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It’s Friday I’m MV-ing! #02

I promised I would finish both Okitegami & Itsukoi before Sunday, and since I’m not gonna be around much this weekend I had to honor my promise somehow.

..which means I worked on that one the whole day yesterday. Now those days are what I call productive dammit! ; p

I don’t even need to say anything else about Ren & Oto, I mean..I’ve already said every.single.thing I have had to say about them in my recaps and Oh Ship post lol.

Again, hopefully those very few kind people who followed my ramblings, enjoy this MV as well!

I have started working on a multifandom humour one, but I don’t think I will finish that one soon; drama series are starting next week and recaps are gonna get priority. (aka TORI.)

Till next time guys, bye!

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