeon and Myeong Joo, they would have to hang in there. It was M3 virus and the tests were positive concerning Young Soo and one of the doctors. Myeong Joo and Mo Yeon were staring at the bloody diamonds and Mo Yeon pointed out that both of them should take one of these diamonds. Myeong Joo was surprised and started thinking that Mo Yeon was quite wise!

Dae Young entered the quarantine area and took Myeong Joo in his embrace. He wouldn’t let her go and she could understand that her blood test was positive while Dae Young couldn’t hold back his tears.

~ Thoughts ~


The 10th episode continued the drama’s upward course by rating 31.6%. It was an episode which was combining humor and teasing, slight action and story-progressing aspects and last but not least, it had feels in the making, the ones that would overrun us during the next episodes! Our beloved couples had the chances to shine solely and together in different types of scenes that would make us laugh, feel or break us apart by preparing us for the worst while hoping for the best.


The ongoing confrontations between Shi Jin and Argus kept taking place, but there was a parameter that was fueling the fire between them to a wider extent; Mo Yeon. The more she was finding herself in Argus’ world due to a variety of circumstances the more protective Shi Jin was becoming because he could easily tell that Argus wouldn’t mind using Mo Yeon as an intermediate step that would escalate the tension between them to the utmost level. Shi Jin protected Mo Yeon, but he also laid emphasis on the fact that she should maintain her nature as doctor. She may not had saved him in the most painless way, but she saved Argus’ life.


Myeong Joo had started enjoying the life she had been missing all this time, the life she was craving to cherish which was no other than the moments that would blossom by Dae Young’s side. Everything about them is so natural and beautiful and she kept praising all the characteristics that were defining Dae Young’s world. Just like Dae Young was loving her for who she was while placing her well-being above everything else, the same applied to Myeong Joo. She knew that the military was an inseparable part of his life and that he wouldn’t be able to set it aside in a blink of an eye. Even though she was loving him whether he was wearing his uniform or not, he would have to discuss it with her in case he was thinking of leaving the army.


Once again, the interactions between Mo Yeon and Shi Jin were meaningful to an adorable extent. Every time one of them is being overran by not so pleasant thoughts the other one always appears to soothe the internal tension. Her presence was enough to brighten Shi Jin’s day and he found his chance to tie her hair even though she hadn’t washed them. The way they attract one another creates an electric field that captivates the audience along with the fact that they unveil humble truths of the power of love such as doing things for one another even though each one of them could do them on his/her own.


Sang Hyun and Ja Ae are another quirky yet wonderful couple and you have to love how he always takes her into consideration, but one specific parcel that had arrived was bound to bring Shi Jin and Dae Young right in front of the gates of hell! Descendants of the Sun has many humorous scenes, but I literally started laughing my lungs out from the moment Mo Yeon informed them through the walkie talkie! The sense of fear was so real they were running like there would be no tomorrow! It was the first time Mo Yeon and Myeong Joo would join forces and they were so menacing together I would never want to face them at that point! Shi Jin and Dae Young would say just anything to escape the holy inquisition.

Τheir bromance was shining even when they were betraying one another, but the fact that their stories couldn’t match was making things a bit more threatening for both of them! While they were together it was slightly easier to hang in there, but soon enough the barometer started changing after entering the more personal interrogative phase! Dae Young was more honest because lies would make things more complicated for him whereas Shi Jin kept trying to evade Mo Yeon’s questions in his own quirky way until a phone call saved his life!


The right moment for Chi Hoon to find some peace of mind hadn’t arrived yet as Min Jae wasn’t intending to put an end to his mindless approach. The more Chi Hoon was craving for his soothing words the more Min Jae was pushing him away and his devastation was reaching higher peaks until he broke apart. The only comfort he could find was the little child who offered a slight ray of light in his gloom.


Fatima didn’t take Mo Yeon’s words into consideration and all three found themselves in danger since Mo Yeon wouldn’t stand still and Shi Jin would never leave her alone in such a dangerous task. Even then, he was being hilarious in order to ease Mo Yeon’s tension. When it comes to dire situations, his charismatic mind always manages to form a plan that. He left the more direct action to himself and Mo Yeon would be the invading driver that would take all three out of there! She would feel so excited for becoming the hero of the day, but she would also remain loyal to the tradition of ruining yet another car. It wouldn’t be the only thing that was ruined though. Dae Young and Myeong Joo were coming even closer together and one freaking second before their lips would entwine Shi Jin would put an end to it while asking for Dae Young’s help through the walkie talkie!


Even though their lives had been in danger, Mo Yeon wasn’t intending to set aside her caring attitude towards Fatima. On the contrary, she would like to pay for her tuition and it wouldn’t be too much of a burden even though her responsibilities would grow in numbers. Being unable to change the world on her own was something she was aware of, but making a young girl’s world brighter was essential for her. Alright, Korean dramas always find a way to take interactions to a brand new level, it’s almost a given as it appears in the most natural way! I think they have a vast box in which they have saved millions of ideas they intend to use when the timing and the drama feel right! Eating noodles with night vision goggles was majestically hilarious!


Young Soo should have died during the earthquake, he can’t do anything good! I think I suffer from emotional indigestion every time he appears and he didn’t only make Shi Jin get in yet another conflict with Argus even though he was ordered not to do so, he put the lives of Mo Yeon and Myeong Joo in danger. Both Shi Jin and Dae Young lost the world underneath their feet the moment they found out how threatening the M3 virus was, but Shi Jin maintained his tranquility in order not to overburden Mo Yeon even more whereas Dae Young was one step before an emotional breakdown even at the thought of Myeong Joo having been infected.


They wouldn’t let time pass by so mindlessly and they returned back as soon as possible with the results that would leave us wounded with a major cliffhanger. Mo Yeon would be able to leave the quarantine area, but Myeong Joo would have to remain isolated until they would find a way to fight back the virus. Dae Young was a threnody in motion, he wouldn’t mind getting infected as well. All he wanted was to be by Myeong Joo’s side in her hour of need and if there was a certification for someone’s feelings, then Dae Young had poured heart and soul in bringing it to the surface. His tears and Myeong Joo’s realization that things had just become dangerous sealed the end of the episode in the most heartrending way.


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  1. April 12, 2016 at 5:39 am — Reply

    I’ve finally caught up to episode 10 and read your recap. There was a lot going on in this episode. We received a nice large dose of tenderness and funny scenes; however, towards the end of the episode between the diamonds and the blood, I was starting to feel a little queezy. I cringed so much when he ate those diamonds for a second time. Ahhhhhhh, the pain. I don’t like him, but Argh! It’s horrible (what a greedy idiot). I don’t like to think about it.

    I don’t know if you do this, but I find myself reading English subtitles even when they are speaking in English. There’s so much English in this drama! I was trying to force myself not to read the subtitles (since I don’t need to), so I can focus on each actors face instead.

    Thanks for your recap and thoughts. I liked the first two episodes of the drama, but then I got stuck and had a hard time finding my groove. The drama really picked up for me during the earthquakes episodes. Now that I’ve gotten back in to it, I want catch up by Wednesday so I can watch the episodes this week as they air.

    I really like our main couple of course, the secondary couple and our little doctor flirtmance that’s going on. I hope they do get together.

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